The Chaos Nexus.

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Chapter 2: A Curse! And not just one of them…

Ranma opened his eyes to see a Kusarigama resting in his hands.

"What is it?" he asked as he held it in his hands.

"It is a Kusarigama, or Chain and Sickle." Khonsu said "I never learned how to use it but being the hero of the tribe you should have a feel for it already." Ranma tried to use it and found that some of his reflexes were already taking over. He flung the Sickle and called out "CHAOS SLICE!" before it cut completely through the pillar. Five seconds later cracks appeared all over the column and it fell.

"Whoa" Ranma said "I did that?"

"Yes," Khonsu said "Your already in touch with your Inner Chaos Powers. Be careful though, that attack probably drained a lot of your Manna. I would refrain from using any attacks until you have a large amount of Manna. I think it should be time to leave though. The time spell I used will only last for another 5 minutes and your father will probably be wondering where you are." Ranma nodded and the two headed off.

Unbeknownst to them and the whole world a new threat was awakening. The Anba clan that was trapped in the Rune would awaken. The Eclipse had come. It was only a matter of time before the Seals will be off. The world would tremble if it knew the plans that the Anba clan had for it. It was only a matter of Time…

Ranma had just gotten back to camp and saw his Father sleeping. He quickly woke him up and said "Hey Pops, I need a favor." Genma quickly woke up and looked at his son.

"What is it Boy?" he said "I was trying to sleep."

"Pops," Ranma said as he held up Khonsu "This is Khonsu, he will be the newest member of our group. No is not an answer."

Genma looked at his son for a second and then broke out laughing. "Oh that's a good one Ranma, HAHAHA, we can't get a Cat. It's too distracting, HAHEHEAH, you need to focus on your training not on a pet." Genma was soon interrupted by Ranma's cold gaze.

"POPS!" Ranma said, the venom in his voice apparent "we are keeping Khonsu. NO QUESTIONS ASKED." Genma noticed how Ranma's voice dug into him and he soon felt like he did with an Old Perverted Torturer/Master. He quickly lost his Spine and said "Okay…".

Another 2 years went by and Genma was happy that they had brought Khonsu along. The Cat had fed itself and it kept the boy busy and undistracted when Genma had to do business and feed themselves. (illegally of course.) Ranma also seemed not to question his Father as much, HA, the boy is probably paying him for the favor.

Unbeknownst to Genma, their new member was teaching Ranma every day while he wasn't around. Not just about Chaos Magic, which Ranma was turning out to be a Master in, but in reversing Genma's teaching's. Khonsu almost threw up when Ranma told him that women were weak and needed to be protected and not hurt. He quickly got that thought out of Ranma's head and started teaching him what his Father was lacking: Honor.

When Ranma told Khonsu that his Dad held honor in a very high regard, Khonsu snorted. The Fat-ass sleeping half the day and torturing his son the other wouldn't know Honor if he was thrown into a pit with it, hint the Neko-Ken. Ranma's re-education led to him disbelieving his Fathers every word. Thereby not making him ask any questions. Eclipse had even told him to look through the memories about his Older Sister, Makeyo, and still say girls were weak.

Ranma's new Chaos Powers were progressing as well. With a huge Manna store already made up due to his Chi usage Khonsu spared no time giving him the basics of Chaos Magic. He had already mastered some transformative spells which made him become Larger or smaller (Think of Happosai's, Soun's and Genma's trick in the whole cursed Panda scribble episode), A levitation Technique that he was slowly improving, and a Chaos Shield. Although Strange as it was that Chaos would provide Protection, but with Ranma's generator powers, he could actually transform the Attack into his own Manna. Unfortunately, this only worked on Chaos attacks and he would still get damaged from Order or Enchantments. He had also learned minor invisibility.

Eclipse quickly taught some more techniques of the Tribe of the Eclipse (in which he was saddened to hear about the tribe's fate and the Moon from Khonsu). Ranma had already mastered the Intermediate Technique's like the Bakusei Tenketsu, or the Hidden Weapons. Ranma quickly learned them and revised them. He could now break anything that was hard with his Breaking Point and he started to store extra Chi in his hidden Weapon spaces and his Kusarigama. It was much easier to store many things in his weapons space then trying to hide them from his father. There were also some lessons thrown in about enchantments with his Kusarigama.

Ranma eventually had to go to school. Kaboyashi's Middle School for Young Men seemed like a good choice to Genma. An all boys school wouldn't have any distracting women to keep him from Martial Arts. Ranma set off on his First Day with Khonsu in tow. Genma didn't worry about it since the school would probably tell him he couldn't take it. Strangely though the Principal let him since he was… how to put it nicely, Insane. Ranma had heard a rumor that the Principal owned two Schools and that some of the School Board was thinking of giving him a 'Vacation' to Hawaii.

Ranma breezed through the classes with ease with the help of Eclipse and it was soon Lunch Time. Ranma could see a crowd of Boys crowding around the Lunch Lady. They were all yelling things like 'The Bread is mine' or 'No, It's mine!'. Ranma was confused. They were all fighting over Bread? Well Ranma would show them he was the best. Ranma quickly jumped up and using someone's head grabbed the bread with his Mouth. He landed with ease while the boy who he used as a Springboard landed not-so-gracefully.

"Who are you?" The boy asked.

"Ranma Saotome," he said "and you are?"

"I am Ryoga Hibiki," he answered "And I will never forgive you for this Ranma Saotome!" he then walked off to the table like nothing ever happened.

"What just happened?" Ranma asked himself. Soon Khonsu nuzzled against his leg leading him to a closet. "What do you need?" Ranma asked.

"I just wanted to point out you were pretty rude to that guy," he said " Even if you didn't insult him you could at least say you were sorry."

"I was just getting the Bread." Ranma said "Everyone else was doing it."

"Yes, and I'm not Angry about that." Khonsu answered "I'm sure he isn't too, but you should at least say you're sorry. Remember what I said about your Pride?"

