Author's Note: Hello everyone! Thought I tried something new with a Naruto crossover with Star Wars. This was inspired in part by DragonKnightRyu's 'Soldier of the Jedi' and 'Birth of a Bounty Hunter' whose author's name escapes me at the moment, but credit goes to these two. Now we begin the tale, "Mandalorian Fox" ! Enjoy!



Fox Rescue


Ibonis-system, Wild Space

35 BBY

8 Years After the Kyuubi attack


"Status Report!" A young masculine voice shouted as a heavily modified Correllian YG-4210 Light Freighter painted in a dark green pattern with crimson red slash marks across it dropped out of Hyperspace "What the hell happened?"

Inside the cockpit of the ship the owner of the voice, a young man around 18 years of age with golden flecked green eyes with a trio of scars dropping over his right eye while another, thinner, scar ran under his left eye to his nose. The male was wearing a pair of armored trousers with a sleeveless vest covered by an equally sleeveless robe with the hood thrown back showing his militaristic brown hair as his hands, covered by a pair of bulky gauntlets, gripped the control sticks of his fighter like pilot's seat.

"We're just came out of Hyperspace," said a feminine voice behind him as she checked the systems for any damage to the ship, she was almost the same age as her companion wearing almost the same clothes as her counterpart, but didn't wear the cloak and her's appeared to be more form fitting of her figure, and her armour was colored white with a red trim, she had red vibrant hair that flowed a little past her shoulders, and had violet eyes as she continued to scan for damage.

"Some minor damage to the exterior hull and the navigational system, but overall we're alright," the woman reported, as the pilot gave a sigh of relief.

"Good," The man sighed in relief "Scout, what's our location?" He called over his shoulder to another young girl about 15 with shoulder length rust red hair that framed hard gray eyes that swept over the navigation console. She was wearing a nondescript sleeveless tunic and pants but had put an violet colored armored vest over top completing the outfit was a pair of fingerless gloves and a single hilt like object at her waist.

"I... I don't know Master," Scout answered slowly in confusion "I don't recognize any of the Coordinates and the Nav Computer doesn't read it either."

The other two people in the cockpit turned toward her with a look akin to shock.

"Are you serious Scout?" the other red head said as Scout nodded in confirmation.

"I'm positive Miss Calista. But from what I'm getting is that the star in this system is a Class G2, and there are at least 5 planets in, with at least two habitable, orbiting it," Scout reported and the two others eyes widened in suprise.

"Leave it to us," The male muttered "To find a completely undiscovered system because of a overload in the Hyperdrive."

"OH C'mon Ryu it isn't that bad, who knows, maybe they're friendly." Calista inputted optimistically.

Ryu merely raised an eyebrow as he looked at his co-pilot "Hi, I don't believe we've met, I'm Ryu Hisanaga, Murphy's Bitch." He said with sarcastic cheerfulness "Think about Cast, knowing our luck we'll end finding an ancient civilization that could rival Mando Jetii like me and Scout."

"Way to jinx us Master," Scout said dryly "I'm getting some life signs on one of the Habitual planets."

"Alright, then let's...," before Ryu could finish, his Force senses go haywire. Reaching out to to the Force, he sees what looks like a medium sized city, almost like Theed City on Naboo, but one thing different about this city was the Mountain in the background showing four faces and the number of trees growing inside it. Reaching further he sees the inhabitants, suprised they are humans, with some of them wearing some type of blue uniform with a green flak vest, and a headband with a metal plate with a engraving of a spiral leaf. The vision continued to flow as he saw the numerous inhabitants of the city go about their daily business when a wave of crushing loneliness and despair hit him causing his spectral 'avatar' to double over from the intensity of the emotion.

Taking a breath he looked up, through the crowd of people and he saw the source, a small girl of about eight years of age with reddish blond hair cerulean blue eyes huddled in the corner of a dank and grimy alleyway sobbing uncontrollably. Floating his avatar over the girl pity, anger and sadness etched on his face he reach out with the force and surrounded her in a blanket of warm comfort that he remembered the caretakers had done with him and the other children when they had nightmares. 'Scout, get us to the planet, home in on my Force Signal,' He called out over the bond between him and his student 'We have a big problem, potential Sith problem.'

Scout knew when it had to do with someone who could become a potential Sith, it was a serious matter.

'Got it Master, we're on our way,' Scout replied as she hefted her Master's limp body, much to the shock of Calista, out of the pilot seat and set him down gently on the floor, then taking the controls as she flew down to the planet.

"Scout! What are you doing! And what's wrong with Ryu?" Calista asked as she knelt next to Ryu, holding his head in her lap.

"He's gone into what he has called the spectral avatar state," Scout explained as she gunned the sublight engines of the Tal Verda to the max "I've only seen it happen once, and it is never by his will, he said that when the Force wished to communicate something to him, It would pull his 'spirit' so to say and bring him to a place where he needs to be, the last time it happened he helped a young Force Sensitive on a primitive planet protect his home clan by showing how to channel the wish to protect through the Force."

Calista eyes widen at that, "And, what is it this time?" she asked the Jedi Apprentice. And Scout's eyes narrowed she pushed the ship through the atmosphere of the planet.

"Apparently he's found a four year old girl that if we don't help soon...she could become a potential Sith," Scout explained, and Calista's face turned shock when she heard that,"And if the Force forced him into Spectral mode for it... something bad is going to happen, like Jedi Civil Wars bad."

Calista shocked face paled as she thought about it "Better hurry then." She murmured "I'm arming up."

With Ryu

'Hush Child, you are safe,' Ryu sent to the child causing her to jerk suddenly in fear 'Do not worry, I am your friend, I am currently communicating with you through your thoughts, what happened to you child?'

The girls sniffled more as she tried to wipe her tears away with her arm, "I...*sniff*...I-I was kicked out of the orphanage, b-because they said they would'nt let a demon like me live there anymore," Ryu perked at that, "And when I started walking around the town, people started looking at me the same way they did, and I don't even know what I did! I always listened to what the adults said, I ate the food they gave me even if it tasted bad, but..." she said as she was about to cry again, "They always yell at me, even if it's just a small accident, they call me a worthless demon or whore,"

'Then they are obviously wrong,' Ryu told her gently 'I see neither in you, all I see is a cute little girl who is just to cute to be crying.'

Naru let out a small choked giggle at his comment in between her sobs as she relished the feeling of warmth that the strange voice seemed to be providing her "Thank you," She whispered softly "Where are you?"

While she couldn't see it she could feel Ryu smile at her 'I am coming towards you,' He answered 'I am coming to keep you safe, warm and loved Naru, no one deserves what happened to you.'

"Then why did it happen, why me?" She asked in a soft whisper that sounded hollow and broken.

Ryu's face gave a solemn look at that, but then turned to determination.

'I don't know, child,' Ryu told her truthfully, 'But I will find out why, I promise you that,'

Naru didn't know why, but the way he said it made her feel happy and she smiled gently as tears of joy fell down her whiskered cheeks.

"T-thank you," she said, and Ryu smiled knowing he can lift any child's spirits up. Before he could reply to her though, he caught the sounds of yelling, and they're coming closer to their location.

"Burn the Demon!" He heard in the distance, and from the way Naru curled up even tighter he could tell who they were after.

'Naru, do you trust me?' Ryu asked his mind racing quickly hoping his plan would work and wouldn't horribly backfire.

"Y-yes." Naru confirmed after a slight hesitation.

'Then please, open yourself to me, allow me to guide you,' Ryu requested 'I can get you to safety but I will have to channel myself through your body.'

Naru gulped and nodded and opened herself to Ryu's mind who entered.

*Naru's Mindscape*

"What the hell?" was the first word Ryu spoke as he looked around what looked like a sewer, and right in front of him, was a large gate as big as a mountain, and in the center of it was a piece of paper with writing on it, he couldn't understand. Before he could continue he heard breathing on the other side of the cage and prepared himself for whatever it was.

"Who dares to intrude into the mind of my container?" A deep rumbling voice demanded as a pair of crimson red eyes opened up behind the cage "Who are you mind walker?"

Several things flashed through Ryu's mind in an instant but settled on the most primary concern "I am not here to fight or harm anyone," He announced "Only to save this child. My name is Ryu Hisanaga, I am a Jedi Knight of the Republic."

The squinted a bit as they glared Ryu down, "Is that so? Then why is a Jedi Knight doing here in my container's mind when she is about to beaten down by a mob just around the corner?" the voice asked in interest.

