Hey everyone, this is a remake of my story "Garden Of Eden"

Warning, it will be very different from the other version

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, J. K Rowling does.

This won't follow the Harry Potter story line.

Summary: !AU HP/TR Slash Vampire!Tom! Harry Potter's the Golden boy of Hogwarts. Growing up with his godfather Sirius, his life was perfect. He's the best person on the Quidditch team and is the best dueller in his year. The Wizarding world is in a bloody war against vampires and the mysterious vampire king. Tensions at Hogwarts sky rocket as they learn that vampire attacks are getting closer and closer, especially when students begin to go missing. Meanwhile, Harry is having dreams...dreams about a man...who claims that Harry belongs to him. Lemons, vampireness and all that

Pairings: Sirius/Bill, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Neville/Lavender, Harry/Tom, Lucius/ (it's a surprise but you guys will love this one ;) ), Severus...(this is another one you are going to love) the other couples will be decided as I write


Oh and the POV's will change from time to time. If it isn't in first person point of view, then it obviously isn't in Harry's POV.

The Garden of Eden

By xoxlizzie

"But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,

Thou shalt not eat of it:

For on that day that thou eatest thereof,

Thou shalt surely die."

-Genesis 2:17

Chapter one-Waking dreams

(September 9th, Hogwarts School Of Witch Craft and Wizardry)

Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry was not your typical school. The student's favourite pastime at this school is a sport called Quidditch as opposed to football. The teachers teach the students how to transform teacups into table lamps, instead of geometry. The main reason that Hogwarts was so different from other schools is that all of the students and staff are wizards and witches, as opposed from Muggles.

In Hogwarts, the students are taught many things that regular children are not. The students of Hogwarts learn how to brew potions to help werewolves on their "time of the month", how to fight magical creatures or dark wizards, and how to care for a hinkypunk. The most important thing that students at Hogwarts learn, however, is how to fight vampires.

In the wizarding world, vampires are very much real. They are not the silly spooky stories that Muggles make them out to be, vampires are very much real. While most schools are preparing children to go onto university, Hogwarts prepares the children to go and live their lives without getting killed by vampires.

The vampires are so dangerous because they are waging a war against the wizarding world. Being faster and stronger than wizards is a great advantage for them, though they are weaker than most wizards in magic. Their leader, who no one has seen ever, goes by the name of Lord Voldemort. He runs his vampires by dividing them into three categories; Bellezza which means beauty in Italian (because vampires originate from Italy), Forza which means strength, and velocità which means speed.

To kill a vampire is difficult, especially if they are very powerful. For this reason, the more powerful ones have Mates; Soulmates is what most Wizards call them. This mate is born to belong to and love the vampire, and they are always Wizards. Once their Mate comes of age at sixteen, the vampire is finally able to find them, though before that the vampire would have no clue who their mate is. A vampire's Mate is their vulnerability, if you manage to kill their Mate then the vampire would feel no reason to continue living and kill themselves. Though if the Mate turned sixteen and was found by their vampire, a bond would be formed and both would be double as powerful as they used to be.

Every since word got out that the king has a feeling his Mate has been born fifteen years ago, people had been frantic trying to look for her. The king would be done permanently if wizards were to kill his Mate, which would end the war. However, if the king found his Mate, then the world would be done for. Voldemort would be double as powerful, and would be double as invincible.

At most schools, students are checked to see if they have head lice, though at Hogwarts students are checked to see if they are the demonic Vampire King's Wizard Soul Mate. This process is just checking to see if the student has any vampire-like qualities; because a vampire's Mate tends to have a few qualities their vampire does. For example, an extremely fast Ravenclaw girl was checked a year ago to see if she was the Mate of a velocità vampire. These qualities develop as the wizard comes closer to their sixteenth birthday.

There is one similarity between Hogwarts and regular schools, though. At most schools there is the captain of the football team who is the most popular guy in school and could beat the crap out of anyone in a fight.

At Hogwarts, there is the captain of the Quidditch team, best seeker in Hogwarts, the most popular guy in school, and could beat the crap out of anyone in a duel. Well, I guess you'll have to ignore the most popular guy in school thing, because he is the most hated guy from the slytherins point of view; I guess you could say he is the most loved by three fourths of the school.

This guy is the godson of the most famous vampire hunter, Sirius Black, and his parents were deadly hunters before they vanished. This Wizard is viewed upon by much of the Wizarding world as the next greatest vampire hunter and quite possibly the Wizard who will once and for all bring down the King.

