Grey Eyes

1. Obvious

I guess this should've been obvious, Hotaru thought to herself as Setsuna told her the reason why she wasn't in the future with Chibi Usagi and the others is because she was in the Soul Society where a bunch of reapers protected humans from hollows, big scary things that looked like skeletons, and from other things that threatened humans in the afterlife.

Hotaru also figured it was obvious since she was the Senshi of Death and Rebirth, but the feeling of betrayal and hurt flooded her secretly as she realized that once again she didn't belong where she thought she did. She thought she belonged with her Hime and the senshi, but no, she belonged somewhere far, far away.

It should've also been obvious that only the most regal, one of the most important shinigami were going to appear to greet her as she was being sent off to the afterlife without much choice.

She was being sent off with Byakuya Kuchiki, the captain of squad six, and the head of the great, and oh so powerful Kuchiki clan. Minako had squealed about how handsome he was, but Hotaru admitted to herself that she didn't see him as handsome.

He stood a good head taller than her and he was probably wrapped with muscles with black hair that felt gracefully over his shoulders and piercing grey eyes that didn't reveal anything to her about his character. She thought she never met anyone as pale as herself, but he looked just as pale as she did. He dressed in all black except for the white captain's coat. She didn't see him as handsome.

"Hime," Byakuya stated in his clear, deep voice that frightened her as she stood outside her home-but no longer was her home, was it?-with a bag over her shoulders. "We'll be leaving now."

She felt a slight pressure as the world in front of her split open to reveal a sliding rice door. He opened it for her as she saw a black butterfly fly out of it before he stepped into his world and she soon followed.

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