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New Uzushio

To Infinity and beyond


Uzushio Island

Planet Rikuduo, Ibonis System

35 BBY


Korbin Kurain was a man who was easily in his mid to late 40's or 50's, standing at 6'4 with Short Black hair, and Dark blue eyes. He was wearing a simple attire of a grey shirt and darker grey pants with a utility belt strapped around his waste, and a pair of black boots. He currently had his Hydrospanner out as he once again attempted to work on his YT-1250 Light Freighter in another attempt to try to get the Long-Range communication's online.

He was forced to land on this Planet when he was chased down by a few Pirate ships who followed him into the system. Though he managed to avoid dying, his Long-Range communication's dish was destroyed. He was forced to land and hide on one of the two planet's in the system.

After hiding his ship, he decided to get acquainted with the Local's as he waited for the Pirate's to stop looking for him. He then stumbled across a village called Uzushiogakure, where he developed a nice home there. Even though the Pirates who chased him down here were long gone, there was one thing...or rather one person who forced him to stay.

"Korbin-Kun! Anything new?" Korbin looked up from his spot inside the Stargazer's Control pannel, to see a beautiful woman, who looked to be about as old as he was, standing at 6'0 with Crimson Red hair styled in buns with hair pin in them and three clips in the front, similar to how Mito Uzumaki had her hair. She was wearing a high-collared, sleeveless loose-fitting dress with a pair of sandals. Even at Nami-Hi Uzumaki's current age, she still had that same beauty that Korbin fell in love with all those years ago when he first met her.

"Same old thing Nami!" Korbin replied, and his wife just smiled at him.

"Well, why don't you stop for a while and get some food," Nami-Hi suggested, "I made your favorite,"

Her husband perqued up at that, "Alright! I get some grub and come back and fix this damn thing later!" he said as he got up and stretched his back loosening his back bones and muscles.

"Man, I'm getting too old for this," he said, his wife then used her hand to turn his head toward her.

"You're never too old for me, Koi," she said sweetly and gave him a kiss on the lips.

Korbin grinned as he returned the kiss. "Now that's true." He said. "Now let's-" He was cut off as alarm's started going off in the cockpit. "What's that?" Nami-hi asked, never seeing the ship do that before.

Korbin swore as he bolted towards the controls. "Those were the sensors, I rigged them to set off an alarm if a ship enters our sensor range!" He then clicked a few more buttons. "We've got four ships...a YG-4210, a YT-1200, a Murrian Transport and...a Dynamic-class Freighter? Wow thats and old ship."

Nami-hi suddenly had a worried look on her face, "You don't think it's those pirates you told me about, do you?" she asked. But before Korbin could answer her, he got a hail from the Dynamic-class freighter, causing him to quirk an eyebrow.

'They're hailing us?' he thought, and after a couple minutes of waiting, he flipped a switch and soon a hologram of a person they know came on.

"Tou-san? Kaa-san? You there?" the two were suprised as it was their son Toddo, who after the destruction of Uzushio, went to Konoha to become a Shinobi.

"Toddo? Is that you?" Korbin said and his son smiled at him.

"Yeah, sorry if we scared you. I met some interesting people in Konoha and I also have a very special suprise for you," he said with a cheerful grin. The two parents were confused by what he said.

"What do you mean by that Toddo-kun?" Nami-hi asked her son.

"You'll see after we land. We'll be there in just a minute," with that he cut the link.

"Well, this should be an interesting story for us." Korbin said as he turned to Nami-hi. "Hope you made enough food for everyone."


A minute later


Korbin and Nami-hi now stood just outside of the Stargazer, waiting for their uninvited guests to arrive. It didn't take long as the four ships from before too arrive, and land. The first to land was the Dynamic-class, and when the main door opened, their son Toddo exited it. "Hey Tou-San! Okaa-San!" He said, waving to them as he walked forward.

Korbin smiled as he and his wife walked forward as well. "Soichi! Good to see you again!" Nami-hi said as she hugged him. "So, how have you been?"

Toddo smiled. "Great, Okaa-san." He said. "As you see, I've been pretty busy the last few day's."

"I can see that son." Korbin said as he looked at the different craft that had landed. "So what's this suprise you told us about?"

Toddo smiled a he looked back toward the boarding ramp and made a hand gesture.

Korbin and Nami-hi watched as a 8 year old girl, with pink hair and red high-lights, shyly came down the boarding ramp, and when she reached Toddo she hid behind the shinobi's leg prompting him to chuckle at her shyness.

"Now, now, Lacus-chan, there's no need to shy," prodded Toddo, and Korbin and Nami-hi's eyes widen at the name. They got a good look at her, and saw her eyes were a mixture of Dark purple/Sapphire blue, and shockingly her face was identical to Nami-hi's.

"Toddo-kun, is this...?" Nami-hi began as she got down on knee to get a better look at the girl. Toddo nodded with a smile.

"Yes, she is." He said. "Mom, Dad, time to finally say hello to my daughter, and your Granddaughter, Lacus."

Only three seconds passed until Nami-hi smiled happily, tear's forming in her eyes, and instantly embraced her Granddaughter for the first time. "Lacus...I've been wanting to meet you the moment Toddo said he had a healthy baby girl..." she said. "I never thought I'd ever get to see you after what she did."

Lacus was a bit suprised by her Grandmother's action, but quickly warmed into the embrace. "I've...been wanting to meet you too...Obaa-chan." She said, happily.

Korbin couldn't help but smile at this. "She looks so much like your Mother...despite her having similar hair to your Ex-wife." he said to Toddo. "But I will admit, the Pink looks good on her with those Red highlights...though what happened to the Slut-of-a-woman Abi?"

"She's dead," Toddo said with no hint of remorse. Even though Korbin and Nami-hi hated Abi for what she did, they were almost shocked by what Toddo said. Keyword: Almost.

"How?" Nami-Hi asked curiously, having no remorse for the woman who betrayed her son's love.

"That would be me," They turned and saw Ryu and the others who came off their ships, along with the shinobi & the children. Korbin immediatley recognized the armor Ryu wore, as well as the others.

"Well I'll be. I'd never thought I'd see another of that Armor type with the exception of my own ever again." Korbin said.

Ryu smirked a bit. "That's right, the Kurain family were so close to the Mandalorian's they were practically accepted as a Clan."

"True," Korbin said, smiling. "And my Godfather was a Mandalorian Warrior during the Civil war. I must thank you for finally dealing with that pink-haired banshee, Mr...?"

"Ryu Hisanaga." Ryu said. "Member of the Mando'ade, and Weapon Master of the Jedi Order. With me is my Wife, Calista, and my apprentice Scout, along with all my comrade's"

"Wife?" Korbin asked, surprised. "I thought the Jedi Order didn't allow marriages."

"Ryu managed to change that up." Teelay said. "He believed it was time for change, and so the Jedi Order did so."

Korbin gave a laugh at that, "So the Jetii finally wised up, eh?"

"There was a little resistance, but they relented," Ryu said with a smirk, and Korbin just laughed some more.

"So, how did that cheating witch meet her demise?" Korbin growled out, and Ryu gave a predatory grin at that.

"Force choked, then snapped her neck in two," He said, and Korbin nodded in approval. "I would have dragged it out a bit more, but as long as she's dead I could care less." He then smiled as he looked at Lacus. "Good to see she didn't get the chance to Corrupt Lacus though."

"True, but it's a shame she got through to her second daughter, Sakura." Sutura said, with a sad sigh. "Poor girl...she doesn't know that everything her 'mother' told her was a lie."

"Ya...but as long as we have Lacus I'm happy." Nami-hi said, causing said rosetta to blush a bit in embarrassment.

