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Chapter 1:

"Emily please!" I yelled trying to form coherent words through my sobs.

She just stood there immobile, her back to me. I wasn't even sure if she was hearing me at all in this pouring rain. Her small body was completely soaked, her hair clinging to the side of her face. I could see her shoulders heave slowly, difficultly. She was in pain, that part was obvious. I hated seeing her like that, I always had. As I glanced over at her small hand holding that bloody gun, I felt shivers run through my body uncontrollably. How could we have gotten there? Never in my life could I have imagined this sort of situation. And to top it off we just had to be standing on this fucking rooftop again. I didn't like it one bit. This whole situation was completely fucked up, completely wrong. How could my Emily be in such a terrible state? How could she have gotten to that point? And why couldn't I have prevented it from happening? I wanted to walk up to her, to reach out for that stupid gun and toss it as far as I possibly could, but the thought of scaring her had me completely petrified. What if walking towards her gave her the final push to act? What if she slipped and fell? What if she just jumped?

"Emily, please talk to me!" I felt compelled to try again. "I'm so sorry Ems!" I could hear my own voice breaking. I was rather pathetic by that point.

My breath caught in my throat as she turned around slowly, inching the gun closer to her beautiful, but broken face. Her hand was dreadfully steady, her eyes set and completely full of despair.

Sometime Before…

I woke up that morning quite abruptly. I had been feeling rather restless for a while now and today was no different. I opened my eyes slowly and instantly felt my lips curl into a smile. Emily was curled beside me, snoozing quietly and hugging a pillow to her chest. No matter how many times I had awoken to that sight now, it still had the same effect on me as it had that first time all those years ago.

It had been 6 years now since I had admitted to Emily how I really felt about her. 6 years filled with love and happiness such as I had never thought could be possible. After college, Emily and I had ended up travelling for a few months like we had planned and then went to Uni. Luckily for us our Unis hadn't been that far from each other and we had been able to rent a small place to ourselves in London.

We had decided to move back to Bristol after that. Funnily enough, once you got out of it, Bristol really didn't feel like a shithole anymore. As ironic as it is, I had missed my hometown like crazy through Uni and had been nearly begging Ems to come back. I couldn't have been more relieved when Emily had expressed her own desire to come back. I guess I shouldn't have been that surprise; Bristol was her home too, after all.

Cautiously, I lifted myself up on my elbows and glanced at the alarm clock.


Great. It wouldn't actually go off for another 28 minutes so I had time for a quick jog around the block. I got out of bed slowly not to wake up Emily and went to the drawer. I quickly pulled out some old t-shirt and a pair of shorts before putting them on and grabbing my running shoes and iPod. I gave one last glimpse towards the love of my life before heading downstairs to the kitchen. I quickly put on my shoes as I stepped outside.

It was a nice day, perfect for running, not too warm, but not freezing either. I started jogging picking up a pretty mellow pace. In all fairness, I wasn't a regular jogger. As much as Ems had tried to convert me to the "joy of a healthy life of daily fitness" (she was Rob Fitch's daughter after all), I was a very sporadic runner. One thing I had to love about running though was that it always calmed me down in times of stress. This morning, I really needed calming down.

Like I said, I had had a hard time sleeping lately and last night had probably been the shortest of them all. The thing was that, tonight, we had planned a little gathering with all our friends at Keith's pub for old time's sakes and everyone was going to be there. That's not what had me getting my knickers in a twist though. No, the real thing was that I, on this 6th of May 2016, was finally going to propose to Emily.

Yes I know. We had been living together for nearly 7 years now if you counted our last year of college and we basically lived as a married couple already as Cook often said. But still, I was nervous. Thinking of Cook reminded me of a little conversation I had had with him on the matter only two days ago.

"Oi come on Blondie! Stop fucking worrying! Emsy loves the shit outta you, yeah? She's gonna say yes and you know it."

"She bloody better do..." I had grumbled as Cook laughed loudly. "No, but seriously Cook, I just don't want to fuck this up yeah? I want this to be perfect. She deserves it to be perfect."

"Oh please Nai. It's you we're talking about. Of course you're gonna fuck it up somehow!"

"OI!" I exclaimed falsely annoyed as I slapped him playfully on the arm.

Cook laughed some more before adding:

"What I mean is it'll be fine really. Even if you do get all caught up in your word and shits, that's how Emilio loves you innit?"

