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Chapter 10- Introductions

Turning out of the hallway the corner of the sectional sofa, marking the entrance to the living room, came into view. Hearing nothing but silence from their designated area, and not wanting to prematurely announce their approach Gina and Garcia continued with their slinky walking. As they reached the entranceway to the living room Gina and Garcia stopped in their tracks at the picture perfect scene in front of their eyes. There in the middle of the room within a tent constructed of sofa cushions and blankets were Mick, Prophet, and a giggling Sarah, all equally oblivious to what was going on outside their little tent.

Hating to disrupt the priceless photo moment before her Gina cleared her throat loudly so as to gain the attentions of the two children like adults, and the actual child. Like a charm upon hearing the unexpected noise all three heads turned in their direction beneath the tent's blanketed roof. Seeing Gina and Garcia standing there Sarah squealed as she flew out of the tent, heading straight for both women. Already knowing that Gina wasn't allowed to pick up anything as heavy as Sarah, Garcia gathered Sarah in her arms and held her so that she was positioned between the both of them. Taking their eyes off of Sarah Gina and Garcia looked back at Prophet and Mick just in time to see them crawl out from beneath the tent.

Identical expressions of embarrassment were plastered upon both men's faces as they rose to their feet. Unable to help herself Garcia looked at the two men inquisitively as she asked,

"Hey boys were you having fun under there?"

Trying to hide the already evident look of embarrassment on his face Prophet replied,

"We built it so as to distract Sarah. So I take it since the two of you are back out here that Beth has had the baby? I kind of figured she had cause we haven't heard her scream for a while."

Smiling at the indirect mention of Wyatt Gina nodded her head as she said,

"Yes she has, and Sam asked us to tell you guys to come on back so you can meet the newest member of our team."

A look of excitement covered Sarah's face as she happily clapped her hands and said,


Laughter floated around the room as everyone laughed at the pure excitement in the toddler's voice. Turning around with the boys on their tail Gina, Garcia, and Sarah led the way to the bedroom. Knocking softly upon the door to announce their arrival the four team members and the lone toddler made their way into the bedroom. Still seated upon the bed where they had left them Beth and Sam raised their heads at the soft noise, and smiled. Shifting his position upon the bed slightly Sam, while holding Wyatt securely in his arms, gently transferred the newborn back into Beth's arms so everyone could see him better.

At the sight of her parents sitting on the bed Sarah immediately started wiggling in Garcia's arms trying to get free. Understanding what she was trying to do Garcia walked over and carefully placed her on the bed near Sam's feet. As quick as lightning Sarah crawled up onto Sam's lap, her eyes glued to her baby brother. Pointing with her tiny hand Sarah in a mesmerized voice, said,


Smiling down at his mesmerized daughter Sam nodded his head as he replied,

"That's right Sarah it is a baby; he's your baby brother, Wyatt."

Gazing down at Wyatt cradled in Beth's arms Prophet smiled as he said,

"Wyatt, that's a cute name."

From his place beside Gina with his arms wrapped securely around her waist Mick cut in,

"I agree with Prophet, Wyatt is a really cute name, perfect for a future FBI agent."

With an exasperated smile on her face Beth peered back down at Wyatt and said,

"Wyatt, meet your uncles Prophet and Mick. Try not to take everything they say or do seriously. They will most definitely try to lead you astray."

Both Mick and Prophet had expressions of mock sadness and injury on their faces at Beth's words, but disappeared at her final statement. The smiles that spread across their faces proved Beth's words to be true, they most definitely would try to lead Wyatt astray, just not as much as Beth assumed. Feeling the need to change the subject to take the attention off Prophet and himself Mick looked down at Gina standing beside him securely within his arms; twisting his head slightly so as to be able to see her face accurately Mick asked,

"So Love, after observing and helping Beth deliver Wyatt do you think you'll be able to do it in the eight months or so from now when the time arises, and you have to deliver our baby?"

