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Chapter 2; The first night;

Arkham Patient number: 4479.

Name: Unknown

Gender: male.

Age: N/A

Eyes: Green

Hair: dyed green

Height: 6 ft

Weight; 180 lbs.

Hometown: Unknown

Classification: Criminally Insane.

Currently under the care of Doctor Cassidy.

Previously under the care of Doctor Strange.

Previously under the care of Doctor Quinzel.

Patient 4479 has been with us now for 3 months (Sans escape time) and we have had time to observe his behavior and personality traits. During our observations many diagnosis have become prevalent.

Nothing is known for sure on patient 4479's past. His lies are many and, more worryingly, believable. He has said at many times that he is a failed stand-up comic, a broken family man, and many other things. What is known is that he is a Professional thief and proficient in a large array of weapons. From guns, to hand grenades.

4479 was first brought to us by the Batman and SWAT after his attack on Gotham's inhabitants. During this time, 4479 recorded murders on tape and sent them to T.V. Stations, robbed mod banks, and even blew up Gotham general hospital. 4479 has escaped twice since them, once with the help of Doctor Quinzel (4789), the other time after killing 3 guards and escaping through the back gate with Doctor Quinzel (4789). He has also been known to sneak around inside of the walls of Arkham.

4479 has no known Meta-human powers. He is extremely intelligent and has a firm grasp of chemical engineering and weapon design, which he uses to create various instruments of terror, death, and criminal hilarity; if only to himself.

4479 is responsible for countless deaths and is a highly dangerous individual. 4479's mental state is completely unstable. He is highly dangerous and is a regular in Arkham Asylum. 4479's will at one time be mischievous and funny, but at other times be violent, brutal, and cruel. Due to this, and his escapes he is confined to the intensive treatment ward. No outdoor privileges allowed. All inside privileges revoked until further notice.

There seems to be no cure for the 4479's insanity.

In fact, I'm having a hard time figuring up if 4479 is indeed insane, or just plain evil…

Former diagnosis; (Doctor Quinzel, Doctor Strange)

- Post Traumatic stress disorder - undeturmable at this point.

- Narcissistic personality disorder - Unfounded upon further review.

Current Diagnosis;

- Unrepentant Homicidal Maniac - Complete disregard for other people's lives.

- Sociopath - Early and easily diagnosed, treatment uncertain.

- Anti-social Personality Disorder - Sole belief that the way that he sees the world.

- Pathological Lair- Lies charm both normal and adnominal alike. (See file 4789, Harleen Quinzel)

- Oppositional Defiant Disorder - Believes it is his life's work to upset social norms.

- Obsessive Compulsive Destructive Disorder - Deep rooted need to destroy, favors fire.

- Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder with Schizophrenic tendencies - Possibly just schizophrenic.

Harry was walked right to the intake room, only passing a few halls and rooms along the way. It was really quite odd… While the outside was all stone and aged, the inside was basically metal. Metal walls, Metal doors, Metal bars, Metal desks with chairs… Everything looked so cold and sterile, it was making Harry uncomfortable. It seemed more like a prison then an Asylum…

Harry was then taken into a small examine room and processed in… Which was really just getting a quick look over by a very fat and cruel looking nurse. Harry tugged at the sleeve that was hiding his wand nervously as she took Harry's weigh, height, and other vitals. She gave a quick look to Harry's bruised jaw and quickly made a note, but didn't say anything. He was reminded unpleasantly of Umbridge, only with turkey-like features instead of frog… Harry didn't know if he should be worried about her or not…

She filled out her little sheet, as she asked Harry a few questions about his health. "Any allergies? Asthma? Family history of liver problems?" Things like that.

They all seemed pretty meaningless to Harry. There was really no point to these questions if they where trying to get a view on his mental state… but since it was hospital of sorts, Harry kind of guessed that the 'Assessment' that he was going to get in the morning would cover all of the mental stuff… This was good. This gave him time to think over what he was going to say and do.

After the paperwork, She went into a locked medicine cabinet (Metal; surprise surprise) and pulled out two pills. She then filled one of those tiny toss-away cups with water, and handed them off to Harry. Harry froze and stared at the two pills with a unbelieving look in his eyes.

She was giving him PILLS? He hadn't even seen a real doctor yet, and she was already dosing him?

"That is a Vitamin with extra protein, and a sleeping pill…" The nurse said, in a stony voice as she openly glared at Harry. "You're underweight and malnourished, And your heart rate is sky high… If you want ANY sleep tonight you will be taking both. Understood young man?"

Harry sighed to himself, as he swallowed the pills quickly. He took the water to wash them down. The nurse nodded, seemingly satisfied, and turned back to Cash.

"You got about five minutes to get him to bed; He's thin as a stick. Sleeping pill won't take long to work."

Cash nodded to the nurse, and guided Harry by the arm out of the room and down the hall. Harry only had time to raised his eyebrow. Five minutes? How strong of a dose did she give him?

Aaron Cash then walked harry through to the end of a dank and gray hallway, where there was a large set of metal doors. Cash knocked on it, and moments later there was a load buzz.

"That was the nurse's office for the ITC ward…" Aaron explained, as he opened the door. The Buzzing stopped.

"But this is the ITC ward itself…" Aaron motioned for Harry to walk inside. Harry followed his orders.. The first thing he noticed was that nearly all of the lights where out. It was almost completely dark. there was only one dim light in every cell. Harry shivered to himself before he realized how late it was. Way past lights out, he was sure.