"I couldn't agree more, Nami-chan." Kushina said, Nami-hi's eyes widen as she saw her cousin, after believing she was dead after hearing about the Kyuubi attack, she feared the worst.

"K...Kushina-chan?" Nami-hi said in shock as let Lacus down, stood up, and walked over to the cousin who she thought was dead, "Is it really you?"

Kushina only gave on of her cute smiles that Nami-hi remembered when she was a child.

"Yep!" she said before she was pulled into a bone-crushing hug.

"It IS you! Only you and your mother gave that smile!" Nami-hi said happily as Kushina was struggling to break free of the hug, her face turning blue which worried Minato.

"Uh, Nami-hi-san, she's turning blue." He said as he tried to pry her off of his wife as Kushina turned purple. "Correction: She has turned purple now."

"Opps, Sorry Kushina-chan." Nami-hi said, releasing Kushina who began panting. "It's just been so long! I thought you died when Uzushio was destroyed!"

Kushina managed to get her breath back, as she began to tell her what happened, "Well, I was in Konoha when it happened. Did you hear I was going to be the next Jinchuriki, because of Mito-sama's old age?" she asked and Nami-hi's eyes widen in rememberance at that.

"Oh! Of course! Silly me," She chuckled sheepishly while everyone collected a sweatdrop.

'Bear hugs of pain, Forgets some important details, yep, this is Nami-hi alright,' Kushina thought. Nami-hi then looked behind her cousin and saw Naru, "Oh, who might this be?" She asked, crouching down to face her. "She yours Kushi-chan?"

Kushina smiled. "Yes, Nami-chan." she said. "This is my daughter, Naru Uzumaki."

Nami-hi smiled, as Naru approached her, "Hey there Naru-chan, I'm your Auntie" Nami-hi said as Naru smiled shyly, but happy nonetheless as she said hello.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm glad to know that I still have family here in Uzushio," Naru said, but wasn't expecting to be hug attacked by her cousin, and thus started to turn blue to purple in 15 seconds.

"Oh, your just as adorable as Lacus-chan is!" She squeeled. "Oh, I am going to enjoy spoiling you two rotten!"

"Umm...Miss Uzumaki-san?" Yorudan said. "I don't think Naru-chan can breath...she's turning purple."

"Oh, right sorry." she said, as she loosened up her hug, giving Naru some breathing room. "Guess I don't know my own strength sometime!"

"That would be the understatement of the century, O'kaa-san." Toddo muttered.

"Not that I'm not happy with this little family reunion," Korbin said. "I have a feeling there's more to this than just a little visit."

Ryu nodded as a serious look came on his face, but before he could say anything...

"Oh! I forgot about Arnalla! She hates being coped up in the ship for too long," Carradine exclaimed as she lifted a control.

"No! Don't let her...!" it was too late as after Carradine pushed the button on the remote, the ramp of the Ne'Tra Orar opened, and out came the stealth Nexu as it jumped around in a happy frenzy.

Lacus, who didn't see Arnalla before now, screamed a little in fright and hid behind Yorudan.

"What is that thing?" Lacus asked with wide eyes.

Ryu groaned as he smacked his head. He turned back to Korbin who had a shocked look on his face at seeing the Stealth Nexu, "Is that a bloody Nexu?" He asked, incrediously.

"A Stealth Nexu thank you!" Carradine corrected. "But don't worry, Arnalla would never attack anyone out-right."

After running around the surrounding area froa while, Arnalla finally calmed down a bit, and started walking towards Naru, Yorudan and Laucs, who was still hidding behind Yorudan who was blushing a bit, which was not missed by her granddparents.

The Nexu walked up to Naru and Yorudan, both of whom smiled. "We know, it probobly sucks being cooped up in there for so long." Yorudan said as he started petting Arnalla. "But hey! At least your out now, right Arnalla?" Surprising to the others, Arnalla nodded her head as Yorudan and Naru scratched her head and back. The Nexu's eyes then fell upon Lacus, who was looking very nervous at the moment.

"Ah, right, you haven't meet yet." Yorudan said. "Lacus, this is Arnalla. Arnalla, this is my friend Lacus Haru- oh right, you changed that. Lacus Kurain."

The Stealth Nexu walked up to Lacus and began to sniff her, all the while Lacus remained completely still. After she finished inspecting the girl, Arnalla then licked her, and then started rubbing against her, careful of her quills.

"Aww! She likes you Lacus" Naru said, as Lacus patted the creature's head and said Nexu began to purr in content.

"Well now, it appears she has a new friend, that's good!" Carradine said. Nami-hi, Korbin and Toddo all let out a breath they didn't know they were holding.

"That was close...geez, warn us next time when you let that furball-uh...I mean Arnalla out again." Korbin said, correcting himself as Arnalla gave him a quick glare.

" that we avoided that disaster." Ryu said, sending a sharp glare at Carradine, who just shrugged. "Anyways, how would you like to get some payback on those Pirates who forced you down here in the first place?"

Korbin perked at that and then gave a predatory grin.

"You found out where they're hiding?" he asked with a malicious tint to his voice, and Ryu returned the grin.

"They're on the other Habitable in the system, the one you named after Uzushiogakure, and it appears they are operating a Slaving Operation," Ryu explained.

Korbin just groaned. "Don't tell me...Trandoshans?" He asked, and Ryu nodded. "That's what we believe." He said, Nami-hi was confused, of course. "Korbin-Kun, what's a Trandoshan?" she asked.

"Pretty much, a walking-talking humanoid lizard, who's religion revolves entirely around hunting, and killing." Korbin said, disgusted. "They don't care if their just normal animals, or if their sentiant species like the Wookiees or even Human's. So long as they appease their 'goddess'."

Nami-hi's eyes widened a bit, before narrowing. "Well then, count me in." she said. "Those guys tried to kill my Korbin-kun...even though I do have to thank them for bringing him down here in the first place. I'll give them a nice, quick and painless death as a 'thank you'." Most of the other's sweat-dropped at that statement.

"Anyways," Ryu said. "We got the proper supplies on my ship to get your Long-Range communication's working, and once we make sure your ship's at 100% we'll launch too meet up with the Ne'tra Kad Fleet En-route to here to help us out."

Korbin's eyes widen at the name, "Ne'Tra Kad? They're still around?" he asked and Ryu grinned, "Yep, and they're sending enough fire power to wipe out a Trade Federation Battle Droid Brigade,"

Korbin grinned at that, "Well then, we better get ready then won't we?" he said and the others nodded. The team's quickly got to work on the Stargazer,leaving the Children to play with Arnalla.


A little while later


Not long afterwards, the Stargazer was finally up to 100%, which it hasn't been since it first landed on Rikuduo. The others including the Shinobi agreed in the name Korbin gave their planet.

Right now, with the ship's repair's finished, Yorudan, Naru, their respective parents, Jorn, Hinata who both came with themand the Akuma Team who joined them, were now onboard the Hettyc Naast, preparing to take off into space. Lacus had switched ships, and was now on the Stargazer with her Father and Grandparents.

"Okay the moment of truth" Korbin said as he flipped a switch and the YT-1250 roared to life, "YES!"

The other ships' engines roared to life and they began to rise off the ground and up into space.

As the freighters left the planet's atmosphere, Ryu came up on the holoscreen.

"Alright, the coordinates I sent to Lady Artemis will have them coming out of lightspeed near the asteroid field," Ryu explained, "So, let's get over and meet our friends shall we?"

The others nodded, and it was at this point that the five ships broke free from Rikuduo's atmosphere, revealing the emptyness of space around them. Naru, Yorudan, and the other shinobi all looked in awe as they, for the first time, saw their planet from space.

