This story is basically profiles of the PJO characters and some other characters from other books, and people's opinions on them.

This idea formed when I saw how many people don't like characters like Annabeth, Rachel, Piper, Jason, Ginny Weasely, Peeta Mellark, etc.

A LOT of people don't like these characters!

Here's how it's going to work:

Every week, I put a new profile of a new character up, and people's general opinions on these characters. I'll put a quote by the character. I'll put up a scenario of what they are accused of being. I'll do a wrap up. Then, you review with your opinions of the characters, and I'll put your opinions up with every new chapter.

Sound good?


Let's continue.

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson & the Olympians or its characters. That goes to Rick Riordan.


Star in


Profile Today:



Rachel Elizabeth Dare


Oracle of Delphi, Rach, Lizzie (I don't recommend calling her that), Dare, Red Head, RED (her intiials)




In The Lost Hero, I'm guessing 16. Annabeth, Percy, and Rachel are around the same age, so I'm guessing 16.


Mortal, Oracle

Known For:

Hitting Kronos in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush; being the Oracle of Delphi; being the daughter of a Mr. Dare a rich businessman; was a possible love interest of Percy Jackson

Love Interests:

Percy Jackson (canon, fanfiction)

Nico di Angelo (fanfiction)

Apollo (fanfiction)

Book Series:

Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus

Rachel: You're a half-blood, too?
Annabeth: Shhh! Just announce it to the world, how about?
Rachel: Okay. Hey, everybody! These two aren't human! They're half Greek god! ...They don't seem to care.

Is accused of being:

Annoying, a whore, mortal, stupid, a snob, house breaker


Actors involved:

Percy Jackson

Annabeth Chase

Nico di Angelo


Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Unnamed Aphrodite girl

WARNING: A very dramatic dramatization. OOC'ness. Not to be taken seriously.

Rachel walked around camp, sneering at all the campers. How lesser they are than Rachel Elizabeth Dare! They shouldn't be in Rachel Elizabeth Dare's presence. The Oracle of Delphi socialite was amazing in all Rachel Elizabeth Dare's gloriousness. An Aphrodite girl accidently bumped into Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

How dare she! She bumped into the Great Rachel Elizabeth Dare!

As she started to apologize, Rachel Elizabeth Dare said, "BOW AT MY FEET BITCH!"

The girl looked confused. How dare she hesitate to bow down at the Great Rachel Elizabeth Dare! Rachel Elizabeth Dare pushed her into the mud, spitting in the girl's hair. Silly half-blood.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare then continued on, and saw Percy and Annabeth at the lake holding hands.

Time to put on my sluttiness! Rachel Elizabeth Dare thought.

As Rachel Elizabeth Dare walked up to them Annabeth said, "Hey Rachel!"

"RACHEL ELIZABETH DARE, YOU FOOL!" Rachel Elizabeth Dare yelled, then pushed her into the lake. Annabeth drowned.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare then went up to Percy, wrapped Rachel Elizabeth Dare's slutty arms around him, and said sluttily, "Hey there sexy."

They made out.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare then went up to Nico di Angelo in his emo corner. Oops, I mean Hades cabin. He was listening to Linking Park.

He looked up and said, "Hey Rachel."


Nico rolled his eyes. "What up?"

Rachel Elizabeth Dare shrugged. "I'm a whore. Wanna make out?"

They made out.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare went up to Apollo.

"Hey Rachel."


"Hey Rachel Elizabeth Fucking Dare!"

Rachel Elizabeth Dare then looked confused. "Is that my name all along? Seriously?"

"You're being serious," Apollo said as a statement, unbelievingly.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare then slowly shook Rachel Elizabeth Dare's head.

"You're a dumbass," Apollo said, shaking his head.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare shrugged. "Wanna make out?"

They made out.

By the end of the day, every boy- and some girls- had mouth herpes via Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

The End.

My opinions:

I personally love Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Why is she accused of these things? Seriously?

Annoying: People say she's annoying for various reasons.

She always has to say her full name.

