Ever wonder what the Naruto gang was like in preschool? Well wonder no more! Cute little story I recently thought up…featuring the entire Naruto cast… as little kids! I know, I know, it's been done before…but still, the concept is just too adorable to pass up!

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Sakuxmultiple multiplexSaku

Summary: The Cherry Blossom class of Konoha kindergarten is full of a rowdy bunch of boys that would rather play pranks on their poor teacher then settle down for their afternoon nap. But when little Sakura-chan joins the class, it's a case of extreme puppy love with a lot of mischief thrown in! What adventures are in store for Sakura and the gang? Read and see!

Welcome to the Cherry Blossom Class! Staaaring:











And of course lil' Sakura-chan!

Ch.1: The New Girl

Konoha kindergarten…one of the best preschool's around. Full of bright, eager young students all ready to learn and—CRASH!



"I did no such thing…Naruto-kun no baka is just clumsy. Next time you should watch where you're going…dickless."

"Hey! Take that back!"

"Sai! What have I told you about that kind of language?" their teacher, Iruka-sensei, scolded.

It looked like the Cherry Blossom class was full of drama…as usual. Poor Iruka-sensei certainly did have his hands full… He only had ten students, and they were all boys.

But they were also full of energy, and sometimes keeping up with them was more than he could handle.

Still he loved working with kids and overall he couldn't have asked for a better bunch, no matter how much trouble they normally caused.

After he had successfully separated the two arguing boys, well…kept Naruto from trying to kill the troublemaking little artist, he took a quick glance at the clock and noticed it was time to call role.

Grabbing his clipboard and a pen he began to call out names and make checks.


"Here! Believe it!" He nodded to a hyper little blonde boy who was waving to him from the carpet.

Naruto was a little blond with three whisker marks on each cheek that loved ramen and playing pranks. He was a handful all by himself, but Iruka secretly had a soft-spot for the little scamp.


"Here," the brunette replied, glancing up from his sketchbook.

Sai was very artistic and a bit...cunning for his age. He enjoyed antagonizing the others, especially Naruto, and no one could tell what he hid behind his disturbingly tight-lipped smile.


"Here," The young Uchiha responded coolly.

Sasuke was a rather precocious little boy, and Naruto viewed him as a rival, so they were constantly arguing back and forth, competing in just about everything possible to determine who was the superior one. Though, he knew the two shared a close friendship in their own way. The youngest Uchiha was also rather handsome, so of course all the little girls from the other classes were constantly swooning over him, which annoyed the boy to no end.


"Here…" mumbled a redheaded boy who was huddled in a corner clutching a teddy bear.

Gaara was a particularly shy redhead who was always seen with his favorite teddy bear and refused to go anywhere without it. He had two older siblings and lived with his father, an important businessman and ambassador, who was rather stern. In general he preferred keepng to himself, though he occasionally would join in the others' games with coaxing.


"Here," said a pale-skinned boy with long brown hair and pearly white eyes.

The moon-eyed boy was from the Hyuga family, and was usually polite, though could sometimes be a bit arrogant. He had long brown hair kept in an extremely low ponytail and was fairly calm, always carefully analyzing things before acting. He was also a year old than the others, and was viewed as a genius who excelled both academically and in the ancient martial arts passed down through his family for generations.


"HERE AND READY TO ENGAGE IN THE ACTIVITIES OF YOUTH!" yelled a strange-looking boy with a bowl cut and thick eyebrows.

Lee was always bursting forth with 'youthful energy' probably because of his guardian and mentor, Maito Gai. He was constantly pushing himself beyond his limits, and whenever he failed to meet his own expectations, subjected himself to rigorous training excercises. For this reason he considered Neji his rival and was always trying to find ways to improve himself in the hopes of one day being able to challenge the Hyuga genius. He tended to be passionate and extreme, but was a genuinely kind-hearted, yet somewhat strange boy.

Iruka sweat dropped at the flames of passion blazing behind him before continuing, "…Erm…S-Shikamaru,"

"I'm here…what a drag…" yawned a boy with his hair tied in a spiky ponytail.