Ryu stood his ground as he stared back at the thing on the other side of the cage, "Like I said, I wish to save the girl, as it was the Force who led me here to her," the Mandalorian trained Jedi repeated.

"And now my question...who or what are you?" in response to that, the owner of the voice moved into the light able to enter the cage and Ryu was shocked as he saw what looked like some kind of animal, it had reddish orange fur with a black mask like marking around it's eyes, and had long ears, and waving around it were nine tails.

"To answer your question, I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune!" The massive fox roared challengingly smirking at Ryu's startled expression before his expression slipped to one of calm as he gathered the Force around him.

As a specter what he could do physically, without a medium of some kind, is quite limited, but with the Force however...

"You shall not stop me from protecting this child Kyuubi no Kitsune," Ryu declared as his mismatched eyes flashed as he gathered the Force around him causing the shin deep water he was in to swirl around him "I may not be a Master, but you shall not stop me from my objective."

The fox growled at the Weapons Jedi, as a thought ran through it's head , 'Does he really take me for a FOOL!' It thought "You are not the first mind walker to attempt to harm this kit from within, I will not allow you to harm her!"

Ryu paused and looked at the massive fox with a curious look before closing his eyes "I do not wish this child harm Kyuubi," He repeated "If I don't act now then this child will be harmed more than what this crowd will do, there is more at stake here, the Force brought me here for a reason, and that reason is to prevent this child from falling to the Dark Side. To show her that there is love and Light in this universe."

The Kyuubi glared as red chakra started to form, but the but a bright light from the scripture on the gate blocked most of it from escaping the cage.

'Dammit Minato! I now you made this damn seal to make sure I don't get out again, but you failed to realize that there are people who would hurt your daughter for what I did! I swore to Kushi-chan that I will rotect Naru as if she were my own! Unlike that pervert Sennin' the Fox thought furiously as it continued to stare threatingly at the Jedi Knight.

"And how do I know I can trust you?" the Fox demanded as the crimson eyes narrowed in distrust.

Ryu met the Kyuubi's eyes and said evenly without fear or hesitation "There is no guarantee," He said "There never is, but I can never do a child harm, it goes against my very being and code," Ryu's eyes burned with fierce anger "And I despise those that would harm a child in such a manner, no matter what the child has done."

The Kyuubi continued to look at the Mando Jetii seeing the fearless in his eyes and the glint of anger that burned within them. Although, it could be some kind of trick, the young man's words held no ill-intent toward her host/charge. And the words he spoke about hating child beaters regardless of reason, was indeed spoken with convinction, and the anger was real. The Kyuubi sighed as it came to it's decision.

"Alright. But try anything funny, and you'll be my latest meal," the Fox warned as it's crimson slitted eyes glared at Ryu, and clicked it's teeth, showing it was serious.


Naru whimpered in fear as the mob of people stalked into the alleyway she was hiding in "There you are you little bitch," One of them said with sadistic glee "I'm going to enjoy this."

Just as the man reach out to grab her Naru could feel a rush of something run through her body as she suddenly leapt high into the air and landed on the rooftop of the building she was beside 'Relax Naru,' Ryu's voice told her 'I have only temporarily taken control, do you know anywhere safe I can get you?'

Naru managed to pull herself together and tell him were to go.

"Hokage-Jiji's office, near the Hokage Monument, the one with the faces," the little girl said and then squealed as her body moved on it's own accord as she jumped across the rooftops shocking the Mob below.

"What the hell! What's going on here?" One of them shouted "How is she doing that!"

"She's revealed her true colors, the demon is going to attack us!" Another shouted "We must kill it!"

'Fucking fools,' Ryu growled as he felt two lifeforms give chase on the rooftops 'Guess it's the hard way then.'

The two shinobi that were chasing after Naru threw a pair of kunai at the girl only for them to be pushed off course from some invisible force "WHAT!" One of them shouted "What happened?"

"T-that's impossible! I aimed dead center at her legs!" the other stammered, shocked that the kunai that he flew straight and true was knocked off course.

"Come on! We'll just have to grab her before she makes it to the Hokage Tower! I rather not make an appointment with Ibiki Morino!" the young Chuunin ranked ordered as he and his companion continued after Naru, unaware of a pair of red eyes watching them.

"Naru-chan, I'll protect you," a boy around Naru's age with black hair and red highlights muttered as he ran as fast as he could after the group.

The spectral Ryu winced inside of Naru's mind as he absorbed the strain being put on her body and transferred it to his own 'This is going to hurt in the morning.' He said as he launched a wave of Force energy at the two Chunins following him catching them off guard 'Starting to hit my limit here,' He thought, 'looking' up he saw that they were nearing the tower 'Thank the Force.'

As he approached the tower, he let his guard down a little bit, and didn't notice the shadow, moving up behind Naru. Just as he and Naru were near the tower, the shadowy figure came out and revealed what looked like an ANBU if the animal mask and gear was any indication, the shinobi smiled sadistically as he poised his ANBU-issued katana to slice her half.

"Prepare to die, Kyuubi-brat!" the words caught Naru and Ryu's attention as both of their eyes widened as the sword was just about to come down.

'SHIT! He's too close!' Ryu shouted in his mind

Just as the sword was about to cut through the body a small rock nailed the ANBU in the 'eye' causing the man to jerk in surprise missing Naru completely. "Who the hell?" The ANBU shouted turning to see the black haired boy throwing another rock at him.

"Leave Naru-chan alone!" He shouted in anger as the ANBU swatted the rock out of the way "Run, Naru-chan!"

"Little fucking brat, you wanna die too huh?" The ANBU growled stalking towards the boy.

"Yorudan-kun!" Naru shouted to her friend in fear.

'Naru, take you friend and run,' Ryu ordered the young girl 'I'll deal with this one, now GO!'

As Naru ran to Yorudan Ryu left her body and began gathering the Force 'Let's hope this works,' He thought as he launched a streaks of white lightning at the ANBU while allowing his Avatar to be seen "You shall not harm them." He announced 'Scout, Calista, hurry.'

'Hang on Master! We're almost there! Just a few more minutes!' Scout replied as she gunned the Tal Verde as it swept over the trees of Hi no Kuni.

Ryu turned back to the ANBU, who was looking at him in shock behind his mask as he struggled to get up from the lightning strike.

"W-who or what ARE you?" the Rogue Elite Shinobi stammered out as he saw the spectral form of Ryu stalking toward him.

"I am Ryu Hisanaga," He announced as more white lightning channeled around him and a wind began stirring "And I am a Mando Jetii, in other words your worst nightmare!"

Raising his hand he flung another bolt of lightning at the shinobi who leapt out of the way only to run head first into a Force Push sending him tumbling back. Growling as he rolled to the feet the shinobi leapt forward his sword blurring only for it to pass harmlessly through the specter "What?" The shinobi asked in fear.

Ryu chuckled darkly as he 'walked' up behind the rouge ninja "Fool, this is only a projection of my physical form," He mock as he raised his hand "I typically only save this for the Sith, but I think I'll make an exception this once."

The Shinobi jerked his head behind him, and the last thing he saw was Ryu's smiling before he launched lightning at the ANBU, causing the Rogue shinobi to scream in agony as the Force lightning cooked his insides. After two minutes, all that was left of the ANBU was a blackened corpse. Ryu glared at the corpse, knowing the fool deserved it.

"Usen'ye di'kutla" He said in Mando'a and turned to locate Naru and Yorudan "I have to hurry," He said as his form began to waver "I just hope they're alright."

Naru panted as she and Yorudan ran to the Hokage Tower taking the little known or to small, for adults, passageways to avoid the growing mob that chased them. "C'mon Naru-chan!" Yorudan shouted encouragingly "We're almost there!"

Ryu breathed a sigh of relief as he spotted the pair and ghosted along above them to look out for any danger 'Naru, turn left, they are cutting you off straight ahead.' He warned her mentally before he heard a distant roar 'Scout, Calista, hide the ship and hurry!'

'Alright, setting her down in a clearing a hundred yards from the village's East Gate,' Scout replied as she landed the Tal Verde in a large clearin in the forest outside Konoha.

While Ryu breathed a sigh before he heard a scream, "Yorudan-kun!"

Looking down his eyes widened at the sight of the two kids trapped in a dead end with Yorudan on the bleeding "NO!" He roared as rematerialized shocking everyone present "THIS GOES NO FURTHER!" Ryu's golden flecked eyes began to change pure gold "You goddamn fools would dare harm a CHILD!"

