My Bellatrix

Bellatrix Lestrange was without a doubt my most trusted and faithful follower. She wasn't my servant, like Lucius or Wormtail. She was different. Stronger, independent, and reliable.

I knew that 28 years ago when she joined my ranks. I knew 19 years ago when I latched my soul to hers. I knew it when I rescued her from Azkaban. When she returned to me with the same longing and passion within her eyes. And I allowed her to resume her position at my side.

That was always the problem, though, with Bellatrix. The only problem, really. She understood me. She always had. Bellatrix Lestrange is perhaps, the closest thing I've had to a connection. To being understood. But her emotion was also her weakness.

Her longing for closeness and her devotion towards me was put to good use though, 19 years ago. When I took her on a mission. It was only us that night. The others were suspicious but Bellatrix never talked of what happened that night in the home of the mudblood, as I ordered her not to.

I suppose she was thinking something else when I told her I wanted her, alone, to accompany me. Her mind soon decided that's not what I needed her for. And as she watched how a horcrux was made, the gruesome process was enough to make even Bellatrix Lestrange vomit.

We left the home, the mudblood's body bruised, broken, and bloody. And Bellatrix a different being. I could feel my soul behind her eyes. See the venom on her tongue. Hear my words on her lips. And I watched my horcrux move in the shape of a woman. A dark, serpentine princess. My soul living within her, and her living within it.

I knew Bellatrix, in the end, would be the only piece of me left. Potter knew of the snake but would never have guessed Bellatrix. That's the only reason I let her fight, she was unstoppable. Until she threatened the life of Ginny Weasley.

I saw the flash of green and I saw Bellatrix's eyes. Her last movement was to look at me. Desperation sparking in her eyes as she realized she failed me. And I watched the life leave her eyes and body and my scream echoed that of my horcrux.

I knew it was over in that second. When I lost everything. My last horcrux. My advantage. My most faithful. My best fighter. My Bellatrix.

A/N: The quote 'Bellatrix Lestrange is perhaps, the closest thing I've had to a connection. To being understood. But her emotion is also her weakness.' Was a paraphrased quote from Saw III. Please review.