Extra Story

Kaito and Akaito's Story

Kaito's Point Of View

We were only 5 then. Up to that point, we had had a hard life. Our parents never spoke to us. We only had a maid that took care of us. That maid barely cared about us and only came in to change the sheets and feed us. All I ever wanted was to protect my little brother.

Akaito was my only friend. When we grew up, we never left our bed rooms. Not once. Our bedrooms had no windows. Our beds were uncomfortable. We only had one toy each and they were old and worn down. We only had two pairs of clothes and we were only allowed to take one shower a week. We were lucky if the bathroom was ever cleaned. We were even luckier if we actually got food that was slightly above poor quality and we only got that on our birthday.

It was an awful life but all I could do was protect my little brother. I remember cradling him in my arms and letting him cry. I never cried. Not once. I couldn't. Even as a child, I was strong. I had to take on so much responsibility as a child. It was difficult…and I found myself trying as hard as I could to make me brother smile. That was a challenge with in itself. Akaito would never admit it but he was so weak back then.

Up to that fateful day, I had only seen my parents twice. Once for our 4th birthday and only for a brief second and then once when Akaito sprained his ankle. They only glared at us and then left. Like we were disgusting garbage.

That day…they just walked in and grabbed us. Our father grabbed me and our mother grabbed Akaito. We didn't know what was going on so we didn't fight them. We just let them pull us out of that room and outside. Our house was big. We had never seen it before. It was beautiful. We had never seen such beautiful things. We had only seen that room. To us, it was like getting everything you ever wanted for Christmas.

Our parents didn't speak to us as they tossed us into the back seat and drove fast. We didn't know what was going on. There was to much we didn't know. We didn't know what this meant. We had no idea what to do but wait for them to explain…but they never did.

It was hours before they stopped the car. It was so abrupt that both me and Akaito slammed into the seats in front of ours. Our father grabbed us both and pulled us out of the car. He pretty much threw us onto the side of the road. There was only forest and road. Nothing anywhere near us. Then…they just left. They left two five year old children there. All we had was the clothes on our backs and each other. We didn't know what to do. We just stood there hoping they'd come back even though we both knew they never would. The only thing would could do was walk.

We followed the road in the direction there car went. Akaito didn't cry. For once, he didn't cry. We never reached civilization walking that night. We didn't even make it half way there. We slept on the grass next to the road.

When morning came, we looked like we went back to walking. We were so hungry but there wasn't anything we could do. We didn't know how to kill animals or start fires. We didn't know anything. We barely knew how to speak let alone know how to survive.

We walked…and that was it. We walked and it got harder and harder as we went. Nothing was worse then when the day ended. No food. No water. We knew we need food to survive. If we didn't, our parents wouldn't have given us food. Still we slept on the side of the road, starving and tired.

The next day was worse. Akaito and I had trouble moving as quickly as before. By then we had made it have way there but we didn't know that at the time. That day was so hot. The need for water was immense but we kept moving none the less. As the sun set, we came across some wolves. They growled at us but other then that, didn't bother us. We just moved quickly past them. We fell asleep soon after that.

The wolves had tried to hurt us in the middle of the night. I had to fight them off. I don't know how I did it. It was to scary for me to remember but I was to injured that I couldn't go on. Akaito didn't look any better then me but he had been bitten a lot less. Now all we could do was wait. Wait for anything to save us and hope that the wolves would never come back.

Two days past and…nothing. I don't know how we were still alive after all of this. We were so hurt, and hungry and thirsty…when she found us…it was like heaven shined down on us.

This woman she was in so much shock to see us. The had been setting and she had only barely seen us there. I remember, she jumped out of her car and ran to us. When she realized that we couldn't talk much she ran back to her car and handed us food and water. She told us that she had been coming going home with food for her family. We were lucky for that. We ate so quickly that I bet we looked like wolverines.

After that, she drove us to her house. If we had gone the opposite direction, we would have gotten to her house with in thirty minutes. That was such bad luck. Her husband was a doctor and he fixed us up nice. I remember being so fascinated but Akaito didn't feel the same way. He had been scared and hesitant. He clutched my hand for dear life and refuse to let go. About an hour after we had gotten there, some police officers and an ambulance came to get us. They asked us questions but we didn't know how to answer them.

When we got to the hospital, they separated us. I remember being strapped to a hospital bed trying to help my brother who screamed for me.

The only thing we could ever tell the police officers were our names. We didn't even know our last names. I was Kaito and my brother was Akaito. Our parents didn't even care enough to give one of us a none similar name. That's how worthless we were to them. Just trash.

The woman that found us visited both of us every day. It wasn't until two days after we had been in the hospital, did I actually see my brother. Akaito loved that woman. I didn't trust her as much as Akaito did but she was nice enough. She read us stories and tried to teach us to speak. She had been a teacher for foreigners that didn't know Japanese. It was easy for her to teach us. We learned fast. Because we were so injured, we were in the hospital for a full month. We never saw that woman again after we left the hospital.

When we left, we left with Sakura. She was very kind to us even though we weren't so kind to her in the beginning. She saved us. She made us see that not every person in this world is evil. She opened us up to this world. I will always be grateful to Sakura for that. Even so…we hated Kaiko…well at least at first. We didn't like her taking us away from Sakura. We were 8 then. Three years had past and we never wanted to leave that orphanage. That's why we hated Kaiko…but we easily fell in love with her. With everyone in the family…but we both never forgot. We never forget. We never forgave them...not for a second.




I hope you guys enjoyed this story. It was short but I didn't really know how to explain everything. I thought you guys might want to know Kaito and Akaito's story. I had actually had this idea of there story for a while but I never felt like writing until now. I hope it wasn't stupid.

Anyways, I have continued this story. If you'd like to read book two, it's called Kyousei In One Voice. I've written four chapters I think. It might be more then that now. I don't know. Anyways, check it out. Everyone seems to like it so far.

Also, I'd like to thank everyone for reading my story. You guys are great. Love you guys!

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