"Right" I had said feeling my heart lift and a genuine smile cross my lips.

I felt the smile crop up on my lips at the memory. Cook was a fucking tosser. He had always been and he still was. But he was also a man with a heart bigger than a fucking planet. I truly loved him to bits and pieces.

As I completed my first mile, I started accelerating. The harder my heart pumped in my chest, the more I felt like my nervousness was seeping out of my body. I closed my eyes for a second, concentrating on my breathing and the fast beat pumping in my ears. I could feel the sweat building on my forehead and slowly making its way down my face as I ran. This had definitely been a good idea.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't nervous because I had doubts about my decision to propose. Nope. If there was one thing I was sure of, it was that I loved Emily completely and that I would always love her. Since I had been old enough to understand what it meant, I had been too cynical to believe in soul mates, fate, karma and all that sappy bollocks. But for 6 years now, I had been completely, blissfully happy. Ems had turned my world upside down the moment I had met her and she still did every day. There hadn't been a single day when her touch hadn't sent me on a ridiculous high and her smile hadn't made my heart skip a beat. Not that I'd ever admitted it to anyone (I mean I was still a stubborn bitch), but with Ems, I did believe there was such a thing as soul mates and destiny because she was it for me. She was my everything. So no, I didn't second guess my desire to marry her.

I rounded a corner and slowed my jog to a walk as I made my way down our street, stretching as I walked to our door. I entered the flat and was pleasantly welcomed by the smell of freshly brewed coffee (which just had to be the second best smell in the entire sphere of smells. Yes, second, right after Emily's smell, obviously). I made my way to the kitchen and couldn't help grinning like a fool as I caught sight of Emily sitting in her knickers and a tank top casually savouring a cup of coffee while browsing the newspaper. My smile grew even bigger as I spotted a bottle of water on the corner of the table next to a cup of coffee. God that woman was just awfully perfect, wasn't she?

"Morning!" I greeted happily chugging down the water and plopping myself in a chair next to her.

"Morning" Ems replied smiling up at me, leaning in to give me a kick peck on the lips.

"Anything interesting?" I nodded towards the paper.

"Hum, not really. I'm reading the politics section. God that columnist is a twat isn't she?" the redhead said, a smirk forming on her lips and a mischievous glint appearing in her eyes.

I felt my face crack into a smile that I could definitely not have stopped even if I had wanted to.

"Jesus, what horrendous shit has she published this time?" I asked playing along.

"Ah, you know the usual, always fucking wanking about everything. Really, I wouldn't want to be her girlfriend if all she does is complain like that all the time!"

Ems paused looking at me with a rather smug expression.

"And also, how can she even think people will take her seriously with a name like that? Naomi Campbell, it's hardly serious is it?" Emily finished with a small laugh.

"Um right. I know. It's horrible isn't it? But you know I kinda pity the poor girl. I mean if she wanks off so much in her column she must definitely be in need of a good shag. What is her girlfriend bloody doing? " I replied winking at my girlfriend.

Emily let out a throaty laugh before blessing me with her marvellous smile and leaning to kiss me tenderly.

"So what did you think?" I asked her seriously nodding at my article as she pulled away.

"It's brilliant babes, you're brilliant." she replied earnestly.

"I'm glad you like it" I said as I got up. "I'm gonna go use the shower okay?"

Ems nodded slowly making a non-committed groan already back to her newspaper as I walked up the stairs slowly.

A few minutes later, I was showered and dressed in a simple white shirt and dark blue jeans and making my way back to the kitchen. Emily had closed the newspaper and was slowly munching on a piece of toast. She had gotten dressed too as I had showered. She looked absolutely splendid as she wore a simple short sleeved purple blouse tucked into a knee long grey pencil skirt. I popped some bread in the toaster before making my way to my redhead goddess and pulling her close to me while inhaling her unique scent. As I snaked my arms around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulder, I felt her ease into my embrace.

"You know it's nearly a pity that you have to shower so quickly after you take a run. I find you rather sexy when you're all sweaty and stuff"

I chuckled and squeezed her a bit tighter as I replied:

"Is that so?"

"Oh yes, definitely... It reminds me of when I get you all sweaty like that. Although in much more fun circumstances if I may say so."

"You certainly may" I whispered in her ear before kissing her neck, inhaling her scent again and strolling back to my now ready toasts.

"What's your day like today?" I asked Ems as I took a bite of my plain butter toast.

