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MRT: Epilogue

Hi Ms. Lopez-Pierce! You see I have a problem, my girlfriend's been hanging out with this guy lately—her new 'bestfriend' and I'm pretty sure he has the hots on her. What should I do to keep him away from me?

I'd love to hear your advice!



I grin, chuckling at how this dilemma was sent to my blog about a billion times. The usual, would you please help me? Or what should I do? Even do you think I should do this and that? It's quite interesting to read all of this but it's cool and good in the feelings to help other girls and guys like me.

Hey Caitlin,

If I were you, I'd observe him a bit close and also confront him alone. Ask what's up with him and if he has a crush on your girlfriend then maybe you'll know how things go through there!

Best of luck,

Santana Lopez-Pierce.

A few years ago, my blog post-story about my love story with Tany won the International Blog Contest. They gave me this really cool website that for the first week it was created, spread throughout the twitter and the Facebook world. A lot of people loved my stories and blog posts that I instantly got popular! Just recently, I beat the infamous Perez Hilton in the charts and that's a good enough achievement.

It was amazing, everyone absolutely loved my story about Tany and I, it was entitled My Roommates Twin and during the contest, I submitted a chapter every week to the daily contest user who posts them on the contest blog website if its good enough. If your chapter is in, that means you get to post the next one until you and some other person is the only one left standing. On the final round, I was up against this gay guy who posted this story blog about him and his boyfriend and how they were able to overcome everything and I can't help but scoff at them because that's a pathetic plot. Everyone's does that plot so maybe they just made it seem more intense. I'd never know since I didn't read any of my enemies' posts… I feel like if I did, I'd lose my confidence.

Some producer and director asked me if he could use my story and make it into a movie because he absolutely loved the whole thing but I only agreed to it if he made the couple lesbians and not different gender because I didn't want it to seem unreal to other viewers. He hesitated at first but after a few months, he gave up and said he'd do it but the movie would only probably be on DVD and not shown worldwide on screen because that's against the rules or something. Stupid, right?

I wasn't rude too. Of course I asked Ney if it was alright with her to be included on the whole thing and she only replied to me with a smirk and a loud, obnoxious laugh, saying "I'd always wanted to be a bad and sad guy! Go ahead! If this gets popular, people will love and pity me then hate you."

Inbox* (2)

Ms. Lopez-Pierce!

There's this new guy in my class that I really like but I don't know how to approach him. I know one thing though! He's obsessed with coffee. What can I do? I need your genius brain!


Hello Ms. Santana!

What would you want your wife to give you right now? I need to know what other girls are thinking!

Jonas Joe

As you can see from those inbox messages, I don't just help and console lesbians and gay boys (sometimes straight people) but I also help anyone who needs advice with their relationships or even just a person who wants a tip to get the guy/girl he/she likes.

Smiling fondly, I type replies for all 2 of them.


Why not start with the beginning first and tell me your story? I can help after that so I know more details. If you're good with that of course, I don't want you to seem uncomfortable with me. Keep me posted,


Jonas Joe,

That's a really interesting name you got there but if you're asking that now, I'm really wishing for my wife to get home and give me a big hug. But that's different from your 'kind of question' so if you ask me what material gift I'd want from my amazing wife, it would definitely be the usual flowers and cupcakes

Good luck getting your girl!


I quit being a lawyer once I discovered my passion for it becoming less. I turned in my resignation papers to my boss once the blog-contest manager announced I was the winner and got a profit from the Internet business for having great progress. But of course, lazing around at home and staying awake on the computer all day isn't healthy for a job and wont make that much money…therefore I started working as an intern at Warner Bros. I felt like directing, producing or whatever is related to movies and books is what my heart and mind wants me to do. They're just so amazing.