"Yeah…" Ranma said In a grumble " Pride is like Anger, it can destroy you if you don't control it, Blah Blah Blah, I'll say I'm sorry."

"And…?" Khonsu asked.

"Skim Milk…" Ranma answered as he went to get his Mau a drink.

He saw Ryoga on a table sulking. He quickly broke his remaining bread in half and offered it to him saying "Here you go, I'm sorry about using your head as a springboard."

""Thanks…" Ryoga said as he took the half of his. 'Why was the new kid apologizing' he wondered 'and how did he get so good at Martial Arts?'

Ranma pured some Milk in a bowl for Khonsu and then said "So why was everyone after that Bread?"

"It's a long story," Ryoga said "It all started when the Principal called an assembly…"


"Good Morning, Great students of Kaboyashi Middle School." The Principal said "In order to preserve the good Nature an Aura of this School, we will have to give each of the students a Bowl Cut." As he said this a curtain fell down listing the Hairstyle Requirements. The students voiced their complaints but the Principal just kept laughing and dancing like a maniac.

After some of the student's ganged up on him he said "I see you do not like the new Arrangement's?"

"YEAH!" everyone said.

"Okay," the Principal said calmly "Then I have no choice but to offer you a challenge…" he got up and untied himself " If you can get this scroll from me I will give you an immunity from rules pass."


" And of course we all accepted the challenge." Ryoga said "The Principal went crazy on us with traps and other things. If it wasn't for me, since no one else knew Martial Arts, we wouldn't have gotten the scroll. But once I opened it, the Principal said that he lied and it was just a rule change, not a rule immunity. Since this one kid said that he'd rather starve than have that stupid hairstyle, I think you can put together the rest."

"Man, that sounds stupid." Ranma said "Why don't they go after that guy?"

"Money" Ryoga said "The Principal's got so much of it that no one questions him."

Ranma simply changed the subject and said "so you Practice Martial Arts?"

"Yeah," Ryoga said "you too?"

"School of Anything-Goes." Ranma answered "Been training for all my life."

"We'll have to spar sometime" Ryoga said.

"Fair Warning for you," Ranma said "I never lose."

"There's a first time for Everything." Ryoga answered.

About 2 months later Ranma passed his classes with Flying colors. Genma thought that since Ranma learned enough to continue wanted to set out on the next phase of the training journey. Ranma came to class on the last day of school and told his rival Ryoga they would be moving on.

"Alright then" Ryoga said "Then I challenge you to one last fight."

"Sounds good as long as you know this fight will end the same way as the other 20." Ranma said "Where is it going to be at this time?"

"Meet me in the lot behind my house." Ryoga said "If you run out on our duel I'll find you to make sure you do."

"Got it," Ranma said "see ya tomorrow."


Ranma waited at the lot behind Ryoa's house. Luckily for him Khonsu had gone ahead to direct Ryoga. Soon he heard Khonsu MEOW! and he went to see what happened. He soon saw Khonsu running away from a dog. The weird thing about the dog is that half of its body was Black and the other was White. He quickly jumped to Khonsu's rescue by stepping between them. The dog stopped and Khonsu finally caught his breath.

"What's going on here?" Ranma asked.

"Dog…Chase…Ryoga…Lost again." Khonsu said out of breath.

"Oh man don't tell me…" Ranma ran off to the Hibiki household and found it empty."Stupid dog…" he then looked at her collar. "Checkers Hibiki?" he thought for a second and then said "don't tell me…"

"WHERE IS THAT STUPID LLLLLOOOOOTTTTTT!" (You can guess who said it… he's in France. Seriously check the episode.)

(Well, you guys already know the plot that follows so I'm going to tell you something. I'M NOT WRITING IT! Ranma waits three days blah, blah, blah. Sooooooo, since nothing important happens I'll just tell you that Ranma learns more Chaos Magic from Khonsu like the Chaos claws (Think Chi-claws), the Chaos Compass which can locate a powerful artifact or Mage, and the Chaos Storm which can allow him to summon a storm (Like the Song of Storms in Legend of Zelda.)Eclipse also taught Ranma some Amazon techniques like the Splitting Cat Hairs that he improved to actually make solid clones, and the emotion Chi blast which Ranma was naturally Confidence and learned the Moko Takabisha. Sooooooo, now to JUSENKYO!)

Ranma, Khonsu, and his Father arrived at the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo. "This place doesn't look so impressive," Ranma said.

"Be quiet Boy!" Genma said "It is said that these Springs are one of the most dangerous training grounds in the World. Prepare to be pushed to your limit…" He quickly paused as his stomach grumbled "Right after I find some food." He then ran off to a house that vaguely looked like a restaurant.

"Ranma activate the Chaos Compass…" Khonsu said "I feel a foreboding wind."

Ranma channeled his manna to his hand and an arrow formed above it. The arrow started spinning out of control and flowing in all directions.

"Just as I thought" Khonsu said "All of these Springs are Chaos wells. We must stay away or the transformative magic's could have some disastrous effects."

"Okay," Ranma said he got his pack. Unfortunately Ranma was launched inside the Springs. Luckily he landed on a bamboo pole.

"POPS!" he yelled "we have to get out of here!"

"What's wrong boy?" Genma asked "you aren't scared are you? Just like a girl!"

"Pops," Ranma said "I'm not kidding, this place is dangerous. We have to get out of here."

"Ranma!" Genma yelled" A martial Artists life is full of peril! If you cannot face this challenge then you cannot call yourself a Martial Artist!"

At this Ranma fumed. This Fat-ass has been torturing him for years under the guise of training and he says it's all for nothing! he quickly jumped up and kicked Genma in the pool. "Who's weak now Pops!" he said. A few seconds later and he didn't see is Father come up. He quickly jumped down to the pool he fell in and asked "Pops?"

Unfortunately he got his answer in the form of A fuzzy fist sending him flying into a spring across the entire valley. He felt a strange tingle for a second and he got out. He also felt a little more weight on his chest. He looked down and saw that he… turned into a she. She let off a scream as she chased her father to kick his ass leaving Khonsu to sigh.

