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Rachel POV

I stood hidden slightly behind the door frame as I watched Finn flirt shamelessly with Sugar next to his locker. The girl is a freshman for goodness sakes. I should be relieved that I no longer have to deal with Finn's immaturity. The change he had made over the last year was gone. That was abundantly clear as he playfully flipped the younger girl's hair over her shoulder.

It's the first day back after Christmas Break. Meaning the first day back at McKinely since Finn and I broke up.

I did my best to avoid seeing anyone during the break other than Kurt and Blaine. Some had made attempts, but failed. I cringed when Kurt mentioned Quinn's New Year's Eve party but only a few had agreed to go.

Quinn's "transformation" from blonde beauty queen to pink haired "bad girl" was strange. I think I was the only one that even realized it was to get Puck's attention. And it worked, for a little bit.

She may have changed the outside, but she was still the same bitchy cheerleader that had been tormenting her since Freshman year.

The closer it got to Christmas break, the more frequent Quinn's attacks on me.

It was the last Glee rehearsal before break and I had suggested them all come over for New Year's Eve. Before anyone had the chance to respond, Quinn spoke loudly,

"What makes you think any of us want to ring in the new you're with you Yentle?"

I heard shouting from all around me but didn't bother to look at who was defending me. It didn't matter. All that mattered was that right next me, Finn stayed seated. My eyes filled with tears and when he looked over at me, I slapped him hard on the cheek, the sound causing the roar in the room to stop suddenly.

I stood from my chair and glared down at him, "Thanks Finn."

He looked around nervously, "Um...you're…welcome?"

I screamed loudly and reached around my neck to unclasp my Finn necklace. I threw it at his head and ran out of the room.

"Rachel! There you are!" I was brought out of my thoughts by the sounds of my best friend shrieking with delight. Finn's head popped up at the mention of my name and I quickly looked over to where Kurt was approaching me, "Oh thank Barbra and Gaga combined, you look…."

"Spit it out Kurt," I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, "let me guess….I should be walking door to door selling girl scout cookies?"

Blaine appeared next to Kurt laughing, "Only if every house is occupied by a horny teenage boy."

Kurt ignored his boyfriend and took his left hand into mine. I laughed as he spun me around slowly, "This outfit is delicious."

I looked down at the clothes Kurt was currently praising. I had on a forest green sweater dress that hit the middle of my thighs. It wasn't super tight, but accentuated my curves nicely. It was a bit lower cut in the front then I was used to but I didn't mind. I had on pair of black leggings and black ankle high boots. I was never a fan of allowing a little cold weather affect my attire. But the cream winter jacket I had worn today allowed me some warmth for the short time I was outside.

"It was a gift from my mother for Chanukah," I shrugged, "She bought me quite a few items of clothing."

Kurt clapped excitedly, "I must come see them! As soon as Glee is over we are heading straight to your house!"

"Um, don't I get a say in this," chuckled Blaine, "I am the one that's driving."

I gave Blaine a sympathetic smile and my eyes flicked over his shoulder and gasped.

Kurt and Blaine turned quickly to see what had caused me to bring my hand up quickly to my mouth.

Finn was still standing in front of his locker but Sugar had been replaced with Noah Puckerman. The two boys standing toe to toe.

I started walking slowly towards them when their voices got louder.

"Back the fuck off Puck! It's none of your God damn business!"

"It is when I wasted a fucking year of my life for nothing!"

I looked around to see that no one seemed to bother trying to break the boys up.

When Finn shoved Puck I moved quickly, shoving the spectators out of the way. Puck was about to reciprocate when I pushed both of them apart with all my strength and slid between them, my hands on either boys chest.

"Stop it!" I shouted.

I looked up at Puck, his jaw ticked while still glaring at Finn, but I could feel him relax under my touch. When I looked over and up at Finn, he was still glaring at Puck, fists still clenched, "Finn Hudson, STOP IT!"

A few seconds passed and his eyes flickered down at me quickly, then backed away, "Screw this," he threw his hands in the air and walked away. I watched him turn the corner and I blew out a small puff of air. When I turned my attention back to Puck, he was giving me his signature Puck smirk.

"Don't look at me like that Noah! Do you mind explaining what that was all about?" I realized my hand was still on his chest and I moved it quickly and crossing my arms. I rubbed the hand that was just touching him with my thumb.

"It was nothin'," he placed a hand on the lockers next to him and leaned in closer, "Is that a new dress? I like it."

I ignored the small flutter in my stomach but felt my lips betray me, forming into a small smile, "Stop changing the subject," I slapped his chest, "What were you and Finn arguing about?"

"I was just telling him what a douche he is. You know you should have skipped the leggings. It would give me easier access in Spanish," he wriggled his eyebrows as I growled in frustration.

"Obviously you are avoiding an explanation. I give up," I started to walk towards class when he grabbed me by the elbow. I looked at the contact then up to him.

"He shouldn't be doing that shit. Flirting with that twit like that."

I sighed deeply, "Thank you for your concern Noah, but I'll deal with it. Besides, here you are," she gestured slowly at him, "Flirting shamelessly with me just to avoid telling me why you and Finn were really fighting. And what's all this business about 'I wasted a year for nothing' nonsense."

When Puck froze at my words, my heart flightered slightly. I had suspisions in regards to why Puck had never pursued me last year. I always wondered if it wasn't that he wasn't interested, but that he was not going to do anything to hurt Finn...not again.

"Oh, that…that was about Quinn…yeah, Quinn."

I tilted my head slightly feeling a small twinge of disappointment, "So let me get this straight, You were defending my honor and arguing about Quinn…." I was confused.

"Just..don't worry about it, alright?" he was scrubbing the back is his neck which I knew was a sign he was feeling uncomfortable.

Just then Quinn walked by hanging on to one of the hockey players.

"I'm sorry. It must be difficult to see that," I turned back to find him rolling his eyes.

"Like I give a fuck. Quinn's to worried about herself to care. Same bitch, different haircut."

I shook my head at him, "Why you guys ever got back together is beyond me."

I mentally scolded myself for saying it out loud.

"Really?" he seemed genuinely surprised, "Why's that?"

My mind suddenly went blank. What was I supposed to say? Surely not the truth. Doing that would only make me suffer utter embarrassment when he laughs in my face.

Thankfully the warning bell rang.

"Time for class!" I squealed (how embarrassing), smiled brightly and walked away quickly.

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