Grey Eyes

5. Bad Mood

Byakuya was not in a good mood.

In fact, he was in a very, very bad mood, which a person could only tell if he glared directly at them. It mostly had to do with Gin, who had decided to torment the captain of squad six, and his statements about Hotaru and Rukia. Most crossed the line of sexuality and brought unpleasant images to his head as Gin stopped talking for a split second and said, How innocent do you think our Hime is? Of course, he then tried to go after Rukia's virtue. Most of his subordinates probably already told the rest of squads how foul of a mood he was in because people seemed to take an interest in this. Most acutely, the females seemed interested.

The only reason he was not heading straight home was the fact that he had to pick up the princess from a meeting with the second in demands. This was mostly Hotaru's idea since she wanted to get to know everyone with that odd, innocent smile on her face that made most of the muscles in his shoulders in his back relaxed when he saw it.

Byakuya found that the meeting had not gone so well. Or at least, that's what it looked like since Renji had a firm grip on Hotaru's arm as Rangiku yelled at him for something that he did and tried to grab Hotaru's other arm. She looked like she was caught in the middle of something.

"Taicho!" Renji yelled as he bowed, but didn't let go of Hotaru. Rangiku kept a full gripped on her other arm as she looked up at him, helpless.

"What's going on here?" Byakuya asked.

"I was trying to save the Hime from this demoness!" Renji glared at Rangiku who grinned at him. At least she wasn't interested him in him like some of the other women were, which was probably why he tolerated Rangiku better than a few others.

"Kuchiki, I'm sorry, but you know the women's-"

"Yes," Byakuya knew exactly what group she was in and he knew from a few very bad experiences.

Rangiku smiled. "I'm sorry Byakuya Kuchiki, but if you want this little firefly back," she yanked hard on Hotaru's arm and got her away from Renji, "but I'm going need a picture."

He didn't like the sound of that.

He turned around and stated clearly, "Hotaru."

It was a little bit of a command, but one that Hotaru tried to listen to as she tried to yank herself away from the blonde who gripped her one arm pretty hard. "Rangiku! I got to go! Go get a picture of Gin or something! I'm sure he'd be happy to help!"

Byakuya waited as Rangiku said, "Sorry, but she's not going anywhere-EP!" The three people jumped when Byakuya flashed stepped and now stood in front of Hotaru. She looked up at him for a moment before she felt a warm hand slip into her free hand as she suppressed a squeak before he gently yanked her away from Rangiku, who was too shock to keep her grip on the violet-eyed girl.

Hotaru stared at their interwoven fingers as she smiled at him. She didn't know why this small gesture made her so happy, but there was something comforting from the captain's grip and from the way he looked at her from the corner of his eye to make sure she was still there.

"Do you want to say something, Hime?"

Hotaru sighed a little. "Well, other than the fact that I've asked you to stop calling me hime for the past month?" He nodded. "No, I'm fine."

Hotaru tried not to think about how no other man held her hand like this.