Meanwhile in Ranma's Mind, Mind, Mind, MIND!

Eclipse was just doing meditation inside Ranma's mindscape when he felt a surge of power wash over him. It was Chaos Magic, he could tell, the transformative properties assured him of that. After calming down he saw that the biological systems on Ranma's body was changed, into a Female biological system.

He quickly tried to access Ranma's Manna stores but found that it was blocked. He then altered his position to the MMC (Mindscape Master Computer). After a quick session of typing he found the cause of the change: A host transfer.

They are fairly common for Chaos Wellsprings. If someone-or something- was trapped or sacrificed into a wellspring, anyone else can have the spirit sent inside them. Eclipse started to try to Manually reverse the transformation but found it no use. He then slammed his hands o the table because it appeared the Foreign Spirit was trying to take control. He tried to block out the infiltration but was pushed back by the Force.

He flipped over and transformed the Astral Plane into a Dojo for his own 'challenger'. He looked up and saw a red-haired girl. The strange thing about this girl was that her eyes were closed. The girl quickly summoned two Ulak blades for her hands and jumped at Eclipse. He quickly summoned his own Bo staff and countered the attack throwing her back.

"Can I help you?" Eclipse asked.

The girl didn't answer. Instead she kept up her attacks which Eclipse dodged and blocked. He then fired a blast of Chi at her which she countered with her own. They then clashed a couple more times before jumping back from each other. Eclipse then tried offensive himself using his Staff against her. Then using surprise flicked a button turning it into a Nunchuka and knocking the Ulaks off her hands and across the Dojo.

Eclipse then turned his staff back and got into a defensive position. So far the girl hadn't even done anything except attack. Not to mention the fact that her attacks were uncoordinated and had no power behind them. He then tried another approach. He flung one of her Ulak's beside her intentionally to miss her. She didn't even make an attempt to dodge it as it flashed by her.

Eclipse then realized: She was asleep! All the attacks and defense were only reflexes. If he landed a hit on her then she might wake up. He then tried using his Staff to hit her since she was defenseless but it was proven useless as her reflexes were too great. He then threw his Staff, which she dodged, and tried to attack her directly with Martial Arts. After a few reflexes kicked in he saw his opening and struck out with his foot sending her backwards.

before he could cheer for victory the girl landed on her feet with her eyes still closed. Eclipse silently cursed before firing a few Chi blasts. She countered each one with her own and then launched herself at Eclipse. The two traded blows for a second before jumping back.

"Damn It!," Eclipse said, "we're too evenly matched! I need help right now." He then summoned an astral form of Ranma to appear.

Ranma ran forward a little bit before going "Huh?," he then looked at Eclipse," Any reason for this visit?" Eclipse just pointed at the girl making Ranma clench his fist. "Don't tell me that's my curse," Ranma said, "How do I get rid of her."

"Ranma, Calm Down," Eclipse said, "I don't exactly know who she is but we need to wake her up to find out."

"Wait," Ranma said, "If I'm here, then who's chasin' Pops?"

"Just a husk focusing on the objective at hand," Eclipse said, "Hopefully we'll be finished with this before anything bad happens."

Meanwhile outside Ranma's Mind, Mind, Mind, MIND!

A beaten down traveler had just arrived at the curse Springs of Jusenkyo. Why did he come there? Simple, because an opponent of his ran out on a duel they were supposed to have. The boy's name was Ryoga Hibiki.

"Finally… I made it…," he said, "Ranma Saotome prepare to be defeated by-"

"COME BACK HERE YOU STUPID OLD MAN!" Ryoga musings were interrupted by the scream of a girl. He quickly turned around to see a Panda running towards him. He quickly jumped up avoiding it but was not protected by the young girl who stepped on his head sending him plummeting to a Spring below him.

Back to Ranma's Mind, Mind, Mind, MIND!

Ranma and Eclipse squared off against the strange girl. Ranma began his attacks with several punches and kicks. The girl dodged a few but Ranma was able to land one to her head. She then swung her remaining Ulak blade at Ranma which he called out his Kusarigama to block. The two pushed against each other and soon jumped back from each other. Ranma twirled in the air and fired his chain at the girl. She dodged it by leaning back making it sail right over her this didn't stop Eclipse from coming out from under her and landing a powerful kick to her back. This sent her flying as Ranma flipped his chain around her causing her to be trapped.

"Whew," Ranma sighed, "Now what is she, Eclipse?"

"As far as I can tell she is a sealed entity," he said, "Someone or something that was trapped inside that spring you fell into. The Chaotic energies that surround this valley probably caused her DNA to mix with yours. This might not even be her real form. The only thing I can try is a special technique passed down by the most powerful masters of the Tribe of the Eclipse, guaranteed to make any unconscious person respond."

"While I'm working on the technique," Eclipse said, " you should return to your body, your dad's probably wondering why you've been this persistent."

"Gotcha," Ranma said. His astral form then dissipated leaving Eclipse alone with the girl.

Eclipse then took out a Megaphone then turned it on. "HEY, WAKE UP!" the girl remained asleep so he tried another tactic. He took out his paper bag and filled it up before popping it. 'Damn it,' he thought, 'Don't tell me I have to use that technique?' Having no other options he reached into his armor and took out… a whoopee cushion. "Time for the big guns!"

When Ranma awoke she was sitting inside a room with a very portly Chinese man. "Oh, sirs," the man said, "you awake yes?"

Ranma simply shook her head and said, "Yeah, I'm fine." Before the guide promptly took out a Tea Kettle and poured it on her head reversing the transformation. With an utter of "HOT!" Ranma checked his chest and blew a sigh of release that he found a temporary curse.


Eclipse was panting while he loaded up the dynamite. "I'LL WAKE YOU UP IF IT'S THE LAST THING RANMA DOES!" he then held out his palm and said, "Hinotama!" conjuring a Fireball. The Dynamite exploded leaving them both unharmed and her still asleep. Before he could scream he felt the same surge of power wash over him and the girl instantly shot up with her eyes open.

