The Chaos Nexus.

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Prologue: A History Lesson.

Long Ago there lived a colony on the moon that derived into each of the planets in the Solar System. It was ruled by the Beautiful Queen Serenity and her Daughter Princess Selenity. Each of the other Planets also had a Princess ruling over them and to keep peace. It was a prosperous time for the Galaxy and an Aura of peace surrounded the land. That all changed when a wave of Darkness rolled over the Solar system killing anything it touched.

Many people had already died when the Darkness was destroyed by the Ginzoushou, a powerful crystal artifact leaving the Kingdom saddened. Through the weakened state the Silver Millennium, as this Era was dubbed, a group of Prophets and Soothsayers who called themselves The Anba Clan started spreading rumors about a small group of sorcerers on the Planet Earth were behind the Darkness.

Although the Queen did not believe what The Anba Clan was telling her, dissent was stirred up between the people and they called for the sorcerers heads. She was forced to use her guards to stop all the riots happening in the cities. Soon even some of the princesses were being cajoled into revolting causing the Queen to have to personally inspect the group of sorcerers.

23rd of May 1,256 B.C.E

Queen Serenity approached the camp of the sorcerers. Although they had been informed of her inspection they did not have the best respect for Lunar Royalty so she was surprised as no one even acknowledged her. She was suddenly approached by a tall man about 12 years younger than her.

"Excuse me Ma'am are you Queen Serenity?" The stranger asked.

"Yes, by order of the people I have to make an inspection of your camp. I would have sent one of the royal guard but some of the Guard has gotten reluctant with all the rumors going around." Serenity replied.

"Then Welcome" the youth said "My name is Eclipse and I am to be your guide through our camp, please follow me."Eclipse began telling her about the history of the tribe. Queen Serenity also noticed that each one of the tribes people had a wristband with a Chain like thing wrapping around itself to form an infinity sign.

"Our tribe was started before the rule of Euretekal. We soon became a defense force for Earth or at least the Royal Palace. Although not a large tribe our efficient protection for the King gave us a lot of favor with him and he made us quite more powerful. We soon became a tribe to be feared although through irony we never could come up with a name to put fear into the people." He then showed her several of the tribes children watching a Mage teach them about Magic.

"Although we were loved greatly by the people we soon were diminishing in numbers. Some Squad leaders got to overconfident and led themselves right into attack and ambush. Through all these deaths the tribe was starting to have worse numbers than before our rise to power. When a tribe Elder, one ranked very high in experience, was killed because of his foolishness the tribe then left the King and told him that they withdrew from his army. Needless to say he did not take it well." Eclipse then took her to a hallway full of blacksmiths working on weaponry.

"The king started making threats plain and Adamant. Come back and serve under me or have my army take you out. He soon sent squads to try and destroy patrol units to thin our numbers. We soon decided to take action and fought the troops sending our own message: You have a right to fear us but don't make us your enemy." Eclipse smiled and continued "We soon started to learn Magic making our tribe even more powerful and making the King fear us. Soon the people got tired of having their sons shipped off only to die five minutes into duty and soon assassinated the King leaving his son, Eutateles, as ruler. He soon made a peaceful alliance with us and both sides could remain happy."

"Our fame slowly died out and our numbers increased again. We soon decided that it was proficient that each tribe member learn a proficient amount Martial Arts and soon another clan broke off. A large group of Females who called themselves 'Amazons' left deciding that women were better than men at Martial Arts and were upset that most Elders and High up positions were given to men. Eventually e sent them off saying 'Good Riddance' and have yet to hear of them." He lead her to a locked door that had a pretty sophisticated looking lock on it.

"This is the Chaos Temple" Eclipse said slowly "a dark place where one can be in tune with the destructive forces. You can feel the dark energy coming off of the door. It has been a sealing place for demon and other Malevolent Spirits over the years this tribe has existed. Inside is the Chaos weapon, an unknown weapon locked away for the years because of the evil forces that taints it. Although it is prophesized that only the hero of the tribe may actually hold it without having his or her heart corrupted instantly, they say that the bearer will come at a time most needed." Eclipse then directed her to a large hut in the middle of the village.

"Inside is the council of the elders" he said "they are the village heads and the leaders of the troops. Although the position is handed from Father or mother to firstborn the Elder fills the position until he or she dies. My Father had an unexpected Heart Problem that proved fatal leaving my older sister, Makeyo, as the newest Elder." he quickly showed her inside where she saw 15 people young and old bickering amongst each other.