"Nothing much really. The kids have to read some text and then we have a few presentations."

"What's the topic of the presentations?" I asked curiously.

"Anything. It's a "tell us about your passion" kind of thing"

"That sounds nice"

"You would think so Miss. Campbell. I can still remember your presentation about rights of rioting in middle school you know" scoffed Emily.

I felt my cheeks reddened a bit at the memory. If I recalled correctly, the teacher had had to literally stop me in my tracks to prevent me from doing an hour long presentation. I was mad at her because I had spent two nights making posters with mum and I wasn't even half way through my presentation when she had interrupted. So, I had started yelling about how she was trying to hide the truth by not letting me finish and how she was obviously a pawn of the government who wanted to brainwash us, the new generation, into becoming ignorant sheeps. I'm fairly certain none of my mates knew what I was on about and when I kicked the teacher in the shins for trying to calm me down, I was sent to the school principal. Of course they had called mum. When they had told her the story, she barely managed to hide her smirk. Once at home that night, she had told me that I had to be careful around "corporate puppets". I had been exempt of making further presentation for the remainder of middle school after that. Oh well, what can I say? I had always been passionate.

"Well, it was a very important presentation" I muttered under my breath.

"Of course it was babes. Although I doubt Miss Snyder's shins where ever quite the same after that day" Emily said sarcastically.

"Oh fuck off" I told her with a smile as she snickered.

We ate the rest of our breakfast and drank our coffees in a comfortable silence after that. Checking my watch I soon realized I had to go.

"I gotta run Ems, do you want a ride to school?" I offered even though I already knew her answer.

"No thanks babes, I'll just take my mopped." she replied as I had expected.

Yes, her mopped because, no, even 6 years later, Emily hadn't gotten rid of the mopped. If anything, she loved it more. While we had traveled she had stored it in her parent's garage and had happily taken it back upon returning to the country. During our travels, she had bought bumper stickers of every location we had set foot in. When we came back, she had proceeded to stick them all to her mopped. She was quite proud of it. I did find her obsession with the vehicle quite ridiculous, but god knew how adorable it was as well. Besides, she still wore the same goggles I had bought her all those years ago and it had to be said, she was quite the cutest person on earth when she wore them.

"Seriously Ems, you do realize we can afford to have two cars don't you?" I teased.

"Well of course, but I love my mopped. And besides it's so much more environmentally friendly. I mean two cars, really Naoms, what would Gina say?" she teased right back.

Jesus I've got to love that woman, haven't I? In our years together, our bond had only become stronger. We could tease each other effortlessly. I loved how witty Emily was. She never took my bullshit and I love her and admired her for it. I grinned at her and went to kiss her slowly rejoicing as her soft lips collided perfectly with mine. I wasn't in such a rush so I took the liberty to run my tongue across her bottom lip silently asking her for entrance. Emily moaned softly before deepening the kiss, granting me access to her mouth and meeting my tongue with hers. I felt the butterflies erupt in the pit of my stomach. God knows how much I would have loved to lift her in my arms and carry her to the bedroom right then. It was a shame really that I had to go to work. She pulled away and gave me one last peck before saying:

"Also, the kids think I'm proper cool because I drive a mopped. And when the kids think I'm cool, it makes my life much easier in class"

"Babes, the reason why you have no trouble with your students is because they think you're hot stuff. You've got that whole hot teacher thing going for you and you know it."

"Right" scoffed the redhead before rolling her eyes.

"Well, I think they're quite right"

"Of course you do"

Emily leaned in and kissed me again.

"Will you just fuck off before I ravish you on our kitchen table?" the redhead added with a laugh punching my arm playfully as I pulled away.

"Now now Miss. Fitch, don't tempt me" I replied with a wink.

She laughed again.

"Have a good day at work Nai, I love you" she said with a smile.

"You too, I'll see you later tonight at Keith's yeah?" I asked.

"Course babes"

"Right, I love you too"

And with that, I was out the door.

As I sat at my desk, I couldn't help, but find that the day was going excruciatingly slowly. It was really unnerving since I couldn't focus and kept running my proposal speech in my head. I was petrified I was going to forget something crucial, but I was also afraid to sound too robotic. God this was hard. I was tapping my fingers restlessly against my desk and I was receiving murderous glances from my co-workers when my phone went off. Retrieving it from my pocket, I quickly glanced at the called id before taking the call with a smile.

"Hey Eff, what's up?"

