A/N: Here is the first chapter of my new story. Sorry its so short. I hope this chapter leaves you wanting more. I am already working on the next chapter. Enjoy:)

Chapter 1- Third Murder

The Classes at Harrisonburg's Blue Ridge Community College were great, the only thing Marissa Rivers didn't like about them were the late evening and night classes. Having to walk down the dark sidewalks to reach the partially lit parking lot always unsettled her. Especially after hearing about what had happened to two other girls on the campus as they too walked to their cars at night, it didn't make her feel any better.

Just as she caught sight of the dim lights of the parking lot Marissa felt an eerie chill run up her spine. Freaked out by the unexpected feeling Marissa quickened her pace to the parking lot. Spotting her car alone in the distance a loan thought popped into Marissa's head, 'why did my car have to be the last car in the parking lot? I'm all alone with no one to help me or even hear me.' With nothing yet to have happened a pinch of hope started to trickle down throughout Marissa's panic filled body. Having reached her car, hands shaking profusely, Marissa struggled to keep the rattling car keys steady to insert them into the driver's side door lock.

Just as success was made Marissa felt an excruciating pain ignite through her upper chest area. Looking down at her own body Marissa saw blood spilling down her chest. In a matter of seconds a sensation of mind-numbing coldness engulfed Marissa's body as she collapsed to the ground. With one final breath Marissa's eyes stared lifelessly up at the star lit sky.

Rising up from his enclosed, shadow-darkened hiding place a man in a grey sweat shirt, with the hood raised to cover his face, slowly made his way over to the newly murdered girl. As he walked he slung the silencer- induced long range rifle over his shoulder, allowing it to dangle at his side. Walking up to the head of Marissa Rivers, the man squatted down as he gazed at her pale lifeless face. She was a perfect likeness, just like the others, and just as beautiful too. Even though he knew it would be a number of hours till someone discovered her, the man rose to his feet once again, and with one last look he walked away into the darkness.