It sounds like he has a lot on his shoulders, right?

Well, yeah he does.

I should know.

After all, I'm him. Or he's me. Whatever.

Let me formally introduce myself, my name is Harry James Potter, after my father James Potter. I'm the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, godson of the famous vampire hunter Sirius Black, and golden boy of Hogwarts. I guess in Slytherin's perspective, I would be the worst thing that's ever happened to Hogwarts. The reason why they think this is because I'm the only bloody person who'll put the Slytherin Ice Prince, Draco Malfoy in his place.

I have a lot of things to say about Draco Malfoy, but let's just leave you to figure out the details as we go along in the story.

Now that you have a few minor details, we can proceed with what I'm up to.

The school was cold this year, and you could really feel it inside the school. It was only the first week back and the grounds keeper, Ruberus Hagrid, was already getting frost in his beard. The whole school seemed to feel the cold settling in on the castle, it was like a cloud of depression. The divination teacher had sad that it was an omen of great peril that would befall Hogwarts this year, though no one really believed her.

Thinking back on it now, I really wish we had.

Wow, I'm really starting to make this sound like a horror story aren't I? Don't worry, though, the scariest thing you'll find in my story (for a while) will be my two best friends banging in the bathroom. I promise I won't go into detail though, don't worry.

There was one chamber inside of Hogwarts that was void of frost though, and that would be the Defence against The Dark Arts classroom. This classroom belonged to, in the opinion of almost every kid in the school, the best professor that's ever walked the halls of Hogwarts. I was probably one of the maybe three students in the school who didn't like this professor.

The name of this professor is Tom Riddle.

He was...it's hard to explain Tom Riddle. He was the former head of the defence against magical creature's office in the ministry, on his way to becoming Minister for magic, before he suddenly just quit his job and took up a teaching position here. The bastard has been here since I was a first year, and has been the bane of my life for five years.

That man had charisma that even a Veela couldn't compete with and maybe even the looks too; he has a certain way of speaking to people that left them shocked and wrapped around his finger. I have no clue how Riddle can do that to people, because all I feel when I talk to the dick is disgust and hatred. All in all, I guess I am the only person who could win (or even have) an argument with the arsehole, and as much as I hate to say it, he's the only person fun enough to argue with.

Some have said that I was the only person in the school who could piss of Riddle, and I'm pretty damn proud of that.

The bastard was currently standing in the front of his classroom. He was wearing dark green robes, as he usually was, it was his favourite color. His black hair was tussled and he had his usual lazy smirk in his lips. The asshole looked tired today, which was extremely surprising, as he usually never looked less than beyond perfect.

The Slytherin's and Gryffindor's were sharing Friday last period Defence and to be frank, I just wanted to end it. Quidditch Tryouts were that evening and Angelina Johnson (the captain) was in need of a new keeper and a new chaser. She needed the rest of the team to be there, to make sure that the new members worked well with the old ones.

I'd been the seeker since my first year of Hogwarts, earning the title of the youngest seeker in a century, and many said the best, too. I loved Quidditch, but my real passion was just flying. The sensation of being free and careless was wonderful, but the realisation that I could fall at moment was what gave me the thrill. Call me dumb but I get my kicks from dangerous experiences.

I felt someone nudge my arm lightly and looked to see my best friend Ron looking at me with worried eyes, "Harry what if I don't make it?" He ran a hand through his ginger hair nervously.

I sighed, Ron was trying out for Keeper now that Wood was gone, he was very good at it actually, he just needed reassurance every five minutes. I loved the thought of Ron being on the team, just not if he lost faith in himself every ten minutes. He was the youngest boy of seven children and had extremely high expectations to live up to, Ron probably thought that making the Quidditch team would help him stand out from his brothers.

"Mate, we've been practicing for two years. You're good enough to make it don't worry." I grinned reassuringly at Ron, hoping to god that he would make it. Since my godfather was together with Ron's older brother Bill, I spent most of my summers at the burrow (Ron's home) and they would practice Quidditch almost every evening.

Ron nodded but frowned slightly, "Yeah but you played the chaser. Not to be rude, mate, but you bloody suck at it."

I cocked an eyebrow, "Ron, that's not something you should say to the guy who the captain fancy's. I could mention that I didn't want you on the team and..."I broke off with a fake sigh.

The ginger laughed and punched me on the arm, "You had me going there for a moment there, bastard."

