I sat there not knowing what to think. "I can't be" I whispered to myself. I grabbed my bag and went out of the door towards the chemist. I picked up another test and nearly ran home. Those 3 minutes were again the worst of my life. It took me another 10 to finally have the courage to look at it. Positive. I collapsed onto the floor with thousands of questions running through my head. What was I going to do? How was I going to tell Andrew? What would everyone think of me? I don't know how long I had sat there but a knock on the door brought me out of my trance. I looked at my watch. It was 7pm, when everyone was coming round to study. "Hey" Chris said as he walked in and gave me a hug. Thank god it wasn't Andrew who had turned up first I would have been a complete wreck. It wasn't long before Tash and Andrew turned up and we started our study session. At 9 Andrew left and so did tash not long after. "Are you ok?" Chris asked. "Yeah, why?" "I don't know you're acting weird" "I'm fine" I could tell my act wasn't fooling Chris. "Fine I'm not ok, but I'm not telling you anything else" "come on what's up?" he said as he lead me to the sofa. I couldn't tell him it was too much I just couldn't but my mind kept telling me to, I mean who else was I gonna tell. I couldn't tell Nan or tash, so I gave in and decided to tell him. "You keep it a secret ok? You tell know one" "promise" he said. I sat there silent for a minute trying to figure out how to tell him. "Go on then" I couldn't wait any longer so I just came straight out with it. "I'm pregnant" "summer" he said as he pulled me into his chest and I started crying. "Whose is it?" "Andrews" I replied as I tried to stop crying. I finally calmed down and then Chris started with the interrogation. "Does he know?" "of course he doesn't I don't know how to tell him" "You know you going to have to eventually" "yeah I know I might tomorrow if I can get the day alone with him." "When did you find out?" "This morning" I replied. "Summer you should have called me, look I better get going you gonna be ok?" I nodded and Chris walked out of the door. Can you come round tomorrow at 9 please I need to tell you something. I texted Andrew and somehow managed to press the send button.