Turning her head so as to look directly at Mick's twisted-turned head a look of uncertainty covered Gina's own face as she shrugged her shoulders and replied,

"I don't really know I hope I'll be ready and prepared enough to do what Beth did. But I am stating for the record now that unless a direly important situation arises that prevents me from doing this, I am absolutely, without a doubt having this baby in a hospital, as well as getting an epidural. The pain-filled expressions Beth had during the delivery totally scared me away from the possibility of natural childbirth."

Noting the marble-like seriousness shining in Gina's eyes Mick nodded his head in obedient agreement as he added,

"Of course, besides it's not like I was going to suggest the idea of natural childbirth anyway…"

The speck of guilty expression trickling over Mick's face forfeited the Brit's true future intent for everyone to see. Even though she had seen the guilty expression Gina leaned over against Mick's body and sighed,

"Well at least now we have an understanding, and have an agreement- absolutely no natural childbirth unless there are no other alternatives present to choose from."

Over on the bed Beth, noticing that the two person negotiation was completed, gently rocked Wyatt as she casually asked,

"Well since the two of you are in agreement of where and how you're going to deliver the baby, do you think we can get back to Wyatt's introductions, and other matters that coincide with it?"

Smiling apologetically at Beth Gina silently mouthed, 'I'm sorry.' To forgive her Beth nodded her head in mutual understanding. Moving her eyes around so she could look at everyone equally Beth said,

"Ok so just like with Sarah, Prophet, both you and Mick will share the roles of Godfather of Wyatt since there's no way we can choose between the two of you..."Smirking Beth returned her gaze to Gina, "And Gina, if you think you're up to the challenge, we'd like for you to be Wyatt's Godmother as well…" Beth apologetically looked at Garcia, "Sorry that we've kind of left you out Garcia, but we figured that it would be easier to keep each of their roles the same as with Sarah."

Garcia waved her hand as if swatting at a fly,

"That's perfectly fine Beth I completely understand. Besides it really wouldn't have been fair game since I'm already Godmother to JJ's son Henry. But I am perfectly content with just being Aunt Pen to this adorable baby boy."

Relieved that Garcia wasn't hurt by their decision Beth smiled as she asked,

"I'm happy to hear that Garcia. Now since we weren't able to give you an extra special title, would you like to be the first to hold Wyatt?"

A giant split threatening smile spread across Garcia's face as she nodded her head eagerly. When her arms were freed of her newborn son Beth leaned back against Sam's warm side as they watched Garcia rock and coo over Wyatt's cuteness. Taking his eyes off his new Godson Prophet glanced over to Beth; seeing her somewhat tired demeanor Prophet walked closer to the bed and asked,

"Sam, were you going to take Beth and Wyatt to the hospital to get checked out tonight or in the morning? If you needed me to I could call an ambulance to come here to get them."

Considering Prophet's offer for a moment Sam shook his head no,

"No that's ok Prophet, I'll drive them to the hospital in our car. And to answer you're first question, I was planning on taking them tonight after everyone had a chance to hold Wyatt. But thanks for your generous offer Prophet."

As Prophet nodded his head in return Gina interceded,

"Sam, if you're planning on taking Beth and Wyatt to the hospital tonight, Mick and I can watch Sarah for you. We can take her back to our apartment and have our own slumber party."

Peering wondrously down at Sarah Sam, feigning excitement, asked,

"Sarah, would you like to go stay with Aunt G and Uncle Mick tonight while I take mommy and Wyatt to the hospital?"

Eyes bright with excitement Sarah nodded her head vigorously as she began to bounce around on Sam's lap. Looking up to Gina and Mick Sam couldn't help but smile in response to Sarah's reaction as he said,

"Well I guess you know her answer."

Mick, Gina, Beth, and Prophet burst into laughter at Sarah's enthusiastically excited response. Off in her own dimension still holding Wyatt, Garcia paid no attention to the laughter all around her. Seeing how attached their geeky analyst was quickly becoming Sam casually, but loudly cleared his throat. Just like when Gina used it to get Mick and Prophet's attentions the action worked like a charm again. The sudden attention gaining noise broke through the dimensions of Garcia's currently slack guarded mind causing her to raise her head in search of the source of the noise. Nodding his head slightly to further gain Garcia's complete attention Sam said,

"Sorry to interrupt your little moment Garcia, but it's time for someone else to have a turn to hold Wyatt. You can have another turn tomorrow at the hospital when you all come to visit Beth and Wyatt."