The sound of his voice and his current appearance made the civillians shake with terror as they saw his eyes turn colors. A groan from Yorudan caught his attention as he turned his head to Naru kneeled beside nursing his head wound as she ripped a piece of her clothing and pressed against his head to stop the bleeding.

"Are you alright?" Ryu asked the orphan, as Yorudan nodded yes as his hand held the piece of cloth to his wound. It was at this time one of the civilians stepped out from the mob, the woman had vibrant pink hair, and Ryu was conflicted if it was natural or dyed. The woman then began to speak in a tone that Ryu knew all too well: arrogance, and stupidity.

"The brat deserve it for protecting the demon!" She shouted "In the name of the council I demand that you step aside so we can kill the de-"

Her words were cut off as she began to choke, raising her hand to her throat her eyes widened in shock as she felt nothing there even though there was massive pressure building up on her windpipe "Bitch please," He growled "To me you are just a speck, you're just a waste of oxygen, I guess I'll have to fix that."

Before anyone could do anything, the pink-haired woman's neck snapped in two with a loud crack, and the body fell lifelessly to the ground.

The mob's eyes widened in shock as they watched one of the Civilian Council die, with stranger not lifting a finger. Some were now more than hesitant to go against this person as he unleashed something akin to KI.

Unfortunately a few Chuunin manage to get over their fear and attempted to attack the spectral Jedi. But unfortunately for them, it was not to be.

The two Chunin made it only two steps before they were cut down by a white armored figure that dropped down from above "You fucked up bastards," The figured growled, it was obviously female with the way the form fitting armor curved although they were not able to see her face due to the helmet she was wearing. "Harming children."

'Master, I have your body with me,' Scout informed 'You can release the technique.'

'Right,' Ryu confirmed as his specter began to fade 'You need to hurry here Scout, an orphan that came to the child's aid was injured.'

'Right. I'm on my way there now,' Scout replied as she cut the link, grabbed her lightsaber, a medpac, and a Westar-35 blaster, just in case, as she dashed out of the ship, arrived at the gates snuck pass the guards and heading to where Calista and the children were.

Back with said person had her vibro-blade katan out as she glared the mob through the visor on her helmet. Her lips then formed a sadistic grin that would make a certain Kunoichi proud.

"Who dies first?" She asked with a sadistic tint to her voice as Ryu's specter fully disappeared.

"W-who are you people?" One of the mob members stuttered out in fear as the woman in front of them stalked forward.

"Mando'ade (Children of Mandalore)," Calista answered as she walked forward her blade glinting in the moonlight "Not that it matters to you, after all, you are all going to DIE!"

"Come on, it's just one woman! We can take her, hen we can deal with the demon-brat!" shouted one civilian who somehow regained a bit of coaurage or was really stupid. But before anyone could agree with him, Jade moved like a cheetah, and impaled the villager who made that remark.

"I resent men who view women like me as weak," she hissed and then kicked the villager off her blade, sending him back 6 feet,"One thing you should know about the Mando'ade, everyone fights."

With that statement Calista shot forward again her vibro-blade cutting through the civilians like water, any attack that the civilians did try were either dodged or bounced harmlessly off her Beskar armor without even a scratching the paint. Spinning low Calista swung her blade cutting a trio of the mob at the knees before her blade was stopped by a triangular knife.

"I don't know who you are or where you came from, but you're in Konoha, the strongest of the Hidden Ninja Villages!," one man, who was clearly a Jonin because of the darker shade of green, declared arrogantly.

Calista could only scoff at that, "Tell that to your buddies who fell to my blade," She countered "Mando'ade live and breath battle, and add in a husband who's Murphy's Bitch and if you can survive there is no doubt that you can take anyone."

Breaking away from from each other the two eyed each other before Calista lunged forward her blade flashing as the Jonin barely managed to deflect the blow with his kunai only to blink as a circular object appeared in front of him.

"Wha-" The jonin began only to be cut off as the grenade blew up in his face while Calista covered the two children.


Meanwhile in the Hokage Tower


Hiruzen Sarutobi, Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, and student to the first two Hokages, sighed misreably sat in his office, which, 8 years before belonged to his successor/predecessor, the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, aka the Yellow Flash of Konoha, who single-handedly annihilated an entire army of Iwa-nin using his signature move, the Hiraishin. The man whose final wish was being trampled on by the civilians whose life he had gave sealing the Kyuubi into his own daughter saving them.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of an explosion going off nearby the tower "Report!" Sarutobi barked standing up within milliseconds "What happened?"

A female ANBU with waist length purple hair wearing a cat shaped mack appeared in front of him kneeling "Sir! A mob has attacked Naru Uzumaki," Neko reported with anger creeping into her voice "Although, three unknowns have prevented them."

The old Hokage quirked an eyebrow at this, "Three unknowns?" he asked the young ANBU and Neko nodded.

"Hai, according to reports one of them appeared to be some of spectral being, who looked male, and somehow killed Councilwoman Haruno without even a muscle, and two more that appear to be female, one wearing some kind of form fitting armor that kunai can't put even a dent in it or scratch the paint off, and the other appears to be a fifteen year old girl, wearing some kind of robe with the same kind of armor as a vest," Neko reported and Hiruzen's eyes widen at this.

"Let's go," The elderly Hokage ordered tossing off his robe revealing his battle armor "I believe we have some things to attend to."


Back with Naru and company


"A-amazing," Naru breathed watching the white armored woman attack the mob and shinobi that tried to get past while another red headed woman tended to Yorudan's wounds "How is she able to do that?"

"Years of training and fighting along side a Jetii," The woman beside said "Your name is Naru right, my name is Scout, that's Calista and you had already met my Master, Ryu."

Naru turned to Scout with a look of astonishment on her face, "You mean Ghost-san that's been helping me?" she asked, and Scout nodded as she placed a bandage over the wound on Yorudan's forehead.

"That's right," Scout confirmed smiling at the girl "My Master can sometimes separate his... well... soul I guess, from his body, he can't really control it, but when it happens, something bad would be about to happen, luckily we managed to get to you before you came to major harm, right?"

"Where is he?" She asked looking around "He was right here."

Scout patted her head "Don't worry," She soothed "He returned to his body because he was nearing his limit in that form, he'll be along shortly."

Naru nodded at that and continued to watch Calista cutting down the rest of the mob.

*With Calista*

"NO! Please! Have mercy! I won't ever harm the girl ever again I swear it!" Begged a ninja, wearing a chuunin vest with his back against the wall. He had had black hair, coal black eyes, and had what looked a fan on his left uniform sleeve.

"Like you would keep that promise scum," Calista growled angrily "I can tell just by looking at you."

The Uchiha snarled at the woman "Fucking bitch I'll fucking ki-" He began to threaten only to find his throat slit.

"Who's next?" She growled turning to the frightened crowd.

"That's enough!" an aged but commanding voice sounded, and Calista turned to the source and on the roof of a building saw an old man dressed in what looked like body armour. Accompanying him were people dressed for battle who each had a sword strapped to their backs, but the most peculiar to Calista, was that they were wearing what looked animal shaped masks. The Old Man landed a few feet from while one of the masked individuals, who she saw was a female by her figure, and her long purple waist length hair, jumped down as well.

"While I thank you for protecting Naru-chan, and Yoru-kun from the mob, I wish to know why you did it. So my first question is, who are you people?" The old man demanded eyeing the two of them.

"Simply put, travelers who despise child abuse," Calista answered bending the truth "That's all I can really say, as for our names, I'm Calista Hisanaga, behind me is Scout."

"And the third member, who is he and where is he?" The man asked looking around warily.

"I'm over here," everyone turned to the voice, and coming out of the shadows, was Ryu Hisanaga himself in his trademark attire of Mandalorian Beskar armor and Jedi robes. Neko, the Sandaime, the other ANBU tensed, while the surviving mobsters cringed in fear at the sight of the one who killed a member of the civilian council.

"And you are, Young Man?" the Sandaime questioned while giving him a calculating glance.

Ryu smirked as he pointed his thumb at himself, "My name, is Ryu Hisanaga," He answered "Now who the hell are you old man?"

The man smirked at Ryu's bluntness and bowed slightly "My name is Hizuren Sarutobi, I am the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure," He said in introduction "May I ask what is your three business here in Konoha?"

Ryu stared at Hizuren for a minute delving into the Force looking to any threat from the elderly man or his guards "Perhaps that is a conversation best served elsewhere instead of in an alleyway," He said carefully "This place is a little... corpsey."

The Sandaime looked around and not only noticed the mutilated corpses laying about, but also the surviving members of the mob who were cowering in a corner. After giving a harsh glare to the idiotic villagers which made them flinch, Hiruzen turned to Neko.

