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Summary: !AU HP/TR Slash Vampire! Tom! Harry Potter's the Golden boy of Hogwarts. Growing up with his godfather Sirius, his life was perfect. He's the best person on the Quidditch team and is the best dueller in his year. The Wizarding world is in a bloody war against vampires and the mysterious vampire king. Tensions at Hogwarts sky rocket as they learn that vampire attacks are getting closer and closer, especially when students begin to go missing. Meanwhile, Harry is having dreams...dreams about a man...who claims that Harry belongs to him. Lemons, vampireness and all that

Pairings:Sirius/Bill, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Neville/Lavender, Harry/Tom, Lucius/ (it's a surprise but you guys will lovethis one ;) ), Severus... (this is another one you are going to love) the other couples will be decided as I write


Oh and the POV's will change from time to time. If it isn't in first person point of view, then it obviously isn't in Harry's POV.

The Garden of Eden

By Lizzie's Last Night

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Chapter ten- Change of emotions

Chapter warnings:

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"What's the greater loss in life? Losing something you always had,

or losing something you never had the chance to get?"

General POV

Montrose was a cute Wizarding community by most standards, said to be 'stuck in the past' by most wizards who lived there. It was just as old as Hogsmeade. There was no crime in this village nestled in the mountains, and its population was considered rather small. Its population didn't vary much due to the fact that most people that grew up there tended to stay there. Few moved to the village; for someone unaccustomed to a simple life it was definitely a hard adjustment.

Because Montrose had such a small population of wizards, it was natural that everyone knew each other there. Most of the children that lived in Montrose attended Hogwarts though enough were home schooled that those who lived there had formed bonds that outsiders would never really fit into. For most people, Montrose could be considered a perfect, humble little village: great for a simple life.

The population of Montrose, however, was not quite as innocent as meet the eye. They were prejudiced towards vampires. Many people who carried this prejudice had never encountered a vampire before, being so secluded from the world. Yet this intolerance had been passed on from generation to generation since the time of the Wizard revolution, when wizards had broken away from the control of vampires.

Because of this prejudice, when a representative from Britain's ministry of magic came and pleaded for their aid in war against vampires, they decided to help. The Montrose city council had sent a group of young men and women to trudge through the northern regions of France and Belgium and a few into Germany. They searched for the vampires' headquarters, but so far no group had been successful.

Wizards were overconfident, feeling safety in their large numbers. Many groups were destroyed, lost with no survivors. That day, Montrose had learned that a group that had been searching in north eastern Belgium had been lost with only the head of a man found staked to a tree. The village had sent twenty-eight men and seventeen women that were a part of this group.

It had been a day of mourning for the small community and the night was filled with weeping. Deaths were few in the village, and to lose such a large number of their population. It would not be an easy loss for the small community to get passed and the memory would remain in their minds for many years to come. So the village was silent as the population mourned the dead.

That was when the screaming started.

Fire ran through the village, eating through houses like dragons eating sheep. The villagers who, who had no warning, found themselves suck before they could run. Men, women and children alike found themselves swallowed by the flames, joining the comrades they had lost before. Those who managed to escape from their houses were no luckier than the rest.

The panicking villagers were frantic, running from the fire en masse. They made a grave mistake, however, failing to see the shadows that stood amongst the trees. Blood was scattered amongst the brush, the blood of those that ran recklessly. The slaughter was endless as more and more petrified villagers ran for safety amongst the trees, unknowing that the monstrosities that resided in the dark were much scarier than the flames eating their village.

There were those that sought solace in the lake, who had already been licked by the flames. Little to their knowledge, there were horrors in the lake's black depths which drug down to where the flames' bright light could not reach. There was no sanctuary, nowhere to run. The once happy, perfect village nestled in the mountains was the target of a massacre; not because of blood but justice. It was something done out of necessity, not pleasure.

The mountains echoed with the screams of the dying and the woods were quiet with the silent observation from the beings in the shadows. There were no moves to stop the screams of the dying, but there was no joy in the mood of the night.

Standing above the village, above the shadows in the woods, on a cliff overlooking the scene was a man. He stood with his cloak billowing out like darkness incarnate. His hands were unstained with blood as he watched the dying emotionlessly. The moonlight glistened off his skin, yet it barely seemed to touch him.

Voldemort bowed his head to the dying screams and kissed his right palm, shutting his eyes. "May death be kinder to you than I." He clenched his hand and gazed at the lightening bolt scar that burned there. The burning increased and the man sighed, "It's time."

He turned to face the northern horizon and smirked softly in the direction of a certain Wizarding school.


Hermione's POV

Hermione stood outside gazing into the night, listening to the pained screams that were faint in the distance. Her face was pale as paper as she began quivering. She tried to not imagine what was happening, but professor Snape had told her not to fear what was occurring. It did nothing to put her horror to rest, however.

