Part Three

Rocket Grunt Louis Wants to Battle!

To his credit, Mike didn't flinch when the door to Harvey's office slammed open. He sat on the couch, arms crossed over his chest, only deigning to raise an eyebrow coolly in response. The show of not being phased wasn't much of a show- things like this, interruptions of the utmost urgency- were the norm at Pearson Hardman, and if you couldn't handle the heat there was no way you were surviving the law office.

Harvey chose a more direct approach. He sighed heavily as Donna came rushing in behind Louis, cutting off her attempts to explain what a rat bastard he'd been by asking succinctly, "What the hell are you doing here? Your mother didn't teach you to know- or listen to your betters?"

That was accompanied with a pointed look at his secretary, the insinuation (fact) that she was superior rolling off his shoulders without acknowledgement. Instead, he chose to affect his most sinister, knowing look; one that failed to provoke any sort of reaction from the two men in the office.

"I'm going to find out, you know," he seethed, stepping forwards. Neither Harvey nor Mike made any move in response while Louis' gaze swept between them. "These little pow-wows," he continued, eyes narrowed as if he were some story book detective on the verge of a breakthrough, "Don't think I haven't noticed you two spending so much time together. You're in on something- I know you are."

Had he not outsmarted Louis before, Mike might have been on edge. As it was, he was rifling through his collection of witty quotes, trying to decide on a zinger before Harvey cut him off-

-"It's not like you to play your hand without proof, Louis. So either get to your point or get out."

Well there went that. It was just as well, really. He was on thin ice already; putting more pressure even on someone Jessica could stand less than himself seemed like pushing it. But said less-liked individual seemed to know that too, and instead of rising to Harvey's bait right away, he took a few careful, measured steps towards Mike- enough to truly edge in on the associate's comfort zone.

"You want proof?" He attempted what was probably meant to be a sinister smile but fell short and ended up looking fairly comical. "You. Slipped. Up. You were too obvious and now I'm going to get you."

"That line should probably only be used in Saturday morning cartoons, you know," Mike added airily, casting a cocky look at Harvey who simply rolled his eyes.

But his vision was blocked by a large, blurry shape; or, rather, a small shape that was large and blurry because Louis had decided to brandish it three centimeters from his nose.

"Dude stop touching me-"

"I'm not touching you!" The barked retort was meant with silence that rang heavily and awkwardly in the room for a few tense seconds. "… What I mean to say is look. At. This."

In his fingers there was a small, plastic red and white ball, ringed with a single black stripe. Mike stared at it dumbly for a long moment before his chest began to shake. Giggles escaped from his lips and his whole face broke out in a large, jovial grin.

"Is that what this is about?" His laughter was almost manic and was echoed by gentler, more stately laughs from Harvey's desk. Louis' face turned red in indignation.

"This is all I need! I found this in my office. You're planning something- and this is my ace. I'm going to get security footage- and if there is one prank- if one thing is placed in or removed from my office without my permission you two will be the prime suspects."

Louis' wannabe cop act was the death knell for both the other men. The balls on Harvey's desk rattled with the gale force laughter, and the accusatory party was bewildered enough to be caught by Donna who led him away with a firm grip on his elbow and a shove for good measure.

"Harvey!" Mike gasped, slumping onto his side on the couch. "That was brilliant! I didn't even think- oh my god, that was perfect!"

"You didn't think? So that stroke of genius was just an accident, kid?"

The giggles quieted, eyes widening in puzzlement as the two regarded each other. So neither had-?

But that was solved easily enough. Donna hadn't said anything, but Harvey glanced at her from his peripheral vision and shook his head.

"I still need to give you a raise."

"I'm already working on that."

"I know you are."

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