"Neko, I want you to help the one named Scout get the children to the Tower, and then have Inu and the rest of his squad here and take the survivors to Ibiki, tell him not to hold back on them," he ordered and Neko grinned evilly behind her mask as she walked over to Naru, who recognized her instantly.

"Onee-chan!" cried Naru as she ran up to her big sister figure and Neko kneeled down and hugged her, while Naru started crying into her shoulder.

"Hey, Hey, it's alright Naru-chan," Neko assured, softly stroking Naru's hair as she stood up holding the girl in her arms "You're safe now, both you and Yoru-kun are safe, no one will hurt you while I'm around, Okay?"

Naru sniffled and nodded with out saying anything burying her face into Neko's neck.

Behind them Scout stood up hefting Yorudan onto her back with ease as Calista, after receiving a nod from Ryu, picked up Scouts equipment "Lead the way," Ryu said nodding to the aged leader who turned and walked out of the alley way leaving the surviving mob members with a group off pissed of ANBU.


10 minutes later

Hokage's Office


The group entered the office without any trouble. Ryu and Calista saw to that, as they intimidated any villager who looked, moved, or even talked anything about the children was given a hundred-fold. By that, either a Force push, or a bolt from one of Calista's Westar-35 blaster pistols.

As soon as the door to the Hokage's office was closed and the security seal in place Ryu let out a small gasp and collapsed to one knee as Calista rushed to his side "Are you alright, cyar'ika (Darling, Beloved)?" She asked her eyes filled with concern.

Ryu nodded grimly "Yeah," He assured with a small smile "I just went past my limit with the Specter Form, that's all."

Calista frowned behind the visor of her helmet, "Idiot, if you knew that, you shouldn't have used it like you did!"

Ryu only continued to smile at her, "Hey don't worry, this is only temprorary. I just need a couple day's rest and I'll be back to my old self," Ryu said in a joking matter, while Calista just sighed.

"I swear, you're going to give me a heart attack and I'm 18 for crying out loud!" She lectured him before sighing and hugging him again. Reaching up she unlocked the seals on her helmet and pulled it off before running her hand through her crimson hair shaking it loose.

"K-Kushina?" Sarutobi whispered in shock as he stared at the young woman before him "I-is that you, Kushina?"

Yuugao, who helped Scout lay down the two youngsters on the couch to rest, jerked her head at the name of her sensei, her eyes widened behind her mask as the woman in the white armor had removed her helmet, showing her crimson hair, and violet eyes.

"S-sensei?" she whispered in shock.

Ryu, Calista, and Scout all quirked an eyebrow in confusion at that.

"Who?" They asked at the same time.

Sarutobi blinked in surprise and snapped himself out of his stupor "Forgive me," He apologized "You look much like an old friend of mine, Naru-chan's mother in fact, during the Kyuubi attack eight years ago she had went missing shortly after giving birth to Naru," As the old man talked he sat down next to Naru and patted her head softly "I've tried my best to keep her safe, but the civilian council has become so corrupt that I cannot do anything unless I attend to it myself, and with being the leader of the village." the old Hokage sighed in exhaustion. Ryu perked when he heard the word Kyuubi.

"Excuse me, but this Kyuubi wouldn't happen to be a fuzzy reddish-orange animal with nine-tails, and almost as big the mountain with faces on it, would it?" he asked, and Saurtobi looked at him with a quizzical expression.

"Yes...How did you know?" Sarutobi asked curiously and slightly cautious.

Ryu passed a quick look over the two children making sure they were asleep before answering "Because," he finally answered "I had a chat with it when I possessed Naru's body for a short period of time, quite protective of the girl, almost... mother-like to be honest."

Sarutobi's eyes widened at that. This man was able to posess Naru and see her tenant with an unknown type of power. And now this strnger says the most destructive being probably in the whole universe, was acting protective over it's host in a motherly fashion.

"And that's not all," Ryu said as his scrunched up,"I saw the memories of her early childhood, goddammit it's a miracle that she hasn't fallen to the Dark Side already, with what she went through the Masters of the Order would have broken."

Scout looked up at Ryu wide eyed "That bad?" She asked in shock "Damn."

"I'm sorry, Dark Side, the Order, what are you talking about?" Sarutobi asked his confusion getting the better of him.

Ryu looked at Sarutobi and sighed, it was probably no suprise these people didn't know about the Force, Light or Dark Sides of it, or the Jedi and Sith in general.

"You might wanna make yourself comfortable Ba'buir(Grandpa). This will take a while," Ryu said and Sarutobi nodded as Ryu began to explain.


An Hour later


Sarutobi frowned as he and Yugao processed the information that Ryu had provided them about the Force, Jedi and Sith, and the Republic "So life exists among the stars huh." Yugao said in a daze "Makes the problems of the Elemental Countries seem small."

Ryu gave a small grin "Try being the peacekeepers of said Galaxy." He countered "It all adds up."

Sarutobi had a distant look on his face as he looked down on the two children sleeping on the couch undisturbed by the world changing information that was just given out "Tell me," He said suddenly still looking at the two children "Do you think your Order would be able to take these two in?"

Ryu went into a thinknig, pondering what will be the result of the Jedi Council hearing about this.

"Honestly, I don't know," He said truthfully, "The Order usually inducts new members when they are infants, due to being more pure and uncorrupted in anyway,"

He looked at Naru and Yorudan still sleeping.

"These two, however have seen the worse kind of corruption and hatred I've ever seen," He continued sending out a small Force probe over the two "Yet, even through that, they remain pure... could they... no," Ryu sighed heavily before settling his mouth into a grim line "I can petition the Council, they may listen to me, I do have some pull with them, however, if they won't allow them to train as Jedi, we can teach them as Mandalorians."

"Mandalorians?" Yuugao repeated with a raised eyebrow.

Calista decided to tell them a bit about her people "The Mandalorians are a race of humans, my people, we're said to be decended from the Taung Race who ounced populated the Mandalore System. We're basically a warrior people, doing mercenary work, bounty hunting, assassination, you name it, we do it," she said with a little pride.

"Sounds a lot like our Shinobi program," Yuugao commanted,"We pretty much do the same thing, only we answer to our countries Daimyo."

Ryu nodded "Most of the Mandalorian clans are separated and scattered, but we all answer to Mandalore," Ryu expanded "And that title is either passed down by succession, popular vote, or by combat."

Sarutobi was about to make a comment until a knock on the door interrupted them.

Deactivating the security seals Sarutobi then ordered who was on the other side of the door to come in, and in came a Chuunin as he kneeled to one knee.

"Hokage-sama, the Councils have assembled and have asked for your presence concening the incident with Naru Uzumaki, and the Civilian Council are demanding the three individuals who protected her to be present as well," the young man reported, and Sarutobi gave a tired sigh, knowing that the council will find out sooner or later. Ryu, Calista and Scout both gave a scowl, both having the same thought that the Civ Council was being rather too pushy.

"Thank you, tell them I will be right there," he told the Chuunin who nodded and left in a shunshin, which interested the three visitors in the room, "Will you three come with me, please?" the God of Shinobi asked and they nodded, he then turned to Yuugao, "Watch over them while I go deal with the council," And Yuugao nodded as Sarutobi looked at the children,"It's time I did what I should have done from the beginning."

Ryu raised a curious eyebrow at the elder's statement but remained silent as he fell into step behind the man "Anything I should be aware of?" He asked curiously.

"Just that the civilians despise Naru-chan along with the head of the Uchiha clan," Sarutobi muttered "Then there's a warhawk named Danzo, he runs a 'secret' ANBU program known as ROOT that should have been shut down, I just don't have enough proof that he is still running it. The shinobi clans are mostly in support of Naru-chan with the exception of the Uchiha, or those who prefer to stay neutral in the matter. The civilians will probably try and get you executed and the such like, but be ready, they may attack because of what I am about to do."

The three youngsters nodded as they followed man to the Council chambers.


Meanwhile in the Council Chambers


In the chamber that contained the entirety of the Konoha Council, both civilian and Shinobi Clan Heads, the civilians were murmuring to themselves about how the plan to finally rid Konoha of the supposed 'Demon-brat' failed along with the death of Abi Haruno, a High ranking member of the council, and the deaths of over half of the mob she assembled to hands of strangers who possessed strange abilities, while the survivors were sent to Ibiki to be interrogated.

Fugaku Uchiha, while on the outside looked calm, but was actually livid because that loud, pink haired, nymphomaniac, had to screw the plan to finish the Fourth Hokage's and that Uzumaki bitch's brat, and end Minato's line ounce and for all, 'Even in death he is always thwarting me.'He thought angrily suppressing a snarl.

