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Chapter 2 – The Morning After.

Sat up then groaned and flopped back down into the bed. He could hear Kurt sniggering and taking photos.

"Would you please stop taking photos," Puck asked annoyed.

"Ah, it speaks," teased Kurt, from a safe distance.

Finn sniggered. "How much of last night do you remember?" He asked unsympathetically.

Puck tried to think. Nothing jumped to mind. "What did I do?" Puck asked tentatively, not sure if he wanted to know.

"You called Kurt pretty eyes and sang wheals on the bus for him," Finn informed him fighting back a smile.

"Damn," Puck tried to sit up only to be pushed back down by Kurt.

"Stay there," the smaller boy instructed. "I'll get you some painkillers and something to eat,"

"M'k," Puck snuggling back into the comfortable bed.

"You can have mint choc chip ice-cream when you're feeling better," Kurt teased heading for the stairs out of the basement.

"Did I do anything really stupid?" Puck asked, knowing he'd get an honest answer.

"Other than calling Kurt pretty eyes all the time?" Finn teased grinning.

"Well he does," Puck defended.

"Dude, are you crushing on my brother?" Finn asked failing to look as surprised as he should.

Puck groaned, "What did I say?" he asked knowing he must have said something to tip the normally oblivious teen off.

"When Kurt went to get extra pillows and blankets, I got you undressed and into bed. He thought you'd be uncomfortable if he did it. You said you've been thinking about being in Kurt's bed for ages and asked if he was sharing with you," Finn explained, he didn't tease, he didn't want to upset a boy he'd considered a brother since second grade.

"He didn't hear did he?" Puck asked worried, he wasn't ready for any of this to come out yet.

"No, he came in about five minutes later with blankets. You should tell him though."

"I can't, he hates me," Puck muttered sadly.

The door to the basement opened and Kurt sauntered down carrying a tray and a bag of goodies for them to munch on.

Puck gratefully accepted the coffee he was offered, and the toast. "Sorry if I was a moron last night."

"It's nothing I'm not used to," Kurt said in his normal manner, pushing Puck over to the far side of the bed so he could sit on it too. Finn took up a spot at the bottom of the bed leaning against the wall.

"Hey I'm not that bad, not any more anyway," Puck insisted.

"True." Kurt snagged some toast, having made plenty for all of them, "But the next time you're in my bed you had better be sober. Now what are we watching?" He asked going over to his DVD collection, leaving a shocked Puck and sniggering Finn behind.