That started around 10 years ago and now I'm living the life as one of the few people directing and owning Warner Bros. I'm really close to all the people and some of the books I published are being used by the directors at work (including me). You could say I published around 5 books total ever since I started writing for old times sake 6 years ago. My first ever book was about a young boy meeting this super famous actress by his house because her boyfriend is his neighbor. It wasn't a pedo-kind-of-movie too because the boy was 18 and the girl was 20. It hit the stands to a million and I was delighted—the Warner Bros committee noticed my talent and immediately suggest more places in the staff.

If you're asking what happened between Tany and I, well things are absolutely great! I asked her to marry me at the same baseball stadium 4 years after our relationship kicked off… which means about the time my book was published. I remember all of it so perfectly.

"Santana, you have to wear this!" Ney hissed, thrusting the pink crown to my chest as I frowned and pushed it back at her, shaking my head furiously.

"I am not wearing a pink, fluffy weird crown. No matter what you do" I growled, stepping away from her as my back stops when meeting hard brick. The screams of people coming from the stadium outside blanketing the silence as Ney continues to send me hard glares.

"Look, Tany made this for you. A while ago you were wearing it all day when I came to visit and now you don't want?"

I bit my lower lip and groaned internally. "I said yes because you know can't say no to Tany! It's not like she asked me to wear that for my proposal to her" I shot back, rolling my eyes sarcastically as Ney clicks her tongue in a disappointment kind of reaction.

"You know the whole thing would be twice as perfect if she sees you wearing this crown after all those nights of making it." Ney pointed out, index finger in the air as she hands over the fluffy crown, offering it to me. "You know what to do and that is to wear this crown when you propose to Tany. She'll think it's so sweet she wont say no"

I scoffed and crossed my arms together. "Really? And you don't think my proposal plan is sweet enough?"

Ney smirked and threw her head back in laughter. "Let's just say it's not as better as my proposal to my hot fiancé" she giggled, smacking her ass as I scowled.

"My soon-to-be-fiancé is way hotter than yours and my proposal is waaay better than yours too" I couldn't help but fight back, stepping closer to Ney as we start a glaring session.

The emerald-eyed blonde smirked and winked at me. "Oh, so you think I'm hot eh?"

I furrowed my brows together and gasped at the second meaning, slapping her in the arm as I start to scold her in Spanish words.

Ney holds her hands up in defense and blinks. "Woah, chill down Santana—didn't know you were that much in denial" she said, grinning smugly.

I threw my hands up in the air and furiously tugged on my cheeks, slapping them in frustration. "Can you just.. ugh fine! Hand over the crown"

Her eyes gleam in joy as she places the crown on top of my head and combs through my hair, nodding in approval. "You look like a baby!"

"Don't push me Ney" I pointed at her then pointed outside the closed area, towards the field where the players just got a homerun. "Go out and start already, Tany might be suspicious to where we went"

Ney nodded, tapping her chin as she eyes me wearily. "Don't you think what you're about to do is a bit cliché though?"

Hearing those words come out of her mouth, I processed what she just said and couldn't help the smile forming on my lips. "To me, it isn't. It doesn't matter whether billions of people had this idea of proposing to their lover, it doesn't matter whether this idea is too cliché or corny… what matters is why I'm doing this and that the reason I'm doing this because this stadium holds a very important memory to the both of us. I know Tany wont be disappointed and she'll love this more than I will…for sure" I said, expressing my feelings to my best friend as I tucked my hand inside the pocket of my jeans and gripped the velvet box tightly.

"Wow, no wonder you're book hit the stands. You are such a sap!" Ney boasted out, slapping my arm lightly before nudging her head outside the place. "I'm going to head out now… Are you ready?"

I stared into space and took a deep breath in. "Ready as I'll ever be" I reassured her, forcing a smile so as to not let Ney see how nervous I truly am… It's not like Tany will say no. Or maybe she will—oh god! She'll say no won't she? Stop Santana! Shut up!

"I'll wait for your signal" I decided to say, bowing my head down to stare at the floor, finding it the most interesting thing ever as of now.