"Where am I!" she asked Eclipse who had to hold his head from the surge.

"Ranma's mind," Eclipse said, "Welcome…"

"Ranma,?" she asked, "Who's Ranma?"

Eclipse sighed as he knew this would be a very long story he sat down and began.

"Well First off, you may not know it, but you're dead." He said.

"Dead?" She asked.

"Not to worry, just your physical body is gone. Your Spirit is sitting right in front of me." He reassured her.

"Then who are you?" She asked again.

"My name is Nissoukou Eclipse," he said, "and you're my new Room-Mate…"

"Room-Mate?" she asked, " What's that?"

Eclipse just sighed as 3 1/2 hours just added themselves to the explanation.


Ranma-now male- was sitting with the Jusenkyo Guide listening to what had happened since he had 'fallen asleep'. He had eventually lost his Father and rammed into a few people, such as a Frog Trainer, a young person wearing a bandanna, and a bandit that was in the middle of eating soup.

After listening for a few minutes he decided to go into deep meditation. After saying goodbye to the Guide, he left. Unfortunately if he had waited another five minutes, he would've seen his Father come in with some food. Later said 'Food' turned into a Fifteen-year-old Boy who then ran off trying to find the bane of his existence only to end up in Hong Kong 12 hours later.


Ranma had just formed his Astral… Form, when he saw Eclipse and the girl sitting down and drinking Tea.

"I take it you woke her up," Ranma said, "who is she?"

"This is Miss Sakura," Eclipse answered, "Or at least a Nickname until we find out her real name. She is a victim of Amnesia."

"Aw," Ranma said, " so she doesn't know what happened to my body?"

"Actually," she said, "as a victim of the Springs I know the legend of its creation. A legend that Mr. Eclipse knows quite well."

"Yes," he said," Do you remember Makeyo? Apparently using the last of her power she gave her life to make this a Chaos Manna sanctuary. She meant to use it to provide a base for Chaos Mages on the Allied Forces. Unfortunately, the war was already over, so the people nearby used it as an execution ground. We believe that is what happened to Miss Sakura. Details afterward are very sketchy."

"So is there any cure for the body switching," Ranma asked, "It's a little awkward."

"Yes there is," Sakura commented, "but for you, it should not be used."

"What," Ranma asked, "why not?"

"There is a Spring of Drowned Man, but since you are a Chaos Generator, like me the Spirit who died in that Spring would come into your mind. Three voices in your head would cause a problem: Insanity."

"Oh…," Ranma said disappointingly, "So, there is no cure for the body thing?"

"Yes," Sakura said apologetically, "But do not worry, as Eclipse says, I will pay my rent."

"Um, Okay…," Ranma said, "Like…?"

"I will teach you how to fight," she said, "When your body transforms in the middle of a battle, you are at a huge disadvantage. Your weight, your strength, your reach, and your mind will all be changed. I will make sure that you are prepared if that ever happens. I also need to have a *cough* talk with you about a certain function of your new body."

"And I'm afraid I have some bad news as well," Eclipse said, "Ranma do you remember your mother?"

"Uh… No," Ranma said, "Pops told me she died when I was young. Is that true?"

"Afraid not." Eclipse said, "She's alive, and is going to kill you when she catches up to you."

"WHAT!" Ranma asked, "Why!"

"To be honest I don't know why she has any excuse to call herself a Mother," he answered, "She allowed Genma to take you on this Training Journey, in return he would make you a Man among Men. In this deal she would force you to commit Seppuku."

"WHAT!" Ranma said, "How could she!"

"She is very insane," Eclipse said, " I think that your Father only married her to have a baby he could take total control of. What I mean is, if she ever threatens you, make sure you have her arrested. Don't try to handle anything yourself and throw away any of your Father's fake 'honor'. As one warrior to another, anyone who is after blood should be punished. No matter who they are."

Ranma looked at Eclipse a minute and said, "Okay, I promise you if I ever meet her and she threatens me, I will get the Police involved."

"I noticed you were meditating," a new voice said. They all turned to see Khonsu form inside the room. "Your Father's looking for you. I think our new destination is at hand, Is this the Spirit who fused with your Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid?"

"Uh… yeah," Ranma said, he hated it when Khonsu couldn't simply say the simple version. "This is Sakura. She's going to help us in our quest."

"Hello, Miss," Khonsu said, "Welcome to the New Eclipse Clan," Khonsu laughed at their new nickname, "come on, Ranma." and with that he disappeared. Ranma said Goodbye to the two and entered his Physical Form as well.

When Ranma awoke he and Khonsu were sitting atop the rock they had meditated on. Genma sauntered behind them and said, "Boy, it is time to depart. Get ready to follow our new Guide and then we are taking a trip to Nerima. We are going to meet an old friend of mine." Ranma simply sighed and got his pack and Khonsu ready and followed the Guide and his Father. Unfortunately there happened to be a rain shower on the way to their destination.

After about an hour of walking The guide told them they had arrived at the village of the Amazon women. Ranma had sat down with the Jusenkyo Guide while Genma ran off to do whatever it was Genma did. Ranma could feel the anger emanating off of Eclipse and mentally asked, 'Somethin' on your mind?'

'These are the deserters of the Tribe of the Eclipse.' he answered, 'These are the women who think that they are naturally superior to men and left. They took some of the Tribe's techniques without permission and received no punishment for it due to a corrupt Elder who agreed in their beliefs. Forgive me if I feel a little angry.'

Ranma watched the two girls fight. Both of them seemed pretty pathetic and could probably be beaten in one move. Not even worth her time. The Lavender-haired girl managed to knock the other off and the crowd cheered. Ranma just scoffed, they would call anyone a good Martial Artist.

It was then that a Raven-haired girl who was busy smashing bricks in her Family's dojo sneezed.

'I understand,' Ranma said, 'but, I can't do anything about that can I?'

