Chapter 1: The Battle

When we are faced with decisions in our lives, we have to make a choice… whether that choice is justified 'right' or 'wrong' by others is meaningless; as long as it's right by you. Our lives are precious…considering we are only given one. So the question we are forced to ask ourselves is this; What are you going to do with your life now, if you know it will change your life in the future…even if we don't know if that change is going to be good or bad?


Optimus stood at a stand-still facing his arch enemy Megatron, neither one of them giving in to the other's will.

The battle was fierce…

The wounds were deep…

But neither one would give in.

Charging his enemy Optimus bolted toward the mech that at one time he called a friend, but now…now that was different. Both swords brought to the ready, Optimus cut into his enemy violently ripping the metal in front of him to shreds. Megatron did the same. Through all the rage… the shot fire… the pain…neither would give in. Until…

Finally slamming Optimus down into the cold, lifeless earth, Megatron stood valiantly, watching his foe…knowing it was over at last. His enemy's body remained lifeless and still. Optimus wouldn't move; he couldn't.

Kneeling to his enemy's side as his head rested in the dirt, Megatron hissed. "Did you really think…that in the end you could defeat me…that after all you and I have been through, that you would succeed?"

Without looking up, Optimus said nothing, still trying to muster the strength to raise his aching mass.

Striking Optimus' helm suddenly Megatron roared. "YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME PRIME!"

Looking up at the mech that Optimus once called his brother with a large gash now over his right optic, he shook his head and spit out draining fluid from his mouth.

Chuckling menacingly, Megatron bellowed. "Give up Prime…You will NEVER win."

Again looking up, Optimus shook his head and spoke slowly. "As long as energon runs through my veins… I will never give in to you Megatron."

Kneeling down even lower, Megatron slowly held his enemy's head in his hand, and his sword to his throat. "Then this is an action long overdue…Prime"

Just as Megatron raised his blade, an indescribably brilliant flash occurred.

The light that flashed was overpowering.

Brighter than that of any star…

It was so bright that Megatron had to step back and cover his optics from the blinding rays.

As the blue light slowly disappeared…Megatron looked up…only to find his adversary gone.

Memories of earlier that morning flooded his consciousness as he lay on a cold surface…unable to move or even open his optic. He stared into blankness…thinking…remembering.

Prime's memory core went back to that morning. Back to the moments before the Decepticon signals were detected. Back to the Autobot base located just outside Jasper, Nevada.

The air was hot that summer morning. The red sand burned with the rising sun and the plateaus began to caste their shadows across the terrain.

Unlike to the rising climate outside the base on the inside the base was dark and cool. Ratchet stood silently at the main screen terminals quietly working on running different signal patterns on different frequencies. Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead had long since been gone for the last few earth minutes retrieving their charges.

Quietly entering the room with the exception of his steady, heavy footprints crossing the cement floor, Optimus trotted slowly into the room stopping beside Ratchet.

"Has there been any change in the frequency patterns Ratchet?"

Quietly looking over his shoulder, Ratchet sighed. "Not yet Optimus, I was just about to change the algorithm patterns when you walked in."

Sighing softly Optimus slowly began to turn away. "Then do not let me keep you from seeing to it old friend."

Just then down the entrance corridor, Bulkhead's horn accompanied by the sound of two other engines entering the base. Pulling into the base and coming to a steady halt Bumblebee, Arcee and Bulkhead continued to do as they had for the past several months, bring with them their charges, Jack, Miko and Rafael.

With the normal smile on her face Miko casually shut Bulkhead's passenger door only to have him transform a few moments later. "Hey Doc bot, did you miss us?"

Rolling his optics and releasing a groan Ratchet shook his head. "Don't they ever have anything better to do?"

Optimus couldn't help but chuckle softly at Ratchets actions. Though he pretended not to care about their small human friends, Optimus knew very well that Ratchet care about them.

Transforming into their robot forms, Arcee and Bumblebee both looked at their small human friends before looking at Optimus.

Stretching the muscle cables in her back, Arcee casually rested her hands on her waist. "So, did we miss anything important?"

Bumblebee concluded with a series of high and low pitched beeps and whistles as if to agree with Arcee's question.

Turning around slightly, Ratchet shook his head. "No nothing yet. Everything so far has been pretty quiet."

Chuckling as he lifted Miko to his shoulder Bulkhead bucked up. "What Arcee, were you expecting some action?"

Arcee merely laughed and shook her head as she shifted her weight from one stabilizing servo to another. "No, I don't mind the quiet. Actually I prefer it."

Bee concluded with a couple low beeps in agreement.

Sighing and stretching his arms Jack yawned. "So I guess it will just be another day huh?"

Arcee laughed and nodded. "That's what it's looking like Jack…why did you have some hot plans for something?"

Jack returned the laugh shaking his head. "No, I guess I was just curious."

Resting his arms on the guard rail on the catwalk Raf looked at Jack and then at Bee. "So what are we going to do today guys? We can't just sit here and stare at the ceiling."

Holding up a finger, Bumblebee suddenly beeped a couple times whistled and beeped again.

A small smile crept across Raf's face as he walked down the catwalk towards the television, game counsel and couch. "Video game tournament? Last one standing declared the winner? Hmmm…sound like a god idea to me Bee!"