I shrugged playfully, "Maybe that's what you get for not paying attention in class, Mr. Weasley." I stifled a chuckle.

"Oh, I don't think that that's a proper punishment for not paying attention during class, Mr. Potter." A smooth as silk voice cut into our conversation.

I looked up to see Riddle standing before us with another one of his conceited smirks. Ron slunk back into his chair as his face went beat red, not able to speak to Riddle. I sat up straighter in my seat and raised my chin, putting on a smirk of my own. I wasn't surprised that Riddle had said something, class was almost over and the bastard couldn't go an entire period without badgering me somehow.

"Well, professor. I would assume you'd be the expert here," I replied mockingly, "what might be a proper punishment for not listening in class?"

"Hmm," Riddle smiled pleasantly, "maybe a three foot essay for you and Mr. Weasley to do, Potter." His eyes gleamed, "Without Miss. Granger's help."

The brunette Gryffindor

"My, my, Professor," I pretend to be shocked, "I always thought you were the type to believe in corporal punishment. You must be too tired, if those bags under your eyes are any indication."

The bastard's blue eyes gleamed dangerously at me and he shrugged, leaning against his desk, "The only student who deserves corporal punishment is you, Potter. You and Weasley will remain after class to discuss the topic of your essay."

I sighed and shook my head, feigning disappointment. I said nothing though, I knew my limits when it came to Riddle, I usually never followed them but he seemed to be angrier than usual today. I looked over at Ron and shrugged sighing; Ron just nodded and looked down.

The class was silent for a moment before a slytherin girl named Pansy Parkinson raised her hand. She was sitting in her regular group, the royalty of Slytherin I guess you could call them. They were sons and daughters of dark wizards; I'd heard from Sirius that most of their parents are vampires or are trying to be turned into vampires, though they managed to convince the Wizarding community that they are human. There apparently were many vampires who hid themselves among Wizards as spies, though it was mainly weak vampires who couldn't hold their own among their own kind.

When Sirius had told me this in my first year, I automatically was confused. I mean, if their parents were vampires then wouldn't they be to? Sirius had told me that sometimes, right before someone becomes a vampire they have a child to carry on their name. In other instances, the vampire mates with a Wizard so their child is a half vampire; that way, they are basically human until vampire blood touches their skin.

I glared at the group of Slytherin students; I knew that there were half vampires among them. There was no doubt that the group of Slytherin royalty were half leeches, I knew that.

"Yes, Miss. Parkinson?" Riddle flashed the twit his signature smirk and her face turned to putty.

The pug-faced girl's face became entirely red and she looked down, "I heard that Durmstrang has recently installed corporal punishment into their school." She paused and shook her head as if she was in a daze, "I heard that Hogwarts might be next."

"Good news for you, eh, Pansy," I yelled out playfully and winked at Dean Thomas (another Gryffindor) who was sitting behind me. Dean laughed and added, "Yeah, you get to be spanked by your favourite teacher!" I think everyone knew who Pansy's favourite teacher was, the bastard standing in front of her.

The entire room went quiet for a moment and everyone held their breath in shock. That was the first time anyone other than me had said something in class, even though Dean wasn't talking to Riddle. I took a minute to take in Pansy's reaction; the pig-faced Slytherin looked as though she had just laid an egg.

All of the Gryffindors burst out into laughter; Seamus Finnegan even fell out of his chair holding his stomach. Ron was holding onto his sides laughing beside me and even Hermione Granger, his girlfriend of three months, was chuckling. The group of Slytherin royalty, however, all sat there stiffly with scowls on their face.

I didn't join in on the laughter either. I, instead, chose to watch Riddle's reaction to this. Riddle seemed to have no reaction... but I noticed that he wasn't the same. He still stood in the exact position he was in with the exact same expression on his face as though he hadn't heard what Dean said. However, the room had somehow suddenly grew slightly darker, though no one other than me seemed to notice. Riddle had turned to look at Dean with expressionless eyes-

-And suddenly Dean was on the floor on his knees, puking.

Lavender Brown, his girlfriend, rushed over to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, demanding to know what was wrong. Neville Longbotton stood beside her and rubbed Dean's back with a small frown in his face. Most of the Gryffindors had gotten up to see what had happened, the Slytherins stayed where they were but snickered slightly.

Expressionlessly, Riddle swept over to Dean and stood above him, "What happened?"

