I opened the door to andrews house and went straight upstairs to his room. i heard someone in the living room but i didnt turn i was too angry with nan for that. i dumped my bag on the floor and lied down on the bed face in the pillow and began too cry. Someone walked into the room and climbed over me i guessed it was andrew. He picked me up and put me on his lap. i snuggled into his chest.

"hey" he said. "it's ok...ssshhhh" this didnt really help but just him being there helped alot. i sat there for ages crying into andrews chest before i finally pulled away to look at him.

"it'll be ok" i just looked at him, i couldn't speak. he kissed my forehead and pulled me into him again.

I woke up on the bed with the covers over me. i looked at the clock it was almost 9am, i had slept for ages. i went downstairs to find andrew on the sofa watching tv. i sat down next to him and gave him a cuddle.

"feel better today?" he asked me.

"kind of" i replied. "do you mind if i stay here for a while, just i don't want to be around nan at the moment"

"that's fine" he said and he leant in to kiss me. "im sure my double bed will be alright" that was the first thing to make me laugh in two days.

it was just after 10 when andrew finally wanted breakfast. "do you want anything?" he asked, i shoke my head at him. "ok then but you are going to have to start eating properly" here we go the whole protective boyfriend thing. i sat with him whilst he ate and he forced bacon into my mouth about 5 times.

we just watched tv and films for the rest of the day and relaxed. i was thankfull that nan didn't try and contact me and i think andrew was as well don't think he really wanted me getting anry again.