Tsunade and Kakashi

Amazing In Bed

Sakura came in slowly dragging a stack of papers. Having no entertainment in explaining to Kakashi is next class project. Tsunade snored lightly on her desk. Making a oh so innocent face and smirking every once in a while. Kakashi sighed tiredly as the old air took him in. Sakura told him to sit so he may help her finish the paperwork.

"So this goes here." He asked.

"No it goes here kakashi-sensei, it might cause others pain if you don't put that there." She said.

They fought over the where the papers go.

"No it must simply go here, because it looks better."

She smacked him.

"Ouch not so hard."

Tsunade-sama leaped from her seat. And shouted at the top of her lungs.


They all look over at her. Kakashi stood wide eyed and Sakura got up and left.

"I leave for twenty minutes and you've already gotten a hold of him, god. Can never try hard enough." She mumbles while storming off.

Tsunade grasps her forehead and sighs. Kakashi still hasn't spoken. She looks up he is slowly sliding towards the door.

"That wasn't what it sounded like." She sighed.

She looked back down again. This was going to be hard to explain. She suddenly looks up to a click. Kakashi stand in front of the door his hand resting on the lock.

"Um... How should I put this... I was dreaming. Wait no that isn't it."

Kakashi slowly comes towards her his face hidden with his hair. She quickly got up and gave a fighting position, she imagined him to be angry. He was coming closer and closer. Her heart beating faster with each step. He stops and pats her shoulder. She sighs in great relief. Well she wasn't right to sigh...

He pulls her into his embrace. Making her gasp sharply. She held faintly hugged him back. Unsure of what he was doing. He moved his mouth to her ear.

"We will just have to test that theory."

Tsunade froze. This was unexpected. She didn't even mean to wake up and shout that. She tried to slip out of his grip and he held her tighter. Tsunade was getting pissed now.

"If you don't let me go I'm going to brake you jaw." She stated.

He chuckled. Bringing his breathe to carry past the mask and on her flesh. As she took a moment to think he quickly took advantage. Lifting her onto the desk. Slamming his hands down on each side of her. It echoed threw the room. He looked upset.

"Kakashi, are upset?" She asked plainly.

She felt something wet drip on her legs. She looked down. His face hidden and drops appearing in her dress under his face. She took initiative and slightly patted his back. It seemed something was wrong.

"I can't answer you questions. I can't listen properly. I can't stare you in the eyes because I don't understand this."

She could here the slight burning from his tears. She lifted his chin. Staring at that eye. The tears seized. He immediately tried to pull away. She figured he didn't want her to see his tears being a self conscious bastard.

"It's hot where you touch me. You lightly pass me and brush my shoulder and I can feel it for hours. I find myself staring at you without me noticing. I just can't find the reason for this illness."

Tsunade knew very well what he was trying to say. She once felt this with Dan. But for him to pull such a stunt was out of question.

"Kakashi, I am sorry to say this, but I don't like you in th-"

He pushes her down upon the desk. Placing his chin just above her collar bone. She was mad now. Tsunade was never a very loving person and he had pushed buttons many hadn't even dared to push.

"Why you, I'm gonna kill you." She growled.

Kakashi chuckled lightly. Bringing a light pink to her cheeks as it vibrated through her. She went smack him with full force. Anger of defacing her was in that hand. He caught it bringing it to the fabricated lips. She gasped, she had to have let him do this. I mean nobody could just out of the blue seduce her like this without her approval. He blew in her hand. Causing her to shiver. How dare he she began.

"If you don't stop now you can't keep your penis."

He glanced up to her face meeting her eyes. Slowly releasing her hand and giving a eye crease.

"It's tempting, but I find myself turning that idea down."

Kakashi turned his head lightly to the right. Laying it gently on her stomach. This was so strange to Tsunade.

"Your so strong willed. So independent. Leaving men you dislike in the dust. It's so amazing." He whispers.

Tsunade reaches for his head. Merely to sooth him. He moves from her touch. The blush that sprouted from her was unknown to the color red when she realized he was trying to hide his little blush from her sight. They sat silent trying to absorb the surrounding air.

"You tipped me over the edge when you shouted that." He says out of the blue.

Tsunade laughs out of control. This was so funny to her. She's in her 60's and he thinks that he can woo her this easily. He was crazy if he thought was going to happen. But she was certainly going to woo him.

"Your to easy to figure out." She states.

Before he knew he was even being moved, he was on the ground straddled by the great Principal. She gave a smirk. Making him wide eyed. He didn't think she would even agree to a kiss, but now she had him in this position. She shifted her hips lightly brushing him.


"If your that into me might as well just call me Tsunade."

She dipped down upon him. Feeling the heat of his chest with her own. He looked to her chest and looked away guiltily. She wanted to laugh. He was so shy about this. This stupid man didn't know what he got himself into. She takes his chin and looks him in the eyes. He's so serious and scared. She lifts back to a sitting position and follows to the bottom of his jacket and shirt. She strips the vest off. Causing him unable to look her in the eyes.

She places her hand on his heart. Feeling the motions of a excited man. She smiled sweetly. Knowing this wasn't a everyday thing, but enjoying it so well. Tsunade leaned in once again. To hear is beating. Kakashi looked to her smiling face. It looked so peacful. It made him smile; momentarily that is tell she looked up. She took the bottom of his shirt taking to the middle of his chest. Dancing her nails along the scarred flesh of a experienced man.

She dips her face down by his ear. Slowly prepping him for the great demeaning. He understood very well what she was going to do. Any he would always be prepared for this. To let the one he loved take his most personal place in sight. She hooks her finger around the edge with her right hand. He places his hand on hers. She looks shocked she looks over. How could he have the guts to tell her no. She looks him in the eyes and realize he wants to help. They slowly unmask him together.

"I feel your a dumbass right now." Kakashi states.

She slowly sits up. He smiles. Her complete passion is the best face. He hopes to see this face over and over. The face of realization, love, hate, and sweet innocence all in one happy smile.

"Your the dumbass, I almost lost it because of you."

He grasps her shirt and pulls her to him sealing a kiss all in one second. He waits for the giant goose egg. He waits to be rejected like Naruto had been so many times. He waited for himself to give up and become one of those men that seek sex only like he used to be; but it never came. He pulls slowly away. The glee on Tsunade's face told him everything he needed to know.

"Your a romantic behind that book aren't you?" She asks.

They both laugh; together. Falling into each other embrace out of exhaustion. She then whispers into his ear.

"I hope Sakura got that man she wanted."

He gulps.

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