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The brat cannot stand to leave anyone by themselves, and Vegeta is no exception. Gohan dragged me to another one of these…parties, he calls them. Hosted by that eccentric woman, Bulma. Once he had effectively dragged me in, he ran around greeting everyone, running back to me for approval, and then running off again. I stood there watching him run, making sure he didn't get into trouble. The boy, under my training, was getting stronger every day, exponentially so, and he forgot his own strength. There were days he gave me a good workout during sparring. He lands punches and kicks much more often, and though it's somewhat angering to be almost bested by a six year old, I'm also extremely proud of him.

Gohan has been circling around Vegeta for the past two minutes, trying to gauge if his presence would be tolerated. So far the Saiyan has said nothing, barely acknowledging the boy, though he must feel him there, for Gohan's ki is hardly suppressed. Gohan hadn't spoken to Vegeta yet since he has returned from space. In fact, there has been two parties since then and though he had been forced to come, Gohan didn't feel the need to approach him because Bulma had occupied his time. Now though, Bulma was preoccupied with entertaining Krillin and Yamcha. Gohan, not being able to stand watching Vegeta sulk by himself, had gone to assess the situation.

And now he makes his move. I tense, ready to jump in just in case Vegeta turns hostile, though the chance is slim. As much as I hate to admit it, I have grown very protective of the boy. I quickly focus my sharp hearing only on the two, everything else becoming muted.

"Hiya Vegeta!" Gohan says, plopping himself beside the Saiyan in the grass. He grunts and glares at the boy before snorting.

"What do you want, brat? Go away."

Gohan is unfazed by this remark and ventures starting a conversation. "Did you have fun in space?" I smirk to myself, the question so innocent and boyish that it had to be insulting to the prince. I'm proven right at Vegeta snarls and stands up. Gohan is quick to follow the movement and stands just a pace next to him. Now I'm definitely on guard, because Gohan is in a prime spot to be punched.

Vegeta takes me by surprise however, and softens his stance as he looks down into Gohan's face, full of innocence and curiosity. "It was…interesting, brat. A lot of time to train and become stronger so I can beat your idiot father when he finally returns."

I wait for Gohan to jump to his father's defense, but am shocked when he just bounces up and down in enthusiasm, shouting, "I've been training too! Watch!" And before I can stop him, the kid powers up to his maximum, his ki blowing everything around us away as his blue aura flares brightly. Vegeta was forced to back up, almost knocked to the ground in surprise. The rest of the party guests, who had not even seen this coming, fall to their backsides.

"GOHAN! What the hell, man!" Krillin yells. "Give some warning next time!"

Gohan laughs sheepishly, "Sorry!"

"So I see you've surpassed the baldy and the scarred weakling. Not bad, brat," Vegeta says, in a tone half-way between begrudging and impressed.

Gohan is all smiles. "Yeah! Krillin, Yamcha, and Bulma told me that I'm stronger than my daddy was at my age! Mr. Piccolo has been training me really hard! He's the best!" I can't help the warm feeling in my chest or the smile that crosses my face at that final exclamation. Damn kid making me a softy… I also can't help the nagging thought at the back of my head that tells me the kid is about as strong as his father was when we faced at the 25th World Championship when he becomes enraged. This kid is destined for greatness, as long as we can get him to harness his anger and use it properly.

Vegeta smirks, crossing his arms. "Well maybe one day I'll let you spar with me and we can see just how strong you really are," he says like it's some great privilege and that Gohan should be honored for the possibility of sparring with the Prince of all Saiyans.

Gohan nods enthusiastically, practically bouncing in happiness. He looks over at me, knowing I'd been listening in. Damn kid knows me too well. I nod slightly, granting him permission. His smile brightens and he goes back to conversing with Vegeta.

Krillin approaches me, and I turn my attention to him fully. "So, Gohan sure has gotten pretty strong, huh?" he says amicably. "Think he'll ever surpass Goku?"

"I don't know. It's possible. We'll see just how strong he really is when he spars with Vegeta."

"He's going to spar with Vegeta?"

"Relax, I'll be there. Who knows, Vegeta might push Gohan to a new level. He doesn't exactly fight fair. If he so much as mentions his father, Gohan might snap and make another ascension in his power."

"Well why don't you try that?"

I grunt and don't answer. The thought had crossed my mind, but I cannot bring myself to hurt him, even if it could actually help him in the end. Let Vegeta incur that wrath while I sit back and observe.

Gohan runs up to me excitedly yelling, "He said I can spar with him next week! Can I?" he asks, looking at me with the look.

"Sure kid," I say.

"And you'll come too, right?" he asks, looking at me expectantly. Well that's a stupid question. Of course I'm going, because I know how out of hand Vegeta can become and if Gohan gets too upset, I'll have to be there to calm him. I realize how sentimental that sounded, but once the kid gets going, it's almost impossible for him to stop himself. Not that I care if he manages to seriously hurt Vegeta, but it could easily backfire on him.

"Yes kid, I'm coming too."

Gohan lets out a little whoop and dives in for a quick hug before running away to tell Bulma and Krillin about the sparring match. Kid gets way too excited sometimes and he forgets that he is not allowed to touch, let alone hug (which he isn't allowed to do anyways), me in public.

Oh well. We'll just see how that spar goes next week.

So that's finished…maybe…if I get enough requests to write the spar, I will. Also, I've been thinking about doing a little side-story about Goku and Vegeta's food run they did in my fic "What's in a Name." Any ideas? Thoughts? Encouragement? Let me know! It might happen anyways, but I like when people ask! Makes me feel special…