A/N. Hi guys this bunny just bit me, I know its short but give it a try, I hope you all like it. It's written as its Mark Salling's birthday on Wednesday. And I just had this image of Puck getting very drunk for his Birthday. (Sorry Mark, the things we fanfic writers make you do ;-) Happy Birthday.

Not betaed because I was in too much of a rush to post, I don't think there are too many errors.

Drunk and Funny.

Puck was drunk, not the 'I'm a bit jolly drunk' either. This was the kind of drunk where it was quite probable that he wouldn't remember it tomorrow.

In fact he was having trouble remembering what his name was at the moment. And why he was standing on a table in the mall.

"Wow its high up here," He whispered. Well he thought he whispered, the little old lady who was slightly hard of hearing on the third floor heard him.

"Puck man get down," a voice pleaded.

Looking down, well not that far down. "Damn but your tall, I know you," Puck (thank god someone knew his name) said jumping down from the table in what in his mind was a totally rad move, but in reality left him sprawled on the floor looking like a shell-less turtle stuck on its back and scrabbling to get right ways up.

Two sets of strong hands pulled him up. "I know you," Puck repeated, in the same 'whisper' he'd used before. "I'm sorry I banged you're girl dude," He said sincerely.

"That was two years ago," a second voice pointed out.

Puck turned to see the new voice. "You have such pretty eyes," the voice snorted.

"Finn I swear I will not badmouth Rachel's wardrobe for a month if you let me be there when you tell him he said that."

"Where are we going?" Puck asked realising they were walking.

"Our place," Finn told him, trying to get him moving faster.

"Brilliant, I haven't had a three way in aaaaagessss," he said deliberately drawing out the letters.


"I know I know, you'll be there, I need someone to take blackmail pictures anyway."

"Where's my shirt?" Puck asked, just realising he didn't have it on, "And my pants," He added.

"No idea, but we think someone stole them when you were singing 'I'm a little tea pot'" pretty eyes giggled.

"I can rock that song," Puck said confidently. "It's in my all time favourite top ten songs."

"What's first?" Pretty eyes asked.

"Don't..." Finn started to say, but it was too late.


"Okay Puck we need to get you in the car now," Finn interrupted.

"I don't wanna!" Puck pouted.

"Puck, if you get in the car like a good boy, I'll let you have ice cream when you wake up, although I don't think you'll want it," Pretty eyes promised.

"Mint choc chip," Puck asked.

"Oh god, you didn't tell me Puck was armed with puppy eyes," Pretty eyes accused Finn.

"Can we just get him home please, we need to get him to bed."

"Everyone wants the Puckasaurus in bed. But you didn't buy me dinner," Puck vaguely felt himself be strapped into a car. He didn't remember the drive home. Or being walked inside and tucked into a comfortable bed.

But when he was woken the next morning by Finn shaking him and Kurt standing close by armed with his phone, he really really wished he could remember something, because he just knew he was about to pay for something.

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