Part One

I Choose You!

It was a well-known fact: being a lawyer was stressful. It stands to reason, then, that being a lawyer at the top firm in New York City to the best closer in said firm, while having no practical knowledge of the law itself was exponentially more stressful. But Mike Ross, former drop-out turned Harvard alum (in name only, of course), was taking in stride. He'd already brought in a client, navigated the take down of a scam spawned from a very lowly pro-bono eviction case, and tidied up (most of) the loose ends in his personal life. Most recently (say, around seven that night), Mike had finished preparing the briefs that his boss, Harvey Specter, requested by the next morning- all six loopholes highlighted and annotated in the order of effectiveness.

So Mike was doing all right for himself.

But sometimes, just once in a while, he needed to decompress. Take a proverbial chill pill. And on nights like that, too early to go home (and risk looking bad and getting even more work), he pulled the papers to the edge of his desk, and popped out his totally kick ass yellow colored Gameboy Color that had been in his possession for the last thirteen years.

It wasn't exactly in the best condition- he'd bought it used from Trevor when he'd gotten a new one for his birthday, but it was a faithful, steadfast companion, and when he needed to take out his frustrations- well, his Charizard destroyed things for him.

Don't let anyone ever tell you that Flamethrower doesn't solve problems. Because it does. On the inside.

It was like that, one day, during Mike's lunch break. He finished his work, but had no real desire to go outside in a heatwave for food. Nope, Mike was content to whip out his Gameboy and make his way closer to the elite four.

That is, until Harvey leaned over his cubicle with an arched eyebrow.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"The deposition is over there."

"That's not what I asked Mike."

"I'm enjoying my lunch break, is what I'm doing."

"What are you, twelve? Please don't tell me that's a Gameboy."

"No worries, I won't."

Harvey resisted the very tempting urge to bury his face in his hand. During the conversation, Mike had not looked up once; very intent on whatever he was playing.

"And if I told you that we were going out right now for very important matters?"

"I would say that I'm officially on my lunch break and I'm sixty eight points away from leveling up my Charizard."

Harvey could tell from the slight smirk on Mike's face that he was at least partly teasing.

"I didn't hire a prepubescent nineties child, Mike."

"You sure about that?"

"Now that you mention it…"

Mike rolled his eyes, finally looking up at the senior partner. "Look, Harvey, everyone has their methods of de-stressing. Some people smoke, other drink. I beat the Elite Four. Now unless you want me to have some sort of… mental break, you'll come back in-" he checked the time on his computer, "-twelve minutes when I'm no longer playing, and instead back on official time. Not like you'd understand the need to chill out with a game."

Harvey quirked a slight grin. "Oh, I understand. I just don't see the point in 'de-stressing' with a Charizard- clearly Blastoise is the best choice. Hands down. See you in eleven minutes, then."

He sauntered away cool as a cucumber, leaving Mike slack-jawed.

"In knew it! I'm so playing you!"

Hey- maybe he could kick Harvey's ass in the virtual world.

Harvey Specter Would Like to Battle!

Harvey Specter had become used to working with very childish clients. There was always some genius inventor who had the mindset of a kid in a candy store. Usually a very paranoid kid, actually. Wyatt was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to those clients.

Nicholas Abernathy McCormack III had just signed Pearson Hardman as the law firm to protect his assets when he merged with Satoshi and launched a reintroduction to the original Pokemon for American markets. McCormack, from a long line of inventors and businessmen and consequently someone with the best lined pockets in New York and the east coast, decided that it was time to bring back his favorite generation of pokemon- the first one. So he developed the new 3D software that would launch the previously Japanese-only Pokemon Green.

McCormack's contribution was both creative and technical. The 3D programming for the new Gameboys was already being sold, of course, but the specific new and improved "Pokemon Laser Green" was all the young inventor's own design.

But there was that element of paranoia that was simply impossible to escape. Harvey needed to impress this kid. In this case, that meant beating the self-proclaimed "Pokemon Champion." With Wyatt it had been easy- take some dives throw some easy punches- and he was easily in the kid's good graces. Not this time.

Mike, of course, was standing in front of him, a smug smile positively beaming on his face. Harvey scowled.

"Don't act so…"

"Suave? Quick thinking? Well prepared?"

"Not exactly the words I was looking for…"

"Face it, Harvey- you need me on this. You need a 'kid.'" When he actually made the air quotes, Harvey was quite sure that a punching was imminent.

"Who says I need you?"

"Then why am I standing here?"

"Because as my associate I need you to make my life easy. So were going to be taking our lunch breaks right here until my team is just strong enough to be his and we can land him as a client."

To his credit, Mike actually managed to battle his decidedly un-manly chuckle and instead, simply whipped out his Gameboy and his cable link.

Harvey was overcome with the feeling that he would regret this.

It took exactly twelve minutes for Harvey to be consumed by the battle. Mike's team was good- even he had to admit that. And Mike's ability was even better. The kid battled smartly, rather than just powerfully, accommodating within his six-pokemon team all the combinations necessary to overcome nearly all the elements. He used that elemental strategy to plan accordingly- most of his pokemon knew moves of other types to fill in the holes.

His pride, though, was his Haunter. As much as Mike boasted of his Charizard, it was that Haunter with its combination of hypnosis and dream eater that dealt out some nasty damage.

Harvey, however, was much subtler in his style. His pokemon had the tendency to change the statuses of his opponents, leaving them poisoned, burned, and paralyzed. Of course, even the pokemon world, Harvey had more money than god, and he thusly stocked up on countless hyper potions and status healers, and he wasn't afraid to continuously switch out to use them.

By a half hour into their match, a half of a goddamn hour, the two were locked in a stale mate. Harvey had finally disposed of Mike's powerhouse Poliwrath, but that Sandslash was causing him trouble, since Mike kept bringing it out whenever Harvey tried to use his Zapdos.

That Haunter was also a problem, seeing as it had taken out his Alakazam, which was Harvey's normal one-shot KO'er. And even though the Poliwrath was gone, that Lapras was constantly threatening his Magmar.

Growing frustrated, Harvey announced that he had work to do right goddamn now, and Mike and his stupid skinny ties would have to wait until tomorrow to get his ass handed to him.

"Harvey, we can't stop in the middle of a game!" Mike protested, even as Harvey unlinked his Gameboy and stowed it in his drawer.

"Unfortunately, Mike, we're grown ass men with grown ass jobs in a law firm!" he growled out, shooing the associate from his office. Mike had that stupid grin on his face again.

"Ohhh, someone is a sore loser! I get it! I have you cornered and you can't handle it! Who's the kid now!"

Harvey closed the door in his face, even though the kid's voice echoed through the crack.

"Same teams! Same health conditions or it's cheating!" Harvey spun his chair around, so all Mike could see through the glass walls was the back of his head.


Childish insults would not get to him- not one bit. They absolutely wouldn't be the reason that Harvey crushed Mike tomorrow. Virtually, of course.

A/N: Written for blue-wo1f's prompt on suitsmeme about Mike being a 90s kid and beating his stress with pokemon. There is another part written that I'll post soon enough, and I need to write two or three more parts. Enjoy!

(And expect a deluge of suits fics to be posted. I have at least... three written ones, and two in the works (plus extending another one :D))