This story is set to after episode 32 of the anime (The Tuxedo Melvin episode where Sailor Moon losses the scouts only Rainbow Crystal). Got it? Cool. I hope you enjoy.

Oh and for this part and all those proceeding it. I don't own Sailor Moon. Never have, probably never will.


"When Dawn Comes"

By Kimra

Part I

Serena shifted her weight, her body sinking deeper into the thick down mattress beneath her. With a sigh she curled small fingers around the edges of the woollen coverlet and drew it to just below her chin. Comfortable beyond words she let sleep capture her once more, absently noting the warmth resting against her back.

The beeping of her watch roused Serena from her comfortable sleep. It was a sound she was attuned too more so, even, then her morning alarm clock. Sleepishly her hand fumbled for the nightstand, squinting her eyes as she tried to regain focus. Her hand had knocked several items off the nightstand before she was clasping the Senshi watch tightly, she made a mental note to pick the things she'd knocked off latter, though she couldn't for the life of her figure out what they where.

She wiggled her body into a sitting position and flipped the watch open, pressing the button that flashed at her. She was a bit surprised to find Luna's face staring at her with one of her larger scowls.

"Where's the attack?" She asked sharply despite the groggy feeling that weighed her body down like lead. Luna raised an eyebrow at the words, an odd feat for a cat, but Luna managed to pull it off.

"There isn't an attack." Luna snapped back, obviously overcoming any surprise Serena's question had caused her. Serena didn't attempt to hide her yawn then, stretching her back and twisting her shoulders in a smooth motion. It did nothing to fight the exhaustion her body radiated with but did make her feel more relaxed, something she could afford if she didn't have to dash out of bed and fight battles, just yet. "The question-" Serena looked to her nightstand as the cat spoke, trying to find the time only to realise she must have knocked her clock off among other things. "-Serena, is-" Luna continued as Serena let lose another yawn, the cats nagging was beginning to tire her further. "-where are you?" Serena flipped the watch shut, trying to drown out the nagging voice, too tired to hear the words.

Too tired to even put the watch back she snuggled under the blankets a second time. Glancing out her window for the comforting sight of the moon she was disappointed that she couldn't see it. That's odd. She admitted to herself but let the exhaustion rule her movements as her eyes slid closed again. Her last conscious thought was when she tucked the incessantly beeping watch beneath the mattress not feeling up to what ever it was Luna wanted.

Light flickered against her closed eyelids drawing Serena from the pleasant dreams that had captivated her for most of the night. It was at that moment that she realised her head was throbbing fiercely, her mouth tasting bitter and dry, and her stomach feeling more then a little queasy, but it was the flickering light that bothered her. With a groan of annoyance she rolled onto her side, drawing the blanket with her to face away from the windows.

She licked her dry lips as she tried to burrow deeper into the bed to find the comfort she had been enveloped in before the cursed sun had woken her. She swallowed and wet her mouth, easily falling back into sleep and unconsciousness.

It was the hand that glided smoothly around her waist that snapped Serena's eyes open and plunged her mind into overdrive. Her body tensed at the contact as her mind passed through the simplest options for her. Okay okay, where are your hand's Serena? But she could see them before her, still clutching the blanket, only now her knuckles where white and the grasp was unrelenting. Stupid, that was a stupid idea. Maybe your at one of the girls. Tentatively she surveyed her surroundings her eyes skimming over plain white washed walls, a plain wooden nightstand devastated of any objects, and several plants. She knew immediately that it wasn't one of the girls houses. Okay. Don't panic. Just figure it out. She told herself large eyes flicking hopefully for the slightest sign of where she was. But there was nothing in sight range, no pictures on the nightstand, no articles of clothing crumpled on the floor, not she realised with horror even her own clothes. It was that single thought that honed her into exactly what kind of situation she was in.

She felt it then, her nakedness, the mild soreness between her legs and in her belly, the feeling of warmth from a body lying if not directly next to hers close by. The strong hand stroked her waist in a strangely soothing motion and she wondered if the man was even awake. Her every thought begged that he not be, that she could escape before she had to deal with exactly what she knew had happened. Don't panic. She repeated with herself, her throbbing head refusing to allow her to think properly. She realised with acute fear that she couldn't remember where she had been the night before.

She could remember going to Molly's party, something of a dull occasion, and someone handing her a drink that had tasted bitter but with all courtesy she had drunk. It better not be Melvin. Serena screamed mentally, he had been there, gods he had been there, popping up at her elbow every second to compliment her dress, her shoes, her hair ties, her choice in snack foods. But the only thing she could remember clearly was the overwhelming need to kill the little twerp and put him out of his own misery. The possibility that it might be Melvin worked as a wonderful comparison when she felt the hand continue to sooth her hip.

There was too much tenderness in the touch, too much sensuality and hidden strength. She knew from that touch alone that it wasn't the school dweeb, and once again she was stuck attempting to figure out who's bed she was in. She didn't want to move, didn't dare to move in fear of waking who ever lay behind her. She needed control of the situation before she progressed, after all, it wasn't like it was going to go any further, she and whoever he was had gone as far as she knew they could.

"Hmm…." A male voice hummed behind her, causing her to shiver.

No defiantly not Melvin, the voice was far to deep. For a second she had a flash of the night before a low growling at the base of her ear sending her into more acute shivers. She shook the vague image and sound from her memory trying to devastate herself of it. The hand on her hip slipped around to the front of her bare belly, dangerously close to her lower regions. And although she had undoubtedly lost her virginity to this man she was not comfortable with the contact or even the idea of physical contact in such areas with anyone. She felt alert and aware and extremely uncomfortable. She decided as the man behind her was still asleep, to try and find her clothes before he woke. Just as much as the contact was unnerving she didn't want to imagine him seeing her naked… again.

Just breath, you can do this. She encouraged herself and her small fingers snaked in under the blankets and gently grasped his hand, pulling it away from her and dropping it to the side like hot coal, all the while moving as slowly as she could so as not to wake her bed companion. She found herself standing a step from the bed faster then she had expected, her heart was racing with uncertainty, she had never been in a situation like this before and she had no idea how to respond. Okay, now find out who it is. She ordered herself but her body refused to obey that one command. Maybe it was fear, maybe it was a need to delay the inevitable, she wasn't sure and couldn't tell, all she knew was her body would not turn to face him. That one little thing Meatball brains, just take a peak. One glance is all it will take. But still her body refused. When the man made a noise that singled he might be waking she did the only thing she could, she yanked the bedroom door open and dived into the hallway, completely naked and immediately hoping there was no one else home.