"Whoa..." Naru and Yorudan both said, their mouth's hanging open, they saw the Elemental Continent just like they saw on maps in the Academy, but also spotted part of another continent on the Dark side of the planet, and it looked to be teeming with forests and rivers, and there were clouds all over the planet. (Hint: The other continent is based off the Osea Continent from the Ace Combat Series.)

"So that's what the other side of the planet looks like" Yorudan said as they headed for the asteroid field.

"Before we arrived, we did some scan's of Rikuduo." Sutura said. "The other side of the Planet is much like the Elemental nations, with Forests, oceans, deserts, and more." She then smiled a bit as she looked at the other shinobi. "It always made me wonder why you never tried to explore beyond the Elemental Nations." She said. "There's a lot of things out there you'd be amazed to find." Tom just shrugged. "We were never really interested in what happened outside our borders." he said, taking a swig of sake. "We had our own problems, with the Shinobi World War's, and all going on."

"True," Aren said. "But their's nothing stopping ya now, right?" Tom nodded, and he looked at the rest of his team. Yuuki was looking wide-eyed at the sight of the stars, however D.J was looking a little green. "I...Don't feel so good..." He muttered before covering his mouth. Aren reached for something, and pulled out a brown paper bag. "Here, use this." He said. "Don't worry, almost everyone get's space-sick on their first day. It'll wear off."

"So did you try to make contact with people on that side of the Planet?" Minato asked, and Sutura shook her head.

"Not directly, but the people we found on the other side are more advanced, they have computers, slugthrowers, and land vehicles called automobiles. But what interested us the most is this weird ability they use, which is similar to using Jutsu's. They call it Alchemy."

"Alchemy?" Kushina asked, interested.

"Pretty much, it's a concept on: To gain something, you have to give something of equal value in return." Aren explained. "I sent a stealth probe over to one of their nations, and it recorded a sample of this 'Alchemy' showing an armoed figure and some short kid in a red coat using it quite effectivly."



On the other side of Rikuduo


A boy with Golden blonde hair and yellow eyes, and wearing a Red Coat sneezed. "Who the hell's talking about me?" he said. "I better not be someone calling me Short..."

"It's probobly Colonel Mustand, or one of the other's Ed." Said an armored figure who looked to be seven feet tall, yet his voice was that of a child.

"Ya, your probobly right Al,"


Back with the Mandalorians and Shinobi on the Hettyc Naast


"Hmm, maybe we should try to make contact with these people," Asuma said, "We could trade with each other technologies and resources we don't have"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there." Aren said. "Well, here we are at the rendevous point." The others looked out of the window to see the large asteroid belt before them.

"Now, Yorudan..." Aren said, as he turned to his son, grinning. "If I recall, Ryu mention something about you...wanting to use the Tal Verda's weapons for fun?" Yorudan nodded, silently praying his father was about to say what he hoped he was gonna say.

"Well then..." Aren said, "Get into the Quad Laser cannon's in the ship. Time for some Target Practice."

Yorudan's grin threatened to split is face in half. "OH YA!" He shouted as he bolted down the hallway's of the Hettyc Naast towards the enterance of the Quad Cannon's.

"What have you unleashed?" Yuuki said with a look of dread.

"Hey! It's in the blood!" Aren retorted, "Besides, it will help Yorudan kill some time. Don't want him to be bored to death,"

Yuuki could only sigh at that, as D.J. continued to puke into his bag while sitting in one of the chairs, and Tom took a swig of his sake bottle.


On the Tal Verda


"It looks like Aren let Yorudan man one of the Quad cannons" Calista said in exasperation. For the past few minutes the crews of the other four ship's watched as the Hettyc Naastmade several passes into the Asteroid belt, Quad cannon's blazing destroying asteroid after asteroid while most of the comm channels were filled with Yorudan's cheer's of exitment as he finally got a taste of blowing things appart.

" least he's getting it out of his system finally." Ryu said. "Let's just pray he doesn't meet the Krayt Team anytime soon."

Calista and Scout both shivered at the thought. They knew all four of the members of the Krayt Team very well. Though they were good friends of theirs...they would often have to question their sanity sometimes.

Ryu then looked at the sensors as they began bleeping. "Well, looks like their here." he said as he turned on his Comm. "Aren! Their here!"

"Right, thanks Ryu." Aren's voice said. "Yorudan! Their here! Time to call it a day."

"Aww" Yorudan's voice came through. "Can't we do this a little longer?"

"No, sorry son." Aren said. "But I promise we'll do some more shooting later, alright?"

"All right..." Yorudan said as the Hettyc Naast returned into formation with the other four ships.

"Alright, they should be" Ryu said, and no sooner than when he said that, multiple ships of different sizes dropped out of Hyperspace. Including Eight GR-75 Transports, Three Gozanti Cruisers, one Marauder-class Corvette, supprisingly two old Foray-class Blockade Runners, two Hammerhead-class Cruisers, one Centurion-class Battlecruiser, one Interdictor-class Cruiser, and finally one Massive Kandosii-type dreadnaught.

"Well, hot damn." Ryu commented. "Looks like they brought in one of their Mothball fleet's...not that I'm complaining, this is more than enough to deal with those Pirates. The Kandosii alone could probobly win the whole battle on its own."

"Hey...isn't that Inderdictor Aren's old Flagship?" Calista said, pointing at the single Black/Red trimmed Interdictor Cruiser.

Ryu chuckled a bit. "I...may have mentioned something to Lady Artemis about a certine Devil returning from the dead." he said. "Told her to keep it a secret from it's crew though."


On the Interdictor-class Cruiser Tar Prudii (Star Shadow)


"Sir, we are exiting" Said the Navigation's officer of the Interdictor-class Cuiser Tar Prudii.

On the bridge of the old, Refitted vessel, a man looking to be in his late 50's stood on the bridge wearing plane Grey Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor minus the Helmet. He stood at 6'1 with Short, military cut Grey hair, and brown eyes.

The man, Captain Trask Lee nodded as their ship exited Hyperspace along with the rest of the fleet.

"And the ships we're supposed to meet?" the captain asked.

"One moment sir," the officer replied as he pressed a few buttons and switches, "Scanners located five signatures in the asteroid field. Signature profiles match that of a YG-4210, a YT-1200, a YT-1250, a Muurian Transport, and a...Dynamic-Class?" the officer said in confusion

"A Dynamic-Class?" Lee asked, suprised. "That's an old one...Who would want to pilot that?"

"Sir, I'm about as..." the officer said before stopping mid-sentence before his eyes went wide. "No...couldn't be..."

"What is it?" Lee asked, not missing the Officer's wide eyes.

"Sir, I just got the IFF data from the ships..." he said, facing the captain. "According to the Data...the Dynamic-class is the Hettyc Naast."

Trask Lee's own eyes widened to extra proportions, and he wasn't alone as the entire bridge crew had the same expression.

"But that's impossible! He disappeared after the civil war ended!" shouted another Lieutenant, by the name of Jarek Warrick, in disbelief.

"Communications! Hail that ship!" Trask ordered the officer at the communications console, and the man immediatley began hailing the Frieghter.

Just a few moments later, and to the shock and awe of the rest of the bridge crew, the holographic image of one Devil of Galidraan, Aren Takeo, appeared grinning before them.

"Well well, Trask Lee...your still in command after ten years?" Aren said. "I would have thought you'd retire by now, Pops."

Trask's eyes looked like they were about to pop right out of his skull. There was only one man in the galaxy who would ever call him 'Pops'. And that was...

"A-Aren? You're alive?" he asked , barely above a whisper.

"Well...technically, no," He said which confused the others, "I'll tell you about it when we get on board,"

Trask shook himself as he got himself under control.