"Nothing much. I was checking to see how you were holding up. How are the nerves?" Effy asked and I swear it could hear the grin in her voice.

Just like Cook, Effy thought that Emily was going to be so completely thrilled that I was proposing that the manner in which I did it didn't really matter.

"Oh you know... I'm totally Zen about this, not nervous at all" I replied knowing full well that Eff would hear the sarcasm in my voice.

To prove my point Effy chuckled slightly before saying:

"Alright, get your sorry ass out of your office; I'm taking you out to lunch. It'll change your mind"

Knowing better than to argue with a Stonem, I set up a meeting place and left right away. A few minutes later, I was sitting in front of Effy in a small café. I was fidgeting with my cup of tea when my friend exclaimed:

"For fuck's sake Naoms! Will you relax? You and Emily have been together for ages. She loves you, like proper loves you, like completely and ridiculously in love with you. She's going to say yes." She said rolling her eyes and lighting up a fag.

"It's not just that! I want this to be perfect for her" I argued repeating to her the words I had told Cook two days ago.

"Jesus Naoms, you're doing it at Keith's!" Effy started before I quickly interrupted her.

"What? Is that wrong? Do you think that's wrong?"

Effy sighed and rolled her eyes at me again. She took a drag of her cigarette before pulling her pack out and offering me one. I had been trying to quit smoking for a few years now, but I was seriously freaking out and badly needed a dose of nicotine. So I took a fag, lighting it up quickly before taking a long drag. The rush of nicotine went straight to my head and successfully eased my nerves. Smiling contently at my now more relaxed behaviour, Effy continued:

"You're doing it at Keith's, you've got everything planned out, you've got a beautiful ring and you fucking love her like a nutter. It's going to be fine"

I sighed again and looked into Effy's enchanting blue eyes. I couldn't help the doubt that crossed my mind and escaped my lips, though.

"Do you think it's enough... Doing it at Keith's I mean?"

My friend noticed that it truly bothered me and offered me a genuine smile before saying softly:

"Nai... Why are you doing it at Keith's again?"

Of course, Effy knew, but she wanted me to repeat it.

"Because it represents the simplicity of our love for each other, the way we don't need fancy restaurants or whatever, because she won't expect it at all and because all of our friends are gonna be there and I can ask her in front of everyone just like when I told her how much I loved her 6 years ago in Freddie's shed."

"Exactly" Eff said smirking.

I couldn't help, but smile, my fears somehow diminished. I really was the luckiest person on earth to have such an amazing girlfriend and such amazing friends like Cook and Effy. I really was blessed.

As we continued eating silently, I couldn't help, but think about how much I admired Eff. After Freddie's death, Effy had had a pretty rough patch. At first, she had cried her heart out for days. So much for being the all-knowing, unflappable Effy Stonem, but she was hurting, properly, painfully hurting. When the cops had arrested Foster after Cook had knocked him out cold and called them, we had found out that Foster had murdered Freddie because Foster wanted Effy for himself. Needless to say that we had all been a bit shocked. I mean how fucked up was that? Effy had genuinely believed something was wrong with herself then and that she destroyed everything that got close to her. Ems and I had delayed our departure to Goa and had stayed to support Effy as much as we could along with Katie and Panda and everyone really. There had been a few other suicide scares, but Effy had come out of it in the end. She was now much stronger then she had ever been. She was still single mind you, but she was happy, genuinely happy. I think a part of her still missed and loved Freddie every day, but it didn't make her miserable anymore. It was like she had accepted that Freds would always be a part of her and had understood that that part made her stronger, not more vulnerable.

Before I knew it, lunch was over and I was back at the office. Seeing Effy had calmed me, but I was still fidgeting and annoying the hell out of everyone. Finally giving up, I had decided to get out of work early. Maybe I could have another run to ease my nerves? Jesus this was a long day.

So this is pretty much the setting... Slowly building up to the actual story. By the way, i don't personally think Bristol is a shithole. I've never bee and i would absolutely love to go. It's just something i felt Naomi might have been feeling and then changed her mind about (a bit like how she used to feel like her mother was annoying :P). I'm really nervous to see if it's any good at all... so, if you feel like telling me. that'd be really appreciated :) I'm already finished writing the second chapter and have started writing the third. I'm not gonna post them now obviously but i o intend to have them up for the end of the week. Unless you tell me this story is shit and that i should stop lol! ANyhow, have a good day.

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