The Dispossessed

A love poem

Based upon "The Silmarillion" by J. R. R. Tolkien

Author's note: the wife of Feanor was Nerdanel the Wise, and at first she was able to cool the fires of his heart. But they grew estranged after he created the Silmarils and all the misfortunes that followed, and she did not cross the sea with him when he led the Noldor to Middle-Earth.

The House of Feanor are called the Dispossessed for having forsaken the High Kingship of the Noldor to the House of Fingolfin.

Here's one for Alena of UCMEC, for writing such a *beautiful* Feanor and an even more beautiful Nerdanel.

Many a distant age ago

I called you love – and did not know

That what began so bright and fair

Will swiftly turn to bleak despair

We both were young, and I more so

I was too innocent to know

To see the dark while still ahead

To pay heed to a heart afraid

Your burning passion, wondrous skill

Soothed my fears and broke my will

Ere long, before I ever knew

Was born my doom – my love for you

I was the moth and you the flame

I had no courage – you, no shame

You spoke the words none else would say

And paid the price none else would pay

I was the ice to cool your soul

Before its brightness burned down all

You were the fire that I sought

To warm a heart that knew it not

Thus many ages we were wed

In beauteous light of deathless lands

From ice and fire mingling free

A love was born 'neath light of Trees

In blessed years I now recall

Now done and over, one and all

Sharing, faith and sweet desire

Clouded by memories of fire

But I was helpless when you sought

To cage the light – dark fate was wrought

And when the lies engrossed your heart

And tore the two of us apart

Then darkness came upon our lives

In which no light of love survived

And I was helpless – helpless still

When silken words and iron will

Drove our people to the shores

To be then cursed forevermore

When war was waged and fate decreed

In pride and hate and misery

In empty rooms I sat alone

Forgot by fire now made stone

Now days go by and still I sit

Feeling defeat after defeat

Feeling my sweet beloved sons

In battle falling one by one

Feeling the fire far away

Fading swiftly day by day

And so fade I – a wife no more

Nor loving mother as before

Cast aside by history

Abandoned in all memory

And having felt the touch of flames

I dare not love – 'tis not the same!

You may be glad to know, to see

How scorched your loving fire left me

Alone in darkness, left to wait

For final unforgiving fate

For the storm you raised to pass –

And *you* are called the Dispossessed.