"Uuh, yes, permission granted," the Mandalorian captain acknowledged, and he turned toward the communications officer, "Tell the rest of Clan Takeo about this, and have them head to the main hangar!" he ordered and left the bridge.


Tar Prudii Takeo Clan Barracks


"What did you say?" Said a 43 year old man with Black hair with Grey highlights, and dark brown eyes. "Run that by me again, cause it sounded to be that you say the Hettyc Naast was about to dock in the main hanger."

"I'm just telling you what the Captain told me, Toni." the Comm Officer said to Toni Takeo, Aren's brother. "He want's you, Linda, and the Kryat team down there now."

"If this is Hisanaga's idea of a sick joke I'm going to tear him apart." Toni growled angrily.

"Ryu's not the kind to make this kind of joke Toni," Linda Vinsler said as she approached, she was in her late thirties with dark red hair that fell to just above her shoulders with dark blue eyes wearing a set of orange, blue trimmed, armor and a pair of WESTAR-34 blaster pistols on her hips "He's more of the rig your shower head, or trap based pranks, nothing like this."

"Ya, and I saw Aren's Hologram myself!" the officer said. "Hell, he called the Captain Pops, POPS! and you know only one person has EVER calls Lee pops."

Toni's eyes widdened a bit at that. "Alright, we'll be there in a minute." he said before turning off the comm, before letting out a sigh. "Damn I hope this isn't a wild goose chase."

"I hope so too Toni..." Linda said as the two both left too find the only other members of Clan Takeo, the Krayt Team. All the while Linda was praying that her sister Sutura could possibly be alive on that ship.


Tar Prudii Main Hanger Bay


Jane Sodo was a young girl who was about 18 year old, and she had Rust-red shoulder-length hair, and Brown eyes. She wore Mandalorian Marine Armor (AN: Pretty much Mandalorian Neo Crusader Armor) With a blue and Green color scheme. She was currently working on one of the Tar Prudii's Aruke-class Tactical Strikefighters, an Upgraded and Refitted variant of their Jedi Civil War/Mandalorian War/New Sith War counterparts formerly used by the Republic. After the Ruusan Reformation almost one thousand years ago, many vehicles formerly used by the Republic such as the Hammerhead-class Cruisers, Foray-Class Blockade Runners, and many other ships were sold for scrap. The Mandalorian's of Mando'ade managed to get their hands of quite a few of these old republic vessels, and put them to use in their own military forces, as well as even a few salvaged Sith Vessels like the vert Interdictor-class Cruiser they were on, Centurion-class Battlecruisers, and more. They even managed to rebuild and refit some of their old ships they used during the Mandalorian War's. And in the years, they upgraded and refitted them to keep them in service until the Mandalorian's could build their own genuine fleet (not that they didn't admire the ship's designs, they just wanted to be alittle original instead of just copying from others).

"Ok, that about does it." Jane said as she closed the hatch to the Aruke. "Imca! Try it out now!"

"Ok!" came a shout from the Cockpit of the Strikefighter. Inside, was an 8 year old girl with short Silver-colored hair, and the oddest eyes any Mandalorian has seen besides Ryu Hisanagas. Her left eye was Jade Green, while her right eye was Crimson Red. She wore the Mandalorian Training Uniform as well. Imca Sodo, adoptive sister of Jane Sodo, flicked a few switches on the Aurke's controls, and there was a humming noise, followed by the engines roaring to life. "Yes! We got it!" Imca shouted happily. "We finally got the engine fixed up!"

"About time." Jane sighed as she swiveled her neck loosening her muscles "We've only been working on it for a month."

Imca giggled as she came out of the cockpit "C'mon sis it's fun isn't it?"

Jane sighed again as she smiled softly at Imca "Sure, whatever you say midget." She teased getting an angry shout right before their attention was drawn to a group of five ships entering the hanger "Well, what do we have here." she said as the ships came in one-by-one.

It was the last ship, a Dynamic-class that really caught her attention. "No way..." She muttered. Though it had been ten years since she last saw it...there was no doubt in her mind it was it.

"Sis? What is it?" Imca asked, seeing her older sister's shocked face.

"Imca...remember when I told you about the two people who saved the Mandalorian People, and dissipeared after the Civil War?" Jane said, and Imca nodded. "Well...that's there ship right there." Jane said, pointing at the Dynamic-class.

Imca's eyes widened a bit. "Really? Cool!" She said, as Jane sighed a bit. It was then she noticed that the Captain, as well as Tony and Linda had just entered the hanger, no doubt to clarify the identity of whoever was onboard the Hettyc Naast. It wasn't long until a crowd came into the hanger and gathered around the four ships, more so around the Nettyc Naast.

She watched the ships' ramps lower and watched the crews step out. She immediately recognized Ryu's crew, with a couple of exceptions, along with Teelay's and Fallern's teams. However, the ones who stepped out of the fourth ship caught the most attention "Impossible," Jane whispered her eyes wide in shock "They're alive?"

Imac looked at her older with curious eyes.

"Sis? You alright?" she asked her, but then Jane just started moving, confusing her more, "Hey! Sis! Wait for me!"

She then took off after her older sister who was now running.


With the crowd


(Begin Playing: 'Lone Wolf' From the Halo Reach OST)

The crow around the Hettyc Naast grew more and more every passing minute, as people who knew the ship well were hoping that maybe, just maybe it was who they thought it was.

Then, there was a hissing sound as the main ramp of the ship lowered down slowly. Everyone in the hanger held their breath.

It was then, he walked down the ramp. Clad in his full Black/Red trimmed Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor with the exception of his helmet, which was held under his arm. It was none other, than Aren Takeo. Following right behind him was Sutura Takeo, Yorudan, and all of the Shinobi on their ship.

When he reached the bottom, Aren looked at the crowd that surrounded them. "Yo!" He shouted. "Ya'll look like you've seen a Ghost!"

The gathered people's eyes widened in disbelief, it was then two moved from the front of the group, one a male in Mandalorian Shocktrooper Armor colored orange with a red rim, with black with trim hair and red eyes. And a female wearing the same type of armor, but the color is an orange with a blue trim, her hair a dark red, and purple eyes.

"Aren?" the male Mandalorian said as he looked at Aren, shock clearly on his face. His female counterpart was in the same way as she looked at Sutura.

"S-Sutura? Is that you?" she gasped out. The Mandalorian couple could only smile at the shocked faces of the two people in front of them.

"Yep!" Sutura said, cheerfully. "Great to see you too Tony, Linda." Sutura suddenly found it very hard to breath as Linda had instantly run up to her older sister, and began hugging her to the point of her face turning blue. "It IS you!" Linda shouted happily. "I can't believe it, your really alive!"

"Uhh, she's not gonna be alive if you keep hugging her like that, Linda." Aren said, looking at his wife's blue-turning-purple face.

"Opps! Sorry Sutura!" Linda said as she smiled sheepishly at Sutura who finally managed to breath.

" are you two alive?" Toni asked. "You've been missing for over ten years!"

"Keyword: Missing, Toni." Aren said. "Let's just say me and Sutura have been pretty busy, and I'll tell you everything that's happened, but later." Toni and Linda nodded, but it was then they noticed Yorudan who was standing a bit shyly behind Sutura's leg.

"Uhh, Sutura, who is this?" Linda asked as she moved to get a better look at Yorudan, who moved behind Sutura's leg more. Sutura smiled as she moved her son from behind her.

"It's okay Yorudan, don't you want to meet your Aunt Linda and Uncle Toni," Sutura said which caused the two's eyes to widen.

What...did you...say?" Toni asked. Aren grinned and nodded. "Bro, Linda, Pops, everyone." he said. "I think it's time you all finally met mine and Sutura's son, Yorudan."

