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Chapter 11- Gifts and Visitation

Just as they agreed directly upon entering the hospital the following morning Garcia and Gina headed straight for the hospital gift shop. As they walked through the sectioned off area the two blondes were not interested in any of the other enticing objects the store offered, their minds were upon only one thing: stuffed animals. It was to that specific area of the shop that they made a B-line for. There before them, separated into two packed racks were dozens upon dozens of different stuffed animals. As Garcia dived nearly head first into the sea rack of stuffed animals Gina, having already purchased her animal, patiently glanced over the animals. Beside her Mick held Sarah in his arms as she gazed longingly at the assorted animals.

After what seemed like an eternity Garcia resurfaced from the sea of animals, her chosen item to purchase in her hand. Curious as to what her friend had chosen Gina glanced down at the animal in Garcia's hand- a light green giraffe, perfect for Wyatt. Now that she had her gift chosen Garcia's mind moved to the next step in purchasing the animal- the checkout counter. Seeing where Garcia was headed to next Gina headed out of the store with Mick and Sarah to wait. A minute after stepping out of the gift shop the three of them were joined by Prophet, a knowing smile already spread across his face. Analyzing the smile upon Prophet's face Gina returned the smile as she said,

"So after hearing of our plan of pre-visitation shopping you decided to come join us?"

Prophet shrugged his shoulders,

"I figured that since you guys were coming early that I'd come early too. Besides I would never pass up the chance to see my little angel again."

Upon hearing Prophet's special nickname for her Sarah immediately reached her arms out towards him. Still smiling and without any hesitation Prophet retrieved Sarah from Mick's arms. Transferring Sarah to Prophet Mick, smirking, audibly mumbled,


Hearing the single mumbled word as Mick had intended him to hear Prophet playfully cradled Sarah closer to his chest, smirking as well, as he replied,

"She's not a traitor, she's a little angel. Besides, we both know that she loves me more than she loves you."

Deciding to join in their trivially playful argument Gina, with a smirk of her own upon her face, interceded,

"You're both wrong, the two people that Sarah loves more than all of us are Beth, and Sam, but Garcia and I come in second behind them. Then you two come in third."

Identical perplexed expressions covered both men's faces; cocking his head sideways Prophet questioningly countered,

"Ok, I understand how Sam and Beth are ranked number one on Sarah's list of people she loves the most, but why are you and Garcia ranked second?"

"And Prophet and myself are ranked behind you girls in third?," Mick added questioningly.

Folding her arms across her chest Gina cocked her head sideways in imitation of Prophet as she replied,

"Ah because I'm Sarah's Godmother and Garcia is technically her Aunt. You two are grouped together after us because you're both Sarah's uncles as well as her Godfathers."

Still unable to comprehend the true reason why they were ranked last Mick countered,

"Ok, other than us both being Sarah's uncles, and Godfathers, why exactly are we ranked dead last?"

A mischievous grin shinned in Gina's eyes but before she could reply Garcia, having heard the questions and explanations on ranking order, said,

"The answer to your question my dear British hunk should be simple enough to understand, haven't either of you heard the saying 'ladies first'?"

Noticing the mischievous glint in Gina's eyes as well as in Garcia's Prophet realized it was pointless, and a trivial, debate like play-argument. Prophet raised his single free hand up in mock surrender,

"Ok, I think that's enough debating on this particular subject for now. We can always pick it back up at a later date because if we were to continue with it now then we'd never get upstairs to visit Sam, Beth, and baby Wyatt."

As Mick, Gina, and Garcia nodded their heads in agreement Prophet caught the glint of desired intention shining within Mick's dark brown orbs. Prophet could tell just by the glint in Mick's eyes alone that out of the four of them Mick would be the one to reconstitute the discussion at a later date. With the four of them having reached an agreement, and not wanting to give anyone a chance to restart the discussion or one similar to it Prophet, nodding his head in the direction of the elevators, said,

"Now that our debate is over temporarily, what do you guys say we go visit out fellow teammates and the newest member of our team?"

The expression of eager excitement returned to Garcia's face at Prophet's proposed plan of action. After glancing down at the paper gift bag in her hand Garcia nodded her head vigorously in agreement to Prophet's plan. Smirking at Garcia's eagerness Mick, and Gina, along with Sarah, nodded their heads in agreement as well. With the decision being unanimous Prophet, with Sarah still cradled in his arms, led the way over to the elevators. As the elevator doors dinged open the four agents, and single junior agent piled into the spacious metal box.

Being the one before the floor indicator buttons Prophet swiftly pressed the button for level three. Seeing the number light up on the panel Mick gave Prophet a quizzical look as he asked,

"Just out of curiosity Mate, how is it that you know that Beth's room is on the third floor?"

With a sarcastic smile upon his face Prophet replied,

"That would be because I texted Sam this morning before I drove here, and asked him what Beth's room number was."

Choosing to keep his mouth shut Mick couldn't help but think that what Prophet had done was a good idea. With his inquisitive question answered Mick returned his eyes back to the floor indicator box and watched the numbers slowly rose. After what felt like forever the elevator came to a rattling stop, its doors sliding open to the third floor. One by one everyone piled out of the elevator. Standing around in a small circle Mick, Gina, and Garcia all looked to Prophet, being the only one who knew the room number, to lead the way once again.