Snape was sitting inside of the cottage, staring at the horizon just as she was. She knew he wouldn't be able to put his mind to rest knowing the massacre that was transpiring at that very moment. Hermione wished she could just go back into the cottage and cast a silencing charm and take a dreamless sleep potion but she couldn't seem to move away from her spot.

Her stomach was in knots and she knew why, even if she didn't want to face the truth. Her Mate was there, he was one of the vampires attacking the village. She couldn`t explain how she knew in words but it seemed so simple to her. She could feel his presence there somehow, she could feel his emotionless mind if she focused hard enough.

Hermione knew that just because her Mate was there didn`t mean that he was a heartless killer anymore than men sent to war were. He was doing his duty to his race, she just didn`t want to imagine blood stains on the love of her life`s hands and hear the pained screams he had almost certainly pulled from innocent wizards.

Hermione shut he eyes and shook her head, wanting to shake out the images of blood and gore that filled her mind. She knew that they would stick in her head during her lonely time at Snape's cottage where she would be staying until her sixteenth birthday in May. She knew that her Mate wasn't evil, but she didn't know how she was going to ignore the deaths on his hands when she will finally meet him.

With a sigh, she turned around and walked back into the cottage. She turned to gaze at the horizon once more; the screams were ebbing away now as the suffering finally died. The night was becoming eerily silent once more, and she didn't feel comfortable outside, knowing that there were hundreds of vampires out - even if they were heading in the opposite direction and there were powerful wards on the cabin. The vampires had tasted blood tonight and as Severus had pointed out, they were unpredictable in their bloodlust.

Hermione knew she was safe where she was, that Severus was watching her from the window above to make she didn't do anything idiotic like leaving the wards. He didn't need to worry though; there was no way in hell that she would ever leave the safety of the cabin-grounds at a time like this. The woods were eerily dead, the silence unnatural, and she could feel it.

She could feel the danger that lurked behind the tree line and it caused goose bumps to grow on her arms. The knowledge that her Mate was out there sent jolts down her spine, and she felt a slight inclination to walk past the wards, just a little bit, just to see.

Her common sense won out over her curiosity though. Nothing good would come of leaving the wards. While she was in them, no vampire or any other creature would be able to sense her presence or smell her but because she was in a five-mile radius of excited vampires, she wouldn't stand a chance. They would be able to break through the wards if they knew she was there, their lack of knowledge was the only thing ensuring her protection.

To leave the wards would be selfish as well, because the vampires would know of Severus as well. Even though he was a part of their species, he was low ranked; he didn't even have the authority to enter their sacred city let alone the castle. He would be killed for sport because the vampires had been killing out of duty all night.

Hermione shuddered at the thought of how barbaric vampires could be toward each other. As Severus had blatantly put it, it was 'survival of the fittest' among their species and those that could not earn enough respect for themselves had to tread on eggshells around the ones who could. It was a very cold view on life but Hermione could understand it; vampires lived a life of war against many creatures and those that couldn't take care of themselves wouldn't be pitied by ones that learned to.

The cottage was quiet and dark as she walked in, except for the few candles lit to help her see. Severus didn't need them, he could see perfectly well in darkness. She sighed and trudged up to her bedroom, the one Snape had given her. The curtains were drawn and there were candles that had been freshly lit and a cup of tea that still had steam wafting off of it.

A small smile pulled on Hermione's lips; it was Snape who had left her room like this for her. She slowly walked over to her bed and sipped her tea; it was exactly how she liked it. She grinned, the cold man may not be very open with his feelings but in the weeks Hermione had lived in his cabin, she had noticed just how caring the man could be. She wished she had known he was so kind while she was in Hogwarts, she would have shown him much more respect.

She sat on her bed and calmly took off her shoes, getting ready for sleep. She lifted the mug up to her lips one last time when she rubbed her thumb against something inscribed on it. She raised an eyebrow, not knowing that Snape had some of his mugs embroidered. As long as Hermione had stayed with him, she had gotten used to the bland colors of her ex-professors possessions.

Hermione raised the mug up to eyelevel and squinted at it. At the bottom in extremely small cursive letters there was a word written. In the dim light, it was almost impossible to make out but she eventually realized what it said. "Elysium." The word felt as though it should mean something to her but she just couldn't put her finger on it.

A cold breeze came in through her slightly open window and she brushed the curtains away momentarily, causing her to shiver. Hermione caught a glimpse of the outside, of the yard beyond the cottage. She saw two figures standing just beside the tree line but that was all she could see as the curtain blew back in place.