Confusion coated Garcia's face at the mention of a hospital and visiting as she turned to Prophet standing closest to her and gently placed Wyatt in his arms. The look of confusion on her face Garcia looked to each of her friends as she said,

"Sorry I must have completely zoned out while I was holding Wyatt, what about a hospital and coming to visit?"

Everyone, including Prophet, had knowing smiles upon their faces; Garcia hadn't just zoned out while holding Wyatt, it was as if she was in her own little dimension, or world. Wanting to help Sam and Beth so they didn't have to repeat themselves Gina explained,

"Once everyone has had a chance to hold Wyatt Sam is going to take him and Beth to the hospital to get checked out, and to have Wyatt's birth officially recorded. Mick and I are going to watch Sarah, and have a slumber party at out apartment. Now because it's so close to eight o'clock visiting hours will have already ended, so we'll go visit them again first thing in the morning. Think you can handle waiting that long to hold Wyatt again?"

Feigning a saddened sigh combined with a sad look on her face Garcia replied,

"I guess I can handle waiting that long."

Even though she knew that Garcia was faking her saddened mood Gina disentangled herself from Mick's arms and walked over to stand beside Garcia; draping an arm around Garcia's shoulder Gina pulled her closer to her slightly as she, with a mischievous smile upon her face, said,

"Besides by going to visit them first thing tomorrow morning means that we can stop and quickly check out the hospital gift shop as it first opens before actually heading up to the room. You and I both know that the hospital gift shop has some extremely cute stuffed animals."

Caught in the net of Gina's enticing plan Garcia gave Gina the same mischievous grin in return as she excitedly replied,

"I'm sold on the idea, and I totally agree with you Gina the gift shop truly does have a lot of cute stuffed animals. I swear I stood in there for nearly three hours going through all of them, trying to find one for Henry after he was born. Emily came down looking for me because I had been gone for so long."

Just by listening to the start of her fellow female colleagues' conversation Beth already knew what it was they were planning to do. Raising her hand Beth pointed her finger at Gina and Garcia as she said,

"I already know what the two of you are planning, and I'm telling you now- don't do it. Do not go and buy Wyatt arm-fills of stuffed animals. He doesn't need to be spoiled at such an early age of one day old, or spoiled at all for that matter."

A little discouraged that Beth wanted to try and foil their intended plan, which they still intended to keep; both Gina and Garcia looked over at Beth and pouted. Thinking about the adorable stuffed animals at the hospital gift shop Gina suddenly remembered the equally adorable blue elephant she had already purchased months ago upon learning the sex of the baby. With a glint of hope in her eyes Gina asked,

"Well can I at least still give him the blue stuffed elephant that I've already bought for him? I gave Sarah Flopsy when she was born, so I figured to be fair that I would purchase a stuffed animal for Wyatt as well…"Gina added a hint of desperation to her voice, "Please Beth, I purchased it months ago not long after you found out it was going to be a boy."

Noting the hint of desperation in Gina's voice just like Gina knew she would Beth sighed in surrender as she replied,

"I guess that would be ok, and to make it fair between you and Garcia, Garcia you can buy Wyatt ONE stuffed animal. We don't need Wyatt growing up and needing more than a couple of items he requires to help him get to sleep at night. That would be too much to have to handle and cart around."

Recognizing a suitable negotiation when she saw one Garcia nodded her head in agreement of Beth's simple terms. Already her mind was running through the list of possible stuffed animals she could purchase. Walking over to the two blondes Mick, currently enjoying his turn holding Wyatt, looked down at Wyatt as he cooingly said,

"No matter what your mommy says little man your Aunts Pen and G are going to do everything within their power to spoil you. You mark my words."

Retracting her arm from around Garcia's shoulders Gina stepped closer to Mick; to see him holding a baby in his arms was one of the greatest images Gina had ever seen of the Brit. She couldn't wait till she could watch him do it with their own baby. Grinning from ear to ear Mick continued to gaze down at Wyatt as he said,

"Ok buddy, say hit to your Aunt Gina, or Aunt G for short."