Bee then beeped triumphantly as he quickly trotted over to the human-made recreation area.

This was the usual action in an average day in the Autobot base. Miko would usual tag along with Bulkhead as he tended to his chores. Bumblebee and Raf would play video games and Jack would either sit and talk with Arcee or play video games with Raf and Bumblebee.

Ratchet usually tended to stay by the monitors and by the ground bridge controls offering continuous maintenance and a close eye for any change in the surrounding environment outside the base's confines.

These were the everyday activities that Optimus would watch so closely if he wasn't on patrol. Which he's found himself doing more and more often lately. Not that going on patrol really bothered him though, it was time to get out on the open road and just…drive. It was a good excuse to have more time to think, which surprisingly was hard to come by lately with Megatron having returned to earth and all. But watching the children and his team co-exist within the base compounds also offered some advantages, though it wasn't as quiet. But any time that Optimus would have used to think was taken away when the bases alarms started to sound.


Unfolding his arms from by his chest, Optimus slowly trotted over to Ratchet who was standing at the controls of the main monitor terminal.

"What is it Ratchet?"

Zooming the screen in from a global view to a more focused area Ratchet motioned to seven new signals shown on the screen moving quickly. Red signals symbolizing Decepticon symbols…and on the move.

"Seven Decepticon signals where detected heading southbound just due west of Flagstaff."

As Optimus stopped just behind Ratchet, the medic slowly turned to meet Optimus gaze.

"Optimus' one of the signals in showing trace amounts of Dark energon."

Moving closer Optimus' gaze changed.


Moving up behind Optimus, Arcee stopped with Bumblebee and Bulkhead close behind. Jack, Miko and Raf moved quickly but quietly along the catwalk and watched.

Looking at the monitor and then at Optimus, Arcee raised a curious optic ridge. "What is Megatron up to now?"

Looking at Arcee, Optimus sighed. "Megatron's intent is unknown.. but whatever he is planning cannot be allowed. His intent…can easily be assumed to have harmful intent toward human kind."

Looking up while unfolding her arms from her chest, Arcee scoffed. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go get them?"

With a loud series of beeps Bumblebee agreed.

Bulkhead chuckled as he smashed his fists together. "Let's go kick their tailpipes in!"

Holding up a hand Optimus shook his head. "We cannot just move into a defensive position on the battle front without having an idea of what we may getting into. We must consider all possible outcomes before deploying to fight."

Looking at Optimus Bulkhead groaned. "Oh come on Prime, why don't we go get them when the going is good?"

Nodding Arcee lifted a hand. "Bulkhead's got a point. We do have the element of surprise."

Bee casually beeped and nodded.

Slowly sighing Optimus turned to Ratchet. "Ratchet, activate the ground bridge to the given coordinates."

As Ratchet activated the ground bridge to the given coordinates, those would be the last moments of the Autobot base that Prime would ever see for a long time to come and he would remember those moments in the time that would fallow.

Optimus' head ached like someone has just shot him in the head. His tank felt like someone had just kicked him and his whole body felt like a rock. He couldn't move. He couldn't talk. All he could do was lie there and think about the pain.

He forced himself to move his mind out of what HAD happened to what was GOING to happen. But all he remembered was a sudden flash of bright blue light suddenly engulfing him. And then there was this…force…pulling him back. In all honesty it was something that he really couldn't describe. He didn't really know what happened. But there was still the issue of the Decepticons. They could still be nearby…waiting for the opportunity to strike. He had to rise and fight.

Slowly sitting up, Optimus suddenly put a hand to his head to slow the spinning sensation, when suddenly he felt something…soft…and warm.

Looking up out of the corner of his optic, Optimus noticed something black dangling from his forehead.

Reaching out to grab the black object Optimus froze staring at his hands. Every word drawn away from his mouth. He couldn't speak even after three or four tries. Getting up suddenly, Optimus looked around frantically…looking for something…ANYTHING reflective. The whole world seemed to spin as he rose so suddenly, but he couldn't wait…he had to know.

Falling to the ground, Optimus gasped hard for air.

The sensation was…new.

Looking down upon himself Optimus jumped in surprise.


He was wearing cloths.

Slowly, he rested his shaking fingers around the cloth and grasped it, holding it in his palm; feeling its unique texture. Only four words continued to scream in his head; over and over again. 'What happened to me?'

Just then there was a screech of tires and hisses of exhaust forcing Optimus to look up.

That's when Optimus knew that the area he was in was by no means remote or quiet.

Rising again, much slower this time, Optimus wandered through a tight alley, being careful not to bump trash cans and other obstacles as he stumbled towards the sounds of sentient activity. But when he came into the light, he had to brace himself against the closest building.

Sky scrapers reached for the sky everywhere he looked. The sights and sounds of cars, trucks and…humans… filled his path of view. He was in a city…a HUMAN city.

Moving away from the brace of the building, Optimus ignored the sudden urge to purge, and sprinted out of the alley into the late afternoon sun. People moved in every direction up and down the busy sidewalk completely ignoring Prime staggering around looking for an explanation.

He was still on Earth? How could this be? What was going on? What happened to him? What was that light?

Turning suddenly Optimus froze and slowly approached a large window of a human garments store…gazing at his reflection.