Surprised, Hermione got to her feet and opened the curtains the slightest bit, just an inch so she could see who they were. She first assumed they were rogue vampires that had found Snape's wards; fear coursed through her but quickly died down as she recognized one of the figures standing in the moonlight. The other figure, the one in the shadows, was unrecognizable.

She bit her lip as she watched Snape converse with the figure in the shadows calmly, as though he had nothing to fear. Confusion and embarrassment welled inside her, she knew she shouldn't be spying but she really did want to know whom Severus was talking to. She didn't know that anyone else knew where the cottage was or even if this as a friendly visit.

Hermione stifled a gasp as the figure in the darkness came at Severus but was left in shock as it was only to embrace the other man. She felt horrible for watching such a private moment as Severus wrapped his arms around the dark figure and leaned into a passionate kiss. She didn't know that the man had a lover, nor should she as it was none of her business. She squinted, wanting to know who the other man was.

Suddenly the dark man pulled away from Severus and turned his gaze up to her. Hermione was jolted by fear and jumped away from the window, knocking over her tea in her surprise. Her breathing was harsh, and her pulse raced much faster than usual. The man was standing in the moonlight when he shot his gaze up at her.

She shook her head. "No it's impossible, it can't be him." She recognized the face of the man but it struck her down to her very core. No, it couldn't have been him. She had seen the impossible and she didn't know what to believe.

Hermione couldn't have seen whom she thought she had; after all, he was dead.


Draco's POV

Draco Malfoy was in trouble. There was no other way to put it.

He didn't know how or when it had happened but he was uncontrollably infatuated with Tom Riddle. It hit him like a tidal wave and he was submerged: he couldn't get the professor out of his mind even for a second. Draco couldn't even escape the man in his dreams, because they were full of sapphire eyes just as well as his waking mind. It infuriated him; he had a boyfriendfor hell's sake!

A pang of guilt flooded through Draco as he thought of Harry. He tore his eyes off of Riddle for a moment and shot a glance across the room at Harry, even though it was getting harder to even think about the other boy. Everything he'd ever shared with Harry, all of his greatest fears and his dreams, seemed to mean nothing to Draco now.

Draco, admittedly, didn't even see what he first found so appealing about Harry. He used to think Harry was angelic but now he seemed like pond scum next to Riddle. The blond wished he could grow some bravery and just tell Harry the truth that he couldn't be with him, but the thought of being around Harry made Draco's head hurt.

Draco sighed and watched Riddle talk about the new study unit they'd be working on, dangerous magical creatures, and couldn't help but shake his head at the beauty. He knew that Riddle was all he wanted, the man was everything he would ever want or need.

He wasn't meant to be with Harry, he could see that now even if he didn't know where the feeling of love had gone.


Harry's POV

I watched Draco cast a sad glance across the room in my direction momentarily before turning away once again to face the front of the room.

The look the blond gave me was unpleasantly clear: he didn't want me anymore. The thought caused a constricting sensation in my chest and it prickled my eyes, a feeling that I wasn't accustomed to and definitely never wanted to feel again. I didn't understand what I had done to make Draco change his feelings so abruptly and I burned in frustration; I should be able to change this but I didn't know how. Draco wasn't planning on going near me... that was becoming abundantly clear.

I felt a nudge to my arm and I looked over at Ron who was frowning at me. "Are you okay mate?" The question was whispered but I feel felt a little annoyed by it. It was obvious that I was very much not okay, so why would his asking me about it do anything but piss me off?

I sighed and nodded at the ginger, giving him a faint 'yes' before watching Riddle teach again. Ron had been pretty irritating since he had gotten back. I knew it was harsh to think that, but it was true. The ginger had tried telling others about what he saw but the popular opinion of him was that he was lying to try and get attention. It had been a vampire, he told me, which caused everyone to ignore him or outright call him a liar.

I didn't say anything about Ron's story. I believed in vampires, unlike some others at Hogwarts, because of personal experience with one very obsessive and obtrusive one that didn't understand the meaning of 'I don't like you'. I wasn't planning on validating Ron's story, though. I would have one hell of a time trying to sound sane while talking about 'the vampire that comes to me in my dreams'.

I sighed and tried to shake the thoughts of the dream out of my head. I had been on edge ever since the last dream I had, when I found out that vampires could turn into humans if they chose to. That was definitely not good for me, as the bloody stalker could be anyone. Hell, I could be sitting in the same room as it now and not even know it! Well, probably not, but still... the thought sent shivers down my spine and I looked around the room.

There was really no chance that a vampire could get into Hogwarts undetected: the headmaster would notice it automatically. Vampires have an aura different from other creatures that's harder to hide, although more powerful vampires are better at hiding it; Sirius had explained this to me when I asked how he knew someone was a vampire if they weren't as beautiful as most.