Ney placed a comforting hand on my shoulder and squeezed it. "Everything will go fine. You'll see"

And with that, Ney runs out to the field and yells for the referee to call a time-out. I could hear the crowd murmuring whispers as I take a deep breath of air.

"Hey Everyone! My name's Britney Pierce and I'd just like to bring my friend out for she has a special announcement!" she exclaimed through the microphone, causing my heart to beat faster than normal.

"If I could just ask Santana Lopez to come out and over here—Hey Santana!"

I pushed myself off the walls and slowly exited the enclosed area, the bright light of the sun blinding my eyes a bit as I bring my arm up to bring some shade. The crowd stares at me as I stand in the middle of the field, beside Ney and the pitcher of some team. I accepted the microphone that was offered by Ney and eyed her nervously. She gives me a thumbs-up as I grip the microphone tightly with the palm of my hand. I can do this.

"Hi Everyone, Sorry for the disturbance" I began, waving shyly to no one in particular as I spot Tany watching me with the corner of my eye. "I would just like to uhm, let's see… Mr. Jevver!" I yelled, calling out the man's name as he appears out of the corners of the bleachers, along with a few other fellow co-workers.

They positioned themselves near Tany with flowers, teddy bears and costumes on them. I grinned at the shock expression on Tany's face.

"You always told me you dreamed having a group of people approach you with flowers, dresses and sweet stuff around you, you wanted to feel like a princess." I started, nodding towards Mr. Jevver and his group of people, they all smiled and handed Tany all the gifts. "Okay so maybe you didn't tell me that but I read it out of your bucketlist, I hope you don't hate me for that" I joked, chuckling lightly.

"Brittany Susan Pierce, you are the most amazing person I have ever the pleasure of meeting." I fidgeted with the microphone's wire as I began walking towards my girlfriend with a big smile. "You are perfect to my eyes and I don't ever want to call anyone else my girlfriend besides you" I pushed the small door that serves as the borderline between the bleachers and field, letting go of the microphone as I take slow steps. "There's no one in this world that makes me happier than you and I can't wait to spend and create more memories together. You are my life. You are my only love. You are my soulmate." I'm about two steps away from her where she is seated at the edge. "I want to make you happy like you make me happy and I will do so if you accept this question I'm about to ask you" I bend down on one knee facing her, hearing her gasp alongside a few other people. I smiled and nudged my head to the side, signaling her to look at the big screen atop the whole stadium. She follows my instruction and gasps again, hands going up to cover her mouth as I spot the corner of her eyelids watering. "Oh my…" she whispers, eyes blinking rapidly.

I turn to the big screen as well and grinned from ear to ear. Perfect, just like her.

Will You Marry Me,

Brittany Pierce?

Xo, Santana

I pulled out the velvet box from my jeans and opened it hesitantly. I took another intake of breath and calmed myself. "Would you make me the happie—"

My question was interrupted by a pair of lips crashing into mine as I stumble a bit and land on my butt, grumbling against soft, thin lips as my eyes widened in shock. Tany's hands circle around my neck, bringing our faces together as I smile into the kiss and gripped on her waist securely. I returned the kiss with want and happiness even though I haven't even popped the question yet. In fact, omg.

The ring!

I break the kiss and frantically search through the floor, knowing it flew somewhere when Tany attacked me. Seeing a glimmer under the seat Tany just sat on, I reached out for it and sighed in relief, crawling back towards Tany who was blushing furiously.

"Sorry.. I didn't mean to do that" she apologized, tucking a loose strand of hair. I smiled at how adorable she was and tipped her chin up. "You're beautiful and amazing" I cooed, cupping her cheeks as I lean in for a kiss.

"But let me just finish my question okay?" I giggled, going back to a one-knee-on-the-ground position. "Tany, would you do the honors in making me the happiest woman on earth by accepting my proposal to be my wife?"

