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The Quidditch stands were packed for the last game of the year. The fact that the match scheduled was Gryffindor versus Slytherin meant that the stands were full to bursting. The fact that it was the final time Hogwarts would host Potter versus Malfoy meant that the crowd was at fever pitch. The match was so eagerly awaited that ex-Hogwarts students had turned up. Most noticeably in Gryffindor's stand was red and gold royalty in the presence of George Weasley. He'd also brought along his new range of Weasley Wizarding Wheezes' fireworks and was planning on a spectacular after-show. As this game would decide who won the Quidditch Cup, George had designed special fireworks to honour whichever team won. He had also reinstated the betting book and he and his sadly departed twin, Fred, had run during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. There weren't many takers outside of Slytherin house for a Slytherin victory. No-one gave Malfoy much of a chance. He'd never managed to catch the snitch before the supremely talented Potter and only the most optimistic of Slytherins thought that Malfoy could do it this time. Surprisingly, George had joined these reptilian optimists and placed his money on a Slytherin win with Malfoy to catch the snitch. Gryffindor was in an uproar over this decision. It was strange enough that their Golden Girl was dating the snake but now to have their King Prankster backing him publicly was little more than a scandal.

George and Draco had sprung up an unlikely friendship over turning Ron into a giant Orang-utan. It had culminated in George inviting Draco to the Burrow for his New Years' party. The reasoning he gave his bemused parents for the invitation and his infuriated little brother was that if they wanted Hermione to come then they'd have to suffer the presence of the youngest Malfoy. Sadly for those without a vested interest, such as Luna, Blaise and Neville, the evening had been a massive success. Draco had left the cruel side of his personality at Malfoy Manor, and, with the exception of several cutting snarky comments, aimed mainly at Ron and Harry, he had been charming. He'd certainly charmed Molly, who hadn't shut up for the rest of the holiday about how 'Poor Draco' was just misunderstood which was outright disturbing for Ron and Harry. He'd also managed to befriend the eldest two Weasley boys, despite Bill's obvious desire not to forgive him for getting him scarred by Fenrir Greyback. Bill, Charlie and Draco had then trounced Harry, Ron, Ginny and George in the annual New Years Day Weasley versus Weasley Quidditch match. Draco's much improved seeking abilities in this game is what led George to bet on him to catch the snitch in today's game. That, and the fact that he was ten times hungrier for win than Harry.

The feeling of outrage overtaking the Gryffindor fans was whipped into a frenzy just before kick-off when their aforementioned Golden Girl was spotted sitting next to Blaise, Theo and Daphne in the Slytherin stand wearing the humongous Slytherin scarf once more. They'd been able to overlook this disturbing tendency when Slytherin had played Hufflepuff, mainly because Hermione had made sure she wore her red and gold Gryffindor scarf for the Gryffindor games, where she'd cheered loudly for Harry, Ron and Ginny much to the disgust of Draco, who outright refused to sit with her in the Gryffindor stands. The Gryffindor fans had been smugly ribbing their Slytherin counterparts just before Hermione had appeared because Pansy had chosen to sit with them and support Harry. The indifferent response of the Slytherins to their jeers was now understood and to say Gryffindor house wasn't too pleased was an understatement. The occurrence of George and Hermione both backing their enemy was beginning to shake their previous overwhelming confidence that Gryffindor would steam-roller Slytherin.

"Woah, Hermione, are you sure you're going to be safe in Gryffindor Tower this evening?" Blaise asked looking in concern at the venomous glares currently aimed at the brunette.

Hermione laughed, "Oh please, like any of them could touch me in a duel. Besides, the whole point of the house unity exercise was to break down barriers so that I could choose to support my boyfriend over my house."

Theo raised his eyebrows, "Yeah, I think maybe in a century, when you and Draco's great-great grandchild is dating that of Pansy and Harry, will supporting your boyfriend over your house just about be allowed."

Hermione gave Theo her best repressive stare, reminding him all too much of McGonagall. "Slytherin don't seem to mind Pansy's defection for this game."

"That's because we're Slytherins, we don't have the bull-headed stubbornness of Gryffindors, and besides we know that in stealing you we will cause several Gryffindor aneurisms."

"Ever the manipulative house," Hermione said sarcastically.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Theo chuckled.

"Shush you two, the teams are coming out," Daphne interrupted.

Hermione smirked at Draco and blew a kiss at him. His surprise at seeing her next to his friends, in his house stand and wearing his scarf had nearly knocked him off his broom. He noticed that Harry had a similar reaction to Pansy's attendance in the Gryffindor part of the Quidditch stands. The girls had managed to keep their plans very quiet. Draco also observed that the girls' actions had heightened the tension surrounding the game. He smiled hugely at his curly haired witch before putting his game face on. He was determined to end his Hogwarts Quidditch career with a victory over Potter.

The game was the longest Hogwarts had hosted for a long while. Both teams were perfectly matched and the lead ebbed and flowed whilst the sun travelled across the sky. The excitement and skill of the players meant that no-one moved from the stands, even as the sky began to darken. Blaise was long suffering next to Hermione, who kept his arm in a death-grip and dug her nails in sharply every time one of her friends nearly took a blow from the bludger.