I had felt a sense of betrayal at the end of my last dream that had caused me to freak out more than my fear did, and I couldn't aptly explain why I felt the emotion. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, looking through the window outside at the sunny grounds. I felt that I was losing the game of cat and mouse and I didn't even realize it. That... thing was very real and out there somewhere.

The vampire had always just been a dream for me, something separate from real life that only existed in my head. It was when I found out that he had a human form that things felt truly real for me. I wasn't dealing with a dream anymore; I was against a real life monster who seemed to be one step ahead of me in a game that I really couldn't afford to lose.

"-have mates?" Riddle's voice had gotten louder and he sounded rather pissed off so I looked up to see the man standing right before my desk. The man had moved as silently as a shadow and it shocked me to death to see him there. "Well? Do they, Potter?"

I cast a side glance to Ron for help, having not even heard the question that was asked of me. The ginger grimaced back and shrugged, shaking his head in apology. Mentally groaning, I guessed and replied, "Yes?" I hoped I was right, that would definitely wipe the small smirk off the bastard's lips.

"You're telling me werewolves do have predestinated mates?" Riddle cocked an eyebrow and his smirk grew even larger. His eyes were intense; it felt like I was being stabbed by his gaze. He kept trying to catch my eye with his blue ones but I found I didn't have the heart to meet his eyes this time.

I shrugged and leaned back on my chair lazily, "I guess not. I don't really believe in anyone having someone already picked out for them, or else people wouldn't have free will." I knew that it was a load of bull, but it felt good to say out loud; by saying it out loud, I could pretend it was true.

I saw a few people in the class turn to give me a 'what the hell' look but I didn't really care. Riddle was appraising me emotionlessly, his fiery eyes calculating as they searched my face for something I hoped he wouldn't find, because he was a little desperate. I couldn't tell you how I could feel his desperation, but I could. His emotions were controlled with a cool demeanor but there was more that I couldn't see, and I wished I could.

"That isn't something I'd expect to hear from you, with your godfather having the profession that he does. I had assumed that you had more sense but my expectations never seem to be met with you, Potter." His voice was quiet but didn't have the edge that it usually did. Riddle seemed to be studying me more than talking to me, it was unnerving but I couldn't help but enjoy the attention. It felt right.

I shrugged off his insult and replied "Maybe they only believe they found their 'soul mate' because they want to believe it. If there really were such things as pre-destined mates, then it wouldn't be that they were two people who would be the best together, but because the two people are forced into loving each other because fate decided it."

I saw Pansy Parkinson's hand shoot up from the other side of the room and expected Riddle to answer it but the man's eyes never left mine. "How do you know that fate is real? Soul Mates could be two people that happen to work the best with each other, and because of that they are tied together."

"Sir!" Pancy Parkinson's voice squealed before I could reply. She was bobbing in her seat, trying to get Riddle to notice her, and I guess she eventually gave up and bluntly asked: "Do you believe it soul mates yourself?"

Riddle's eyes didn't leave mine, they seared into my green ones for a moment before turning away. The look in his eyes was so powerful that it left me speechless. "Yes, Miss Parkinson, I do believe that certain beings have them."

"Why only certain species?" A boy from the back of the room asked curiously.

Riddle smiled softly. This was obviously a topic that he enjoyed speaking about. "Certain species have them because in order to have a soul mate, you must be capable of much deeper emotions than wizards possess. Werewolves, vampires and veela can have them because they feel emotions on a deeper level than humans do."

That speech was extremely familiar and left me with a bad taste in my mouth at the thought that he had already tried to explain the concept to me before. I shook my head and growled out, "That's bullshit. How can any species compare their emotions to another when they can't experience them first hand?" The fact that Riddle was probably assuming all of this bothered me to no end.

Riddle's blue eyes flashed back to me, and his lips twitched up at the corners. I leaned forward on my chair in anticipation to see how he was going to explain that. "You're forgetting that people can be changed into another species, like wizards being turned into vampires." His eyes bore into mine, and I couldn't bring myself to look away.

I nodded, "Yeah people can be changed into different species butyou'reforgetting that once they're changed, they forget many details from their past lives. It would be understandably hard to remember how strongly you used to feel an emotion if you just diedand woke up again. Even if someone says that they could compare, what if they just hadn't felt emotions strongly? You can't judge the entire species by only a couple examples." I stated smugly, the corners of my lips turning up.

Riddle grinned and licked his lips, his eyes lighting up in challenge. "You're basing your theory on judgments just as well, Potter. You said that it would be impossible for someone to remember how he felt after being changed when you haven't been through the experience. It is easy to say that it 'would be understandably hard' to feel an emotion after changing, if you've never had it happen to you."