Smiling in eager anticipation Gina accepted Wyatt with open and awaiting arms. A feeling of pure joy flowed throughout Gina's body as she gently rocked the calm, content newborn. Holding Wyatt in her arms Gina could see even more noticeable similarities between Wyatt and Sam; this little boy would definitely grow up to be a carbon copy of his father, just with some of Beth's personality mixed in. As Gina continued to enjoy her allotted introductory time Mick turned to Sam and said,

"How about while Gina completes her turn I help you get some of the things you'll be needing for your travels ready? You mentioned to Prophet earlier when Beth first went into labor that her hospital bag was in the hall closet, is it safe to assume that the new born/ infant car seat is located in there as well?"

Appreciating Mick's offer of a helping hand Sam nodded his head but before he could reply Gina interceded,

"Mick, why don't you let Prophet go get the hospital bag and car seat from the hall closet, and you go gather Sarah's necessary belongings for her sleep over with us tonight? That a way when Sam has Beth and Wyatt secured in the car and ready to go he doesn't have to wait for us to finish scrounging around for Sarah's things, and can just go."

Understanding the pointed meaning of Gina's suggested words Mick nodded his head in surrendered agreement; turning to Prophet he asked,

"That sounds good to you, Mate?"

Prophet shrugged his shoulders,

"Sounds good to me"

Being in agreement of their assigned duties Prophet and Mick exited the room. As the seconds after Mick and Prophet's leaving ticked by the realization of the newly created and intended plan seemed to click within Sam's slow functioning, baby mesmerized brain. Not for a single second as he spoke of the newly created plan to Prophet had Sam stopped to consider Beth's thoughts about it. Conscious of his stupid mistake Sam returned his gaze to Beth, still leaning against his side, and asked,

"Beth I realized that I didn't ask for your opinion when I told Prophet of the plan of going to the hospital, and I am sorry, but are you ok with that plan?"

The true amount of exhaustion shined within Beth's eyes as she peered back up at Sam. A small reassuring smile appeared on Beth's lips as she replied,

"It's ok that you didn't ask for my opinion Sam, you just weren't thinking completely straight at the time. But yes I am ok with your plan. Thank you for clarifying with me though."

At that moment Prophet walked back into the room. Returning to his original spot he turned to Sam and Beth and said,

"I placed both the hospital bag and the car seat near the kitchen entranceway to the hall. I figure that I can go down with y'all and help you get everything situated."

Just as Prophet finished speaking Mick walked back into the room with a small duffle bag over one shoulder and Sarah's diaper bag over the other. Seeing that Mick had returned with the bags of basic and necessary materials for Sarah Gina knew that her turn with Wyatt would be over in a matter of minutes. Turning back to Beth Gina saw her friend look to Sam with a silent question burning in her eyes, for which Sam gave a nod of his head in response. Without saying a word Sam flew from the room for the second time since Beth's labor began; only to return a second later with a powder blue bath robe in his hands. In a swift motion Sam draped the robe over Beth's shoulders, after which she wasted little time by inserting her arms through the sleeves, and secured the robe around her the best that she could. Watching these simple actions unfold Gina's brain came to a realization, Mick's return was used as a type of additional confirmation signal for Beth and Sam; upon seeing that everything for Sarah was set the two of them came to the conclusion that it was time for them to make their way to the car, and on their way to the hospital.

With her body sufficiently covered with the bath robe Beth began to slowly and gingerly inch her way over to the side of the bed. With Sam's helping hand secured around her waist Beth rose to her feet to a slightly hunched position. Knowing that her turn was officially over Gina walked over to Beth and returned Wyatt into her awaiting arms. Still seated on the bed next to her parents' previously occupied spots Sarah looked at her parents with a look of confusion on her little face; slowly Sarah began to inch her way over to the edge of the bed. Noticing Sarah's tentative movements as well Mick quickly swooped in and gathered Sarah in his arms. Feeling comforted in Mick's arms Sarah continued to watch Beth as she tentatively took her first step since delivering Wyatt. Wanting to help the toddler to understand what was going on Mick gently bounced Sarah in his arms as he carefully explained,

"It's ok Sarah, daddy is going to take mommy and Wyatt to the doctor, and you'll see them tomorrow. Go ahead and wave bye-bye to mommy and daddy, and say love you."