Tany threw her hands up in the air and fell on top of me, pressing our lips together in a new-found kiss that kept a promise that'll stay with us forever and ever in our hearts. The loud coughs and murmurs of the people around us breaks us from our moment as I blush and wave Ney off, mentally signaling her to continue the game as I return my eyes to Tany who's smiling brightly.

"And for the record, A million times yes"

The doorbell ringing cuts me out of my daydream as I push myself away from the desk and walk towards the front door, not bothering to peek through the peephole as I open it to only reveal a bouquet of roses and daises in front of my face, making me gasp and blush slightly. The person hiding behind the large bouquet of flowers shows herself with a big megawatt smile, taking a step forward to kiss my gently on the lips.

"Hey babe" Tany greets me, smiling against my lips as I do the same.

"Hi" I reply breathlessly, eyes momentarily blinking open as I catch her bringing something out from behind her back. Tany hands over the box and I open it to only see 6 pieces of red velvet cupcakes. I quirk my eyebrow up at how familiar this seems but my questions are soon answered when I notice a white sticker sticking on the side of the blue box.

To my beloved wife,

For being her.

And never failing to make me smile.

I love you!

Jonas Joe


I laugh loudly and engulf her in a big bear hug, making sure to not crush the flowers and box of cupcakes. "Aww sweetie, thank you! This just made my day… I love you."

Tany tightens her grip around my neck and kisses my temple. "Anything for you" she whispers, making me giggle and nod against her.

"Was it necessary to end your letter with Jonas Joe though?" I couldn't help but ask, pulling away from her for a moment as I stare into blue eyes.

Tany shrugs her shoulders and smirks. "It would be cool if I didn't change it" she simply replied, playing with the tip of my fingers when something—or someone rather interrupts us.

"Mama!" my little baby girl, Christine or Chris squeals, hugging my legs as she looks up at us with the biggest smile I've ever seen my whole life, maybe even beating Tany's record. Chris's hair was blonde and short, something like that famous actress Dianna Agron's hair style, it's sharp and the bangs make her seem so unreal and too perfect. Her eyes are bright blue that sparkles almost every time. Some people say Chris never took any of my traits and she looks a lot like Brittany the most, but I'd say its true and I'm not complaining. What Chris does have though is my skin complexion, which I can say is pretty neat.

I scoop my baby girl up and let her rest against my waist, bopping her nose with mine as we laugh together. Tany joins us, circling her arms around our bodies as she nuzzles her head against our necks, making Chris pat her Mom's head a couple of times.

"Mommy, stop! You're going to hurt Mama" she whines, scrunching her nose up as she puts her hands together. "Can I pretty please go to Jeremy's house today?" she asks, her eyes suddenly sparkling even more.

Tany and me look at each other knowingly, going down the steps of our house as Tany locks our front door.

"That's a great idea, pumpkin. Be careful playing with him though okay? He's only 2 years old" I pointed out, waiting right outside of the passenger seat as my wife grins at me from the other side, opening the car door.

"Okay!" Chris squeals, crawling to the back seat as she buckles herself up. I mock gasp, cupping my lips as I chance a glance at Tany and smiled big.

"Sweetie, look at our baby girl! She's so responsible now" I giggled, fixing myself on my own seat as Tany leans in and presses a kiss to my cheek.

"Just like her Mama" she whispers, winking at me as she pulls out of the driveway.

I roll my eyes and try to hide my blush as we go farther away from our house.

"As much as I love having impromptu-visits to my sister's place… I thought we were going out tonight San" Tany says, pouting as she stares at the road.

Letting out a sigh, I reach my hand out and interlaced our fingers together, causing Tany to drive with one hand. I squeezed her palm and stared at her lovingly even as she never leaves her eyes from the road.

"Sorry baby but you do know one of the rules are: If Chris wants to see Jeremy then she shall see Jeremy" I stated dramatically, giggling as Tany furrows her eyebrows together and fakes puking.