I shook my head and rose to my feet so I wouldn't be looking up at Riddle as much and glared back, "You're saying that I am basing my theory off assumptions, yet you are basing yours off a possibility! You're saying that they couldvery well feel emotions more strongly, but you can't actually give a definite! It's only possibilities, which don't prove anything. There's a possibility that Bigfoot is real, and there's a possibility that the Loch Ness monster is real, but no one will say that they actually exist because there is no hard evidence." I was breathing rather heavily by the time I finished my rant, proud of myself for standing up to the Bastard.

"Umm," A small voice poked up from behind me. Neither I nor Riddle turned our heated gazes away from each other to look at Lavender as she shook. "Technically, Bigfoot is real. It's been proven that Bigfoots are only werewolves that were careless so you can't really use that example." Seeing my heated glare, she blushed intensely and looked down, "I just thought I should point that out."

Riddle looked at me for another moment before turning away and walking back up to the front of the room, before the class. "Lavender, that was a good point and anyone who didn't know that learned something today. Five points to Gryffindor."

The blond girl's blush grew deeper as she squealed, "thank you sir."

Riddle shot her a charming smile that seemed to make the girl melt before he addressed the class once more. "I thought the topic being discussed before was rather interesting. I am going to break everyone into small groups, and I want you all to discuss the idea for the rest of class. I will give each group a different type of creature, and I want you to talk about what makes that group different than the others and what makes them similar."

I mentally sighed, not wanting to have to participate in a stupid exercise with people whose opinions I didn't agree with. I could see Riddle's eyes flash to me out of the corner of my eye and knew that the bastard was doing it to piss me off. I couldn't seem to get angry at him, though, because I was on such a high after winning an argument against him.

While I was stating my opinion against Riddle, his eyes bored into mine in a way that I had never experienced before. His eyes had an obsessive glint in them, and his entire stance was stiff, like he was enjoying it too much. He seemed genuinely surprised as well, but I didn't know what to make of that. I challenged him all the time before; I just didn't do so with the insight that I had now. I never had a desire to challenge him intellectually before. I had just wanted to piss him off, but things had... changed…and I didn't want to think about what caused that change in me.

I watched the man intently as he passed through people, sorting them into different groups. He was admired, that was easy to see as everyone who he spoke to changed slightly in his presence. They didn't simply ogle at the man, but their eyes widened in approbation and determination, as though they were resolute to prove themselves to him. The more I thought about it, that really wasn't a bad thing. Riddle had a way of getting students to live up to their full potential... so he was a decent teacher, I supposed.

Riddle was almost to my side of the room, after explaining the assignment to a student once more. I supposed he wasn't ugly. I mean, many people talked about how gorgeous he was, but I'd never really thought about it before. He had a dark beauty that made you feel like you were staring into the abyss and were tempted to jump in just to see what would happen.

The man paused whilst talking and looked up to meet my eyes. His face was emotionless but his eyes were stormy. He caught my eye and I stared for a moment, not understanding the feeling of calmness that was passing through me like a breeze. The man cocked his head to the side, a confused frown passing across his face.

It was funny, just as things were getting confusing to him, they were finally making sense for me.


Riddle's POV

Tom stood alone in his classroom after everyone had left. It was strangely silent. He had grown bizarrely attached to the happy sounds of students filling a room, which had nearly caused him to stab out his ears when he first started. He especially enjoyed the innocent chatter that he could never really grow accustomed to.

It was a difficult adjustment from his old life when he first entered Hogwarts. The school had an old history but the faces that graced its halls each year were new and had seen no dark years before them. It was odd to see faces so full of happiness and hope who did not look at each other in an attempt to figure out the best way to kill you. This place had softened his heart, but he didn't feel anger at the thought like he'd used to.

In the beginning, Tom had only had one reason for dealing with all of the annoyances that the school was teeming with (namely the students),but Hogwarts had turned out to be more pleasant than expected. When Harry turned sixteen, Tom knew that he would miss this place. It would be okay though, because with Harry by his side he'd never know true loneliness ever again.

Warmth filled Riddles body as his head filled up with thoughts of his Harry, and he grasped the desk until his knuckles turned white. He imagined the black haired boy possessively and could hear the wood on his desk moan as his grip tightened. Oh, how he wished he could take the boy away and teach him of his new world.

Riddle sighed and walked over to the window to stare out at the sunlit grounds. He knew that his plans wouldn't go smoothly, not if Harry had any say in the matter. He shook his head with a smile as he thought of how much his beautiful mate has surprised him; Harry was far more opinionated and independent than he first imagined his mate would be.

Riddle chuckled softly as he thought of what he had expected his mate to be when he first felt Harry being born. He pictured a small, beautiful girl with silky hair and big eyes who would look at him with adoration and trust in her eyes. He imagined her to be kind and sweet and gentle, someone who needed to be taken care of.