Everyone looked up as they heard the door open and saw Sarutobi walk calmly into the room followed by the three strangers "About time Saru-" One of the civilians began only to receive a backhand from Sarutobi as he passed by.

"That's Hokage-sama to you scum," He said in full 'God of Shinobi' Mode shocking everyone in the room "My patients with all your bull crap has come to an end, I will no longer tolerate any disrespect to myself, understood?"

Everyone looked at the Sandaime Hokage, and everyone had differing views on the matter.

On the Shinobi Clan side, minus Fugaku, 'He's back!' was the one thought as they grinned, knowing that the Old Warrior in Sarutobi was back in the game.

On the Civilian side, along with Fugaku, Homura, Koharu, and Danzo, 'Kuso! He's got his so-called "Will of Fire" back in him! Our/My plans are ruined!' was the overall thought of everyone on the opposing side concerning Naru.

"Now then, I think it's time we get down to a little buisness shall we?" Sarutobi commented as he sat down and steepled his fingers in front of his face "May I introduce our guests, Ryu and Calista Hisanaga and Ryu's apprentice Scout. They are travelers that happened to be in the area when the mob attacked Naru Uzumaki."

"They should be put to death!" One of the civilians shouted "They killed Councilwomen Haruno and over 25 citizens and 10 shinobi!"

"All of whom would have been executed anyways for attacking two minors under my protection," Sarutobi countered glaring at the councilor who shouted out "Honestly they just saved me some time, besides, I'd rather not piss of a foreign country by attacking members of it's private police force that has some strong similarities to our shinobi program."

The other civilians immediatley shutted up, knowing that another was not what they wanted.

"Excuse me Hokage-sama, but you said 'two minors'. I know one of them is Naru Uzumaki, but who's the other?" Tsume Inuzuka asked in curiosity.

Sarutobi answered straight to the point, "The other child was Yorudan Takeo. He was beaten by the mob while he tried to protect Naru-chan," said Sarutobi, and heard a couple of gasps from Calista and Ryu, the old turned to see their eyes wide in shock and suprise.

"Is there something wrong, Calista-chan,Ryu-kun?" the Old man asked in concern.

"What was the boy's surname again?" Calista asked, knowing she heard the name before.

"Takeo, he's the son of two of our most gifted Shinobi, Aren and Sutura Takeo," the old man replied which caused the two Mandalorians to look at each other in shock.

"Couldn't be them, could it?" Calista asked Ryu in surprise and slight hope.

"I'll have to run some blood tests, but it could quite possibly be," Ryu agreed as his forehead creased in thought "Now that I think about it, he does look a lot like him."

"If you don't mind me asking, what are you talking about?" Hiashi Hyuuga asked politely with his eyebrow raised in curiosity.

"Takeo is a respected name amongst the Mando'ade," Ryu explained

Sarutobi eyes widen at that, while everyone else, including the civilian council was confused.

"Please explain...," Sarutobi requested, and Calista nodded her head in approval. She and Ryu got close to the old man so that only he could hear.

"Aren and Sutura Takeo were two of the most repectful and dedicated bounty hunters in all of Mandalore, probably even the whole Galaxy. I knew them personally because they were part of my training, teaching me in the Mandalore arts!" she said quietly causing Sarutobi's eyebrows to vanish underneath his hat.

"What I heard was that 10 years ago, they just vanished when they accepted an contract to hunt a bounty west of the Rishi Maze," Ryu added in, and Sarutobilooked like he was about to have a heart-attack.

"That's about the same time they arrived here! They helped in defeating Iwa in the last Shinobi World War!" Sarutobi clarified for them, "They were very secretive about their past but they were good people. They were good friends of the Yondaime Hokage and Kushina, Naru's mother, she even named Sutura Naru's godmother!"

"So he's there son huh," Ryu muttered to himself closing his eyes "I owe them I debt of life to them, guess I can repay it by teaching their kid."

Calista smirked a little towards Ryu "Sounds good," She agreed as they both stepped back and raised there voices "So what do you wish to do Lord Hokage?"

"Well, It only seems fair that, you being the only ones besides myself, and several of the Clan Heads to be close friends of Aren and Sutura, that you be allowed to bring Yorudan into your care." Sarutobi said. "And it may be for the best you take Naru-Chan with you-"

"Unacceptable!" Fugaku shouted, standing to his feet. "We cannot give up the Demon to these Foriegners! That would mean-" He was cut off as he began to choke, and his hands flew to his throat.

"Call Her a Demon again..." Ryu said, slowly as he glared at the arrogant Uchiha. "And I will not hesitate to kill you." Both sides of the Council, and Sarutobi were simply shocked at how Ryu was managing to choke Fugaku With his Mind! Danzo rose an eyebrow with interest as he saw this

Turning his head Ryu locked eyes with Danzo and was disgusted by the greed he saw in the war hawk's eyes "Anybody else have a problem with the Lord Hokage's plan?" He challenged as he let go of Fugaku's throat.

The civilians, not want to anger the Mandalorian trained any further quickly shook their heads no.

"That's what I thought," Ryu said with an edge to his voice. Suddenly he blinked and frowned in confusion as he felt something fluctuate in the Force, looking over to his student he received a nod saying that she felt it as well. Closing his eyes he tried to reach out to the source 'Where is it coming from,' He wondered 'Who is it from?'

After a couple of seconds his eyes snapped open and he walked next to the Hokage "Do you have any facilities about 50 ft underground around 2 kilometers from here?" He asked the elderly Hokage in a soft whisper "Because I am feeling a disturbance in that general area."

"Not that I know of," Hiruzen answered truthfully but then turned to Danzo, "But I know who one who does,"

Ryu nodded knowing who he meant. He knows he can't just go charging into a underground facility, where there's likely hundreds of those ROOT ANBU that Sarutobi tol him about. Discreetly signaling Calista to come over to him, he whispered one phrase to her.

"Time to call some friends,"

Calista nodded and under the pretense of checking on the kids left the room with Scout to call in said friends.

"Don't worry," Ryu assured "They'll be discrete."

Sarutobi nodded before turning to the gathered council "Is there any other matters the council wishes to bring to my attention?" He asked aloud and received head shakes and denials "Then this meeting is dismissed, Inochi-san, Shikaku-san, Choza-san, Tsume-san, Shiori-san and Hiashi-san, please remain, there is a matter I would like to discuss with you privately."

Fugaku was still livid as he left the Council Chamber, grumbling about somehthing so he didn't hear what Sarutobi said as he stalked out of the room. When the old Hokage was sure the others were gone he turned toward the only people he could trust nowadays.

"Now, the reason I asked you all to stay is because Ryu-san here has something he wishes to tell us," Nodding his go ahead to the Mando trained Jedi, Ryu stepped forward.

"I wish to inform you, that I have an ability that allows me to do things that you people would only hear in storybooks. It's an ability members of my Order are gifted with, we call it, The Force,"


Meanwhile in the Hokage's Office


The minute the door to the office closed Calista had her comlink out and was connecting with their friends "Sinai here," Came the voice of Fallern Sinai, the leader of the squad that Calista and Ryu once belong to and still work with today "That you Calista?"

"It is, alor(Leader)," Calista confirmed "Listen, we need your help."

"I'm listening." Fallern replied curiosity in his voice.

Calista took a deep breath and began to explain everything that happened up to that point.

" *Sigh* I swear you two can get into the most sticky of situations," Fallern sighed out, "In normal situations I expect to be paid for a job like this, but since it's you three, we'll do it for free,"

Calista couldn't help but smile at that, "Thanks alor,"

"Don't mention it, just send us the coordinates to that system and we'll be there in no time," he said and Calista sent the coordinates for the Hysperspace Jump, "Got it, also Teelay is here, says she and her team will give us a hand, alright."

"Pass on our thanks," Calista said grinning wider "It puts me more at ease knowing they're coming as well, talk to you soon alor."

Calista closed the link and put away her comlink smirking all the while "I take it your friends are strong then?" Yugao asked in curiosity.

Calista nodded in confirmation "Very strong," She answered "Fallern is the leader of the team that Ryu and I were apart of, and Teelay is another Mandalorian, her team is mostly comprised of Force Adepts as well, people who can use the Force, but are not apart of the Jedi Order."

"Wow," Yugao said in awe,"so there are other Orders of Force Users out there besides the two more commonly you told us about?"