Dean's face was entirely green when he looked up and shuddered, he opened his mouth to speak but vomit came out instead. He began shuddering uncontrollably and fell to the floor, fainting. Lavender screamed beside him and tried to shake him into waking up, which of course didn't work.

"Shaking him will do nothing but damage him more," Riddle hissed, "Take him up to the infirmary, Miss. Brown. Longbottom... help her."

Riddle took out his wand to clean up the mess before turning around and standing before the class. He began the lesson again as if nothing had happened.


"Did you see the look Riddle was giving Dean?" I growled to Ron as we gathered our things. No one had really talked for the rest of the class while Riddle spoke of the cycles of the moon and how it affects our magic.

"I didn't see anything," Ron frowned back as he filled his bag. He was shaking slightly, though the entire class had been since Dean got sick. He was pale, even paler than usual.

How could he not have seen anything? I frowned slightly as I remembered the look on Riddle's face as he looked at Dean. There was no doubt in my mind that it was Riddle that made Dean sick, it wasn't the first time Riddle had done something like this. He had done it to me many times throughout my first three years. Since my fourth year though he had slowly reduced the intensity of the punishments he gave me. The less he punished me, it seemed, the worse the punishments were for everyone else.

I didn't understand how no one else saw it, not even the teachers. Riddle had everyone wrapped around his finger; there was no doubt about that.

"Potter, Weasley," Riddle announced from his desk, "You shall write me a thousand word essay on the role magical creatures play in our society. It is due on Monday." With that, he got up and swept out of the room.

"Git," I muttered under my breath as I packed up my things angrily. I couldn't help but notice that the classroom had gotten much warmer since Riddle had left, but maybe that was just my natural reaction to Riddle being in the room.

It was actually quite the nice classroom, every inch of the walls were covered in portraits of magical creatures. The curtains were always drawn so it was always dark, and the light came from hundreds of floating candles everywhere. It was enough light to write properly though Riddle had to let some light shine in from the windows if we ever needed to read very small text.

I had no idea how Riddle could have a nice classroom; my hypothesis was that he somehow managed to seduce another teacher into giving him their room. Who knows, maybe he was a spooky vampire and enthralled a teacher to give him their room...yeah I know I sound insane but Riddle is a really...spooky (for lack of better word) man.

"Well, at least we didn't get detention this evening," Ron said cheerfully as we walked out of class.

I had to laugh at that, "What happened to my best friend? Usually you would be bitching about the essay for the next week."

Ron grinned and shoved me, "Hey, you make me sound like a douche bag."

"Maybe because you are, Weasel, all slytherins know that," an icy voice pulled us to a stop.

I sighed, recognising that voice. "Takes one to know one, ferret-face," I smirked as I turn. I come face to face with a blond buy my age, with platinum blond hair an silver eyes. Draco Malfoy, the ice prince of Hogwarts and the prince of slytherin, smirked at me.

"My, what have I done to earn such an... icy insult?" Draco tilted his head and crossed his arms. His silver eyes were playful and fixed on me.

"Bugger off, Malfoy," Ron growled and grabbed my arm to pull me away.

"Professor Snape needs to speak with you, Potter," Malfoy announced quickly and took a step forward, as if he were going to pull me away from Ron. His silver eyes sparked with panic for a moment before I turned around and smirked.

Looking straight into Malfoy's eyes, I grinned, "And what if I don't want to talk to him?"

The ice Prince's perfect features were marred as he scowled, "I don't think he'd like that very much, Potter. He might go and find you during dinner and talk to you then, and that wouldn't be good."

I sighed playfully, "Whatever he needs to say better be good then. I don't like wasting my time, Malfoy."

"Trust me," The blond smirked back evilly, "He has a lot to tell you, it will be worth your time."

Giving Malfoy one last playful look, I turned to Ron and sighed. "I better go talk to the greasy git then." I gave him a look as though I thought I was walking to my own death. Snape was the potions professor at Hogwarts and the most hated one there, too. He was cold, mean, and had a certain hatred for Gryffindors, especially me. I couldn't understand why either, I had never done anything to him. He wasn't even ugly, most witches would even say that he was very handsome, so I never understand why he was so hateful.

"Good luck, Mate," Ron sighed and shrugged, "You're going to need it." He turned around and began walking away before he stopped and asked, "Do you want me to walk you there?"

"I think little potty's a big boy now and doesn't need his little playmate to walk him to go see a teacher, Weasel," Malfoy sneered mockingly. The blond's arms were crossed and he looked extremely impatient.