Then he got Harry.

Harry was like a tidal wave; he was hard and shocked you, leaving you angry and not completely sure of what happened. Tom had never known what annoyance was until he met Harry James Potter, never in his life had he ever been contested on every singleword he said and called out on things he didn't knew were part of his personality. He was used to seeing people look at him with respect and fear, but never with the defiant disdain that Harry possessed, and it was thrilling.

Harry Potter was definitely not what he'd expected but Tom knew Harry was perfect. Harry would live amongst the deadliest vampires to ever walk the earth, and would have to be as strong as possible which, was something Tom didn't have to worry about now.

Harry was like no one he had ever met before, and that caused him to grow an obsession that had grown with every moment Harry was in his life. Riddle knew he should have probably understood the meaning of that, but he'd still just viewed Harry as a suicidal little child that had to learn when to pick his battles.

Then Harry had started to see Draco Malfoy.

Tom started to notice the subtle glance they'd throw at each other during class from the beginning, then he had seen them walking out on the grounds together toward the forest. When Malfoy was bullying younger students and Harry showed up, the blond would completely change and turn into challenging Harry. It wasn't until he had actually seen the two boys togetherthat Riddle had recognized the burn that filled his chest at the thought of the two boys together.

Tom had been sitting alone in his study, tracing a map of the ministry enforced hunter groups moving across Europe when he felt it. It was as though his chest was on fire and his head was suddenly fogged in confusion. He didn't know why he was feeling what he was, but he knew he couldn't sit down any longer. He decided to take a walk through the school.

Because it was past curfew, the school was pretty quiet. Dying candles cast fading shadows down the halls, giving the school an eerie glow. Tom walked silently down the halls, not really in any direction until he stopped before an unused classroom that no one used. The school was so massive that there had probably been no one down these hallways in years, so it was strange that he could feel a charm placed on the door.

The door was charmed locked and had a silencing spell placed over it, which was no problem for Riddle because there were few Wizards out there who could cast a spell he couldn't break through. He heard moans from behind the silencing spell and could feel Draco's magical signature on the spells, so he assumed the boy was fulfilling his needs inside.

Riddle knew he didn't want to see the little boy playing with his bits, but he couldn't help but silently break the locking charm on the door and place a cloaking charm on himself. He stepped through the door magically and stood in the room. The room was dark with light only coming from the silvery streams on moonlight that pooled in from the windows.

Riddle couldn't tear his eyes from the sight before him.

!This is sexual! Don't read if that bothers you, the back button is there for a reason!

Draco Malfoy was lying on his back on a desk, completely naked with his mouth open and allowing pants of pleasure to escape from his thin lips. It wasn't him whom Tom's eyes were drawn to first, though, but the green-eyed boy thrusting into him.

Harry, his Harry, was entirely naked and fucking Lucius's son. His tan form was stiff and his beautiful head was thrown back in ecstasy, eyes slammed shut and lithe tongue poking out to lick his lips. Harry Potter was absolutely beautiful to Tom in that moment, in a way that was timeless and would last for the rest of his existence.

Tom felt a shift in his chest and something happened that hadn't happened since he had woken up a vampire; he felt the burning trail of a tear burn its way down his cheek. Suddenly things weren't just about himself, they were about Harry and the way his heart was about to burst out of his chest. It burned, it burned so badly, a feeling he hadn't known before, even after seeing Kara dead before him.

"Harry," He whispered so softly that the words got lost in the wind. The impact of the spoken words caused Tom's heart to clench and he felt another tear run down his cheek. This was the awakening of something that had been there since he had first laid his eyes on the fiery Gryffindor boy and it was causing fireworks to erupt in his chest.

Riddle could feel the electricity in the air between the two and could feel the emotions Harry had for the other boy already that hurt him with their strength. He felt like his chance was gone before he even noticed it was there. He had never understood why people said the hardest things to let go of were those one never had…until he finally felt it.

While watching Harry, he could feel his life pass by; all of his greatest emotions, all of the laughs and all of the sorrows were meant for this, for Harry. Everything Tom Riddle had been, was, and would ever be would be was because of Harry, and now Harry's heart was stolen before he'd opened his eyes.

Riddle watched as Malfoy's eyes went wide and screamed as he released, "I love you Harry!"

After Harry finished, Riddle watched as he wrapped his arms around the blond boy and kissed him passionately. The meaning was clear: Harry loved Malfoy as well.

!Okay, no more mentions of sexual stuff!