Have you tried just saying Rachel Dare? It's not right! It doesn't have the same feeling with only Rachel Dare. I can accept Rachel though. Saying Rachel Elizabeth Dare all the time like in the scenario above is annoying. Saying Rachel or pronouns are just fine. It's not that you have to say her whole title, because she's special or anything, it's just it's her… thing. Like, saying Rachel Elizabeth Dare makes Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Rachel Elizabeth Dare! I know that's confusing, but still.

She talks too much.

She doesn't talk too much. She speaks her mind. People don't like people when they speak their mind, it's a fact. That's something wrong with you, not her.

She's a poser.

I would just like to say:


Where did you get she was a poser from? Rachel Elizabeth Dare is the least poser character ever! She' the definition of non-conformist and she's a freakin' socialite! She can get anything she wants, and be another Paris Hilton, but she doesn't! What poser do you know goes painted in gold on a New York street and stands still for like an hour just to raise money for an art organization and she's filthy rich? She tried to save animals that I've never heard of! She paints with her toes! She hit a Titan in the eye! She's not a poser in the least!

A whore: She's accused of being a slut, and no one really knows why.

This goes hand-in-hand with the house breaker thing, I guess.

First off, she's a character in a children's book.

Second off, the only reason she was a love interest to Percy is because he was just supposed to introduce her to the gods' world so she could become the Oracle. That was just Fate. Feelings were mistaken and misinterpreted. It doesn't help that Percy is rather attractive, either. Well, Rachel is also described as being attractive by both Annabeth and Percy. Percy once said "she looked like a million golden drachmas". Annabeth, being a little bit jealous, described Rachel as pretty also. I just think people who call her a whore are haters.

Mortal: She can't really help being mortal, now can she?

This reason is completely invalid. What do you call her, a mudblood? You make fun of her because she's mortal but she had Sight? Why be such a Slytherin?

Again, this argument is completely void and ridiculous, on top of that.

Stupid: *raises eyebrows* what? I mean, seriously?

She's shown to be a very intelligent young woman. She seems to be well spoken, she can paint exceptionally well. She really isn't stupid, at all. Do you think a Percy Jackson love interest would be any less than smart?

A snob: Again, so far away from being this.

She has the possibility of being a very rich, snobby socialite like her father and mother are described as. But she's not. She worked her hardest not be a snob, and actually be active in her community. She helps herself. She does not upturn her nose at things. She helped out a total stranger who tried to put a sword through her. (Titan's Curse, when Percy thought Rachel was a skeleton soldier. It was the first time they ever met.) She could very well be a snob, but she's not.

A house breaker: What I said goes hand-in-hand with being called a whore.

For those of you who don't know what a house breaker is, it's a person who tries to get in the middle of a relationship, causing chaos, separation, or even divorce. They are called house breakers because of the metaphor of "house", where you are supposed to be most at peace at with your significant other.

They called her a house breaker because they say she tried to break up people's "beloved" Percabeth.

This is utter bullshit.

May I say that neither Annabeth nor Rachel was dating Percy until the end of The Last Olympian? While yes, there was that kiss in Mt. St. Helens in The Battle of the Labyrinth, Rachel also stole a kiss in the beginning of The Last Olympian. There was no relationship to be a house breaker in. If there is any house breaking in the series, it's the gods, and the Jason-Piper-Reyna thing. But Jason-Piper-Reyna house breaking is for another profile. Percy was confused about his feelings. Percabeth was not official until the end of the series. And, again, the only, I mean ONLY reason Rachel was a love interest was because Percy was supposed to introduce her to the Olympian world. Not to mention again, Percy is described as being very attractive and handsome. Well, I'll go ahead and say it, hot.

Percy Jackson is supposed to be hot.

Not Logan Lerman hot.

Percy Jackson hot.

Wrap Up:

Rachel Elizabeth Dare is being attacked for irrational reasons or reasons not very well thought out. She is a wonderful character, and doesn't deserve to be accused of what she's accused of. Most people who don't like her are haters.

How is it? Good? Okay? Terrible?

Tell me your opinions on Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

If you like her, if you don't like her, or if you are neutral, state your reasons.

If you find my arguments invalid, or if you think they have holes in them, tell me.

Reviews and my opinions on your reviews will be in the next one profile.