Calista put her hand on her chin in thought, "Maybe, but if Teelay and her group are an example, so there might be,"

"Did someone mention Teelay?" Ryu asked as he and Sarutobi entered the room.

"Yeah," Calista said grinning "She was with alor when I called and she decided to come and help us out as well."

Ryu nodded in understanding "Hm, she would definitely be welcome," He admitted "She's a lot better at locating other Force Sensitives than I am."

"Oh yeah, Ryu, do you know of any other groups of Force Sensitives outside of the Jedi?" Calista asked curiously.

Ryu raised an eyebrow at her question "Yeah, there are some others that I know of or heard of," He confirmed "The Witches of Dathomir are the most obvious ones, then there are the Followers of Palawa, nasty bunch, hand-to-hand fighters, while often not Dark Siders, there is no lost love between them and the Jedi."

Yuugao and Hiruzen were stunned that such groups existed.

"And if I remember somehting, Garek met that, Silva, who became a part of the group" Ryu said remembering one of his comrades, "I believe he told us she was a former Nightsister from Dathomir,"

"She's really nice and all, but sometimes she really can be... creepy." Scout commented from the couch where she was cradling Naru's head in her lap.

"Well at least she's curbed her... darker, tendencies." Calista chipped in enjoying the weirded out look from the two shinobi.

"A-ano, who exactly is this Silva you're talking about?" Yuugao questioned not liking how the two other women were describing their comrade.

Ryu decided to answer for her, "Her name is Silva Durvon. She's from a clan of Dathomir Witches known as the Nightsisters, with Force Powers equal to the Sith in strength,"

The two Shinobi gulped at that as Ryu continued,"Though for some reason she left the Clan and sometime later, met Garek Nero. He told us that Silva doesn't want to talk about her past, since it brings nothing but bad memories," he finished and the Shinobi were pale in the face.

"And one thing that pisses her off more, it's child abusers," Calista put in before blinking and looking over to Ryu "She's going to go ballistic here isn't she?"

Ryu blinked and sighed "We'll tell her it's the one eyed bastards fault," he said dismissively "And from what you been telling Ba'buir it pretty much is."

Scout sighed as she knew when children are being abused, Silva's wrath is bigger than a Great Krayt Dragon's in mating season, she turned to look at the Shinobi, and by seeing the looks on their faces, they know a bunch of people are gonna end in body bags.

"Might wanna call morgue and tell them to get ready Gramps, because they are about to get overwhelmed, big time," Scout said in a exasperated tone, as she almost felt sorry for the idoits of this village. Almost.


Four Days Later


Ryu sat in a meditative position on the Forest floor a couple of kilometers outside of Konoha where the Tal Verda was parked waiting for Fallern and Teelay's ships to arrive, Scout was beside Ryu meditating as well while Calista paced around impatiently keeping a close eye on Naru and Yorudan as they inspected the Tal Verda with a reverent awe. All around the perimeter were several ANBU guards who were assigned to protect Naru after a ROOT attempted kidnapping that resulted in two crushed windpipes, one snapped neck and two slit arteries.

"Firefek!" Calista cursed in Mando'a, as her patience reached an end, "Where are they?"

"Easy Callie, they're in the system, they're just making the final approach to the planet," Ryu assured, his eyes remaining closed "They'll be here in a few minutes," He suddenly tilted his head slightly and a yelp was heard as Yorudan was suddenly pushed back from the ship "I told not to play with the weapons Yorudan." Ryu admonished.

"But Nii-san there so cool!" Yorudan exclaimed making Naru, Scout and Calista giggle while Ryu's lip twitched "C'mon I just want to try them out!"

"No," Ryu said with finality and slight irritation, "I don't want anything like craters, scorch marks, or burning trees here, and you setting the villagers into a panic,"

Yoruda crossed his arms and pouted as he sat on the ground, "You're no fun," he muttered and Ryu eye twitched, and the girls just laughed at his situation.

"You know, the more time I spend with you Yorudan, the more you remind me of your Mother and Father." Calista commented with a smile. Ryu and Calista told Yorudan who his Parents were the day after they first met, and to say Yorudan was shocked beyond belief was a serious understatement. None of them knew a Human Being's eyes could grow so wide like his did when they told him, and he immediately started bombarding them with questions about his parents, like what were they like, What they did, and many more questions.

"Really?" Yorudan asked as Calista nodded. "Yes." She said. "Your Father was about as obsessed with new weapons, and technology he would get as hyper as you are right now. He also had a thing for Tech from the older times, witch is why he got a Dynamic-class freighter."

"A what?" Yorudan asked, tilting his head to the side.

"It's an old starship that's been outdated for almost thousands years." Ryu answered. "But Your Mother and Father managed to find one, and refitted it to the point it could easily outperform any ship I've seen so far."

"They had their own ship?" Yorudan asked, his eyes wide once again. "One that flew?"

"Yes, but what is it with you and flying kid?" Ryu asked.

"Yorudan-Kun's one dream is to fly, and go where no one has gone before." Naru said, "Sometimes, we would spend most of our time just staring up at the sky, imagining what it would be like up there."

"And wondering if there really were people living up there in space." Yorudan added as he looked up at the skies. "I guess I can stop wondering now…,"

A muffled noise caused everyone to look up into the sky as a pair of ships descended to their position, one was a modified black YT-1200 with a gunmetal gray trim while the second was a modified red and gold Muurian Transport ship "There they are." Ryu said getting to his feet "C'mon you two, time to meet some friends."

"Whoa," Naru breathed in excitement "What kind of ships are those?"

Ryu smiled encouragingly at the young girl "The black one is a YT-1200, while the red one is Muurian Transport ship," He explained pointing them out "Can you tell me their makers?"

Naru frowned as she tried to recall the information she had gathered about the ships in the Tal Verda's databanks "I know that the YT-1200 is the same as your ship, um Corellian Engineering Cooperation? And the Muurian is easy Muurian Interstellar!"

"That's very good Naru. You definitely have a good head on your shoulders," Ryu complimented making the young girl blush and causing the other two women to giggle and Yorudan to laugh.

The two ships landed next to each and after powering their engines, the boarding ramps opened and the occupants came out.

Out of the YT-1200 came a trio of females, the one in the lead was a beautiful Near-Human female standing at about 1.8 meters with slightly pointed ear with her strawberry blond hair in a braided pony tail that fell to her shoulders and had caramel colored eyes, she was wearing form fitting green, tan trimmed Mandalorian shock trooper armor with a blaster pistol on her left hip and a wooden lightsaber hilt on her left and a pair of vibro-blades holstered in her boots.

The one on her left was a Zeltros with red skin, blue shoulder length hair and blue eyes with a yellow circle around the iris wearing yellow, violet trimmed, formfitting Mandalorian shock trooper armor and scarf around her neck with a blaster rifle strapped to her back, two holdout blasters strapped to her legs and a lightsaber on her hip.

The last one was another female, an Echani, with white, almost shoulder length, hair and silver eyes wearing the same kind of Shock Trooper armor as the other only colored white with sky blue trimming and a black headscarf wrapped around her head, on her hips were two different types of blasters, a rifle and a pistol, and a lightsaber.

Ryu recognized the lead female immediatley.

"Hello Teelay, it's good to see you here," Ryu greeted as he bowed slightly, while Teelay offered a friendly smile.

"And you as well Ryu, when we recieved that transmission from Calista, I knew I had to come here," Teelay replied with a short bow of her own.

"What, no hello for us?" asked a voice that Ryu recognized.

"Ah shut up ya old coot!" Ryu shot back to Sinai Fallern, a man with short salt and pepper colored hair and gray eyes wearing black, silver trimmed, Mandalorian armor and carrying a blaster rifle with obvious modifications to it "I'd rather talk to the beautiful ones over the ugly old man!"

"A shut it Ge'verd (Almost Warrior)" Fallern countered back making the group behind him chuckle in amusement.

"How have ya been kid?" Asked Valane Trikos, a giant of a man wearing black, red trimmed, mandalorian armor with uncovered biceps and carrying what looked to be a miniaturized artillary piece.

"Just fine Valane, and I see you're stil carrying that cannon around?" he asked pointing to his Heavy Repeating Blaster Rifle.

"Hey! Don't make fun of my baby!" Valane shouted only to be smacked upside the head.

"Your baby?" Alita Riza, a woman with black shoulder length hair and onyx colored eyes wearing formfitting black armor with gold trim and brown cloak thrown over her left shoulder partially covering a jet pack and carrying a blaster pistol, two vibro-blades strapped to her lower back and two satchels full of shape charges, shouted at her lover in frustration "Do you see what I have to deal with Calista? Honestly this guy is so dense!"

