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Rule #9: You will not use my daughter's emotions against me in order to get what you want from a situation.

I came over early the next day wondering if Edward really meant want he said about taking Nessie to the res. And, decided that I was going to ask her during breakfast in front of him. Yeah, must say not bright idea on my end, but I wouldn't be me if I did otherwise.

"Hey Ness." I called as I entered the cottage. "Morning Eddie, Where's my Nessie?"

"Oh, don't you mean where's MY daughter." He replied, "Secondly, Don't call me Eddy!"

"Yeah, Yeah, anyways! Did you forget I was suppose to be taking my girlfriend to the reservation today?"

"I didn't forget that you were going to the reservation. But, you have girlfriend?"

"Ha-Ha, very funny. I'll just go find your better half, and see if she knows where mine is."

"Oh, I thought I heard Edward being an ass." Bella said entering the room, "Renesmee is up in her room."

"Thanks Bella." I replied running to Nessie's room.

"Bella," I heard Edward say with that tone he uses when upset. "Why would you undermine my authority right in front of him."

"Oh, Edward. Haven't you realized you don't have any, authority." Alice running upstairs saying, "You better not leave this house until I see what you're wearing young lady."

A second later I see Alice in front of me. "Oh you look perfect, Nessie. You fine to go."

Nessie and I headed down the stairs, with Alice behind her. She wore a pair juicy couture sneakers, a pair dark wash shorts Alice bought at some little boutique in seattle, and on top she wore NY&Co vintage wash white v-neck tee with a little pocket over her heart.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen, march yourself back up those stairs." Edward ordered.

"Just ignore your dad, Nessie, I do."


"EDWAAARD!" Nessie and Alice whined in unison.

"NO! You're barely wearing anything." Edward just raised an eyebrow pointedly at me.

"Edward, whatever dude!" I gave him a look of my own.

Bella turned to Edward, "Please Edward you got to be joking."

"No, I am not joking. She either changes or she's not going."

Alice being her usual self tries pushing Nessie out the door. Edward runs to the door closing it before they got there. He gave Alice the death glare and pointed up the stairs. I mean really he was acting like Nessie was a dog! I looked at him incredulously. "Jacob, you can stop looking at me that way, it isn't going to get you any closer to leaving." I looked away. This guy really didn't see what was going on. Nessie stormed past Alice and me, but not before knocking shoulders with her dad. Which I have to admit I was a little proud of her for doing.

"Dude, you have to know that she is going to hate you for this right? I mean it took her hours to pick out that outfit. Man she is so nervous already and you just ruined it for her." I figure to talk squarely to him, it seemed to be the only way to get anything through to him.

"You don't have to tell me anything, she is my daughter."

I scoffed. How could I not really? Just then Alice decided to chime in to calm her brother down.

"You know he is right Edward, It will take her awhile to get over this one. Fashion is no laughing matter." She looked at him through her eyelashes. "And she does take after her parents." She added sing song.

"What is with all the turmoil in this house? Every time Jacob show up it is like you can cut through the emotions in here with a knife. You'd think we were a dysfunctional family." Jasper entered the room with his trademark sideways smirk. Then he winked at me. The man was a weird little hick if you asked me. But nobody ever asked me. Emmett was really the only one anywhere close to normal in my books. But maybe that was just because for a vampire, well he sure did have some wolf-like qualities. It would probably be nice to answer the southerner.

"Edward won't let Nessie come to the res because she was showing her knees! Oh no! The horror! The shame!" I covered my mouth and my eyes in mock surprise and disgust.

"Well now how much knee are we talking about here?"

"You have got to be kidding me!"

Alice wrapped her arms around Jaspers waist and put her head on his shoulder. Looking up at his she said, "Of course he is." He smiled down at her and responded, "Yes Ma'am." I thought I was going to be sick.

Nessie was listening to all this from the top of the stairs, hoping someone could change her father's mind. Emmett descended the stairs past her, but looked back adding, "Hey Nessie! Looking good! Going somewhere?" She laughed and so did I. Edward was a different story. If glares could kill, then the whole clan would have been annihilated. Rosalie came down after him.

"Edward won't you leave the poor girl alone. Let her live her own life already." Her and Emmett left through the front door both smiling at Edward on their way out.

Bella rolled her eyes at her husband. It was still weird to call him that by the way. She looked at him and told him, "Edward we are in the 21st century. Get with the times." Then she went after her daughter to talk to her.

Edward looked at me again and this time a little but defeated. "Alright Jacob take her out, but I will know everything that happens, you can't hide anything from me. Know that."

Nessie came bounding down the stairs. She threw her arms around her father and thanked him over and over. Of course he gets the apology when I did all the work of convincing him. Women.

"Gee. Thanks Dad." I called out to Edward as the door closed behind us. And I swear I heard a fist hit the door. And you know me, I held her closer and had to suppress a chuckle.