"I still don't understand why we made that rule, and that's like our only rule actually"

I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly and looked up to the mirror, smiling as I watch Chris snuggle one of her car-pillows close to her and let out quiet snores.

"As long as we make her happy… I'm fine with any rule that comes our way" I whispered, chuckling when Chris absentmindedly searches for her other pillows. She was always a snuggle baby, just like her mother.

"You're right… I'm so happy we have her San" Tany says, letting out a sigh of love, stopping the car at a red light as she does the same thing as me and looks at the mirror, a proud smile appearing on her lips. "I'm so grateful to have this family" she adds, turning to me as she leans in and places a soft kiss to my lips. "I'm so happy you're my wife"

"I'm ecstatic you're my soulmate" I playfully shot back, putting our lips together again as I pluck out my tongue and trace it just below her lower lip, eliciting a groan from Tany.

"I'm over the top glad you're my one and only lover" she coos, inserting her tongue inside me as we have a make out session, ignoring the beeping of horns coming from the cars behind us.

"I'm head over heels in love with you" I moaned lightly, pressing myself more and more into her. I was about to push her against the car's window when someone—A stranger—comes up to our car and taps on our window.

I send daggers from where I was sitting as Tany's eye widen and she steps on the pedals, zooming past the guy as I stare at her in disbelief.

"Tany! You don't just dash off like that" I said, laughing non-stop as Tany's facial expression stays nervous and embarrassed. "That is like so not cool" I joked, shaking my head. "But I love you for that anyways"

She lets out a snort and slows down her speed, eventually stopping as we park outside Ney's house. "You love me for everything, not just that San" she teases, sticking her tongue out as she switches off the engine. "Pick up Chris, I'll grab the baby bag okay?" she adds, pushing out of the car as I go to the back seat, rubbing Chris's cheek gently before picking her up in my arms.

She's starting to get really heavy.

"Do you think they're home?" I ask Tany who wraps her arm around my waist and leans down to peck Chris's face.

Rolling her eyes, Tany nods swiftly. "Definitely. I bet they're doing the dirty while leaving poor Jeremy in front of the TV" she states, chuckling after.

"Should've known" I mumbled, not bothering to knock the door as I push it open to only reveal Ney and her wife pressed against the couch of their living room having a make out session.

I shield Chris's eyes even though they're closed and send daggers to them. "Idiots!" I hissed, clicking my tongue. "What if any of the kids saw you?"

Ney was the first to pull away as she pouts and returns the glare to me, gritting her teeth together as she hisses back, "Knock first you dumby"

"Ney, you know I don't like it when you call San names" Tany interjects, wagging her index finger to her twin as she throws the baby bag on another couch then turns to her sister, smile in place. "But other than that, give me a hug!" she squeals, crushing Ney's bones as I walk closer to them, still covering Chris's closed eyes.

"Oh god Tany, let my wife breath will you?" joked Ney's wife, smiling at the two twins with her eyebrows furrowed. It seemed like she still wasn't used to the fact her wife had an exact look alike.

"Emily, you look amazing! Where are you going?" Tany asks, letting go of Ney to hug the other, equally squeezing her tight.

"She has a speech later afternoon and I'm so proud of her" Ney answers for her, smiling so wide it almost makes me cringe when the tip of her lips stretch to the side of her cheek.

Waving Ney off, Emily walks to me and pinches Chris's cheeks. "It's no big deal really, I just got promoted to VP and well, they want me to say something about it"

"No big deal? Honey, I am the proudest wifey in the world" Ney sighs, standing beside Tany when all of a sudden both their eyebrows quirk up in such a comical way. I laughed and so did Emily, meaning I'm not the only one who noticed.

Licking my bottom lip, I hitch Chris a bit more to me and tilt my head to the side. "What's wrong? You're faces look so weird right now—"

"—It's just… Uhm, Ney… do you… well"

"If you're thinking about that then I'm way ahead of you sister"

Emily drops her shoulders and crosses her arms together. "Thinking of what exactly?"