It was then that the girl screamed in Chinese and fired her Bonbori in a random direction. Ranma quickly followed the path and saw that it was headed for her father's direction and if he didn't move he would get hurt. As much as Ranma hated her Father and wanted to see him hurt she quickly fired a pebble that was on the ground making the Bonbori change its course and crash into the ground near Genma. He quickly let out a "Groff!" before noticing that he had been too preoccupied in eating. He quickly ducked behind the Guide who was also shaking.

Shampoo looked at the Panda who stole her food and at the Redhead who stopped her righteous Vengeance of killing the one that ate her FOOD! (Because, lethal methods are ALWAYS O.K.) She walked up to the redhead and said, "Ni, Ni shi shui!"

The Jusenkyo Guide went up to Ranma and said, "Newcomer, Who are you, she says."

Ranma looked at her and said, "I'm Ranma Saotome. Mind telling me why you tried to kill my dad."

The guide tranlated again and Shampoo answers, "Ni de fugin chile wo de jiangjin. Wo bixu chengfa ta."

"She says, Father disrespected the her by eating her food. He must be punished." The guide translated.

"Alright, then if I challenge you and win then I get the food anyway right?" Ranma asked.

The guide translated again and Shampoo just smiled. The outsider would learn what happens when you disrespect proud Amazonian Women. She jumped atop the log and waited for her opponent. Ranma followed and landed on the other side. Shampoo prepared for an attack and charged.

Unfortunately for her, the attack was proved useless as Ranma just landed an upward kick that launched her off the log. The world seemed to shatter before her eyes as she fell back to the ground. She looked up as Ranma simply started getting her things. She staggered up to her and grabbed her cheek. She planted a kiss to it surprising Ranma and earning herself a smile. The guide quickly screamed and grabbed Ranma's hand and ran off.

"What are you doing!" Ranma asked as the Guide was pulling her away from the village as the Amazon girl followed.

"It's very bad you won sir," the Guide said, "Amazon Women's have great pride. Defeat is worse fate than Death. Kiss of Death is promise to hunt to ends of Earth and KILL!"

"WHAT!" Ranma yelled as she looked back at the girl with two swords in her hands. Ranma growled a little bit and took her hand away from the Guide and launched herself at the Amazon.

Shampoo smiled as the prey launched herself towards her. Probably to submit herself to a quick kill. Shampoo took her Sword back to strike only to feel the air forced out of her stomach. Shampoo looked down and saw the girls foot slammed into her stomach. Shampoo tried to strike again only to find a fist connecting to her face. Ranma didn't stop there though, as she continued to pound the living daylights out of the Amazon. Shampoo was soon knocked unconscious by the enraged Martial Artist.

Ranma simply let go of the unconscious Amazon and grabbed her by her hair. She dragged her back to Jusenkyo with the Guide following. He took her body and threw her into one of the pools and turned away. The guide quickly caught up to the retreating Martial Artist and said, "Sir, what do you want me to do with girl when she wakes up!"

Ranma just turned around and said, "Tell her if she tries to come after me again, I will give her a worse punishment. Especially tell her that what she thinks is okay will get her arrested in the real world. And tell her one more thing, if she thinks of herself as a Martial Artist she's mistaken." With that Ranma grabbed a Tea Kettle that was randomly there (Ranma 1/2 logic) and turned back into a guy and left to follow his Father.

'You did a good job with that,' Eclipse said, 'It seems that my lessons on punishment are correct, right?'

'As long as the answer to threats of death isn't death,' Sakura said, ' I believe what you did was okay. I think that if you do see her again you should report it to the authorities.'

'Well,' Ranma thought' I can't believe that a Tribe could be so barbaric that they would take an innocent life just because they lost. Your Tribe didn't have that did it?'

'Our Tribe had a similar law, but instead of the penalty of death we would better ourselves and face them again,' Eclipse said, 'Just another reason the Amazon's have no honor. If you ever face her again I have a few ideas of what punishment you should act out.'

Khonsu soon met up with Ranma and said, "I see you gave her your own punishment. I can't say she didn't deserve it, when the Amazon's left the Tribe and was held in Trial after being brought back, I felt contempt and gave my own testimony about them. If it wasn't for that damn Shuzaki, who cleared them of all their debt's before the citizen's, they would've been executed like they deserved. Since they took off with the training Manuals of techniques and battle strategies, this weakened the Tribe. In fact, I'm sure we would've stood a better chance against the armies of Beryl."

Ranma simply growled and said, "I hate it when punishments are lifted because of corrupt people, If I ever meet this Shuzaki I will make sure she gets what she deserves." Ranma then relaxed and took Khonsu, to catch up to his Father.


Ranma and his Father were walking down the streets. "So Pops," Ranma said, "Why are we coming to visit your friend."

Genma formed a Sweat drop as he tried to think of an answer, "Um… well I'll be honest with you boy," he answered, "It is time to fulfill an honor pact between me and my Old Friend, we promised that when both our children came to age we would unite the schools through Marriage."

At this both Ranma and Khonsu stopped and stared. Genma was stupid enough to engage two kids who never met and expect them to be happy, but how stupid was his friend who expected the same thing? Ranma and Khonsu immediately turned back which confused Genma.

"Boy, where are you going?" he said, "the Tendo Dojo is this way." He pointed in the opposite direction.

At this Ranma laughed while Khonsu let his ears down. "Pops, no matter what you say," Ranma said, " I'm never going to marry someone who I've never met. I'm heading back to China to see that old Monk Shukaku. Those Sand techniques of his were awesome."

"Boy!," Genma yelled, "This is a matter of honor, you will marry one of his Daughters to save the school! If you don't then I will have to Force you!" Genma got into a stance and jumped at his son. Ranma met the attack and began to fight his Father down the street. Khonsu followed them and sighed as he saw certain Storm Clouds were gathering.


Soun Tendo, Patriarch of the Tendo Dojo, had just gotten a postcard in the mail. What was on the Postcard? Well, you should know that. But for the people who don't, FREAKING GUESS!

