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Jessabelle opened her eyes to see her room as it usually was. Confused, she stood and made her way to her mirror. Her hair wasn't ridiculously long, and she wasn't wearing priestess garbs. It was like nothing had changed. "It…must have been a dream."

With a disoriented frown, Jessabelle opened her door and walked into the hallway. She peaked around the corner, proving to herself that everything was the same. She continued her way down the hall, following the loud chatter of her sister and friends. "Guys?"

No one responded. With a sigh, Jessabelle began to make her way down the stairs. She stopped on the sixth step when a familiar voice came closer. "Bonnie, what's going on?"

"I'm going, London! Geez!" Bonnie screeched, not stopping in her climb of the stairs.

"Bonnie," Jessabelle repeated, afraid the girl would run into her. "Bonita!"

Then, to Jessabelle's complete and utter shock, Bonnie passed straight through her.

The older girl froze, her breathing quickening in horror. "What's going on?!"

Without further hesitation, Jessabelle bolted down the stairs, nearly falling on her face in her haste. She found London and Oishī standing there, looking right past her. She grabbed her sister, shaking her back and forth. Well, she meant to shake London, but her hands went right through her instead.

Jessabelle let out a scream, waving her arms wildly to try and catch the girls' attention. "London!? Oishī!?"

She soon gave up when neither girl noticed her. ""Oh…no. No, this cannot be happening." She slowly sat down, her head resting in her hands. She wanted to cry in fear and frustration, but she knew that would do no good.

With no one able to touch her yet, she was surprised to feel a hand on her shoulder. Turning, Jessabelle found herself face-to-face with the white-eyed Jazline. Behind her stood two Cinders in demon form and a sullen Midoriko. The elder priestess stepped forward. "I can explain."


"Catching her and saving her are two very different things," Setsuko announced.


Setsuko sighed. Even mentioning Cinder couldn't spark conversation with the stoic demon lord. There would definitely need to be communication between them to successfully rescue Cinder…if only she could get Sesshomaru to understand that.

She was about to attempt conversation once again when Sesshomaru halted suddenly. Unable to hover, Setsuko flew around him in a circle. "What is it?"

The demon swooped down to the ground, effectively ignoring her. Holding back a hiss of irritation, Setsuko followed. Sesshomaru quickly landed in front of Cinder, Setsuko strategically placing herself behind the neko youkai.

Cinder glanced between the two demons fearfully, quickly realizing her chances of escape were slim. The hanyou did not intimidate her, but Sesshomaru did. For a moment, Cinder's inner demon thought the lord's power would paralyze her.

"Cinder," Sesshomaru said simply.

There was no emotion in his voice, but Cinder felt that it had the same effect as a scold. If he was addressing her, then it was unlikely her would allow her to slip past him and into the surrounding forest. No, she was stuck.

She glanced between Sesshomaru and the hanyou once more, anxiety and fear causing her to freeze up. She was timid now, very unlike her encounter with InuYasha. "Yes?"

Sesshomaru watched his ward carefully, knowing that she was on edge and ready to bolt. He was surprised that her inner demon spoke at all, but his face did not show it; he was too controlled for such actions. "You will come with us, cat."

Cinder hissed, her mind filling with panic. Go with them? They would surely kill her! No being as powerful as the youkai lord could stand to be around her. She knew she was greatly inferior to him.

Sesshomaru stepped forward, his face remaining impassive even as frustration flitted through him. "You will come with us willingly or unwillingly. This one does not care which. Think carefully, cat."

Cinder stared with wide eyes, her breath quickening even more. She felt adrenaline rush through her, and the instinct to flee was so strong that she rushed right at the hanyou, knocking the girl over. Setsuko screeched in surprise, raising her clawed hands in an attempt to stop Cinder from escaping. Cinder, however, saw it coming and brought her own claws down, cutting deeply into Setsuko's face. The bird hanyou screeched, rolling away as she placed her hand on her wounded cheek. Cinder took her chance and ran. She was soon blocked by Sesshomaru. He glared down at her harshly, his fangs bared. "I warned you, cat."


"Jessabelle!" Sango screamed, hovering over the girl's body. "JESSABELLE!"

Miroku walked over from the demon corpse. He had made sure it was absolutely dead, and now was staring at his beloved and their friend with worry. "Is she okay?"

"No!" Sango cried. "She's not breathing!" Sango rarely lost it, but she couldn't help it. First Kohaku had been taken from her, and now Jessabelle too.

Miroku kneeled, staring the young miko in the face. Her eyes were still wide open, but they were blank yet filled with surprise. Blood completely covered her, dripping from the hole in her midsection onto the ground. He raised his hand to her neck, checking for a pulse. There was none. "We were too late."

"No," Sango whispered. "No."

"What's going on here?!" Jazline screamed, Tokage right behind her. They took in the bloody scene with Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara all hovering over Jessabelle.

Jazline threw herself onto the ground, sobs already escaping her as she touched her friend tenderly. "Oh no… no, no, no, no." She let out a hysterical scream, shaking the priestess back and forth. "She can't be dead!" She dug her fingers into the ground. With the blood and despair reaching her, her stomach twisted and Jazline vomited beside the corpse, tears flowing down her face like a river.

While they grieved, Naraku watched from close by, plotting against them. "Finally, they are weak."