The twins turn to look at each other before going back to us, their eyes curious as ever but their lips in a straight line.

"Don't you think Emily looks like San, Ney-Ney?" Tany asks, lips twitching up mischievously.

Ney smirks and nods her head slowly. "Now that I'm looking at them they kind of do"

"I mean, look at their hair—"

"I agree, wavy and dark… and oh my goodness, their eyes!"

"They're the same color"

Emily and I snapped our heads to the same direction and stared at each other's features closely.

Well, there are some similarities…

Our weird conversation is interrupted when a running boy comes down the steps, catching Emily's attention almost immediately.

"Jeremy! No running down the stairs" she screams, running to the foot of them as she waits with her arms open.

The small brown haired boy giggles as he jumps to his mother's arms, nuzzling on the crook of her neck as she joins my side.

She ruffles his brown hair as a light snore comes out of his thin lips. "And just like that, he's out like a light bulb" she says, causing a chuckle to come out of my lips.

"For Chris, all you have to do is leave her alone in a comfy place and she's a goner" I responded, hitching her higher on my hip.

We turn to our wives who are still wearily staring at us.

"Lunch anyone?"


The kids woke up a while after and decided to play at the kid's room when we ate lunch. I sat beside Tany of course, our fingers linked together since I was left handed and we were eating pasta. I tickled her palm a bit and started playing footsie with her when Ney suddenly perked up on the table and hummed.

"Hey Santana…" she says, calling me out. It took me a while to snap out of my Tany haze as I raise my head up and nodded for her to go on.

A smirk danced on her lips and I had a feeling that what she was about to say next would definitely be something not good.

"Ever considered a foursome?"

Blushing furiously, I grabbed a piece of my sandwich and threw it right to her face. I whip my head around, watching if the kids somehow heard us before returning my place as I glared hard and may I repeat, hard at Ney.

"You are ridiculous!"

I missed the obnoxious laughter coming from my wife as Ney wipes off the cream from her face and flicks it to me, making me gasp.

Later that night, I left my family at Ney's place as they snuggled up on one side of the bed. I kissed their foreheads as I stepped out of the house and climbed inside the car, turning the engine on.

Driving through buildings, I ended up parking outside the graveyard where my mother was buried.

I puffed out a few cold breaths and wrapped my coat tighter around me, starting my journey towards her burial. The gray stone hunched on top of the ground stops me as I smile weakly at it.

Maria Isabel Lopez

Wife and Mother


"Hey Mom" I whispered quietly, struggling to keep my tears at bay. "I'm sorry for not visiting you so often"

Looking at this, this stone… makes me weak on the knees but I have to stay strong. "It's just… I don't want to disappoint you"

"I—I'm…Oh Mom" I cried, furiously wiping my eyes as I sobbed, shaking my head because I thought I could do this, it's already been a week since I tried doing this, the other days I just stood outside the gate of the cemetery but this is it, I'm standing right in front of her and I still can't do it.

I'm about to turn around and walk away when I feel arms circling around my waist and a pointy chin resting atop my shoulder. I immediately knew who it was just by the scent of her hair.

"You know I'll always know when you leave the bed right?" Tany whispers against my ear, sending shivers all over my body. "You're like my other half, I can't function without you"

I nod and smiled weakly. "I'm sorry for waking you up. Where's Chris?"

"Sleeping… but let's not talk about that.. So this is what's been bothering you lately?"

Nodding again, I touched her arms and leaned against her, sighing. "Remember? I've been trying to visit her but all I ever do is pray at an abandoned chapel. I need to move on but, I still cant"

"You don't have to" she says calmly, rubbing my hands soothingly. "There's no need to move on, you just need to be strong and accept. You don't have to forget about her San. She'll always be your mom and whether or not she's gone doesn't mean you have to erase her from your life"

Shaking my head, I feel my lips quiver.