Tom shook his head and watched the interaction for another moment before leaving the room. He hadn't understood the full impact of what had transpired then, he wouldn't for a while, but his life was changed then. His Mate, the one with the other half of his soul, was in his grasp, and he wouldn't let go. He would later find evidence to confirm his suspicions but it didn't matter if he never did; everything he was belonged to his Mate, his life, his love...

... His Harry.


Snape's POV

Severus Snape walked into Tom Riddle's classroom, opting out of knocking.

It was a Tuesday after classes and he had just had Harry Potter in his last class. The boy was still partnering with Longbottom for the project he had assigned and was acting increasingly odd. Snape had listened to Potter's conversation-or lack thereof- with his partner and noticed that the boy was snappish and irritable, something the boy could definitely not be classified as.

There was something strange about the boy and Severus knew that he had to find out about it fast if he were to help him. He didn't think he'd ever be forgiven if he let anything happen to the boy (1).Severus had a feeling that the change in Potter was somehow related to the change in Riddle and he was planning on confronting the man about it.

Riddle was standing at his bookcase, drumming his fingers on the side of the wood while Severus walked in as quietly as he could. "To what do I owe the pleasure, Snape?" Riddle's voice was soft and spoken lowly but was smooth as honey and an underline hiss of venom. His back was still facing Severus, his deep green robes billowing in the breeze.

Severus walked to the front of the class before the man's desk before he replied, "I want to know what is going on between you and Harry."

At the sound of Harry's name, Riddle stopped drumming his fingers and went rigid. The wind stopped blowing through the window and the entire world seemed to stop. Riddle took a deep breath and slowly turned around.

Severus was shocked to see that the man had some of his vampire characteristics, such as his skin that shone like moonshine and his eyes. Severus couldn't take his eyes off of the man, who was like no vampire he had ever seen in his life. He had grown accustomed to an inhuman look in a vampire but this had taken it to an entirely new level.

"W-W... Who are y-you?" Severus took a step back as fear ran through him. He had gotten in over his head; he had underestimated whom this man could have been. Severus didn't realize exactly who this man was when he walked in and that was a grave mistake.

Riddle walked up to Snape, slowly gliding across the floor until his face was exactly in Severus's. Snape felt himself being thrown into the air and slammed into the wall on the other side of the room. The impact was hard and the brick shuddered, he probably would have been crushed from the force of it, were he human.

Groaning, Severus attempted to rise to his feet but a hand grabbed his throat and threw him against the wall. Holding the other vampire there, Riddle leant in closely and whispered in the man's ear: "Stay away from both Harry and me. I understand why you are saying this but if you interfere again, I will kill you. "

Severus felt himself drop to the floor but his mind was too clouded for it to actually register in his brain. He lay there while trying to fight the horrible pain sprouting out from his back. His last thought before unconsciousness was that he wished he could explain to Harry who he was dealing with. The vampire wasn`t normal... Harry was dealing with a monster.


General POV

The day was cold. The wind blew harshly through the trees above, howling angrily in the otherwise silent air. The sky was a bleak grey, churning with mist that threatened rain so there was only so much time before it would be pouring.

A lone man stood among the graves at the site. The desolate place was overgrown with weeds that had taken over many of the graves, swallowing the gravestones. The white picket fence that gated in the place was broken, the paint faded from neglect. The path which had once run through it was gone.

The graveyard looked as though it hadn't been used in many years and the people whose souls resided there were forgotten. It was a forlorn place; there was no happiness, no matter how many wild flowers had grown there.

There was one grave that sat at the very end, it was kept up and looked perfect. The tombstone was large and white with withering white roses sitting before it. There were no weeds that touched it, just cleanly cut grass. It was peaceful in a place that held no happiness, and clearly did not mesh with the rest of the graveyard.

The man stood before this grave, his face grave. He slowly got to his knees and put a bundle of new white roses before the gravestone. He shuddered, closing his eyes so the tears that were welling behind his lids wouldn't fall. Taking a deep breath, the man whispered: "Lils, I'm here. I am so sorry, I know it's been so many years but I still want your forgiveness... for everything. You shouldn't be here; you should be with Sirius and Harry. I deserve to be the one gone."

The graveyard was completely silent and the man would have done anything to just get a sign, any sign that she forgave him but none came. "I am watching over Harry for you, I know you would have wanted me to. He is safe... he has so much of you in him Lils. He has your eyes, your deep green eyes. Harry is quite handsome and has a lot of friends, I know you're proud of him and I promise to tell him that one day."

Smiling forlornly, he moved the white roses to rest against her tomb. "I never knew if you liked white roses, Lils... but they seem so perfect for you. They're pure, innocent...just like you. You never knew of the evils in the world, were never tainted by them. I can't repay what I have taken from you, but I promise to never let it reach Harry. I'll keep him away from it all, I promise. He lives with Sirius, though I would have liked for him to live with his father but that's impossible now."