Krista Raez, a woman with brown shoulder length hair and viridian eyes wearing a form fitting sky blue armor with lime green trimming and carrying a blaster rifle with a concussion grenade launcher attached along with a blaster pistol and two vibro-blades attached to her thighs, laughed merrily at her friends plight while her lover merely shook his head, a young man named Valken Tier who was wearing tan armor with a brown trim with his helmet that he was currently carrying having a small antenna coming out of it, he was also carrying a modified Tusken blaster rifle with a longer than normal scope and a scoped blaster pistol.

"Oh cut him some slack Alita," said a voice and evryone turned to three more people dressed in Mandalorian Armor.

One was a male who was wearing Gunmetal grey with white trim Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor, with a red sash around his waist, a white kama skirt, and a white shoulder cloak draped over his right shoulder. He was carrying was looked like a sleek and elegant blaster pistol, and a vibro-sword on his left hip. And if one looked closely at his vambraces, they could barely see a blade hidden inside. He had black neck length hair, and gunmetal grey eyes.

One of the other two with him was a beautiful looking woman, as she was dressed in her form fitting red with yellow trim Mandalorian armor, with red robe that hugged her frame. She had pale skin, shoulder blade length chocolate brown hair, and her eyes were yellow with a black rim. She was carrying what looks like a Katana, and the same kind of blaster as the first man, who's arm she's clining onto rather affectionately.

The other male, who looked the same age as Scout was wearing Mandalorian armor colored black with a brown trim and also had what looked a brown sleeveless shirt over the armored vest. He had green eyes, and gunmetal grey hair, which made Naru curious. He was carrying a blaster sniper rifle on his back, and a heavy blaster pistol was holstered on his right hip. When he saw Scout, he blushed and looked making the woman smirk.

"Hey Chim, how's us going?" Scout asked the blushing boy leaning over making him blush even more.

"W-well I suppose." Chim stuttered out making everyone snigger.

"Garek, Silva" Ryu greeted the two "I hope you two have been well."

"We have Ryu," Garek confirmed "We actually just got back from a vacation when you called alor."

"Oops! Sorry about that!" Ryu said sheepishly.

"Don't worry about it," Silva told him in a cheerful mood, but her face turned into a menacing scowl, which scared the ANBU as they backed, "Now...where are these cockbites so I can test my lightning on them?"

Ryu's own smile dropped as he gestured for everyone to gather around "Right, to business then," He announced "Our job is the eradication of the illegal organization known as ROOT based within Konoha, I have managed to get the general area of at least one of their bases but nowhere definite yet, Teelay, that's where you come in, you are far better at picking up precise locations than I."

Teelay nodded in understanding as Ryu continued on "We will be comprised to three groups, the first group will comprise of Fallern, Valane, Alita, Chim and Scout, your job is aiding the local law, ANBU, in clearing out the main enemies we encounter and setting up the explosive charges to blow up the base." He explained "The second team will be comprised of Garek, Krista, Valken, Carradine and Aalina, your job is rescuing and protecting any prisoners found within the base."

"So that leaves me, you and Silva for what?" Teelay asked curiously.

"Eliminating the head of ROOT, suspected of being a man named Danzo." He said holding out a picture of Danzo.

"Just by looking at him, I can already tell I don't like him." Fallern said, and Ryu nodded.

"What's with all of the bandages?" Valane asked, scratching his chin. "Sarutobi, the leader of the village, says He says it's to cover up scars he received when he was younger." Ryu said. "But I don't think that's the case. He's hiding something under those things, and I doubt its just scars."

"What about me?" Calista asked, and Ryu smirked a bit.

"You, cyar'ika," he said. "Have the most important mission of all." He then walked behind Yorudan and Naru, placing a hand on their shoulders. "You, are babysitting." He said. "Even with these ANBU guards, I'd like to have someone I can trust watching over these two, and that's you…plus I need to be sure Yorudan doesn't try to mess around with the Tal Verde's weapons while I'm gone."

"Kuso!" Yorudan shouted as he kicked some dirt in frustration. "I just wanna shoot a few trees is all Nii-san!"

"And I don't want you starting a Forest fire, Adiik!(Kid)." Ryu said. "But…if your good, I promise you that you can have some Target Practice in the nearby asteroid field when we leave!"

Once again, Yorudan's eyes defied the laws of physics, and grew as wide as saucer plates as he grinned. "YOU'RE THE BEST RYU NII-SAN!" He shouted as he hugged his older-brother figure.

"Are these the kids Calista Mention Ryu?" Fallern asked, stepping forward towards the two, eyeing Yorudan for a moment getting an odd feeling of familiarity from him.

"Ah, yes they are." Ryu said. "Everyone, Meet Naru Uzumaki, and Yorudan Takeo." The second after he said Yorudan's surname, most of the other's drew their attention towards the said eight year old, with wide eyes, and Yorudan beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable under their gazes.

"You mean he's…" Silva said, almost in a whisper.

"Yup, he's Aren and Sutura's son." Ryu said.

"Shit, you have got to be kidding me," Valane said squatting down in front of the kid "But you can definitely see the resemblance."

Teelay snorted "And from the sound of it he has Aren's love for weapons." She added with a smirk.

Fallern just shook his head "Great just what I need," he grumbled good naturedly "More young upstarts."

"I can defintely tell he'll inherit Aren's good looks. And I definitley can tell he's infatuated with little missy here" Carradine chipred, causing Aalina to groan, and the two kids to blush.

"Carradine, please, you're not on Zeltron anymore. And one thing you're WAY older than him, and Two, they're too young to know that," Aalina admonished, causing the Zeltros to pout a little.

"Oh come on! I was just having fun!" She whined, but then peked as a thought came to her, "I should introduce them to Arnalla!"

When she said that the others' eyes widened in horror, and caused Teelay and Aalina to groan in exasperation. Calista asked the question her fellow Mandalorians were afraid to ask.

"Y-you brought that furball here?" she yelled out causing the two children and ANBU wondering what she meant by that.

"Of course!" Carradine said enthusiastically "I take her everywhere."

The Zeltron let out a sharp whistle and in short order a large black furred feline creature stalked down the ramp to Teelay's ship and growled at the gathered group.

The ANBU in the trees and the two children's eyes widened at they saw. The creature had four eyes, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, and a rat like tail which split at the end looking like fingers.

"Say hello to Arnalla! My pride and joy!" Carradine chirped and if anyone was watching, they would've saw the Feline stick out it's chest in pride.

"Uuuhh, Ryu nii-san, what in the name of Kami is that?" Naru said in wonder and a little fear.

"A Nexu," Ryu answered nonchalantly "That one is a particularly rare breed known as the Stealth Nexu."

"Umm, is it... tame?" Yorudan asked eying the feline nervously.

Carradine shrugged "Not really." She said "But she won't attack out right."

Ryu chuckled "She's is a Bad Kitty." He said grinning widely.

Arnalla glared at Ryu as it growled, but before she could think of attacking the Jedi, it caught sight of Yorudan and Naru. Casually, it walked over to the two, and began sniffing them, when it stopped the Black Nexu then began rubbing against them like a cat does after not seeing it's owner for awhile. Carradine was floored by this since this is rare as Arnalla never accepted a stranger so quickly before.

"Odd, I've never seen her warm up to strangers so fast," she said in astonishment.

Before anyone could say anything, Arnalla perked up, and looked toward the forest. Everyone looked to where she was looking and there standing by a tree, was a deer.

The deer froze at the sight of the Nexu and shuffled nervously as they stared at each other, Arnalla suddenly bounded forward chasing after the deer that darted off at high speeds.

"That was odd," Yugao commented landing next to Ryu "The deer normally stay out near the Nara Clan's Preserve, on the other side of Konoha."

Not a minute after she said that a Blood curdling scream was heard, and then Arna came back with what looked like a person in her mouth as she dragged it across the clearing.

She dropped the body and then placed her paw on the individual's back and everyone, showing he was still alive.

Ryu raised an eyebrow "Sometimes I wonder just how smart that cat is," He muttered kneeling down in front of the man and lifted his head up by his hair "You recognize him Yugao?"

Yugao shook her head "No, I don't." She denied "But how did he escape our noticed, we should have been able to notice a Henge at the very least."

"Scout, Chim, take the kids onto the Tal Verda," Ryu ordered lifting the man up by the back of his collar "Silva, please come with me."

The two went into the forest, leaving the rest of the group, as Chim and Scout took Naru and Yorudan onto the ship.