Eclipse whistled which got everyone's attention and said "Grand Elders this is Queen Serenity here for the inspection of the tribe. Please give her your respect and attention."The Elders quickly gave their greetings and returned to bickering while Eclipse directed Serenity to a young red-haired girl in the back. "This is my sister, Makeyo," he said "Makeyo, this is Queen Serenity" while they exchanged greetings a cat with blue fur and a full moon emblem on his head walked up.

"Excuse me?" the cat said. All three looked down at the cat.

"Oh," Eclipse said " I forgot to introduce you to Khonsu. He is our advisor. Our tribe found him one night when we were on Patrol and he has given us a new perspective on issues ever since. He is even smarter than most Mau his age."

"Stop it" Khonsu said "you're going to make me blush."

After Serenity questioned the Elders on their political styles she found out that even though the Elders had most power the people had a say in the tribe. If both didn't agree on one matter it wouldn't be fulfilled. After examining everything else she gave a Seal of approval and discovered no Black Magic being done there. She then left for the Moon Castle after saying Goodbye to the Elders.

When she returned she told the People that whatever had caused the Darkness it was not the tribe and that they should try to return to their normal lives as best they could. Although the people's fears settled down somewhat the Anba clan kept pestering her about the visions. She dismissed them and told the Anba clan to focus on other things besides the Darkness. The Anba clan obeyed but were not happy with her decision.

23rd of July 1,256 B.C.E.

It had been three long months before the Anba clan had started their secret plan but the Ginzoushou prevented the Queen from being affected by their spells. They decided to hold an emergency meeting to decide what to do next.

"If only there was a way for the Queen to fall under our enchantments" an old Prophet said "Without any nudging in the right direction she will never eliminate that annoying tribe."

"Patience" another speaker said "We have to make them seem like a threat again. Only this time make sure Queeny doesn't have a choice but to exile or kill them."

They all smiled at this. For the Anba had always hated the tribe. It was written in a prophecy that a member of the tribe would one day come up and destroy the entire Anba clan. Using a chaotic Force to lock them in a hell that they will never escape. But if the Anba happened to destroy the tribesman than they would become rulers of the world.

"What kind of other act should we do to ruin their reputation." asked an aging Soothsayer "The Darkness was a nice touch but if this plan fails also they will start to get suspicious."

"Simple" another Soothsayer charmed in "An assassination and let's leave something at the scene of the crime…" he held up an armband. On it you could see one thing clearly: An infinity symbol.

15th of August 1,256 B.C.E.

Queen Serenity had a massive headache. Again people were crying out for the tribes blood. Apparently Princess Venus was attacked in her sleep by an unknown assailant. Unfortunately if the Doctors weren't so able-bodied and she was a light sleeper she would have been dead. When Venus attacked she tore some fabric off of his arm as he dodged. The attacker must have been a coward because he ran off soon after that.

When the scientist searched the fabric they found a metal armband with the symbol for infinity made of chains. It didn't take long to put 2 & 2 together and find out that a tribesman did it. She couldn't understand, why did the people suddenly hate the tribesmen so much? What about other problems the Silver Millennium was facing? But just as she finally got everyone's fears calmed down they start rioting again as soon as news came out.

Where was aspirin when she needed it? Serenity was actually focusing on some of the bits of the story she got from Princess Venus. She found a couple of holes in the story and started suspecting foul play. First, Princess Venus said she knocked the armband from his left arm. All the tribes people she saw (which basically means everybody) wore it on their right arms even those who used their left hand when battling with swords. Second, why did the assassin run off. She met with most of them and they gave off a demeanor which said "I finish what I start." Third, Nobody even could figure out a reason for just an attack on Venus. The last suspected attack reached all the way from the outer rim to the moon. It looked like they were just trying to cause a little stirrup to their reputation. Yes, this had Foul Play written all over it.

Serenity boarded a ship to the tribe camp with her most Faithful Guard Choren. She needed to talk with the Elders to see what they would do. Of course it might be hard getting in but she needs help to straighten the whole thing out. As soon as she landed Eclipse went up to greet her again.

"I'm sure you heard about that fake assassination Queen Serenity?" Eclipse asked "We need your help to clear our name."

"Unfortunately," Queen Serenity said "I can't seem to find a way either. I was hoping one of the Elders would help. If anything we could at least prove you were framed."

Eclipse led Serenity to the hall of the Elders where it was strangely quiet as all of them were focused on the task at hand: clearing their names. When Queen Serenity arrived they asked her if she had any plans at the moment. Unfortunately no one had an idea on how to prove their innocence. It was then that Choren came up and said "I have an idea but you guys won't like it."

"What is this idea of yours Choren?" Serenity asked calmly. Even though a powerful guard and a wonderful strategist Choren's plans always had a bad price to pay.