Shikamaru was an extremely lazy, yet extremely brilliant boy, and was considered a prodigy and shogi-champion. He preferred cloud-watching or dozing off as opposed to actually putting forth effort, something that worried Iruka-sensei, but he was a very resourful child nonetheless.


"Here," a hefty boy replied between a mouthful of half-chewed potato chips.

Choji was, to put it simply, a portly boy who was constantly munching on potato chips, whether it was snack time or not. He was sensitive about any remarks made in reference to his weight and generally hung around with Shikamaru, who was surprisingly accepting of him and his large appetite.


"Here," the quiet bug-collecting boy responded, pushing his shades further up the bridge of his nose.

Iruka couldn't help but sweatdrop at his appearance. Shino always wore a long jacket with a collar that covered everything below his nose, and dark sunglasses, regardless of the weather outside or the fact that most of class was held indoors. He seldom talked which made him all the more enigmatic, and when he did speak it was often something surprisingly wise and well-thought out. His strange fascination with all things insect-related was something Iruka guessed could be contributed to the fact that he came from a family of world-renowned bug experts.


"Yahoo! Here!" whooped a boy wearing a dark gray jacket with fake fur around the sleeves and hood. A muffled yip came from inside...

Iruka sighed as he checked off the name. Kiba was wild, boisterous, cocky and somewhat of a troublemaker, though not nearly as bad as Naruto. He'd already told Kiba about bringing his puppy into school. But like Shino's family, Kiba came from a clan who specialized in training and breeding police dogs, so he guessed it was to be expected. The Inuzuka's took the expression of 'man's best friend' to a whole other level, and saw their dogs not as pets, but as life-long friends and partners. Kiba was no different, carrying his six-week old puppy Akamaru with him wherever he went.

"Great, everybody's here today. Now that that's over, let's play for a while!" Iruka smiled, grabbing a radio and turning on some music.

The boys almost immediately started dancing…with the exception of Neji and Shino, who stood there watching the others blankly.

Naruto and Sasuke did different dances side by side as if trying to out-dance the other, while Choji looked more like a waddling penguin.

Kiba was convulsing almost violently like someone having a seizure, Shikamaru was lazily shuffling about, though he looked about ready to fall asleep on his feet.

Sai was doing some fast-paced techno dance Iruka had never seen before, and Gaara was slowly moving around while holding his teddy out in front of him as if he was slow dancing with it.

And Lee…was doing squats and toe-touches to his own imaginary rhythm.

Iruka sighed half-heartedly as he watched them move and dance around. All of them were doing completely different dances and none were actually on rhythm with the music.

"Alright…" he sighed, "L-Let's all try dancing together now, okay?"

"NO!" was the answer he got back from them.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to say something else, another teacher appeared at his door.

He turned to give the woman a small nod before turning back to his class. "Okay, I've got to step out for a minute, but I'll be right by the door. So no funny business, got it?"

They all looked at him with their most innocent faces, to which he raised one eyebrow in suspicion. Of course the minute he stepped out into the hallway, all bets were off.

Sai immediately began trying to provoke Gaara by tugging at the shy redhead's messy hair, Naruto and Sasuke began arguing over who was the fastest at "ninja freeze-tag" which quickly escalated into a full-blown fight, and Choji happily munched his chips on the carpet while Shikamaru dozed off beside him.

Lee began doing handstands to improve his arm strength and balance, Kiba quietly snuck over to Iruka's desk and placed a squirming green frog he had found on the way to school that morning in one of the top drawers.

Shino observed a small black beetle crawling across the window outside, and Neji watched silently as usual.

Needless to say when Iruka returned he was not pleased at what he saw. Lightly hitting his face with his palm as a tired sigh escaped his lips; he cleared his throat to gain their attention.

"Attention…quiet down everyone…" Rubbing his temple, he sucked in a deep breath and shouted, "ATTENTION!" Everyone immediately froze in their random positions.

Naruto, by this time, had Sasuke pinned and was stretching his cheeks as much as possible, while the young Uchiha was pushing him away with his feet and pressing his knuckles into the side of the blonde's face.

