I started coughing. I knew what it meant, this was how it started. Just like with Rick and then my dad.

"Eva…" I heard my father wheeze.

I get up and get out to the hallway. I'm still coughing and it's starting to hurt. My head is light and I know I'm not getting enough oxygen but there's nothing I can do. The virus was incurable it had already wiped out most of the human population. Rick hadn't even lasted two days; my dad wasn't going to last much longer. I'm getting weak quickly. I tripped over something outside my door. Damn. I had no strength to get up any more.

My eyes opened. My boy ached all over, my head worst of all. I pushed myself up and looked around. How long had I been out? I stood up and looked down the hall, my dad; he was probably dead by now. I had to know, I had to see it for myself. Somehow I found the courage to enter his room. Immediately I turned around.

"Oh, god." I sobbed. He was dead he was really dead. I ran I made it outside on the front lawn where I collapsed. I was alone now, everyone I knew was dead and my world was going to hell. I pulled myself together and went back to my room. Thankfully there were enough survivors higher up in the world that kept people informed. According to the news site there were signs of the beginning of an invasion. I took a deep breath. There was a lot to do.

That was a month ago. After I had buried my father I went out into the city, it was deserted. I managed to an abandoned gun store and found enough to do what I though was necessary. Most people are in hiding around here. They don't come out unless it's extremely important. I move around a lot, I kind of have to. I've made a lot of enemies with our invaders but I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I owe the Nourasians a lot of pain at the moment. After all I instigated the treaty that allowed them access to our Planet, all because of Prince Aikka.

I look in the mirror of my current apartment. Surviving the virus changed me. My eyes are cerulean blue now instead of red, even the pupil is a deep blue. But the changes were deeper than that. My body changed as well, nothing that could really be seen, I was stronger and faster than before and my body healed itself faster. After I while things started to hurt less then I couldn't feel pain at all. I eat less and sleep rarely. Which is good because with my schedule it isn't easy.

Things are changing. The Nourasians have started to drag people out of hiding and setting up some sort of way of life. They have created a sort of colony here under the rule of the Nourasian royal family. Most cities have been abandoned in favor of new cities that are under construction. My city is still unoccupied besides myself and the occasional wanderer. I've kept myself in shape and have trained myself to use several weapons. The idea is to make a dent in the amount of Nourasian soldiers so that the others will leave.

The sun is setting and I head out. Within two miles of the building I occupy there is a Nourasian outpost that's tonight's target. I keep to the shadows as I roam the streets in the opposite direction of the outpost. Just beyond the outpost is a human city, it retains all the amenities of its former counterparts all the while under the guard of Nourasians. I have several contacts there and a supplier, a smuggler with plenty weapons for sale. When I'm done at the outpost I'll head into the city and visit him but first I need to get some money for him.

As I enter the bank I draw my hand gun and make my way to the vault. The vault is the traditional giant door in the basement. I take my glove off and lay my hand on the door, inside I can feel the tumblers moving. One of the beauties of surviving the virus: the mental abilities that came with it. They aren't extravagant I can move things with my mind, occasionally hear people's thoughts, and I have incredible aim. Once in the vault I grabbed a handful of cash. Money is only used in the blocked off human zones. Outside its take what you need no one will stop you. I stuffed the cash in her bag and checked the weapons I'd grabbed.

I closed the vault and scrubbed my hand print from the door. Nourasians have this little ability, if you touch something with your skin and they can find you. You learn quickly now a-days, you have to if you want to live. It was darker outside than before still I cling to the shadows. I reach the outpost in record time and find a building to use as a base. There is one at prefect range with the sun at the right angle to provide cover. As soon as I've taken aim the soldiers begin to fall. It provides no satisfaction but it's nice to know that I'm making a dent. All in all fifteen soldiers fall by my bullets. I take no time to celebrate my small victory. I move on to the city. I take as many alleys as possible to avoid detection considering I'm still carrying my rifle.

A small grocery store owned by my suppliers mother, never said he was the greatest guy in the world. His operation is set up in the basement. Jared is a lazy ass son of a bitch but he gets me what I need, no questions asked. I pay him a small fee and he gets me weapons, intel. And anything else I need.

"Ah, Eva, my favorite costumer." He said with a big smile.

"Your only costumer." I said rolling my eyes.

"I'm not sure but I think that you just rolled your eyes at me." I forget sometimes that I always wear sunglasses. I almost laugh at him.

"What do you have for me?"

"Have a seat. I found the sword you were looking for; I don't understand why you wanted in engraved in Nourasian."

"Because unlike the others I don't plan on keeping it. It's a calling card." I took the sword and checked the engraving.

"You have a plan? Something this far out in advance, it's not like you."

"Anything good on the grape vine? Or are you wasting my time."

"Look," he said leaning forward. "There's a rumor going around but there's no proof that any of it is true."

"Like there's no proof that there's a human that kills units of Nourasians at a time."

"Ok, ok I get it. Rumor has it there's a resistance building up in the Rockies. They'll take anyone, not just fighters, they have a hospital and science geeks studying the virus."

"Interesting." A rebellion in the Rockies? It was safe to assume that it was real. No one was stupid enough to make that up, not now. And the scientists? They could be fake, the building up of the rumor as it spread, like the old child's game telephone. "Thank you, Jared."

I leave without another word to him. He knows me better than anyone else now. He knows my habits, my favored weapons, what I think of our "friends", still there is nothing there. I don't feel anything for the man, where once I would have declared friendship with almost anyone, now there was only emptiness. With any luck I wouldn't have to come back here again.