"No shit..." Toni muttered as he crouched down to Yorudan's level. "But their's no doubt...hell, it even looks like he's got Black and red hair somehow from both of you."

"Aww, he's so cute!" Linda said as she pinched Yorudan's left cheek, earning an annoyed glare and an eye twitch from Yorudan which caused the others to laugh a bit. "He looks just like you Aren!"

"Ya, and he's also inherited his love for weapons as well." Sutura said. "Or have you not noticed 1/4th of the asteroid field is now gone?"

However, before anyone could answer, there was the sound of crashing coming from elsewhere. "GOD DAMNIT MATT YOU TRIPPED ME!" A voice shouted.

"DID NOT!" a second voice shouted. "YOU TRIPPED ON YOURSELF JORDAN!"

Aren, Sutura and the shinobi blinked in confusion, Toni, and Linda sighed, while Ryu and the others paled a bit. "Oh fuck...they're here too?" Ryu moaned.

"Who?" Aren asked as the sounds came closer.

"Remember those kids you and Sutura adopted half-way through the war?" Fallern mentioned, and Aren and Sutura nodded. "Well...Yorudan? Your about to meet you adoptive older Brothers and sisters."

"Will you boys quit it?' Shouted an irate female voice, "We have to see if it's true if they're actually alive or not!"

"BUT HE TRIPPED ME!" Shouted the first voice.

"I DID NOT!" Shouted the second voice.




"SHUT UP!" Shouted a different female voice, "MATT, JUST SAY SORRY SO WE GET GOING!"

"But I-"

"Matthew!" The second female said.

"Fine, sorry."

"Glad you could see it my way, Matt!"

"Shut it ya bloody Pryo."


It was then, four figures finally entered the hanger. The first, was a 17 Year old boy standing at 5'7 with Short brown hair, and brown eyes with slightly tan skin. He was wearing Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor which was Crimson Red with Black and Gold Trimming, and also paintings of flames along the shoulders, legs, and arms, and some on the torso. He was equipped with a Model CR-24 flame rifle, an S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol, a Vibroblade, and what the others could confirm to be a pair of hidden ZX miniature flame projectors on his wrists.

Next, was another boy looking to be a bit older at 19, only a half-inch shorter than the other boy. He had shaggy brown hair and Brownish Green eyes. He was wearing Blue/White trimmed Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor, and was armed with a DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle, a X-45 sniper rifle, an LL-30 Blaster Pistol, and finally a Vibro-knife.

Next, was the first Female who was about as old as the 19 year old, only she had dark brown hair tied into a pony tail, with brown eyes, and standing at 5'7. She was wearing Silver/blue trimmed Mandalorian Shock Trooper Armor, and armed with Vibrosword, a Gauntlett-hidden Vibro-knife, and a pair of WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistols.

Finally, was the only non-human of the four. A female Twi'lek with Red/blue skin, emerald green eyes, and standing at 5'7 looking to be 17 years old and with a slender dancers build. She had Orange/Blue Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor, and armed with a WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle, a Vibro-Knife and a SE-14 Blaster Pistol. The sight of the Twi'lek caused several of the Shinobi who had never seen an actual alien before to stare a bit.

"What...the...?" Asuma began only for Teelay to answer the unfinished question.

"She's a Twi'lek. A humanoid race from the Planet Ryloth known for their different skin colors, and lekku or head-tails. They can be a force to be reckoned with, but are mostly peaceful" she explained, and the Shinobi nodded dumbly.

The Four armored clad teens to make thier way through the crowd and stop in front of Aren and Sutura, eyes wide, "Well I'll be...Toni wasn't pulling out legs after all." Matthew said.

Aren smiled seeing the four. "Well, it's good to see you four again." he said. "You boy's are all grown up now!"

"And it seems Kelsey and Vala have grown up to." Sutura said, causing said females to blush a bit.

"Umm...Kaa-san? Tou-san? Who are they?" Yorudan asked, looking at the four.

Aren looked at his sonand gave him a grin, "They son, were war orphans your mother and I adopted back in the war," he said and Yorudan's eyes widen at that as he continued, "And by the look of things, it appears they got stronger since I was gone," he said as the four teens smiled.

"S-So that means you're my Onii-san and Onee-chan?" Yorudan asked.

"Eh...what?" Jordan asked, not understanding the language.

"It mean's 'older brother' and 'Older Sister' in the native language of the planet we landed on." Aren answered.

"Oh!" He said, and smiled at Yorudan."Well then, I guess that does make us your Older siblings. Well, best if I introduced myself to my little Brother. I'm Jordan Tackett. Heavy Weapons and Demolitions Expert of the Krayt team. With me is my idiot-of-a-brother Matthew-"

"Go to hell Ger'verd!" Matthew shouted, and Jordan rolled his eyes. "Anyways, with him is Kelsey Waters...well, now it's Kelsey Tackett ever since they got married a few years ago."

"Oh! You two finally got married?" Sutura asked cheerfully, causing Kelsey to blush a bit, while Matthew grinned as he placed an arm around her. "Yup! two years, and counting!"

"And last, but not least is none other than love, and hopefully soon-to-be-wife, Vala Vao." Jordan said, pointing to the Twi'lek. Said alien was grinning ear to ear as Yorudan looked at her in something akin to awe, "See something you like ad'ika?" Vala asked in a sultry voice causing Yorudan to blush heavily. "S-s-sorry, I-I It's just I...I've never seen an...well, Alien before and...well...uh..."

Vala laughed a bit. "It's alright, kid. I understand." She said.

Jordan grinned a bit as Vala talked with Yorudan, however it was then he, Matthew, and Kelsey noticed the Akuma team to the side, and he could tell by looking at them, they were just as crazy they are.

"Yo! And just who you three are?" he asked the shinobi. D.J. was the first to respond.

"I'm D.J. Jonin of Konohagukre, these are my teammates," He said as he pointed to Tom and Yuuka, "the girl with the blue hair and bandages is Yuuka, our seal master, and possible human sized weapon of mass destruction,"

"HEY!" Yuuka, shouted, but D.J. continued.

"And this is Tom, the biggest drinker in the whole village, and local lunatic," he said in humor getting a glare from his teammate.

"I'm not the biggest Drinker." Tom said, shortly before pulling out a gallon-sized sake bottle, and started drinking from it, causing his teammates and most of the others to sweat-drop, while the Krayt team laughed.

"Sure, whatever ya say buddy." Jordan said. "But...strange thing is...I have a feeling that our team's are gonna get along just fine."

From the side, all of the force-sensitive Mandalorian's shivered. For they had all felt a MASSIVE tremmor in the force.


On Corasaunt

Jedi Temple


The Jedi Master's were just discussing about the events which Ryu had contacted them about when suddenly they felt a massive shiver down their spines. "A desterbance in the force, there is." Yoda said. "Something happening, there is."

" it good, or bad?" Alaya Secura asked.

"For our sake...I hope whoever or whatever it is, is on our side." Mace said, and the Jedi all nodded in agreement.


With Palpatine


A senator's aide looked into the office of Palpatine in slight apprehension when he heard his superior's scream of absolute fear. What he saw when he looked in was said senator curled up under his desk sucking his thumb as he rocked back and forth saying 'Do not let the bad men near me!'

The aide then turned around and headed back the other way with a shocked look on his face.

'I'll...come back later,' was the thought of the aide as he went back to his desk.


Back at the Ibonis System


"Anyways, we should get the Captain briefed on the situation here." Aren said, and the others nodded. "Jordan, Matthew, you guys think you could take teh other's on a tour of the ship while Me, Ryu and Teelay speak with the Captain?"