Ron was about to reply before I sent him a look, telling him to let it go. I was feeling really impatient as well, and I just wanted Ron to go back to the common room or something. I ran a hand through my hair and scowled.

Ron shrugged and stalked off, muttering under his breath about 'lousy no-good slytherins'.

Neither I nor Malfoy spoke until Ron was safely out of hearing distance.

The blond turned to me and grinned, "I don't see why you chose to be friends with him, Scar-head. He's annoying, even for Gryffindor standards."

I laughed and shoved him playfully, "And he's that much worse than pug-faced Parkinson and Goyle, the boy who is fifteen and can't read?"

Malfoy grinned and began walking, expecting me to follow, "Weasley is dumber than them, if you can believe it."

"How?" I frowned as I followed him down the hallway.

"Because," Malfoy stopped and turned to look at me with a predatory smirk on his face, "He actually believed that Snape wanted to talk to you." With that he opened the door to the storage closest he had stopped in front of and shoved me in, following me.

He cast a quick locking spell and silencing spell before he pounced on me.

His lips were crushed against mine as he shoved me into the wall, pinning my hands above my head. I moaned and grabbed a hold of his hips, grinding them against mine. My mind went fuzzy with pleasure and I leaned my head against the wall, allowing Malfoy to lap at my lips like an over-excited puppy.

In case you haven't already guessed it; Malfoy and I have been meeting a couple times a week since the beginning of fourth year. It had all started out when we got detention together in the forbidden forest in the beginning of fourth year; we had been alone and began talking. It turned out that Malfoy and I were probably the only two gay guys in Hogwarts, and we both agreed to take advantage of that fact.


Malfoy thrust his hips against mine while he reached his hand behind me to give my arse a squeeze, earning a gasp from me. Malfoy took advantage of the fact that my lips parted and thrust his tongue into my mouth. I groaned as I fought for dominance and eventually won. I grabbed Malfoy's hands and switched our positions so he was pressed against the wall and I was leading the kiss.

Breaking for air, I lifted my head up and in a second, he began attacking my neck. He nipped at every inch of skin he could reach as I slide a thigh in between his, rubbing his throbbing erection with my thigh. The blond gasped and bit down rather harshly on my neck, forcing a moan out of me.

I slowly ran my hands along his stomach, teasing his nipples as I made myself familiar with his body. We hadn't done this since we had got back from summer break and it had felt like forever since I felt his body against mine.

"Fuck, Harry," Draco moaned as I cupped his erection.

I grinned and watched his face as I slowly slid down onto my knees in front of him, he watched me with lustful eyes. His entire body shook with anticipation as I laid a kiss to his clothed member, his eyes closed and he ran his fingers through my hair.

Seductively I whispered, "What do you want me to do, Draco?"

"S-Suck me," Draco moaned desperately. He looked as though he couldn't take another moment of being this hard. His face was flushed and his hair tussled. His cool demeanour was completely gone as he was lost with lust and need.

"Are you sure you want it?" I teased as I pulled down his pants and rubbed his erection through his underwear.

"P-Please...I need..." Draco moaned and thrust his hips in an attempt to get me to blow him.

I placed another kiss to his erection before whispering, "You need what?"I chuckled and kissed his erection again, playing with the band of his briefs.

"You," Draco gasped.

I grinned and pulled his briefs down, revealing his throbbing member. Lust hit me and my erection grew. I kissed the tip of his erection before sucking on the end. Draco moaned and tried to thrust into me but I held his hips back in an attempt to tease him even more.

I played with his balls with one hand while the other began to tease his quivering hole. I grinned as Draco moaned helplessly and tugged on my hair. I slowly began to take more of him into my mouth, bobbing my head as I did. I could feel Draco beginning to come and I grinned.

I thrust my head forward and took Draco's entire member down my throat, while at the same time I thrust the finger that was teasing his hole inside of him. I sucked as hard as I could while fondling his balls.

Draco released himself down my throat with a scream; he almost ripped my hair out as he did.

I tried my best to swallow all of the come I could but it was just too thick and tasted too salty. As Draco pulled himself out of my mouth, I spat as much of the come out of my mouth without letting Draco see. The git always got so offended whenever I didn't swallow.

The blond slid down to the floor and pulled me down with him. He leaned his head against my shoulder and starting kissing and sucking at my neck. I knew he was trying to leave a mark, he always did. I sighed and leaned my head against the wall, enjoying the kisses.