"The people want one thing." he said "And that's an execution of these people." the Queen nodded in understanding but frowned as she knew where this would go. "If one of the tribesman admitted that they were the assassin and was given the death sentence then the other tribes members would be spared as innocent bystanders." Everyone looked at him in shock. Kill an innocent just because they were framed? Unacceptable! They soon started bickering amongst themselves again.

"ENOUGH" Eclipse yelled loud enough to silence everyone. "What Choren has said is correct. The only way to clear our name is to offer a Scapegoat. And unfortunately if I must I shall give my life for this Tribe." He quickly offered his hands to be contained.

"Now, wait a minute!" Makeyo yelled "We can be able to sort this all out. There is no need for anyone to die!"

"Makeyo!" Khonsu yelled "This is not your, The Queen's, or my decision. Your brother is willing to offer his life for this tribe and sacrifice so that we may live on. If you are against that so be it but you are going against this tribes only hope for survival." After he finished his lecture Makeyo looked at her younger brother.

"Eclipse are you sure you want to do this?" she asked "A sacrifice may not be necessary."

"It may not be necessary…" Eclipse said "but it's so far the only way to make sure the tribe lives on. Promise me this Makeyo." he looked towards the Chaos Temple. "Bury me at the Temple, my Malevolent Spirit needs to be there so it will not do damage to the tribe." Everyone gasped at this but Khonsu just stood next to him.

"This sacrifice is a great one Eclipse." Khonsu said "Are you sure you would like to go through with it?"

"Khonsu" Eclipse sighed "Those who would risk their lives for something they love are heroes. Those who would hide from problems are cowards. I want to be remembered as a Hero and not a coward. That is my wish. And Queen Serenity."

"Yes," she asked.

"Make sure that the cowards who framed us are to be given ten times the punishment that I have." Eclipse answered "I want to at least know that my sacrifice will not be in vain." Serenity nodded and cuffed his hands leading him to the ship.

When at the prison Choren was assigned to be the guard. Since he had been protecting Serenity for so long some of the Ginzoushou's magic had rubbed off on him. He was not influenced by the Anba clan's magic and wasn't out to kill Eclipse. He kept wondering why he was given sympathetic looks by all the other prison guards. He himself didn't understand why there was so much malice against Eclipse.

30th of August 1,256 B.C.E.

Everyone was crowded into an arena to watch the execution. Due to some tampering by the Anba clan the execution would take place on Earth, his home planet. Although they were upset that only one of the tribesman were going to be killed it gave them a better opening for more damage. The crowd cheered as the accused was led into the middle of the arena.

Eclipse was led into the arena and was told to kneel down for his punishment in front of the Queen. He did as he was told and a cheer rung out as they watched him surrender. The executioner asked "any last words?"

Eclipse slowly looked at all the gathered people. "All I can say is the coward amongst this crowd will die and my soul will rest!" he yelled to the annoyance of everyone.

The executioner took his lance in hand and said "by the order of Queen Serenity, for crimes against the Moon Kingdom and the Planet Venus you are herby sentenced to death!" with the last word he drove the lance through Eclipse's heart killing him instantly earning a cheer from the crowd.

But in the special section of the Moon Kingdom there was three who shed a tear. Queen Serenity, her daughter, and her trusted guard Choren. The Ginzoushou, sensing this sadness and inner turmoil in their hearts let the sadness flow into it. The result was a jewel full of Negative feelings. In order to destroy those feelings of sadness the jewel transferred the Negative forces into the one thing it would always be connected to: The Moon.

Everyone gasped as the moon was completely covered by a shadow. While in a panic the people started to yell for revenge against the tribe for another attack. Queen Serenity saw that the Ginzoushou was poisoned and quickly let go of it so her Negative feelings would not get inside. The moon immediately lit up again as the Negative forces left the Ginzoushou. This did not stop the people's fears as they yelled for the tribes heads.

Queen Serenity then launched a huge blast of Moon Energy into the Arena silencing everyone. "THAT IS ENOUGH!" she yelled "THIS MADNESS IS ESCALATING INTO A POINT THAT THE SILVER MILLENIUM HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE." she calmed down and continued speaking "You all have been focusing too much on what has already been done. Because of this no contact is to be made with this tribe. If anyone is seen breaking this law. Royalty or not, they shall be killed on the spot." With that said she exited the Arena leaving the colonists in fear of the Queen.

"What should we do now" a member of the Anba Clan said to his clan members." With the Queen on their side we have no hope of destroying that blasted tribe!"

"We simply repeat the plan only this time killing two birds with one stone." a soothsayer said "We assassinate the Queen and frame the tribe. It worked on the idiots before and with Queeny out of the way there is no stopping them from destroying the tribe." This earned a laugh from all the other members of the group.