Both froze, blinking.

Sai put on his innocent fake smile, neatly hiding the ink pen he'd used to draw on the walls behind his back after giving up taunting Gaara.

Said redhead had retreated to the corner and was curled in the fetal position, clutching his teddy tight to his chest and sniffling.

Choji swallowed the chips he'd been munching, hiding the bag in his lap, and Kiba tried to conceal the wiggling white creature he'd been keeping in his jacket all day, though a wagging white tail still poked out...

Shikamaru, who had been woken up by all the commotion gave a tired yawn, mumbling something that sounded like "how troublesome" before propping his head up with one hand.

Shino readjusted his shades. Neji stared at Iruka expectantly and Lee was standing at attention.

"Now that I've got everyone's attention, I wanted to make an announcement…" Everyone stared at Iruka with wide eyes. "As of today we have a brand new student joining us, so try your best to make her feel welcome."

"The new kid's a girl?" Kiba asked aloud, a muffled yip echoing his loud shout.

"Where is she?" Naruto wondered scanning the room as if expecting this mysterious girl to pop out of nowhere.

Iruka only smiled at their shocked expressions, stepping aside and calling to someone behind him. "You can come in now Sakura-chan." he said gently.

All the boys craned their necks to see as a small head slowly appeared from behind Iruka's legs.

There was dead silence as big, bright green eyes stared back nervously, blinking. "I'd like you all to meet Sakura Haruno." he said, ushering the girl to stand in front of him.

She had shockingly bright pastel pink hair and large light green eyes. Her little heart-shaped face was pale and innocent as she peeked at them shyly.

She stared down at her shoes, blushing slightly. "Her family's just moved here and she'll be a part of our class from now on." he continued. "And since she's the only girl, I'm counting on all of you to look out for her. No rough-housing or you'll have to answer to me, understood?"

He fixed them all with the sternest glare he could, but they were all too dazed to notice. They all seemed completely fascinated with the pink-haired little girl, not only because of her unusual hair color, but also because it was their first time having a girl in the class.

They were used to roughhousing with each other, getting cuts and scrapes, and just being regular little boys.

But this new girl seemed so small and delicate, her hair looked soft and shiny, and her face was round and innocent. It was like finding a new discovery—the discovery of girls.

"Hi, Sakura-chan!" Naruto suddenly exclaimed, "My name's Uzumaki Naruto, believe it!" he grinned proudly jabbing at his chest with a thumb.

She smiled shyly, waving at the loud blond. "N-Nice to meet you," she whispered softly.

Sasuke glared at his blonde-haired rival, not liking how he was the only one being acknowledged by the new girl. "Ignore the dobe," he said, stepping forward, "My name's Uchiha Sasuke."

She blushed as her innocent green eyes met with his dark onyx ones and he smirked in satisfaction. Mission accomplished, he concluded, watching Naruto fume with jealousy from the corner of his eyes.

Suddenly all the boys were clambering over each other at once, all trying to introduce themselves to the little girl and be the one to gain her attention.

"Hey, the name's Inuzuka Kiba!"

"I'm… *munch* Akamichi Choji."

"*sigh*…Nara *yawn* Shikamaru…"

"Aburame Shino, pleased to meet you."

"Hn…Hyuga Neji."

"I'm Sai, don't forget... ugly."


"Um…m-my name's…G-Gaara…" the redhead mumbled, looking down at his feet.

Sakura nodded, smiling at her new classmates.

She had been a bit intimidated at first, noticing there were no other girls, but these boys seemed like a nice bunch. Well except maybe the one who secretly called her 'ugly'.

Much better than the ones at her old school who called her names and made fun of her hair. "Nice to meet you!" she beamed.

The boys stared, not sure how to react. This strange new creature called a "girl"…there was something about seeing her smile like that...

Little did the kindergarten troop know that they were learning for the first time in their young lives just how spellbinding a girl's smile could be.

It was the next most powerful weapon she possessed next to her tears. And innocent little Sakura-chan didn't even know it.

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