Anyway, Soun Tendo had just gotten a postcard from his old Friend Genma Saotome, promising he would be coming over with his son, Ranma, to unite the schools. Soun called out to his daughters to announce the news, "KASUMI, NABIKI, AKANE, COME HERE!"

While Soun searched in the house for his youngest daughter, Nabiki entered the dojo. Inside was her younger sister working on her strength by pounding bricks. She quickly took a picture and said, "Akane, there you go again, no wonder all the boys think your weird."

"Who cares," She answered, "Not everyone thinks the world revolves around BOYS!" as she said this she turned away.

"Really?" Nabiki said smiling, "then you won't be interested in this then…"

Akane just looked at her and said, "Interested in what?"


"FIANCEE!" Akane yelled at the top of her lungs.

After Soun's ears recovered he said, "Yes, the son of an old friend of mine, his name is Ranma Saotome. If one of you were to marry him the Dojo and our Family's legacy would be secure."

"Wait a Second!" Akane said, "Don't we have any say in who we marry! We've never even met this guy!"


The people were shocked to suddenly see a Panda and a small girl battle it out in the middle of the street. The girl was shouting things like "How dare you choose my Fiancée for me!" or "This whole thing sucks!" The girl managed to flip the panda over seeming to knock it out. She then said, "I said I'm going back to China, Suck on that OLD MAN!" as she finished she planted a kick to its stomach launching it across the Street.

When the girl turned around and picked up a cat, the Panda got up and picked up a sign. He tried to strike the girl but failed as she jumped over it and landed a kick to its head. The Panda staggered back and attacked again.


"Ranma and his Father had just spent time in China training." Soun said.

"Humph, What's so great about China…" Akane said.

"Is he cute?" Nabiki asked.

"How old is he," Kasumi asked, "younger men bore me…"

"What kind of guy is he?" Nabiki asked.

Soun laughed and said, "I have no idea, I've never met him."

At this an unnerving science occurred in the Tendo House.

"You've never met him?" Nabiki asked.

All further ramblings were cut off as a loud crash could be heard they all went outside to investigate. Outside was a strange sight: there was a small girl with a cat on her head fighting with a panda. The girl threw the Panda into the backyard and got into another Stance.

The Panda looked at the shocked Tendo's for a second and got out a sign from somewhere. (Yet, more Ranma 1/2 logic.) He quickly handed it to Soun and launched himself into the fray again. Soun read the sign out loud. "Soun, here's Ranma. It's time to unite the Schools!"

Soun started to bawl again and ran up to the girl and grabbed her yelling, "AT LAST YOU'VE COME!" only to stop and feel what he was grabbing. When he turned the 'boy' around he saw two well developed breasts on 'his' chest. He did the only logical thing someone could do: he fainted.

Soun Tendo soon woke up on the floor in the living room. Beside him sat his daughters, a panda, and a girl with a cat on her head who was Ranma Saotome. Not the best one of his days. Nabiki decided to make the situation worse for him by saying, "This is all your fault Daddy! You should have made sure he was a boy!"

"Genma told me he had a son!" Soun answered.

"Does she look like a boy to you, Daddy," Nabiki said as she pointed to Ranma, "DOES SHE!"

"SHE is our guest, Nabiki," Akane said, "Sorry about my sister, I'm Akane, would you like to be friends?"

Ranma smiled and nodded. It was always good to make friends.

"Come on," Akane said, "Join me in the Practice Hall." Ranma followed her and they soon arrived. "You do Karate don't you?"

"A little," Ranma said, "Enough to get by."

"Then let's have a little match," Akane said, "Don't worry I won't hurt you."

"If you say so…" Ranma said, Ranma just frowned. Ranma would show her why she never lost. Akane ran at Ranma with a punch ready and swung. Ranma just ducked the punch and kicked Akane's stomach. She fell on her butt and got up again. Akane tried several combinations but none managed to hit Ranma as she kept dodging.

Ranma then decided to and the fight as she launched another kick. Akane fell on the ground and Ranma poked her head and began laughing. Soon the laughter was contagious as Akane began laughing too.

"You're pretty good," Akane said, "I'm glad that you're a girl. I'd hate to lose to a boy."

"What do you mean by that!" Ranma asked, "Are you saying boys are weak!"

"No, just Perverts," Akane said, "No girl should have the unfortunate fate of being beaten by one."

"I'm not going to listen to you," Ranma said as she left the hall leaving Akane confused.


Kasumi walked up to Ranma and said, "Would you like to take a bath, Ranma?"

"Uh… No thanks," Ranma said, "I'm okay."

"No it's not," Kasumi said, "Your all sweaty from your Workout."

Ranma took the towels and headed upstairs with Khonsu.


Nabiki came into Akane's room and said, "Akane, the bath's ready."

"Okay," Akane said as she went up the stairs.

Meanwhile inside the Furo a male Ranma soaked in the bath with Khonsu on the rim.

"Are you going to show them your curse?" Khonsu asked.

"Might as well show them now," Ranma said, "They'll find out sooner or later." As he said this he got out of the bath.

Unfortunately, at this time Akane came into the Furo. Many awkward seconds passed before Akane closed the door and put her clothes back on and left the Furo. Unfortunately for the ears of everyone in Nerima she let off a howling blood-curdling scream. She quickly dashed outside and picked up a rock earning a look from her sisters.

"Akane what are you doing," Nabiki asked.

"There's a PERVERT in the Bathroom," she said.

"That's strange," Kasumi said, "Ranma was in the Bathroom just now…"

"Actually," a new voice said, "You walked in on me." All three of the Sisters turned to see a young man with the same cat as Ranma on his shoulder. "I'm Ranma Saotome, Sorry about this…"


Ranma, Genma, and Khonsu sat on their knees across the Living room from the Tendo's.

"I think we all need an explanation," Soun said, "This is my old friend…"

"Genma Saotome," he answered, "And this is my son…"

"Ranma Saotome," Ranma finished, "And this is Khonsu," he held him up as he said this.