"You're so bloody hot, Potter," Draco moaned as he slid a hand into my boxers. He played with my hair with his free hand, his favourite habit.

"Hmm?" I moaned softly and gripped his bicep tightly. All my thoughts were focused on the hand that was slowly beginning to stroke my throbbing member.

"Yeah," Draco grinned and nipped at my ear. "I want to fuck you so bad..."

His hold on my member was tight as he stoked me softly, remembering that I didn't like anything fast or intense during sex. He pinched the tip with the hand that was playing with my hair and pulled my head down into a fierce kiss.

His stroking slowly got faster and harder until I couldn't think and all I was doing was moaning. The bottom on my stomach tingled and my balls came in close to my body and I knew I was about to come.

"Gonna-" I groaned and Draco bit down on my bottom lip hard enough for it to bleed.

I spilled into Draco's hand with a loud groan and slumped against the other boy, my head was spinning.


Draco wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against him in a tight embrace that I knew I wouldn't be able to get out of anytime soon. Draco Malfoy likes to cuddle, I know, weird huh? That's what I thought the first time we had ever done this together.

Draco loved to cuddle every time we did anything, especially when we had actually had sex. He would be extremely clingy every time we had sex and would try and be a git to me for at least a week after, I assumed to get my attention. He always played the part of the girl though no matter how much he asked me to bottom.

It wasn't that I didn't like the thought of being the bottom... because I really did and I was prepared to dozens of times before... but something deep down inside of me wouldn't let me give myself to someone else like that. I could never quite understand the feeling but I knew that I could never be a bottom for anyone.

"Harry," Draco whispered softly as he ran his fingers though my hair, "I want to do this in a bed from now on."

"You're the one who shoved me into this closet," I grinned playfully at him.

Draco sighed, "I know, I just couldn't wait. Blame you're Weasel for that."

I nodded and leaned up to kiss him softly. We usually acted like this after one of our meetings and I enjoyed it, it made me actually realise that Draco was more than the ice prince of Slytherin and was an actual person.

"Riddle was the one who made Dean sick in class today, wasn't he?" I asked quietly, changing the subject to one that had been bothering me for the past while.

Draco sighed, "Yeah, you noticed the look Riddle gave him, too? It scared me witless. I have never seen anyone other than him do that before." He smirked tenderly and pulled at a knot it my hair before gently detangling it.

"Do you think he's a vampire?" I asked in a low voice as if someone could hear us.

The blond shrugged, "I don't think so. My dad would have told me and he would never get past Dumbledork if he was. Plus, I don't see how any vampire could live in a castle full of humans without attacking one of them."

This was the reason why I loved talking to Draco; he was probably the only person in this castle to actually understand me. We knew basically everything about each other, neither of us really bothering to keep secrets. I knew that Draco's father was a vampire when no one else did, but I knew that if I bothered to tell anyone then they'd think I was lying. I also knew that Draco was a half-vampire but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to dislike him or fear him. As long as the blond had no immediate plans on becoming a vampire, then I didn't care.

I couldn't let go of Draco yet though I knew that we wouldn't last in the long run. Everything was perfect for now though, so I decided to just live in the moment. No one knew about us, and we made each other's lives so much better.

"Does your dad tell you everything about vampires?" I inquired softly.

"He assumes that I want to become one someday so yes, he tells me as much as I should know," Draco responded tiredly, holding onto me tighter as if I would leave him.

I relax in his grasp and sigh, "And will you?"

"Will I what?"

"Become a vampire someday?"

"Do you want me to?" Draco held my gaze intently, his silver eyes boring into my green ones.

I looked away and shook my head, "No, not particularly."

"There is your answer then," He replied simply.

We sat there in a comfortable silence for a while just enjoying each other's company. Draco was playing with my hair while I closed my eyed and laid my head in his lap. Everything was so simple during times like this, there was nothing I had to worry about or anything else I should be thinking about.

I knew that I should probably love Draco after what we had shared together and the way we fit together so well; I couldn't love him though. I couldn't really love anyone. I cared about my godfather dearly and my friends almost as much; they were my whole life. It just... wasn't enough. Nothing was ever enough for me, it was as though there was a bottomless hole inside me that no one or nothing could fill. It was... unnatural.