"I wonder what those two will do to him?," Yuugao wondered as Fallern answered her.

"Most likely they'll interrogate him in their own unique fashion," Fallern commented.

"He may not seem like it, but Ryu is extremely gifted at the 'Mind Delve'," Teelay commented "It's a obscure branch of the Force that allows the user to enter the recipients mind. From there he can search memories, take control of the body or even help in the progress of healing mental scars."

"Silva inflict the physical pain and that causes them to focus more on the pain and their natural barriers are lowered," Aalina continued "Then Ryu enters their mind and finds the info he wants."

"Whoa." Yuugao muttered. "Anko, Ibiki and Inochi could learn a thing or two from them...they run our Torture & Interogation Division here in Konoha."

"Well, maybe we could meet them sometime?" Teelay said, with a grin. "They sound like my kind of people."


With Ryu and Silva


Ryu roughly sat the ROOT against the tree, then kneeled down to his eye level.

"Okay shabuir (strong insult, jerk), we're gonna ask you some questions, and if you give us a wrong answer, things would suck for you," Ryu said in a serious tone, "My first question: Who is your target?"

The ROOT agent spat on Ryu's face hitting his cheek "I'll never talk." The shinobi said with conviction.

The expression on Ryu's face never changed as he wiped off the spittle from his face and stood up "We'll start at the 5th level this time Silva," He announced getting a slightly surprised look from the former Nightsister "These Chakaare (Bastards) have me pissed."

Silva nodded "One last chance boyo," She advised "Once he starts he won't stop until you shatter."

"I'll never talk." The shinobi repeated.

Silva sighed "Alright then, don't blame us if you lose your mind, Ryu isn't that gentle when he starts at level 5." She stated as she raised a hand with lightning crackling around it and smiled "Although I hope you scream, I love screamers."

On the outside the ROOT kept a calm, stoic face. But inside, he knew he was screwed as he watched Silva aim her hand at him.

"This will hurt...a lot!" she said as she shot her Force Lightning at the Root.

To give the man credit he held out for all of ten seconds before a pained screamed tore through his lips echoing through the trees of the forest.

"I see you still use Lightning with the intent to harm huh?" Ryu commented idly ignoring their prisoners pained screams.

"Of course, that's what it's meant for, destroying the enemy while causing pain." Silva shot back slightly irritated "You use the technique yet you don't know this?"

Ryu smiled softly "It's not the only way to use it," He said as white sparks danced between his fingers "Haven't you ever wondered why mine is a different color than regular Lightning, it's because of the intent behind it, mine is meant to protect."

Silva snorted "Save your philosophy for the Jetii because I don't care." She scolded before turning back to her prisoner who had gone hoarse from screaming "Looks like he's ready to begin."

Ryu knelt down again and lifted the ROOT's head by his hair.

"Read to talk, Chakaare?," Ryu demanded, and the ROOT just gave him a defiant stare, which caused Ryu to scowl and turned to look back at Silva and nodded. Silva grinned, knowing she was gonna fun with this one, as she charged up her Lightning again.


On board the Tal Verde


Naru and Yorudan were eating Uj (1) cake that Calista recently made, and they liked it, not as good as Ramen, but it was a close second.

Scout giggled as she watched them eat "Master is always eating these," She remarked "Him and Master Yoda are always getting into fights over the last ones."

Chim snorted "Who would've thought that such a small thing could become a Jedi Master!" He exclaimed "I mean he's so small!"

Scout laughed deeply "Yet he can kick my Master's ass like Master is the Padawan all over again!" She pointed out "Master may seem, and he is, extremely powerful he's only like the seventh most powerful Jedi in the order right now."

"Really? That's Impressive!," Chim said, while Scout nodded.

"It's true," Scout clarified, "But not they're not as good as Master Fay, and she doesn't even use a lightsaber!"

"That name sounds familiar, where have I head it before?" Chim asked in confusion his forehead creasing in thought.

"Master Fay was the one who trained Teelay in the Force arts," Scout informed "Apparently she was a real task master, although she has never taken a Padawan before."

"Hey Nee-chan!" Naru shouted getting the two teens attention "What's it like out there? Among the stars?"

Scout smiled as she faced the two younglings.

"Well, Naru-chan, I'll tell you one thing, when you're traveling from planet to planet, it's nice to get away from a crowd. But you can real bored in a couple days," she said truthfully.

"What a way to tell a little girl about the galaxy Scout," Said Calista as she came into the galley. It was then that Yorudan decided to ask something that was on his mind.

"Calista-Nee, can I ask you something?" Yorudan asked.

"Sure, what is it?" Calista said. "As long as it doesn't invlove the Tal Verda's weapons."

"No, it's about my Parents." Yorudan said, gaining Calista's full attention. "You and Ryu-Nii said they had their own ship, that Dynamic-class thing?"

"Yes, what about it?" Calista asked.

"Well, if they had their own ship, they would have had to use it to get here right?" Yorudan asked, and Calista nodded. "Well, if that's the case, wouldn't they have it somewhere around Konoha or something?"

Calista blinked and she thought about it. "Hmm...Ya, I guess they would." she said. "Why are you asking?"

"Well...I was thinking..." Yorudan said. "That while Ryu-Nii and the others are on that mission, if You, me and Naru-Chan could try and find it. Is that ok?"

"Hmm," Calista hummed in thought as she looked over the two "I suppose we could change the parameters of the scanners to scan for anything of our level of technology, so it shouldn't be that hard."

Yorudan immediatley perked at that and Calista swore the grin he gave pratically split his face.

"YATTA!," was what she heard as she was hug-tackled by the excited youth.

Naru gave a happy, but somewhat sad smile as she saw how excited and happy Yorudan was, seeing he was going to learn much about his parents. All her short life she wondered who her parents were, wheteher or not they loved her or what the matrons at the orphanage said about them hating and abandoning her, the latter hurting her like a kunai knife to the heart.

As if she could read Naru's mind Calista told Yorudan to go get a snack for them to eat adding in a stern warning not to touch any of the weapons before sitting down and patting the seat next to her for Naru to sit on "What's wrong Naru-chan?" She asked in concern hugging the girl.

"I... I... why is it Yorudan-kun is able to learn about his parents, but I don't even know if mine loved me!" Naru sobbed out clinging to Calista tightly.

The Mandalorian woman understood what she meant, as she comforted the young Jinchuriki, knowing from what Sarutobi told them, he kept Naru's heritage a secret from the village and her as a way to protect from her father's enemies from outside the village. He also wanted to keep Naru's status as a Jinchuriki hidden until the time was right, but, unfortunately, one of his Jonin body guards that was with him that night shot his mouth off, and the village found out her Jinchuriki status. He told the villagers that the Yondaime, Naru's father, wanted her to be seen as a hero. Sadly ironic though, that they praised the father, but ostracized the daughter for something that wasn't her fault to begin with.

Calista smiled sadly at the young Jinchuriki as she held her comfortingly "I tell ya what Naru-chan," Calista said getting the girls attention "How about once we're finished finding the ship that Yoru-kun's parents came in, we investigate about your parents, does that sound good?"

Naru nodded mutely into Calista's shirt letting out a couple of sobs as she calmed down slightly just as Yorudan came back in with a plate full of snacks.

"Naru-chan? What's wrong? Are you okay?" he asked in concern, and Calista looked at him and smiled, knowing Yorudan was concerned for the strawberry blonde girl.

"It's okay Yorudan-kun," she assured him, not realising she was using the suffix for him and Naru, "Everything is just find,"


With Ryu and Silva


Ryu's eyes were closed in concentration, as he had his hand on the ROOT's head as he used the Force Mind Delve to see into the agents memories.

For each person, the mind delve was different, some saw it a holomovie, others as pictures. For Ryu he experienced it from the actual perspective of the person themselves leading to a double edged sword in feeling everything they feel.

"Got it," Ryu announced as he cut the link with a shuddering breath falling to a knee "The main base and several minor bases as well as a general rough number on troops and prisoners."

"Are you all right Ryu?" Silva asked as Ryu as he stood back up "You seemed like you were in pain."

Ryu nodded closing his eyes "Let's just say that I actually have even more reason to hate Danzo," Ryu declared as he walked away "I'm not even going to hesitate."

Silva knew, when he said that, bad things were about to happen. And what she meant by bad. It was for those who crossed Ryu the wrong way


Author's Postword: And Cut! I hope you all enjoyed this, because this is only the prologue to my first Star Wars/Naruto fic. The next update will be out shortly, until then, May the Force be with you...