"We already have a room made for you, and you can go through your stuff tomorrow…. You'll be given your uniform tomorrow as well, after the morning group meeting and before Breakfast… ya got it?"

Harry nodded as Cash opened on of the metal doors to the rooms. There was a small cot-like bed that was already made, a toilet behind a privacy wall, and a window that had more bars on it then his window at number 4.

Cash closed the door securely behind him with a loud A Metal CLANG. Harry was locked in. Harry sighed as he went over to the bed, already starting to feel a bit drossy. He took off the large shirt that the Dursleys forced onto him in the car… and blanched at the words written on it…

St. Brutus' secure center

For incurably criminal boys

Harry's eyes started to water out of hurt and frustration. It was perfectly clear now the Dursleys TRULY did hate him. Not only did they ship him off to an Asylum… No… They had dropped him off at an Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

The metal walls, bars on windows, the isolated island it was on, the guards with guns…. It all made sense now.. They must have lied, and said he went to St. Brutus' to get him in here.

Harry couldn't help it… A sort of Half-laugh, Half-cry escaped his lips… hysterical and mournful. His heart felt like it was being ripped in two, and he nearly fell to his knees now that there was no one watching him… He couldn't believe that he was actually here, in one of THESE places!

It was like a Horror movie come to life for him… And he was stuck here for at least 2 weeks! He patted down his sleeve, where he felt his wand, to calm himself a little. At least the staff here had messed up enough to allow him that…

"Hey, MORON!" A man then yelled at Harry from across the hallway. Harry looked. Across from his cell where two smaller, more confined cells. Put together they would have been slightly larger then the cell he was in now.. But cut in half, they seemed almost inhumane in size.

Maybe 10 feet wide, and 13 feet across… And from one of those cells, a head of bright red hair and angry brown eyes glared back at him on top of a pillow. The rest of his body huddled under his blanket. Harry blinked at the odd sight, as the man glared at him.

"Yes, YOU, You moron! You mind quieting down? SOME of us more SANE people are trying to Sleep…" The man snapped. The man then quickly turned over on his cot, turning his back to Harry. He tucked his covers closer to himself as he huffed.

Harry's jaw nearly dropped.. He blinked dumbly at the man who just yelled at him, as he looked into the cell. Papers and books where everywhere in the tiny cell, in groupings and places that more then likely only made sense to the man himself. It looked crowded and uncomfortable. But the man seemed to be right at home…

It was then Harry caught little movement in the other cell, and turned to look…. He immediately jumped back in Terror, and let out a gasp when he suddenly lost his footing, and hit the ground in his cell. A insane giggling followed, and Harry attempted to right himself.

"Oh, My…." A silkily but deranged voice called from the other cell. "A bit JUMPY today, aren't we?…"

Harry just stared at the man…

If you could call him a man. He was tall, with human features.. But his face was scarred and painted beyond what you would call normal. White, with red over his lips and black over his eyes and Green, messy hair. He didn't look like any normal man Harry had ever run into… as a Matter of fact, he looked like a Clown.

A deranged, evil, cruel clown, that was now staring back at Harry as intensely as he was staring at him.

Two pairs of Emerald green eyes peered at one another across the walkway… One in fear and awe, and the other with a Calculating coldness. One refusing to break contact and the other to afraid to… for Moments or minutes they stayed like that… Harry couldn't get over the feeling that something significant was going through the other man's head… Then…

The Clown cracked a smirk.

"If I were you…" The man started. "I would get myself off of the floor and into bed…" He had a very slow, precise voice. Almost if he was talking to a small child, and wanted to be sure he was heard.

"Oh.. Well.. Um.. Why?…" Harry asked, very flustered and confused by the comment.

"Because the Trank that they give every new inmate here for the first few nights is going to kick in… You don't want to fall asleep on the FLOOR, do you?…" The man said, now walking to the edge of his cell, and peering at Harry through the bars…

"Because, that would just be CRAZY…. Don't you think?…"

Harry got up, and forced himself not to flee to his cot. He made a show of flatting his shirt in order to seem unafraid…. But the truth is, that man just had a larger-then-life Aura that made you uncomfortable… almost like he was the devil himself.. Harry didn't like it, he didn't like it at all… but man just smirked at him..

"Will you two SHUT-UP!" The red head from the next cell yelled again, as he covered his ears this time. "I swear! You can't even hear yourself THINK in this place!"

The clown looked over to the other cell, with a glare and hissed lowly him. "Like you really need to think more, Nigma. The world itself would implode, I'm sure…"

"BE QUIET DOWN THERE!" A guard then burst from the end of the hall. "CUSE FROM WHAT I HEAR, YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE MAKING NOISE!…"

The red head just groaned again, and this time cover his whole head with his blanket while mumbling about "Morons and idiots getting him in trouble." Harry looked down the hall at where he assumed the guard was, but he couldn't see anything… The clown just chuckled insanely. Harry looked back to the Clown-man again, at the same time looked back to Harry.. It was eerie.

"Hush, Hush, Hush… Shush, Shush…" The clown said, as he waved Harry towards his bed with his hand. "Get to bed quick, new guy… We'll talk in the morning…"

Harry suddenly started to feel heavy and his vision started swirling and blurring. The pill was definitely starting to work. He turned, and following the clown's orders, immediately went to his bed. He barely had time to pull his covers over himself, before his eyes got heavy and he started falling into a med-induced sleep.

Moments later, Harry was fast asleep… Never noticing other pair of green eyes watching him from across the hallway…

"Welcome to the mad house, new guy… I have a feeling you'll fit right in..."