My Final Note:

I considered not writing an Author's note, but I think it's the Authors right to put a ramble at the end of every story. As it's the readers right not to read it.

I thought I'd answer the most important request/question put to me. That being the prospect of a sequel. And with all the frankness that is my nature, quite honestly I will NOT be writing a sequel. I enjoyed writing this story at times, I hated writing it at other times and the story is finished no matter how open ended any of it was the story is complete.

I would like to thank the people who braved my poor gramma, my atrocious spelling, and the numerous typos to read this story. I would like to times that thanks by about a hundred for those who reviewed it because it's the reviews that show someone is paying attention and I often need that reassurance.

That was really all I had to say.

Please feel free to look at any of my other story's, Sailor Moon wise or just my original ones (hey I had to throw in some self advertising) which are all reachable through my profile.

Thanks again.

Kimra Lelanst