"Sure!" Jordan said, with a grin as he faced the Akuma team. "And I'll be sure to introduce you three to some Modern firearm's while we're on it! Come on!"

Aren and Sutura sighed as the Krayt team lead the Shinobi and the children away.

Aren and Sutura sighed as the Krayt team lead the Shinobi and the children away "Team Akuma and laser weaponry with Beskar armor," Aren muttered "Is it just me or is that just as bad of an idea as them being with our children?"

Sutura blinked in realization "Perhaps I better keep an eye on them..." She announced hurriedly as she took off after them with a panicked look.

"There not that bad are they?" Linda asked nervously looking over to the other Mandalorians.

"I'll just say this," Ryu inputted "And I say this after having seen them fight once, they make Silva look tame."

Silva gave Ryu a glare for that remark, but couldn't help but shiver at that.

As Sutura ran to meet up with them, Aren turned towards the Captain. "I believe we should head to your quarters to explain the full situation." He said, and the Captain nodded as they then left for the Captain's office.

From afar, Jane watched this in shock. "They're really alive..." she muttered. "Hey Imca I-" She turned around to speak to her Adoptive sister, only to find her missing. She darted her head around, looking for her to find her running up to where the Krayt team was leading the newcomers away.

Jane thought about catching up to her, but decided against it.

'I think the kids in that group will make good friends with her,' she thought with a wry smile, 'I'll pick her up later,' she thought and then went off to talk to Aren who went with the Captain, and the Mandalorian Jedi.

Ryu let out a slight groan as he pinched the bridge of his nose and started rubbing it "You alright Ryu?" Teelay asked as she stepped up next to him on the left side of Ryu.

Ryu nodded "Yeah," He assured "Just some strain from pushing myself to hard after not only using my Avatar state but also using my Sith Hunter state as well when fighting Danzo."

"Is it really that much of a strain?" Calista asked from Ryu's right "And thinking about it I never heard of another Jedi using the Sith Hunter state as you call it."

Ryu nodded "It is a big strain," He answered "It pretty much pushes me to my maximum peek efficiency and keeps me there so long as I can channel the Force. Master Yoda himself said he had never seen anything like it before."

"Well, next time try to take it easy, ok?" Calista asked. Ryu just grinned as he drew her closer. "Hey, Remember who you're talking too!" he said, cheerfully as Calista sighed. "That's what worries me." She said.


Back with the tour group


The Krayt Team was leading the shinobi around the Tar Prudii's hanger, showing all the different starfighters, bombers, and other ships in the Ne'Tra Kad's arsenal, "As you see, dispite using out-dated ships and tech, the Mandalorian Forces of the MSDF, Ne'Tra Kad, and the Militia are all very well equipped, as long as we keep upgrading and refitting out stuff." Jordan explained as they passed by the old Aurek-class Strikefighters. "Of couse, personally, I like the old tech we use right now. I think Mandalorian ships of old, plus the old Republic and Old Sith ships are also very interesting to me. 'Course that doesn't mean we don't like some modern tech like the Blazing Inferno."

"The what?" Yorudan asked.

"The Blazing Inferno is our team's personal death-dealing machine." Jordan answered, grinning. "It's one of the Prototype Firespray-31-class patrol & Attack Craft that the Mandalorian's got. And It's a true force to reckon with. In fact, there it is now." As they entered the next hanger, they saw a large ship about 20 meters or so large with a curved build. It was painted mostly crimson Red with Gold trimming and some flames painted on the sides. However right along the 'nose' of the Starship was the image of a Dragon-looking beast with a pair of horns and it's mouth wide-open.

"There she is, ladies and gentelmen." Jordan said, smiling. "My pride and joy...besides Vala of course." he added grinning at his girlfriend who smiled a bit. "She's got room for six passengers, plus a few prison cell's four our live bounties. She is armed with two Twin-barrel Blaster cannons, two Rapid-firing laser cannons, two Proton Torpedo launchers, and last, but not least, is the Mine layer/bomb dropping feature that can use a variety of different bombs from Void-7 Seismic Charges, Napalm-Oxide bombs, Thermal Mines, even a specially made EMP bomb me and the team came up with that can disable the shielding of ships, and even disable droid's for a while. I'd say she could take on a small fleet on her own."

Tom gave a low whistle "Didn't understand half of what you just said, but it does sound impressive." He remarked looking the ship over "The creature on the front reminds me of one of my summons."

Yuuki looked over at Tom with a slight glare "Which you will NOT be summoning on this ship." She scolded earning a pout from the alcoholic as he drank some more sake "But you can summon them against the pirates and slavers."

Tom gave a wide grin and gave Yuuki a bear hug, "That's why I love you," he said while Yuuki was gasping for air.

"C-can't Breathe!" she said while everyone laughed and after Tom set Yuuki down. Kelsey continued on where Jordan left off.

"The dragon like creature you see is known as a Krayt Dragon, found only on the desert world of Tatooine," Kelsey said in a matter of fact tone.

"Wait, are you telling me there are Dragon's in the Galaxy that are not summons?" D.J asked incrediously. Jordan grinned and nodded. "Ya, and Kryat Dragon's are just one of the most dangerous and Deadly creatures in the galaxy. There are dozen's of different alien creatures on diferent planets. From Kath Hound packs from Dantooine, to the mighty Rancor's of Dathomir."

"Whoa..." Minato said, "The galaxy's a dangerous place."

"True, but as long as you know what to look out for, and have a blaster by your side, you'll be ok." A new voice said, and they turned around to see Imca following them into the Hanger. "That's what my big sis always tells me."

"Hey Imca!" Jordan said. "I thought you and Jane were working on the engines of the Aurek's?"

Imca smiled widely, "Yep, we were, and now they're all fixed up!" she chirped, but gave a bit a tired look, "Took us 6 hours to fix them, though,"

Jordan and the other Krayt team members chuckled at that.

"Imca and her older sister Jane are two of the mechanics aboard the ship," Kelsey explained to the shinobi "These two are actually the best at getting older ships caught up to today's standards."

"Wow that's so cool!" Naru shouted enthusiastically running up in front of Imca and looking at her with stars in her eyes "What was the coolest ship you've ever done?"

Imca blinked in suprise before thinking. "Hmm...well, I helped Jordan and the Krayt team upgrate the Blazing Inferno." she said, pointing at the Firespray-31. "Me and Big sis also worked on getting the Aurek-classes and Chela-classes into Modern Standards. But I would have to say my favorite by far would have to be our most recent addition to the Tar Prudii, Serina."

"Serina?" Naru asked, blinking. "What's a Serina?" Imca giggled a bit. "Not a what, but who." She said before calling out "Serina!"

It was then next to Imca and Naru appeared a Holographic blue figure. Obviously female with long dark blue hair and a heart-shaped face. She also had streams of data going down her 'body'. "Hey Imca! How can I help?" The figure said.

"Wha-what's that?" Asuma said, suprised at the figure's sudden appearance.

"This is Serina, our Shipboard A.I!" Imca said, cheerfully. The A.I. Turned and saw the mixed group of Mandalorians and Shinobi, who were staring at ther wide-eyed.

"Oh, hello everyone. My name is Serina, capital ship A.I. and second-in-command of the Tar Prudii, how are we today?," she asked in a kind tone. Kushina was the first to come out of her shocked reverie.

"Uuhh, hi, I'm Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, can you tell us what of, A.I. was it, are you?" she asked a little uneasy.

she asked a little uneasy.

Serina smiled "An A.I stands for Artificial Inteligence." She said. "Simply, I am a Computer Program with much more 'sentiant' programming than most droids do. And I can accomplish much more than a meer Droid could. I have the ability to run most if not all technical systems onboard the Tar Prudii on my own. Thanks to this, the regular crew requirements for the ship has been cut in half, making room for additional troops to be onboard for landing and boarding operations."