As if sensing where it was that they were going Sarah started to wiggle around in Prophet's arms in anticipation. Coming to the room number that Sam had given him Prophet, unable to hold Sarah's wiggling form any longer, set her on her feet upon the floor. Grasping her tiny hand in his Prophet proceeded to gently knock on the door. After a moment of unanswered silence from within the room they heard someone loudly, but softly answer,

"Come in"

Pushing the heavy wooden door open the four agents quietly made their way into the dimly light room. Upon seeing Sam seated in the chair beside the giant bed Sarah let go of Prophet's hand, and took off, heading directly for Sam and his empty lap. Smiling wordlessly Sam embraced his daughter, placing her on his empty lap. Everyone else smiled as they watched Sarah cuddle deeper into Sam's warm and inviting chest. Looking over at the giant bed, Sarah's eyes shined with excitement and miniscule curiosity upon seeing Beth sitting in the bed cradling Wyatt, swaddled tightly in a light blue baby blanket, securely within her own arms. Captivated by the sight before her upon the bed Sarah pointed her tiny finger at Wyatt as she emphasized,

"Mamma hold 'Yatt"

Upon hearing Sarah's attempt at saying Wyatt's name both Sam and Beth stared at their daughter in proud amazement. With all the chaotic events that had taken place at the apartment last night neither Sam nor Beth expected for Sarah to remember being told Wyatt's name. Raising Sarah up a little higher so she could see better Sam happily replied,

"That's right Sarah, that's Wyatt. He's your new baby brother."

Sensing Sarah's itching intention to sit with Beth on the bed Sam quickly complied with his daughter's desired intentions; placing her on the bed directly by Beth's side. As Sarah continued to stare at Wyatt in awe and amazement Garcia walked around to the vacant side of the bed, and presented Beth with the brown paper gift shop bag. Realizing the noticeable fact that Beth's hands were currently preoccupied Garcia quickly dove her hand inside the bag; pulling out from the depths of the bag the light green giraffe. Seeing the adorable animal that Garcia had purchased Beth couldn't help smiling at its cuteness. Taking a second to transfer Wyatt's weight so as to hold him securely with one arm Beth then extended her free hand out to take the animal. Continuing to gaze down at the animal Beth commented,

"Oh Garcia this is absolutely adorable. Thank you for getting it for Wyatt."

Watching Garcia nod her head in response to Beth's vocalized thanks Gina, deciding that was then her turn, walked over to stand beside Garcia. Smiling hopefully Gina pulled from her purse the light blue elephant that she had purchased. Looking at the second stuffed animal Beth continued at its cuteness as well. Placing the stuffed giraffe on her lap Beth retrieved the animal from Gina's hand. Lifting her gaze up from the two stuffed animals Beth grinned at her two blonde haired friends as she said,

"Both of these animals are great guys, thank you. What's even cuter about them is that they are both Safari animals. Did the two of you coordinate with each other when you purchased them?" Both Gina and Garcia grinned sheepishly as they shook their heads no, "Well because they are both so cute, and apparently cuddly I know that Wyatt will love both of them very much."

As Gina and Garcia basked in the rewarding glory of their adorably perfect purchases Mick couldn't help but notice the look of longing in Sarah's eyes as she stared at the two stuffed animals. Knowing just what she needed to feel better Mick quickly retrieved Flopsy from within the depths of her duffle bag that he had set on the floor beside the bed. Holding the fluffy pink bunny rabbit of a stuffed animal in her hands seemed to help return the toddler to her normal, calm state. Catching sight of the two new additions of stuffed animals on Beth's lap Sam, smirking, pointed at Gina and Garcia, and then at the two stuffed creatures as he said,

"I take it the two of you were the buyers of these two adorably precious stuffed animals for Wyatt? I swear between the two of you both Sarah and Wyatt are going to grow up to be spoiled rotten."

As the two accused blondes smiled mischievously in response to Sam's words Beth leaned her head down closer to Wyatt's and whispered,

"Don't listen to your Daddy Wyatt, you won't become spoiled rotten by your Aunts G and Pen, and neither will your sister. I'll make sure of it."

Ears perking at Beth's whispering words both mischievous grins upon Gina's and Garcia's faces quickly flipped over to become frowns of disappointment. It would seem that Beth was to be the one to try and foil their intended plans for the newest member of the team. Across the bed both Mick and Prophet burst with laughter over the fact that for once they weren't the ones being scolded or discouraged by another team member. It was a feeling they were starting to enjoy. When the combined laughter died down Beth looked around expectantly at each of her colleagues as she said,

"Well, we all know the reason you're all here was to see me and to visit with Wyatt, and don't try to deny it. So who should go first?" Beth completed a second glance around the room, "Prophet, why don't you go first this morning, and then just keep passing him around till everyone has had a turn?"

Elated over Beth's decision, like a child after being picked first for kickball, Prophet smiled eagerly as he nodded his head in equal eager approval. Leaning back leisurely into her small stack of pillows Beth, after placing Wyatt into Prophet's arms, felt at ease and relaxed as she watched her adoptive family bond and interact with hers and Sam's baby boy. Her unique adventure was coming to an end, but another entirely different adventure was about to unfold for the FBI Red Cell team.