Set during Iron Man 2. Semi spoilers ahead if you haven't seen it yet.

Tony had to admit, he did have his work cut out for him. Mr. Stiff from Shield was watching over him like a hawk (as if it made a difference, he's Iron Man, right?) and Tony was already beginning to feel a bit winded from opening that damn box.

Maybe he should check his blood toxicity. 37%. Could be worse, but it's still pretty bad.

Tony shuffled through the items on the box- a suitcase full of papers, a canister of film, some old blueprints. Tony took the papers out of the suitcase and threw it back in the box. He then set up the reel on the projector looked through the notes. Somehow, almost half a century before Tony's rise to superhero notoriety and slow death by irony, the great Howard Stark discovered a new element and hid it for Tony to find.

Typical Dad. Now he'd probably owe him for the Deus Ex Machina (somehow, he didn't just give anything away for free.)

The Expo Model. Of course he'd put the atomic structure in the place least expected. There was a lot he didn't know about his father, but this did seem very Howard Stark.

"And not a moment too soon, my arms are getting tired." Seriously, how heavy could some plaster and tiny plastic tents be? He should probably spend more time in the gym. Or maybe it the blood toxicity. Yeah, it's probably that.

As he set the model onto his work table, he knocked over the box of his father's things. The leather suitcase burst open and spilled out it's papers. Sighing, Tony stuffed the papers back in.

Much to his surprise, there was a photograph of a man underneath the stack.

He was handsome. Tall, blond, blue eyes, a nice smile- and he certainly looked good in his captain's uniform. Probably he was one of his father's friends from the war.

Tony looked at the back to see if there was any identification. All he saw was a weak pencilling of STEVE in someone's handwriting. The name sounded familiar, but Tony couldn't remember where he heard it before.

He briefly remembered finding a worn postcard on his father's desk. Faded, beautiful and dog-eared. Lauding the glories of the motor city with it's picture of towering monoliths of green-blue skyscrapers and disemboweled mechanic bodies. He remembered his tiny hand grabbing the paper world, and his father snatching it away, telling him not to go through other people's things...

It said: Love, Steve.

Tony put the picture by his computer.

"Well, there are more important things to worry about now." He'll deal with Shield later.