After what seemed to be a minute though was probably about fifteen, I sat up. Draco tried to pull me down again but I frowned at him. "I have to get back. I need a nap and to eat quickly, I promised the Gryffindor Quidditch coach that I would be at tryouts early."

Draco pouted like a little kid who couldn't have another cookie, "You can take a nap on my lap..." He wagged his eyebrows suggestively.

I laughed and shook my head, "I think that might lead to something sexual Draco!" I grinned playfully.

"And you'd surely hate that..." Draco grinned back and leaned in to steal a kiss.

I shoved him playfully, "See you later, git."

"Bye, Pothead," the blond retorted and walked out of the door.

I waited a few minutes before following.


I had made it back to the Gryffindor tower in plenty of time to see Ron and his girlfriend Hermione fighting by the fireplace.

Ron seemed to be cowering and making dumbass comments while his girlfriend shouted at him. It was probably about checking out another girl or failing another text; those were Hermione's two biggest peeves. The rest of the people in the common room seemed to have sat as far away from the fighting couple as possible.

Ron's twin brothers, Fred and George, were in the corner trying to convince first years to test their new inventory for the joke shop they were beginning to put together. The first years seemed to be scared out of their minds but willing to do whatever the seventh years told them to do.

I was surprised that no one else was trying to help the poor first years who had no clue what they were getting themselves into. I would have but the last time I tried, the twins had decided to test their products on me... it wasn't too pleasant.

As stealthily as I could manage, I slipped up the stairs without being noticed. I didn't want to get in the middle of another one of Ron and Hermione's agreements; if I did then I would be in the same predicament Ron was in.


Oh crap, I was caught.

I slowly turned around to see both Ron and Hermione looking at me. Ron looked extremely relieved that someone else had caught his girlfriend's attention. His pale face was red and he slumped down into a chair as if he had just run a marathon. Hermione, however, was frowning.

"What did Snape need with you?" The brunette asked as I walked over to sit next to Ron. She sat on the other side of me.

I shrugged, "I did something wrong on the essay we just wrote and he wanted to yell at me for it." The lie was convincing enough, because it was something the bastard would do.

Hermione laughed and shook her head, "I read your essay before you handed it in, it was actually pretty good. I don't see why Snape has to hate you as much as he does."

"He hates every Gryffindor," I replied smoothly, "I guess it kind of makes sense that he hates me most."

"Well, I'll help you on your next essay so he has nothing bad to say about it," she stated and leaned back against the coach.

I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and gave her a quick hug in thanks. That was the one thing I loved about Hermione, she would do anything to help a friend who needs it. I almost felt bad for lying to her but then I thought of what she would do if I told her the truth, and I didn't feel so bad about lying anymore.

"Hey, guys check this out," Seamus Finnegan walked over and sat in the chair across from us. He was holding a news paper in his hands; his pudgy face was alight with excitement. Held the paper out to us and Ron grabbed it.

"VAMPIRE ATTACK IN HOGSMEAD!" Ron read the title of the article with a slight frown. He looked up at both Hermione and I with a frightened expression on his face before turning back to Finnegan, "Bloody hell man, why do you look so excited?"

Seamus's face broke into a grin and he grabbed the paper back, "I'm excited because they had caught the vampire." He flipped the page and showed us a huge picture of a female vampire.

The vampire was held in a strong body bind spell and muzzled. She was glaring into the camera as if she wanted to kill everyone in sight, which she probably did. She had red hair and brilliant blue eyes that made her look almost insane. The vampire had been classified as a Forza vampire.

"That's not all," Ron frowned as he read the article, "her name was Penelope Clearwater. She attended Hogwarts, didn't she? She dated Percy!"

Hermione looked flabbergasted, "She was a prefect! What... what could have happened to her?" She looked completely lost as if she had gotten an average mark on a test.

I shook my head in shock, still staring at the picture of the vampire, "I think that's a little obvious 'mione. She was bitten by a vampire."

The brunette frowned and shoved me lightly, "Smartass."

I grinned at her before turning back to the article, "What are they going to do with her?"

Seamus shook his head, "They don't give a lot of details but from what they've said, she is locked away in the ministry for now. She killed a man, there's no way she'll live, I think. A wizard would be thrown in Azkaban, but they don't have any mercy for leeches."

Ron looked confused, "They would have to leave her alive! The ministry wouldn't pass up a chance to learn more of the leeches' secrets."

Hermione squinted at the article, "I don't think so, Ron. From what little detail it says here, she is a weak vampire. She wouldn't know anything the Ministry doesn't already know."