Doing just what Mick had instructed her to do Sarah raised her hand and waved to Sam and Beth as she exclaimed,

"Bye-bye mamma, dada, love ya!"

Smiling lovingly Sam and Beth waved back. Blowing Sarah a kiss Beth replied,

"Bye Sweetie, I love you too, and we'll see you tomorrow. Be good for Aunt Gina and Uncle Mick."

Locking her arms around Mick's neck Sarah nodded her head in understanding to Beth's words. As they waited and watched Beth, Sam, and Prophet slowly making their way out of the room Garcia came to stand beside Gina. A smile of excitement covered Garcia's face as she said,

"I can't wait to go shopping for Wyatt tomorrow…However let me just say that I hope you have a girl so that we may once again outnumber the guys."

Hearing the plea of hope in Garcia's words Gina couldn't help but smile and laugh softly as she placed her hand upon Garcia's shoulder and said,

"I'll do my best Garcia."

Standing behind Gina slightly with Sarah still clung to his neck Mick started to shake with silent laughter at Garcia's hope-filled request. However, his silent actions didn't go unnoticed by the two blondes as they both turned to face him, catching him red handed. Filling face with an expression of mock anger Garcia pointed her finger at the laughing Brit as she said,

"Laugh all you want my hunk of a British God, but I for one am steadily becoming annoyed by the fact that the men outnumber the women within both my BAU families. Well, technically, on this team with the addition of Wyatt we have the same number of men as women, but that doesn't mean that I can't still hope and pray that you bring another girl to the team."

Even though she already understood the reason behind Garcia's hope-filled words Gina still listened to Garcia's explanatory words. Gina's understanding of Garcia's reason grew ten-fold upon hearing Garcia's explanation. Garcia wasn't the only person to have noticed the unbalanced quantities of male team members to female, Gina had also noticed it. Then again it was fairly hard not to notice it when she was the only female member on Cooper's team before Beth was brought aboard. With that thought in mind Gina had no problem agreeing with Garcia's hope to add more women to their team, even if it was done by the use of their children.

Out of curiosity Gina returned her gaze to that of her fiancée's and was astonished to see a look of understanding upon his face as well. Taking a moment to calculate how long the three of them plus Sarah had been standing in the now empty bedroom Gina determined that Sam and Prophet had already gotten Beth and Wyatt down to the car and loaded up. If her calculated assumptions were correct then Sam was probably headed to the hospital as they spoke, and since Prophet had yet to return to the apartment it was safe to say that he had already started his journey home. Knowing that they shouldn't remain in the empty apartment Gina looked to both Mick and Garcia as she said,

"Alright guys I think it's about time we head home ourselves…" Gina stared pointedly at Garcia, 'besides we're going to need to get as much sleep as we possibly can if we're to get to the hospital early tomorrow to visit the gift shop…\

Understanding the insinuated meaning of Gina's words Garcia was quick to nod her head in agreement. Looking to Mick for his response Gina watched him awkwardly attempt to reposition the bags upon his shoulders. Hating to see Mick's arms laden with so many physical burdens Gina returned to his side, and lifted the diaper bag's strap from his shoulder. Upon seeing the look of insistence begin to coat Mick's face Gina interceded,

"Let me help you Mick, your arms are literally filled to capacity. You'll probably collapse under the combined weight before we even reach the car. Besides, I'm offering to carry the diaper bag, it shouldn't be that heavy."

Somewhat reluctant to relinquish the burden to Gina in her current physical state Mick knew that there was no use trying to argue. Shifting Sarah into his other arm Mick allowed Gina to slide the bag off his shoulder. Slinging the bag upon her own shoulder Gina looked to Garcia, Mick, and Sarah, and said,

"Alright, let's head out ourselves so we can all head home."

That said Gina made her way out of the bedroom and headed for the lift with Mick, Sarah, and Garcia on her heels.