"She's still beside you, she was never gone. You just need to believe that"

"I know… I'm just, tired of thinking about it every single day." Silence, just the warmth of Tany helping me at ease. "You, Chris and everyone's been helping me with that… I try to keep it in but I know it's also killing me too… I fight it but its not enough." I turn my body around and hugged Tany impossibly closer. "I miss her so much Tany… I want to tell her about you, I want to ask her advice but I know she's never really going to answer me back"

A soft hand intertwines with mine as Tany moves us forward. "She doesn't need to answer you, all you have to do is make her listen"

Quirking an eyebrow, Tany makes us face the stone as a shy smile forms on her lips. "Hello Mrs. Lopez! Or is it okay to call you Maria?"

Biting my lower lip to avoid the snort that was about to come out of my mouth, I continue to watch my wife talk to a stone—no, my mom.

"Okay, so I just want to thank you for bringing Santana to this life. She's such a wonderful and beautiful person. I'm so thankful you taught her so many great things too! I wish you were there at our wedding and at the hospital when I gave birth to Chris—your granddaughter—but it's okay… I know you're watching over us…"

I just stay there, watching my wife with the loveliest eyes because I'm so amazed and so in love with her that I can't help it. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I can't believe I lived almost 20 years of my life without knowing her, without being beside her.

"…and the first time Chris said anything was when we were at the park having a picnic! She accidentally fell so she got a bruise on her knee and cried Mama, it was so funny and cute. Santana was so worried, she begged me to call 911. It was Chris's first wound and she wouldn't stop crying" Tany says, chuckling at the memory as she nudges my shoulder. "San thought the world was about to end"

I blushed and nudged her back, trying to hide a smile. "I'm a protective mother okay?"

"The most protective mother of all" she agrees, pressing our noses together as she wiggles them. "The world's best mother I must say"

"Don't believe her Mom, Tany was way worse than me… There was this time—Tany asked us if she could have this toy… It was the only one left and when Tany over here grabbed it because she's so whipped by our baby, who would've thought another mother would want that for her child too?"

"This is so embarrassing…" Tany mumbled quietly, smacking her head.

"Then, oh my god, then all hell breaks loose and she's pulling the ginger mommy's head, kicking her stomach because she wants the toy for Chris. Ginger was a fighter too of course, landing a few jabs here and there on my wifey—"

"—and you were too busy laughing at us to help your wife, how sweet of you Santana—"

"—Anyways, Tany won of course but not without lashing a few words at ginger who cowered away in fear… Best, Memory, Ever."

Poking my ribs, Tany huffs in frustration but smiles. "Whatever, Chris deserves the best okay?"

"Oh most definitely" I reply, nodding as I peck her on the lips. "More than best"

Our conversation with my mother is over when we feel droplets of water falling down on our skin. I look up and so does Tany, noticing the rain was about to get heavier.

"We should go" Tany whispers, giggling a bit as I hum in agreement.

"You go ahead, I'll just say bye to Mom"

Tany stares at me for a while, her eyes shining with adoration and love as she gives me a long, passionate kiss before letting go and waving goodbye to my mom.

"Wait, Tany!" I yell, because I just had to say it. She stops and turns around, quirking an eyebrow curiously. "Thank you so much. You don't know how thankful I am… I—I love you so much sweetie"

Tany's lips twitch into a big grin as she rolls on the balls of her feet. "Anything for you San" and with that, she's running away, making me the happiest person on earth.

Ignoring the downpour of rain soaking me wet, I kneel in front of my Mother's grave and sighed.

"Isn't she so amazing Mom?"

Wiping the tears away from my cheeks (well I couldn't tell if they were my tears or just the rain but I feel it, I know I'm crying), I caress the smooth gray stone and stood up straight.

"I found it Mom, the one you keep dreaming me of having…"

Glancing up to the sky, I drift of to an image of my family. My perfect family.

"I have my very own fairytale now"

The End.


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