"So she'll be put to death then," Seamus stated, though his voice didn't have a single trace of pity for her.

Neither of us spoke for a moment as we all took it in. I was completely shocked to see a girl that I had even spoke to (even if it was just once) had been changed into a vampire after she left Hogwarts. I felt pity for her; she probably didn't choose her fate. Chances are she was changed against her will and was now just doing what her instincts told her to do.

"Hogsmead is awfully close to here," Ron said quietly.

We all looked at him before Seamus replied, "What are you implying, Weasley?"

The ginger just shrugged and looked at the floor, "I'm not implying anything, just stating the obvious."

"No vampire would attack anyone of us here," I scowled, "they wouldn't dare."

"That's what everyone thought about Hogsmead," Hermione said tentatively, fear slipping into her voice.

I shook my head and got to my feet, "This is stupid. Hogwarts is the safest place we can be." With that, I walked away up to my dormitory. I didn't want to talk about vampires at the moment and I didn't want to admit that I was scared, too.

The boy's dormitory was completely empty, lucky for me. I could probably take a quick nap without any interruptions.

I quickly jumped into bed and closed the curtains before taking off my robes. I was so exhausted that I feel asleep minutes after my head hit the pillow.


I was dreaming, I knew it.

I found myself in a dream that I have had many times before, though never really remembered until I was in the dream again. I wasn't even sure if it was an actual dream, it felt too real to be a dream. It could have been a memory, though it didn't feel like that either. It was almost as though I was awake though asleep at the same time, if that were possible.

I had always come to the same place though I could never really remember where it was or what it looked like once I started thinking about it. From what I can say before I forget, is that it is an extremely old looking room. The walls are all red and there is huge fireplace, but never is there actual fire in it. Odd creatures are carved into the fireplace, but it is as though they are alive. Two seats are set before the fireplace, neither of them ever used.

There was a man who was always standing before the empty fireplace, staring into it. I could never decide what the man looked like after I see him; he is like a memory that is always taken from me. He always seems sad though. I'm always in the doorway of the room, never am I actually inside of it.

The man turned around to look at me as he always does. I could feel the intensity in his gaze, as though he was a man who hadn't seen water in thousands of years and I was a lake. Most of the time he would just stare at me but sometimes he would speak to me, though I wouldn't be able to remember the conversation when I wake up, the the emotions I feel during it.

"You were full of desire for another," the words were spoken in a voice so beautiful I could listen to it all day, though I could never remember the exact way it sounds, "Just recently, too. I could feel your yearning."

"Who are you?" I asked softly, unsure how to answer his statement. He always came into my dreams after I had done something with Draco, and he always acted solemn as if my mother died or something. I always decide to change the subject and I have asked this question a lot, only ever to receive the same response.

"The day you reveal to me, who you are, you will receive your answer," the words were spoken simply though they were filled with longing. I felt a pang in my heart and almost felt sorry for him for a moment, his words were just filled with such longing and pain.

I tried to look away though I found I couldn't, "What would you do if I told you?"

"I'd come for you," was the straightforward reply I got and it left me in a world of confusion and fear.


"Because you are mine, beautiful," the man began slowly walking forward toward me. He reminded me of a stalking predator as he moved with grace that no vampire could ever achieve.

I panicked as the man grew closer and tried to take a step back, out of the doorway.

Suddenly the room was gone and so was the man.

I opened my eyes to find myself staring up at the roof of my dormitory. The dream was over and I was awake. I sighed and shook my head, trying to get the image of the man out of my mind but he seemed to be imprinted there and impossible to remove. He was like a shadow that was always lurking in the back of my mind; he had been there ever since I could remember.

When I was younger the man used to just be a voice that would talk to me sometimes. When I was awake at night scared of the dark before I stopped believing in the boogeyman, I would hear him telling me that I was safe and he would never let anything hurt me. He had always told me to never tell anyone about him or bad things would happen, and it never really occurred to me that he might be... not human.

I had never told anyone about him or the dreams, I always thought they would think I was insane and making up an imaginary friend or something. Sometimes, I did try and tell Sirius and Bill about the man but I would always hear him in my head again telling me not to, and I never did. I wanted to believe that he wasn't real and I was insane but I knew that I was perfectly sane.

Deep down, I knew that this man was real and he was out there somewhere.

I tried to forget the fact that he would find me someday, and there was nothing I could do about it except be ready for that day.

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