"So...if I'm understanding this correctly," Minato said. "Is that you are pretty much a living computer who can control the whole ship?"

"Yes, but I can only control the ship with a Senior Officer's orders." Serina said, making a few of the Shinobi nod in interest.

"Very resourceful, and smart. What I like to know is, how are you, and others like you, made?" Mikoto said with an interested look.

"Well to simply put, a specific person's brain is scanned and then imprinted into computer data, along with the person's DNA and personality traits. My DNA and personality traits come from Lady Artemis herself," Serina which caused a few people to gasp.

"You're based off of Lady Artemis?" Silva asked, suprised.

"Umm...who's Lady Artemis?" Yorudan asked, knowing he'd heard his Parent's mention that name a few times in the past.

"She's the founder, and CEO of Ne'Tra Kad, Yoru-Kun." Sutura answered. "Me and your Father knew her during the Civil War, and fought with her. In fact, if we haddn't landed on Rikuduo, there is a good chance she could have become your God Mother."

Yorudan's eyes widen a bit at that.

"Whoa, I'd like to meet her," he said in awe.

"She's on the flagship of this fleet, the Orar Tar (Thunder Star), the Kandosii-class dreadnaught heavy cruiser," Serina said.

"Wait, she's actually here?" Sutura asked, in suprise. Not expecting her to make a personal appearance.

"Yes...actually, I just got word a few seconds ago she just left on a Ministry-class orbital Shuttle en-route to the Tar Prudii." Serina said, causing the Mandalorian's eyes to go wide. Sutura the first to break the silence.

"Well, it appears you're going to meet her sooner than later, Yoru-kun," Sutura said, and Yorudan was feeling excited and nervous at the same time.

"Why don't you guys go meet up with her?," Tom said and no one could see the mischievous gleam in his eyes.

"Yeah, me, Tom, and Yuuki will complete the tour, while you guys go see her," D.J. agreed, the same gleam in his eyes which caused everyone's attention to focus on them.

"Umm...Ok, I...Guess we'll do that." Minato said a bit awkwardly, as the Shinobi and Mandalorian's execpt the Krayt team left the hanger, while the kids continued to talk with Imca.

Once they were out of sight, The Akuma team turned around to the Krayt Team with grins on their face, the same grins that were shared by the Kryat team.

"Now..." Tom said, with an insane smile that would make Orochimaru run for the hills. "Where's the Armory?"

Jordan and Matthew chuckled darkly with insane gleams in their eyes, while Vala and Kelsey just grinned. "Right this way, my good friends." Jordan said as he lead them all down the corridors. "And I believe this is the beginning of a glorious new friendship."


Jedi Temple, High Council Room



The Jedi Masters again felt the tremor, this time it was more stronger. Jedi Master Kit Fisto was reeling at the tremor of the Force.

"Alright, something is very wrong here," he said and all the other Masters immediatley agreed with him.

"True you are, Master Fisto," Yoda said feeling nervous, "Much stronger this time, this tremor in the Force is,"

"I agree," Mace finished, as he attempted to recover from the violent tremor.


Palpatine's Office


The Twi'lek aide who left to give Palpatin time to recover, from what he called, PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). He jumped in fright when he heard him scream again, this time much louder than before, and much more...girly.

The Twi'lek was about to go check on him, but just as he reached the door and heard whimpering on the other side, he simply shook his head. 'What the hell's wrong with him today?' he thought as he sat back down. 'I told him those Drinks of his were nothing but trouble, but nooo he never listens to me.'


Ne'Tra Kad Fleet


Everyone in the fleet felt a chill run down their spines, and in everyone's gut, something bad was gonna happen.

"Sigh, why do I have a feeling that pairing those two teams together spells DOOM?" Minato asked as he walked along with the crowd who could only nod.

"I hear ya," Kushina agreed "Let's just hope that Yuuki can reel them in somewhat."

Minato looked over to his wife "We are talking about the same Yuuki Niji right?" He asked skeptically "The one that is known as 'Akai Te'(Bloody Hand)? And tends to use it a bit too much? Or have you forgotten what she did in that alleyway in Konoha just a few days ago? Their still trying to clean up all that blood from the walls."





"... I never thought I'd say this..." Fallern said sighing. "But...I almost feel sorry for those lizards...almost."

Everyone laughed at that as they reached the hanger bay just in time to see a jet black with silver trimmed Ministry-class shuttle fly into the hanger and land just thirty feet from of them. Sutura smiled as she looked at the old shuttle.

"It looks like she will never let go of that old shuttle, no matter what anyone says," she said as the others looked at her.

"What do you mean Su-Chan?," Kushina asked in puzzlement.

"Nasha was a bit of a collector in Old Republic Era Starships. That old Ministry-class shuttle right there, the Rang Prudii (Ash Shadow) was the first ship she ever collected," She mused remembering how her friend doted on the ship.

"She's also the one who help me and big sis get a hang on refitting and upgrading the different ships and stuff we get our hands on." Imca added.

"Really? Cool!" Naru said. "Say, you think you and your Nee-san could teach us a few things on this whole tech stuff and all? It's really cool and stuff!"

Imca blinked a bit, but nodded with a grin on her face, "Sure, we'll teach you everything we know. In fact, we have a room here on the ship were you can design and practice fixing ships. Starfighters, Cruisers, you name it!,"

"Really?" Naru said with eyes sparkling and a grin threatening to split her face, Sweet! Did ya hear that guys? This is gonna be awsome!" Jorn and Yorudan grinned in anticipation, Lacus and Hinata smiled shyly, while Tukiko simply nodded while Imca laughed at her new friend's antics.

"I have a feeling we're all gonna get along just fine." Imca said as she glanced at them, smiling. 'Ya...we're gonna get along just fine.'


Palpatine's Office


The Twi'lek looked up to the office door as he heard a scream of pure terror and fear pierce through the sound-proof walls and door 'Best not get involved,' He thought to himself as he tore his gaze away from the door and back to his desk 'Maybe I can get a transfer to another senator, one who isn't so insane.'


Tar Prudii Main Hanger Bay


The group waited as the ramp on the forward end of the Ministry-Class lowered and coming down along with four of her Mandalorian Shock Commando Body Guards, was a woman with black mid back length hair with brown highlights, standing at a height of 1.74 meters, forest green eyes, and a slender toned bulid. She was dressed in a combination of form fitting, black with brown trim Mandalorian Crusader Armor, but the helmet being carried under her left arm was the same as that of the Shock Trooper Helmet worn by Ryu and the other Mandalorians, it was colored black with brown trim around the visor. Attached on her belt below were she carried her helmet was a sheathed sword, which the Shinobi could swore was a katana, due to the slight curve and style.

Sutura, upon seeing the woman, smiled warmly as she walked towards her. "Nasha! I didn't know you were coming here too!"

Nasha Artemis smiled as she saw her long-lost friend approaching as he signalled her guards to stand down. "When I was informed that you and Aren were alive and kicking, not evern an army of Jedi could stop me from seeing you again." She walked up towards Sutura, and the two hugged each other happily.

"I'd feel sorry for any Jedi that would try to stop you." Sutara agreed as they released each other "How have you been?"

Nasha just shrugged, "Same old this, same old that. Got a defense contract with the Naboo, been escorting expeditions into Unknown Space, and discovering new sentient and non-sentient species. Also, raided a Death Watch Remnant base, and lord and behold, found all the schematics of upgraded Old Republic Era ships that'll make Kuat Drive Yards techs drool," Nasha said causing Sutura and Aren to laugh.

