AN: I have created characters based off my friends and I! They will stray slightly (more like a lot!) from our original personality. What happens when they wake up in the feudal era? Chaos!

Disclaimer: I don't own InuYasha, but the OC's are mine!




"Happy birthday to you!" Jessabelle and Cinder sang, watching as Jazline rolled her eyes at their screaming.

They finished their song and burst out laughing. Jazline said, "Yeah, I'm fifteen now!"

"You left us fourteen year olds behind?" Cinder cried. "Do you not love us anymore?"

"No! I still love you guys!" Jazline exclaimed.

"Huggles!" Jessabelle called.

They all huddled together before collapsing onto the sheets that they had laid out on the floor.

"Do normal people blow out pretend candles at midnight, celebrating a birthday that technically doesn't happen till six p.m, anyway?" Cinder asked.

"Why of course not," Jessabelle retorted, "but most people aren't as loving and as awesomely ninja-like as we are!"

"Ninja-like? Since when has your obsession with Naruto made you think you're a ninja?" Jazline questioned.

Jessabelle sighed and answered in a strained voice, "For like three days now guys! Keep up, keep up!"

Cinder shook her head and fell back into the pillows. "For a new day and a new age, I think we should make a new wish."

"Let Jazline decide!" Jessabelle said.

"Okay then, Jazline what do you wish?" Jessabelle and Cinder looked at Jazline expectantly, waiting for an answer.

"I wish...that InuYasha was real," Jazline told us.

Cinder sighed and turned around. "I'll agree with that any day, but for now I am going to sleep. Peace!"


The friends didn't have any worries, their world was perfectly fine. They were doing reasonably well in school, they were around each other enough to stay sane, and they had all the anime and other entertaining things they needed. That was all about to change.

(*(**) * (**)*)

Cinder sighed and rolled over, mumbling slightly in her sleep. She felt something scratching her face and scrunched her nose in distaste. Opening her eyes she screamed. Cinder was in a field, surrounding her were a collection of grasses that were long but not extremely overgrown. To her side slept Jessabelle and Jazline. "Guys?"

That's when she heard the footsteps. "Guys?"

"Cinder you know where the food is. Take anything in the fridge, the cupboards, or a combination of both," Jessabelle murmured, waving her away.

"While I may be hungry, Jess, that's not our problem right now," Cinder told her, her voice strained with worry and fear.

"What the hackit do you want!"Jessabelle sat up glaring. It was probably then that she felt the plant life beneath her hands. She looked down confusedly. "What the heck is going on here?"

"Dude, I don't know," Cinder told her.

"Jazline!" she hollered at the top of her lungs.

"Cinder, if you want food—" Jazline began.

"I don't want food, we're in the middle of freakin' no where. I have no idea how we got here. Actually, now that you mention it I really do want food," Cinder grumbled the last part.

They gathered together, listening to the space around them. They had no idea what was happening, but they were slightly scared of the approaching thing that could possibly be a threat.

"I swear I thought I heard footsteps," Cinder mentioned.

"I sense something coming," Jessabelle whispered. Her two friends thought that much was obvious.

"I saw red," Jazline commented. "It was like a flash, but I don't remember these surroundings..."

Cinder stared at her like she was crazy, and she was supposed to be the crazy one. "Are you feeling alright, Jaz?"

"Yea, why?" Jazline responded.

It was then that Cinder spotted the red as well. "I don't want to die yet! I just want some food! I don't even care if we have to kill an animal and cook it! I wanna do random stuff and eat and other random stuff," she rambled. She didn't really know what she was going on about, but their impending absence of life made her freak out, and she began to go into one of her famous crazy attacks. It was like a coma, but instead of the person being unaware and sleeping, the person was unaware and totally out of control.

"What're you going on about, wench?"

Wait a minute. Cinder knew that voice. "InuYasha? I must be going insane. Or I 'm dreaming. Yeah, I might as well have fun in this field while it exists." Cinder laid down in the grass and began to roll around. "One shirt down, grass stains to go."

Cinder could feel InuYasha's eyes boring into her. "Is she always like that?"

"Yeah, pretty much. She'll probably calm down if you feed her," Jessabelle explained. "That might snap her out of her crazy attack."

"Crazy attack?" InuYasha let that one go as the friends looked at each other. Did he really need an explanation when the results were right in front of him. "Can you convince her to walk back to the village?"

"Ooooh, a village! I wanna go to one of those!" Cinder exclaimed. She followed right behind the others as they headed into the least thick group of trees.

"This way then," Jessabelle sang.

"Okay. Do you think there are squirrels in the feudal era?" Cinder thought out loud.

"There are what?" InuYasha replied to her with another question.

"Obviously not," Jazline stated.

"My life is over!" Cinder then began sobbing.

"What's wrong now?" InuYasha groaned.

"There's no squirrels here!" Cinder was disoriented enough, but the news that she couldn't see any more squirrels left her feeling as if she was thrown off a cliff and was currently flailing to her death. That was something she hoped she never had to face.

"Cinder, calm down," Jazline urged.

"No! This is your fault in the first place!" Cinder shrieked, sending her a death glare.

"My fault?" Jazline contested.

"You did make that wish," Jessabelle added.

Jazline just glared at her friend. Words could not express the betrayal she felt at that moment. Jessabelle was supposed to be on her side when Cinder had a crazy attack!

Jessabelle held up her hands innocently. "I'm just stating the facts!"

"Why did you bring that dead donkey bag, anyway?" Cinder chirped in at that moment, interrupting the argument.

"What? Oh, I don't know," Jazline stuttered. She glanced down to see that she was indeed carrying the bag with the monkey on it. Why her friend had named it as she had, she had no idea.

"Well you shouldn't have brought it," Cinder declared.

"Well you brought that old lady bag!" Jazline bantered. She thought the pink flower bag at least deserved the name it had!

"Whatever, insult me why don't you." Cinder crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, feeling violated by the comments her bestie made.

"But you just said..." Jazline trailed off, seeing no point in continuing their disagreement further.

InuYasha then swept his hand across the view that lay in front of them. "Well, here we are."