"What is this all about," Nabiki said, "Are you really her? That girl?"

"Where should I begin," Genma said, "I know-" he tried to grab Ranma's arm to throw him but, due to a warning from Eclipse, Ranma caught his arm first and threw him instead.

"As my Father was going to demonstrate," Ranma said, "Our changes depend on water temperature, cold water turns us into it, and hot water turns us back." Ranma then took the boiling water pot that was there (Again Ranma 1/2 logic) and poured it all over Genma making him scream.

"Hot water," Genma said, "not boiling."

"Anyways," Ranma said, "It all started in the Hidden Valley of Jusenkyo, deep inside the Bayankala Mountain Range…"


"So," Soun said, "The Valley of Jusenkyo, it's horror has been hidden until now."

"True horror," Ranma snickered, "I actually think my curse form is a gift. It makes me faster and more agile."

"Oh what unfortunate luck I have," Genma wept, "To be cursed, not only to turn into an animal, but an unmanly son!"

"Aw shut up Old Man," Ranma said, "It's your own fault for going to China without learning a single word of Chinese. I think Jusenkyo's trying to teach you a lesson for your stupidity."

"Quiet Boy," Genma said, "I should never have taken you on the Training Journey. Only real Martial Artists should be able to do that, not little GIRLS!"

"Listen Old Man," Ranma said, "You can't talk about being 'manly'. So far I've learned more Fatherly advice from Khonsu than I have from you."

"Enough with the stupid cat Boy," Genma said," I don't know why I let you keep him."

"First off," Ranma said, "Khonsu's not stupid, and second, you let me keep him because you're a Spineless coward who I scared into doing it."

"Do you mind if I ask," Kasumi said, "where did you get Khonsu from, Ranma?"

"One day," Ranma said as he recalled the fake story they made up in case anyone asked, " I was going on a walk when I saw him injured on the ground. I picked him up and healed his injuries. I took him back to the camp and history's history."

"Where did you come up with the name Khonsu," Kasumi asked, "It sounds very exotic."

"I dunno," Ranma said, "just came to me." This earned a quiet stare from everyone while Ranma shrugged.

Soun simply went up behind Ranma and said, "Well, your problem isn't so bad. These are my daughters, Kasumi who is Ninteen, Nabiki who is seventeen, and Akane who is sixteen like you. Choose which one you want to be your Fiancee."

"Oh, he wants Akane," Kasumi said.

"Definitely," Nabiki said.

"WHAT," Akane yelled, " YOU'RE JOKING, WHY DO I HAVE TO!"

"You said you hate boys, right?," Nabiki said, "You're in luck he's half-girl."


"What do you mean 'Pervert'," Ranma said.

"You walked in on me!" Akane said, "you looked at my Naked Body, YOU PERVERT!"

"AS I SAID BEFORE," Ranma said," YOU. WALKED. IN. ON. ME!"

"It's different when a GIRL sees a BOY!" Akane said.


"They're already a perfect couple," Soun said, "It won't be long until we have a Wedding!"

Ranma just scoffed and grabbed his things and Khonsu. "Say what you want, Old Man, but I'm going back to China for more training. This is no time for a Fiancée you picked. And by the way…" he looked at Akane, "You took a good look at me too. It's no big deal for me to see a naked Girl, mainly because I see myself whenever I take a bath."

"But that doesn't excuse you… PERVERT!" Ranma finished.

"How dare you call me that, you sex-changing FREAK!" Akane yelled.

"And now that I mention it," Ranma said, "I'm better built to boot!"

At this Akane screamed in anger and picked up the Table ready to bash Ranma's head in. He simply jumped over it and landed a kick to her head effectively knocking her out. "You want to merge the Saotome School with her." He pointed at her and laughed, "Yeah, right." He continued laughing as he walked away.

Ranma then was tackled by Genma who took his pack. "Hey, Old Man," Ranma yelled, "Give that back!"

"Will you stay here and unite the schools?" Genma asked.

"I said NO, Old Man," Ranma said, "Now give me back my pack."

Genma simply smiled and took out Ranma's Passport. "Sorry, but I'm going to have to make you stay here." He took a Matchbox out of his own pack and set fire to the Passport much to Ranma's horror. "Without this, good luck trying to get to Chi-" Genma was suddenly silenced as a foot struck his head.


"You stupid Boy," Genma said, "This is a matter of Family Honor. How dare you disobey me!"

Ranma just sighed and shook his head. He picked up Khonsu and said, "Buddy, do you think it can get ANY worse?"

A simple "meow" was his reply.

MEANWHILE I MADE MY 1,000th transition

Unfortunately for Chaos Generator's like Ranma, there is one supreme being besides the Kami-Sama who takes control of events. This man shall not be named, I will only name him by the law he developed. Mr. Finagle (or Murphy) had a distrust of Chaos Generators and issued a powerful incantation to incite the wrath of his law. If anyone uttered the Phrase, "What could possibly go wrong," or, "How could this possibly get any worse," or maybe even, "It's too quiet in here."

Unfortunately Murphy's Law came into play as soon as he uttered the incantation. It came in one form: a single piece of Paper falling off a Rune. Unfortunately the Rune held the most dangerous of Soothsayers, Precursors, Prophets, Fortune-Tellers, Psychics, Mystics, Shamans, and Witch Doctors. With all forms of Magic and psychic abilities. A clan that harbored a hatred not only for the Tribe of the Eclipse, but the royalty of the Silver Millennium.

The clan were free, finally FREE! And revenge was in the horizon. Revenge, that would have the Lunar Kingdom's warrior's hung and the cursed Rock they were on destroyed. Revenge. What a sweet word. A word that would not only make them rulers of the Solar System, but the universe as well. No one could possibly stand in their way. Every member let off a laugh, a laugh that is born of hatred, and the thought of revenge.

A laugh that would scare any sane man to the bone.

A laugh the most dangerous people in the Universe were currently using. A laugh that would signal death, despair, and destruction.

A laugh that currently set its sights on Earth. The laugh was made by a Malevolent force of Warriors called: The Anba Clan.