"That's just you Nasha," Aren, as he recovered from laughing, "Always on the move," Nasha smiled at her friends, but then she noticed Yorudan who was hidding a bit shyly behind Sutura's leg. "Oh, now who's this Sutura?" She asked as she glanced at the boy.

Sutura smiled as she got her son out of his hiding place. "Well Nasha, this here would just so happen to be mine and Aren's Son, Yorudan." she said, causing Nasha's eyes to fly wide, before letting out a chuckle.

"I can see the resemblance," Nasha said as she kneeled down in front of Yorudan, "Hello there young one, my name is Nasha," she greeted the youngster and Yorudan smiled somewhat shyly.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you too, Kaa-san told me you, her, and my Tou-san," Yorudan greeted which caused to Nasha blink at the boy's use of the Rikudoan language, and looked to Sutura who answered her unasked question.

"He was born on a planet with a people that spoke a different language," Sutura said, "Kaa-san means Mother, and Tou-san is Father."

"Oh!" She said, and smiled. "Well, it's nice to meet you too Yorudan! I hope I get the chance to get to know you better later on."

Yorudan smiled 'She's nice, she reminds me a bit of Naru's Kaa-san in a few ways.' He thought, "I hope so too," he said and Nasha just smiled sweetly at the eight-year old and ruffled his hair.

"I like you already," she chirped a bit and looked at everyone else who was in the hanger, when her eyes landed on the Shinobi she gave a grin.

"So you guys are the warrios called Shinobi from that planet my friends and Ryu discovered, right?" Nasha asked and they nodded, she then spotted Korbin in the group and her eyes widen.

"No way, Korbin Kurain?" she asked as she pointed at the Explorer, "You'rr alive?"

Korbin grinned a bit "Good to see you too, Nasha." he said. "Been a while hasn't it?"

Nasha's suprised look turned into a smile quickly. "It sure has." she said, and then she noticed Nami-hi, Toddo, and Lacus.

"Oh, and this here is my family. Nasha, meet my wife Nami-hi Uzumaki, my son Toddo, and my Granddaughter Lacus." Korbin said, and Nasha could only smile more.

"Well it appears you got yourself a happy there family Korbin, after you disappeared, Clans Skirata, Ordo, mine and your own Clan became worried sick," Nasha said, "We were begining to think you were dead,"

Korbin could only chuckle at that, "Well after getting chased by pirates, and then shot down on a low tech planet, and meeting this beautiful woman here," he wrapped an arm around his wife's waist while she blushed, "I'd say some good came out of it, I even got myself a son and a Granddaughter!" He then paused for a moment, and growled "Though that Haruno bitch almost ruined everything."

Nasha rose an eyebrow, knowing it would take a LOT for Korbin to be that mad at someone. "Who are you talking about?" She asked.

"Abi Haruno, my ex-wife." Toddo said, with a sigh "She cheated on me, and to add insult to injury she took my own Daughter from me, placing a restraining order and tried to turn her into an exact copy of herself."

It was quiet for about tens seconds until...




Jedi Temple


Mace Windu blinked as he and the other masters looked around.

"Did you hear that?" he asked and they all nodded, "What was that?"


Senate Building

Palpatine's office


Palpatine was recovering after recieveing those disturbing Force images he recieved when he heard a woman's angry yell which caused him to blink in confusion, but shrugged his shoulders.

"Must have been nothing," He said as he continued with his worse enemy other than the Jedi, paperwork, 'Confounded unnecessary evil! When I become Emperor I will put a ban on ALL paperwork!,' he cackled evilly in his as he continued writing vigorously, hoping to finish and continue his plans.


Back with the others


"WHERE IS SHE? WHERE DOES SHE LIVE? I SWEAR I WILL BOMBARD HER HOME IN A WAY THAT WOULD MAKE WHAT THE MANDALORIAN'S DID TO TELOS LOOK MERCIFUL!" Nasha Roared which caused many of her guards to flinch as she drew her sword, and the Jonin to cower in fear as Nasha reminded them of another woman with that kind of temper.

'She's like a Space version of Tsunade-sama!' was the collective thought of the Jonin, while the others including Minato, Kushina, and the Mandalorians were a little nervous. The children however, were scared out of their minds as they hid behind an Aurek fighter, clutching one another.

"Scary, scary," was Naru's only reply to Nasha's outburst. Ryu was the one who answered, albeit a little nervously.

"She's already dead Nasha," Ryu which caused the irate Mando woman to look at him, eyes alit with fire as Ryu gulped, "I used the Force to choke her and then snapped her neck, because I couldn't stand her screeching, I swear if she spoke one more work my eardrumbs were gonna burst."

Slowly, but surely, Nasha calmed down to a point that she wouldn't be bombarding a planet to dust, much to the relief of all those in the hanger bay, and probobly to Konoha's as well even if they didn't know it.

"Alright, I'm calm now," she said and everyone breathed a sigh of relief at that. Nasha then gave a serious look at Ryu, getting back into buisness.

"So Ryu, I imagine you called us for a reason, and it's not just about seeing Aren, Sutura, and Korbin again is it?" she asked and Ryu nodded.

"Yes, you're right about that," Ryu said as he gestured Nasha to follow them and the CEO of Ne'tra Kad nodded and she and her guard detail began to follow Ryu and his group, "And it has to do with a certain bunch of Lizard Slaversaround the second habitable planet in the system."

Nasha sighed "Trandoshans?" She asked, and Ryu nodded. "Yes, we believe they are running a Slaver Operation on the Planet Uzushio." He said. "They have a small force in Orbit consisting of two Interceptor-class Frigates, a CR70 Corvette, Three Flarestar-class attack shuttles, and an Asteroid Space Station. But they have a much larger ground presence on the planet, with a large base. Our best guess is that there are a few thousand Trandoshan's in there."

Nasha nodded as Ryu continued "We also have confirmation that there are Local's on the Planet, and they live in cities ranging from the size of Theed, to the Hidden Villages of the Planet Sutura, Aren and Korbin landed on."

"So, what do you plan on doing?" Nasha asked, and Ryu grinned.

"Well, we've been thinking of going down there in advance, sneaking past the Trandoshan's sensors, and attempt to contact the natives to get them to coordinate an attack on their base." He explained. "Once we do that, your fleet can show up and gun down their space forces, and you then begin landing your troops for the base attack."

Nasha grinned at that, "Divide and conquer. You sure know how to coordinate Ryu, ever thought of a career change?"

Ryu shrugged "I'll let you know if the Jetii thing doesn't work out." He replied with an easy smile "Besides, I think after you see the Shinobi in action you'll be more interested in getting them into your ranks."

Nasha grinned more "Oh, then I look forward for the battle." She said. "So, when are we gonna attack?"

"Me and my team will launch tomorrow morning to meet up with the locals." Ryu said. "We'll go in using Mine, Aren's, and Korbin's ships. Everyone else will stay here until we can work something out."

Nasha nodded at that, "Agreed, then I suggest you and your friends get some sleep then," she said gesturing to the kids who look a bit snoozy. Ryu chuckled along the group as Kushina went to pick up Naru, while Sutura picked up Yorudan, Minato picked up Hinata, Ryu picked up Jorn, and Toddo picked up Lacus.

As they carried their children to their respective ships, Nasha couldn't help but smile 'Those kids are gonna change the galaxy, I just know it.' she thought. 'The future looks very promising for all of us now.'

"I know that smile." Aren said, pointing at Nasha. "What are you thinking Nasha?"

Lady Artemis just shook her head. "Oh, nothing Aren. Nothing major." she said, and walked off leaving a confused Aren, who just shrugged and left to the other ships, the Shinobi and other Mandalorians followed their example, in preparation for tomorrow.


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