He sat there silently for a few more minutes. A gentle breeze had begun to blow through the yard, carrying the scent of flowers. The man raised his head and sniffed the air... it was the smell of roses, white roses. The man smiled softly and stared the woman's grave again. "I love you, Lily, I just wish that was enough."


Harry's POV

Something wasn't right with me.

I didn't understand why, but it was a feeling in my chest that wouldn't go away. I felt like there was a bubble in my chest that kept expanding until it made me want to pop. The feeling had begun after my last dream so I knew it was something the vampire was doing to me. It was strange though, the feeling seemed to be seeping into me from somewhere else, a feeling I couldn't begin to describe even if I tried (2).

If I really tried it think about it, I might have been able to find the source somewhere in my mind, but I wanted to forget the feeling as it sometimes became overwhelming. The feeling was laced with intense longing, but for what I wasn't sure; Hell, I wasn't even sure if the feelings were my own.

I wasn't sure about much of anything in my life now to be honest.

I sighed and stretched back in an armchair in the common room. A few other Gryffindor's sat around me, all chattering about pointless things they'd never actually need to know about or waste their time thinking about. I was catching a few stray bits of conversations but wasn't really trying to listen; it was only when Ron's name came into the conversation that I really sat up straighter and listened to the conversation.

Dean was grinning at Lavender and Parvati as he stated, "Yeah, Weasley's a bloody liar. He keeps going on about how we shouldn't be allowed outside while not during classes because he figures there's something in the woods. At first, it was just kind of annoying but now I am fed up. He is really scaring some of the younger kids, a lot of us agree that he is just looking for attention."

Lavender nodded and leaned in closer to whisper, "I used to think he was okay but now I agree with you. He is trying to get attention and everyone in my dormitory is at their wit's end with him. A few people from other houses are beginning to realize what an attention-hogging liar he is, too. Hopefully he'll eventually just shut up."

Parvati nodded. "I think it's because he was the youngest boy in a huge family, his parents don't love him as much so he tried to get all of us to pay attention to him."

Lavender shook her head and sighed. "We shouldn't feel bad for him though because he is being a fool. I heard he meets with McGonagall so he can try and get these issues out... maybe he's just going crazy. He may have lost a few too many brain cells when he passed out and this was the result. I really hope not; I don't want to sleep in the same house as a crazy person."

"I agree," Dream nodded. "If this keeps on then I'm going to ask McGonagall if she'll consider changing him into his own rooms. No one likes him here anyway, the only person that will talk to him is Harry but he isn't all that likable nowadays either. He's all moody and snaps at people all the time, like he's better than is just because he can play Quidditch."

Did they not care that I was ten feet away from them?

Pavarti sighed. "We should have realized that Harry was an ass though, with how he treats professor Riddle. He acts like that man should lick his feet." Her voice was cold and I expected to grow angry over what she said but the emotion never came. I just felt... indifferent towards her.

"You shut up about Harry!"

I turned around to see Ron standing before the group with his face so red it could match his hair. His eyes were squinted and his teeth were bared in anger. "I don't care if you idiots bad-mouth me but Harry doesn't deserve it. He's done nothing to you ever but yet you still want to keep acting like he's an asshole to you? Find something worthwhile to do with your lives, just because you have nothing better to do doesn't mean you can gossip so much, it's not fair."

Ignoring the group's stunned faces, he looked up at me with a small smile and beaconed to upstairs. "C'mon mate, let's get out of here."

I nodded mutely and followed the redhead up the stairs quickly, not saying a word to the people I passed. They didn't say a single word to us as we left, and that was something I was definitely grateful for.

I shook my head at my friend and grinned, "Thanks mate."

The redhead simply shrugged with an easy smile. "They had it coming, don't worry about it. I've wanted to do that for a while, I was just waiting for a proper excuse for it." His voice was light and it was clear that he was pretty proud of himself.

There was one thing bothering though. Ron had been so willing to stand up for me in front of the group of idiotic Gryffindors with nothing better to do with their lives than just talk about other people. It was been really nice of him and something I entirely didn't expect from the usually not so brave Weasley. It made me glad to have a friend like him. What was bothering me, though, was that I didn't even think once to stand up for him when they were saying stuff that would have been really insulting.

I didn't understand myself anymore. Some things meant nothing to me anymore, like standing up for my friends while others meant too much to me like the way the vampire would look at me with such intensity in my dreams. I didn't know myself anymore, I had changed; I sure as hell didn't like the new me, but I didn't know how to make things right again.

Nothing would be normal with me, but now I didn't know if I even deserved normality.

Any guesses on who would never forgive poor snape?

(2)Can anyone guess what changed during this dream?

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