"I'm glad you and Draco only started dating this year," he grumbled at her, as she retracted her claws for, what felt like, the hundredth time.

She gave him a withering glare, "Says the man who almost broke my hand when Ginny just missed colliding with Harper."

"He's lucky that he managed to pull out in time, otherwise I may have had to beat him into a bloody pulp."

"I'm not sure who he'd rather face after the game, you for hurting Ginny or Draco for not following through and letting Ginny score."

"I'd say he's rather regretting his actions, Draco will make mince-meat out of him," Theo piped up.

Hermione's attention had already wavered, she squeaked as Draco and Harry both dived towards the grassy pitch below. They'd obviously both caught sight of the snitch and there was the kind of quiet that you only achieve with the collective inhaling of hundreds of people together.

As Harry and Draco hurtled to potential death all to catch a tiny golden ball, Hermione was frantically scrabbling at Blaise's arm. He was too engrossed in the battle between the two seekers to pay much attention. As the committed Quidditch player came closer and closer to crashing into the grass, Hermione turned her head completely into Blaise's shoulder, unable to watch anymore. Her agony at not knowing what was happening was only eased as a massive roar went up around the stands. Hermione was picked up and almost flung into the air by Blaise, "We won, we won," he shouted into her ear. Hermione looked down at saw a ruffled but immensely pleased Draco grasping the snitch and holding it high. Harry was looking a little disconsolate nearby.

Hermione let out a scream and rushed down to the pitch. As she reached her ecstatic boyfriend, she jumped into his arms and smothered him in kisses. "You did it," she yelled at him before burying her face in his neck.

"Unsurprisingly, seeing a certain witch wearing a certain scarf up in the stand this morning gave me the right motivation," he said

"I love you," she whispered into his ear.

"I love you more," he whispered back, kissing her long and hard.

"Hey back up and give us real Slytherins some time with our champion," Blaise said, removing Hermione from the smitten seeker's arms.

Draco scowled at his friend, "You're lucky I'm in a good mood, Zabini, otherwise that move may have got you a nasty hex and a prolonged stay in the infirmary. And what do you mean real Slytherins? She's my girl which makes her as Slytherin as anyone."

Hermione patted Draco's cheek affectionately, "Go and play with your friends, I'll be back in a minute."

"You better be," he growled at her.

Hermione ran over to Harry and pulled him into a consolation hug, "I was so worried both of you would kill yourself," she said.

Harry smiled at her, tugged on her green and silver scarf, "What's this, missy?"

Hermione blushed, "Well Pansy and I decided to switch houses once more for the afternoon."

"I noticed. I can't even rely on my best friends to support me," he said in mock anger before giving her a wink.

Pansy came up, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I think I'm bad luck. All the times I've supported Draco against you and the one time I want you to win and he finally goes and does it."

"I'd rather have your support than the snitch," Harry said sappily.

Ron came over, looking irate and dragging his sister behind him. "Have you heard what George went and did?"

Harry shook his head in response. "He only went and bet against Gryffindor winning the match. The traitor! That git Malfoy has corrupted not only Hermione but now George," Ron said with steam practically pouring out of his ears.

"Ahhh there goes the rather magnificent present I had picked out for, you ungrateful whelp," George said from behind Ron. "Maybe Malfoy will want the new Firebolt instead," he mused.

Ron went from pink to red to purple in less than ten seconds, "You wouldn't! That evil prat can afford to buy his own broomstick."

Harry, Hermione and Ginny sniggered at the angry Weasley, knowing full well that George was teasing him.

"And Hermione, don't think I didn't notice you cheering on Slytherin," Ron hissed at her. "Some Gryffindor Princess you turned out to be."

Arms snaked around Hermione's waist, "Did you not get the memo, Weasel? Hermione's Slytherin's Princess now," Draco mocked, enjoying the sight of Ron getting even angrier.

Ginny cuffed Ron around the head, "Calm down, you prat. I think it's sweet that Hermione and Pansy swapped. Although I did notice that you, Blaise, didn't join in," Ginny said, hands on hips, glaring at the dark Slytherin.

Draco sniggered at his friend's discomfort, "I never thought I'd see the day when you'd be the Weaselette's bitch, Blaise."

Blaise ignored the obnoxious blond, put his arm around his hot-headed girlfriend's shoulders and whispered, "I'm wearing red and gold underwear for you."

Ginny smirked and gave him a kiss as a reward.

"As much as I am loathe to interrupt all this lovey-dovey-ness," George said, "But my firework display is about to commence."

The mixed group of Gryffindors and Slytherins gazed up towards the sky with the rest of Hogwarts and watched in awe as George's latest, improved batch of fireworks impressed them all.

As promised, George had designed fireworks to honour the Quidditch Cup holders, and a large snake exploded, hissing at all and sundry but particularly those wearing Gryffindor colours. However, George couldn't suppress his mischievous side and much to the amusement of all, Slytherins included, the snake morphed into a bouncing platinum ferret which swooped and bounded across the sky before exploding into thousands of little lights that descended on the student body.

George saluted Draco. "I thought you'd enjoy that last one in particular, Malfoy."

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