Shuhei Hisagi went outside. It had been a long day and he had just finished doing all the editing for the seiritei bulletin, everyone else had gone home already. Shuhei was a handsome young teen with messy black hair and steel grey eyes. His uniform was lower cut with no sleeves and he had a chocker that matched two upper arm bands, one hidden under his lieutenants badge. The most interesting thing about Shuhei was the marks on his face. He had three scars that travled down the right side, with a blue-grey strip that went across the left side of his face under his eye, and on his cheek was a sixty-nine tattoo. The tattoo always received a lot of attention. He started walking away but someone ran by. It was Renji Abarai! He had long crimson hair and a headband that covered his tattoos that went down his neck and onto his chest. "Hey Shuhei!" Renji said seeing him. Shuhei nodded to say hello.

"Where are you off to Renji?" Shuhei asked.

"Oh, Head Captain Yamamoto is calling ten able fighters to go on a special mission, I'm one of them!" Renji said with some pride. '

"Be careful Renji." Shuhei said, continuing along. Renji nodded and ran off again. Shuhei continued along, coming to the seventh squad barriks. He had to talk to Sajin. He knocked at the door, only to have the third seat answer.

"Lieutenant Hisagi! If you're looking for the Captain or Lieutenant, they're both gone." he said with a smile. Shuhei nodded.

"Thank you, if you see them can you tell them I stopped by?" Shuehi asked.

"I'm sorry Shuhei, but the head captain is sending them on a special mission and no one knows when they're coming back." the third seat said. Shuhei nodded and left. He went back to the barracks to find Lieutenant Sasakibe of squad one waiting.

"Lieutenant Hisagi, where have you been?" he asked. Sasakibe had white hair with a black mustache and dressed like an English gentlemen. Shuhei didn't know what to say.

"Sorry Lieutenant Sasakibe, I needed to talk to Captain Komamura." said Shuehi.

"I see, well I need you to come with me." he said. Shuhei followed Sasakibe to the first squad and into the Head Captains office, to see nine others.

"Glad you could join us Lieutenant. Now, Captains Sajin Komamura of squad seven, Toshiro Hitsugaya of squad ten, Lieutenants Izuru Kira of squad three, Momo Hinamori of squad five, Renji Abarai of squad six, Tetsuzamon Iba of squad seven, Shuhei Hisagi of squad nine, Rangiku Matsumoto of squad ten, third seat Ikkaku Madarame of squad eleven, and fifth seat Yumichika Ayasegawa of squad eleven, I have chosen the ten of you to take part in a secret mission. Central forty-six has been reinstated, and they have ordered the capture and arrest of a group of people. You ten will handle that." Yamamoto said. They all nodded. "I have given the address to Toshiro so he knows where you are going. I want Captains Hitsugaya and Komamura to lead this operation." the Head Captain finished. With that they all nodded and left.

"So, you got pulled in too huh Shuhei!" said Renji as they walked towards the senkimon. Shuhei nodded, but other than that showed no sign of recognition. His thoughts were still with the war that they had against Aizen. He saw Kensei Muguruma! He was right there with the others! One asked him if there was anyone that he wanted to talk to, and he said there was no one there that he wanted to talk to! That cut Shuehi deeper then he'd care to admit. Also, Tosen had told him that Kensei died the very night he had saved Shuhei's life. Up until then he had thought Kensei was dead! Now he learns that Kensei was very much alive. He never even got a chance to talk to him, or even see him after that glimpse. "Earth to Shuhei!" came Renji's voice as a hard smack came across the back of his head, knocking the lost lieutenant completely off his feet and face first into the ground. Everyone stopped and looked down at him. "Shuhei, are you alright?" Renji asked as Izuru helped Shuhei to his feet.

"I'm fine, sorry." Shuhei said looking down. Tosen was dead now too, killed by his hand. Even if he ever found Kensei and had the opportunity to talk to him, would Kensei even talk back? He did serve Kensei's enemy, but Tosen did end up being his enemy too.

"SHUHEI!" said a gruff voice. Shuhei looked up to see Sajin, who put a hand on his shoulders. "Are you sure you're alright?" he asked. Shuhei nodded. Izuru looked over at him. 'I know what's bothering him. None of us have been the same since we were betrayed. Rangiku, Shuehi, Momo, me, we were all hit hard by the loss of our friends and captains.' Izuru thought. Then they arrived at a large warehouse.

"This is the place. There are eight people here that we have to arrest." Toshiro said. Then they all saw a young girl, with short stubby blonde pigtails and a red jogging outfit with a sword on her back walking in. Shuhei and the others recognized her immediately.

"Wait, those are the people who helped us in the war!" said Izuru. Toshiro nodded.

"Yes, but they clearly stated that they are not our allies, and central forty-six fells they are a threat. Our job is to arrest them and bring them in." Toshiro said. 'KENSEI TOO!' Shuehi thought. He didn't want to arrest Kensei, but he had to follow orders. He arrested Izuru once and crossed blades with Toshiro on orders, this was no different! They moved up on the building. "Captain Soi Fon was sent to brake the barrier, it should be down in…" started Toshiro, but a huge crash came as the barrier broke. They all went in, startling the eight people inside, who were eating lunch. The first one Shuhei noticed was Kensei, and he realized then that he couldn't follow these orders.

Toshiro moved forward with his sword drawn. "By orders of Central forty-six, you are all under arrest." he said. Without thinking Shuhei stepped in-between Toshiro and the vizards. "What are you doing Lieutenant?" Toshiro asked in astonishment. 'Shuhei was chosen for this mission because he always follows orders, what's going on?" Toshiro asked himself.

"Shuhei, what is the meaning of this?" Sajin asked. Even the vizards were surprised by the mysterious boys actions.

"I'm sorry but I cannot let you arrest them." Shuhei said. They all stared at him, shocked by what he just said.

"You do know that if you continue this you will be considered a traitor and we will be forced to arrest you as well." Toshiro said. Shuehi nodded.

"I accept that." he said.

"Very well then!" Toshiro said.

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