Unfortunately for the Anba clan a bug was planted inside their seats letting a spy for the Moon Kingdom listen in on their conversation."Queen Serenity would love to hear this…" he snickered to himself. He loved his job.

5th of September, 1,256 B.C.E.

All of the Anba clan was brought into the Queens royal chamber. "What is the meaning of this!" One yelled "You have no right to hold us against our will! I demand-"

"SILENCE!" Queen Serenity yelled interrupting the clan member. "For acts of treason against the Queen and ploys of assassination you have been merited Death by my hands!" This earned a gasp from the clan members.

"My Queen what do you mean?" one said "We would never do anything treacherous against you. Release us and I'm sure we can get this all sorted out."Serenity just sneered.

"Roll the tape!" she commanded one of the guards. When the guard pressed the button the recording of them going over the assassination attempt and framing of the tribe. "With this evidence you are to be sentenced to death immediately. Guards!" As soon as she commanded them the guards circled around the members of the Anba clan.

"Do you really think killing us will solve all your problems." a prophet said "The spell we made on the people is too powerful not even the Ginzoushou can save that tribe from extinction." he snickered at the thought "So what will the 'high and mighty' Queen do now? We may cure the curse the people have but only if you exile us instead of the death warrant."

The Queen became worried. If what the clan was saying was true then her best choice was to exile them. However if she did there's no telling what they plan to do if they ever return. And if she killed them then the curse could send the tribe into extinction. With a sigh she said "If you undo the curse put on the people then banishment will be your punishment."

"Agreed" one said "Eg-chua-hei-po-klif-yu-haw"

Others began chanting in tune with the first.





With the last chant Serenity could feel a plateau of kindness wash over her Kingdom.

"WIth that done" an Anba said "We shall be leaving."

"Not so fast" Serenity said "I have decided a better punishment for you. You are not banished from the Moon Kingdom. You shall be put into this Stone until the moon blackens again. However long it takes for it to occur does not matter. But once you get out you are free to do what your Heart desires… If you do not go insane from being stuck in the stone for as long as it takes. Enjoy your new life."

Before any of the clans protests could be heard Serenity used a powerful sealing spell with The Ginzoushou to put all of the clan into the Tombstone. Loud banging could be heard until one of the guards put some Seals onto the stone. With that threat away Serenity continued with her duties. Item number one on her list was to tell the tribe of who framed them and that they were now disposed of. And maybe give the newest Phase of the moon a new name. Eclipse sounded nice, just like the man who caused it.

28th of November 1,256 B.C.E.

The Tribe of the Eclipse (which it was now called and dedicated to the Moon not the person) was thriving. After the Funeral of Eclipse the people began to wake up and see that the tribe needed help if it was going to survive. In roughly three months the tribe began making more offspring and gaining more Mages and Martial Arts instructors to teach them. Even Blacksmiths were coming from all over to help the legendary tribe who was allies with the Moon Kingdom's leader Queen Serenity.

While she told them about how she had trapped them Khonsu got angry and asked why wait until the moon darkens all it would take would be the moon on one side of the Earth and the Sun on the other and the Moon would be dark and they would be free. Serenity quickly explained that the only true Eclipse would happen when Eclipse himself awoke again. Khonsu didn't understand what she meant by awaken but quickly shrugged off the question.

31st of December 1,256 B.C.E

The Moon Kingdom was gone. An evil force had attacked from Earth catching the Kingdom by surprise and quickly destroyed the army. With the army and the Sailor Scouts defeated Serenity had only one thing to do. Using the power of the Ginzoushou she quickly set up the scouts to be reincarnated in the future when the threat of Queen Beryl needed to be fought again.

Although the Tribe of the Eclipse sent some of the best warriors the Superior numbers of Queen Beryl they were soon defeated. Even the Mau Khonsu had to retreat when the squad who had him were all captured. It was the end of the Eclipse tribe as the last Elder of the village, Makeyo, drowned in a valley of springs. With the last Elder gone the tribe slowly died out.


"Chaos" a voice echoed through the endless abyss. "Chaos is the key. Chaos is balance. Chaos is POWER!" with that last roar the malevolent Spirit of Eclipse searched for his new host. An unknown power was driving him to find it. "I must find him. I must save the Chaos Nexus" He didn't finish as he saw who he was looking for. With one final surge of power he sent his Soul into who would now be the protector of The Chaos Nexus. A six-year-old by the name of Ranma Saotome at the peak of his fear.


The crowd cheered as the executioner raised his lance. "Any last words?" he asked.

"My fortune is yours for the taking…but you'll have to find it first,

I left everything I own in One Piece!"

"Wait, What" the executioner asked.

"Nothing…" Eclipse said


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