Hey everyone, so this is a crossover between Fallen (by Lauren Kate) and Hush, Hush (Becca Fitzpatrick). It takes place more in the town of where Fallen and Torment are placed at. I do not own anything this is simply a fan written story dealing with my overactive imagination. Ha. Ok so for all of you out there that know Nora, I despise that name so I chose Noelle instead. Noelle is Nora and has been with Patch through everything but has a different attitude. Ok, I'll stop talking now. Enjoy! (Eh, Daniel's POV)

"Patch, would you knock it off?" Roland said, annoyed.

Patch was cracking jokes about Roland's blue tuxedo, the last one they had had at the rental store, conveniently, Cam smiled devilishly on that one.

I rolled my violet eyes and looked around at all the fallen angels around me. Roland, Patch, and Cam.

Arriane and Callie had somehow tormented Noelle and Luce enough that they both wanted to go to prom. The guys and I were in Luce's guest bedroom, getting dressed in tuxes.

Patch and I had met in heaven a long time ago and just now connected after Patch saved Luce from tumbling into an Announcer. Roland had automatically decided that he liked Patch and they were joking around now as they tied their ties into odd shapes. While Cam was weary of the new fallen angel.

I had cut two slits into the backs of my dress shirt and dinner jacket so that after the Prom was over I could take Luce somewhere special.

Roland had marveled on the two large scars that formed a 'V' on Patch's back when we first met. They were harsh and ragged, disturbing to look at, but somehow, none of us had questioned it, they had disappeared and he had wings again.

There was a soft knock on the door and Cam, who had been dressed since 20 minutes ago, answered the door immediately to reveal Arriane and Callie. Callie dressed in a long flowing pink gown, while Arriane was in a daringly low cut black dress that looked like it had been ripped at the bottom to make it so it reached her thighs.

I looked the two over once before turning back to the mirror, adjusting my tux once more. This was one of the only nights Luce had with Daniel where she got to act like a normal teenage girl.

Cam was grinning at Callie, his date of the night. After a battle with Outcasts that Callie had unfortunately been present at, Luce and the rest of us had had to explain it all to Luce's best friend from Dover.

Patch looked behind his shoulder but turned around again when he didn't see Noelle. Roland on the other hand was grinning at Arriane as he tried not to stare too obviously at her dress.

Arriane giggled, "Did somebody go to the rent-an-Easter-Bunny store instead of the tuxedo store".

Roland shot Cam a menacing look but Cam was pulling Callie from the room as they burst into laughter.

"I thought your favorite color was blue…" Roland made a pouty face.

Arriane laughed and walked over to him, placing a hand on his chest "It is, silly", she stood on her tiptoes, her feet clad in black stilettos, and kissed his cheek softly.

Patch groaned "Get a room, would ya?"

I grinned and gave Patch a high-five but his attention was pulled away immediately when Noelle appeared, a creamy pink cocktail dress clad on her tiny body.

Patch smiled, his obsidian black eyes tracing her body as he pulled her into a hug as they made their way out the door.

I watched the two, sighing as he waited for his Luce to appear. I walked over to my bow and the two Starshots I had acquired. I put them into a black backpack that I had packed with other weapons.

I grabbed the black back pack and made my way out of the guest room and into the living room that was entered by the front door. Cam and Callie were laughing as their eyes flickered over to Roland every few minutes. Roland and Arriane were talking quietly, their faces more serious than they should have been. Patch and Noelle were standing near the couch, Patch holding her waist as he grinned at her.

All of their murmurs and whispers and giggles were silenced when I turned around to see Luce entering the room. My heart skidded several beats as I took her in. A long black dress flowed around her and exaggerated her curves and angles. Long, black, elbow length gloves covered her arms and black peep-toe heels peeked out when she moved. My breath caught in my throat as I looked at her hair, long and curly, flowing down her back.

I felt Cam's eyes on me, his eyes slightly narrowed. Luce's blue (? Can someone PM me about her eye color?) eyes were sparkling as she made her way down the wooden steps and into my waiting arms.

I loved how her head fit perfectly into the crook of my neck as I pulled her closer, relishing in the warmth that radiated from her. I pulled back and held her at arm's length, taking the sight of her in again.

"You are beautiful, Lucinda" I whispered, my violet eyes bright and excited.

Luce blushed deeply, "Thank you" she said softly as she took my hand in her glove clad hand.

Roland decided to get the show on the road, "Let's go, shall we?"

We made our way to the black limo I had rented for our night.


When we arrived at the Prom, Luce and I were the last to exit the limo. I pulled her closer, not wanting to leave her side at all.

Luce was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and would always be.

"Do you want to dance?" Luce asked as we entered the dance after Roland and Arriane who were laughing about something.

I nodded eagerly like a puppy as we made our way onto the dance floor, taking her hand in mine as we danced to the slow rhythm, her body melted against mine and I breathed in the scent of her hair, and stroked the smooth skin on her cheek.

Cam was glancing over at us every so often but he couldn't leave Callie who was obviously head over heels for him. Patch and Noelle were cranking up the music to some fast Pop music. Roland was making his way towards us, Arriane off doing who knows what, probably rigging the Prom King and Queen votes.

Roland tapped my shoulder "May I borrow Lucinda Price for a dance?" Roland asked, his blue tuxedo shining brightly under the lights.

I looked at Luce, wanting her all for myself but I knew that we would have time after the real dance.

"One dance" I reluctantly let go of Luce's hand as she reached for Roland's and they danced quickly to the fast pace of the song.

I watched them, my heart aching even though I knew that Roland wouldn't dare take Luce from him. I walked to one of the small tables set up for the losers that didn't have a date or wouldn't go dancing. I chose the one reserved for our group and saw the black back pack hidden under the table cloth.

I looked away from it quickly, not daring to even think the worst. My shoulders ached from my wings not being out for days. But they could wait until tonight.

I watched Luce and Roland closely, the way their bodies would touch every so often, the curve of Roland's jawbone, the way their arms would brush against each others. But he couldn't let his mind wander off on those thoughts.

When out of the corner of my eye I saw something. A glint of silver and a pale hand. I didn't have enough time to get into action when I realized it was an Outcast with a Starshot, aimed straight at Roland's heart. I wanted to cry out and warn my friend but the arrow was already spiraling through the air, a whizzing sound just barely distinct above the loud music. And the end of my friend's life, just inches away.

Then there was a flash of black and Patch was standing feet from Roland, the Starshot gripped in his hand, Noelle watching, stunned, from where Patch had left her.

Roland just noticed the Outcast and Patch and the Starshot and he glanced at me. I wanted my friend to be there at my side while I battled but I needed Luce a safe distance away.

That was when Roland's large gold and black flecked wings burst from his shoulders and he grabbed Luce around the waist and lunched into the air, his body curled protectively over hers as he burst through the ceiling, screams echoing around the dance floor.

I turned, my bow notched with one silver arrow, not a Starshot, straight at the Outcast when I saw several more appear. I nodded when I saw Noelle and Callie disappear conveniently and Arriane and Cam appearing suddenly, their wings shoving gusts of air around them.

I shot the first arrow at the Outcast who had tried to shoot Roland as Patch raced forward, a streak of black, as he plunged the Starshot into a girl Outcast's forehead.

I looked up at the hole in the roof as Prom goers cried out all around me as my mind wandered off on what Roland and Luce were doing in the sky while I fought for their lives. I turned angrily and shoved the arrow I had shot into an Outcast's heart, my violet eyes blazing with anger.

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