Eclipse tries to wake Sakura up: Take 37

Eclipse then summoned his Favorite guitar. "Alright then," he said, "Time for my best move, STAR POWER!" Lightning danced around his Guitar as his Mystical energies ignited as his expertise with the guitar showed itself. He let off with the last note and slammed his guitar on the ground shattering it.

After taking one look at the sleeping girl again he shattered. Anyone who could resist the technique of the Guitar Hero was either a master of sleeping, or in a coma. He only had one more shot at this, he called out his powers for one last weapon. In his hand was the only thing that could wake her up. "Alright," Eclipse said as he held the microphone up, "Time…for…KARAOKE!"

And I will now close the scene for those with ears they would like to keep.

Author's Notes:

I'm sorry about the wait. My Family is in the Middle of Moving and I have to spend half my time helping out you know.

For those of you who don't know about Mindscapes, and other psychic terms, I will explain them.

Mindscape/Astral Plane: The plane of your mind. It consists of memories and ideas throughout your life. It can be accessed and changed by people with high meditation practice. This is actually under control by Eclipse and can be accessed by Ranma through sleep and deep meditation. It can also be accessed by Khonsu if he falls asleep. A great example of this is the episode where they all go into Happosai's dream.

Astral Form: When you enter your Mindscape, you take this form. It can be changed to your liking if you have high meditation practice.

A Kusarigama may be confusing to some of you, but if you would like an example of it, Please see Kohaku from another Rumiko Takahashi Manga, Inuyasha.

If you think Ranma was a little slow in his learning curve, he only gets about 3 hours a day training with Khonsu and 6 with Eclipse. So get off of my case!

Alright, now some of you may have noticed that I made Ranma a little more violent. I promise you guys I will only do that if they are going to do the same thing. Shampoo got what she deserved and I have more punishment in store for her.

Genma: We all know we hate him. But people think he is at least a caring Father. I want to correct that, he only took care of Ranma so Nodoka wouldn't take his head. Now there is that one episode which he gives Ranma a blanket. People think that this automatically makes him a caring Father. Seriously, if he cared about his son, even one little bit, he wouldn't force him into a marriage. I'm going to bash his brains out.

Nodoka: My most hated Ranma 1/2 character. Seriously, what kind of Mother let's her husband take her son away, then would willingly, even if she didn't go through with it, make him commit Seppuku. I just hate her and will do the best in my Fic to give her a lot of pain. Also showing her a lot of truth.

Soun: Do I even need to say anything? What kind of Father would do that? Also his crying fits annoy the hell out of me. Demon head is there too. If I were Akane I would kick his ass as soon as he announced he would be forcing me to marry somebody I never met. Most people think it is because Ms. Tendo died, but he doesn't appear to be Insane, I think he doesn't even care about his daughters because they are all girls. Why else would he send Ranma instead of going after Akane himself.

Kasumi: She is WAY too optimistic. She also, like Nodoka, failed as a mother. Who would let their child grow up to attack someone with a mallet, for something like name-calling. I'm going to make Ranma tell her off a number of times.

Nabiki: Although most fics show her as a high-tech spy. She does do many things illegally, but isn't part of the Yakuza, people. I will make sure she gets bashed and hurt, both physically and mentally.

Shampoo: I hate her. She plays with Death like it doesn't matter and would kill someone for beating her in a fight. And another thing that bothers me, is that she sucks when Ranma first met her, but then later is really good did she get some training from Cologne while she was hunting Ranma?. I also hate the fact that she doesn't even care about Ranma's feelings. She just expects him to marry her, because she wants him to.

Cologne: I wish that the Amazon's go extinct near the end of the Manga. I hate the Kiss of Death/Marriage and wonder why the Chinese Army doesn't do anything. I mean, anyone who murders and says, "She insulted our Pride by defeating us in a challenge we issued," should get the Death sentence themselves.

Happosai: besides he is a pervert, I'm surprised that he never hit a girl besides Ranma. I think, unlike Soun and Genma, he has a little honor. Not enough to call him nice or helpful, but enough that you should not kill him off in any fic.

Ukyo: People think she is the best Fiancée choice and I disagree. She takes one compliment and thinks Ranma wants to marry her immediately. She also thinks that it is Ranma's fault that she was left on the road yet he obviously didn't even know she was supposed to go with them. I think that she needs a reality check, and I'm giving it to her.

Akane: My second most hated character. When you first meet her, she insults Ranma's skills in the dojo and makes a sexist remark amount men. For more reason's read Tattoon Ranma (by Hung Nguyen) and see what I mean.

Cannon Ranma: Indecisive, sexist, and arrogant. But other than that, he puts the other characters to shame. Honorable to a fault he is. My Ranma, will make sure that people fix their mistakes.

Ryoga: As you may have noticed I changed their first meeting, but still remained on the plot. This will all be important later so remember. I'll be telling him off a couple times too.

Kunos: *Shivers* moving on.

I may have been short and vague on this, but just letting you guys know.

Rumiko Takahashi must seriously have a problem with guys if she thinks it's okay to abuse them at every turn. In Urusei Yatsura, Inuyasha, and Ranma 1/2, she abuses men, but the girls are perfect to everyone else.

Alright, now back to actual notes.

Many of you probably thought that I would make Ranma's curse form Makeyo, but I surprised you right? Sakura is not only a Love interest for Eclipse, but an important part of the story later on.

I will mostly follow the story of Ranma 1/2 Manga, so how will he get to Juuban you ask? SECRET'S! NOT TO BE REVEALED!

And do not worry, it won't be Ranma against everyone else. He will have a few allies himself. I WON'T REVEAL THEM THOUGH! But please Review. Who knows, I may add one if I see him/her in the reviews. I have already mentioned two and will reveal them later.

And Khonsu will have himself another important role. I won't reveal it yet though, but your used to that.

Be prepared for a better Chapter next time on: THE CHAOS NEXUS!

As you can see, HERE COMES THE PLOT.