The Group of Three

By Metallic Militia

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Summary: There are two new students to Konaha High Ino Yamanka, and Sasuta Uchiha

Quick heads up this story will be a NaruInoSasu, and yes people Sasuke is a girl I'm no homo don't mind them tho.

***** Konaha High's Office

"Hey Baa-chan what's up?" asked the blonde boy that just got called to the office on the first day of school, which didn't really surprise him in the least Tsunade was his adopted grandma, and some of the teachers in the school he was very close to he basically adopted some of them into his family. The boy was an orphan and was treated badly because of the Kyuubi being sealed in him.

"Brat how many times do I have to tell you can't call me that in school?" Said an annoyed Tsunade, as she looked up from a few papers that lined her desk. She got up from her seat and walked over to Naruto and gave him a hug. She wasn't going to argue about being his baa-chan because he was family to her more of a son, but it still worked.

"So what's up school hasn't even started yet and you're calling me to your office?" Naruto was eager to get back to class and see old friends and catch up, he grew impatient. Naruto was a typical teenager. He was about 5'8 with average weight, but don't get me wrong he was the schools powerhouse when it came to sports, and when it came to boxing he was alpha dog, scratch that alpha Fox. The school was quite small but still some how top in education and sports. Less than one hundred kids came to the school for a few reasons, you either had to be loaded with money to pay for tuition or you joined the military, which happened to be Naruto's choice. Naruto was also a junior this year and he felt relaxed when he was here, which is probably why he got good grades in all his classes, sure he was no genius but the boy still got low A's to mid B's for a normal.

"I was getting to that, school starts in twenty minutes so chill, Since you're a good student that I trust with a lot of things, we have two new students coming into your class, I would like them to follow you around make them feel comfortable Naruto there new to town too so you should show them around town too." Tsunade Said.

"Yes, Ma'am." Naruto said happily wondering what these people would be like.

About ten minutes later in came two teenage girls and by the looks of it their parents, Naruto took notice of the teenagers. The First girl had blonde hair, albeit not as golden as Narutos but still blonde she had a sexy figure, with a slightly larger chest then normal girls their age she was quite tall too. Probably 5'6 or 5'7, which was mostly legs that right now she had covered with three quarter length jeans with normal sneakers on. She was also wearing a purple shirt with a flower design on it. Her lavender blue eyes seemed to be checking him out also. Naruto was also looking at the other girl with raven hair she had dark brown eyes and had one of the sexiest smiles Naruto had ever seen. It didn't end there though She had a rockin' body also, her chest was pretty small but yet looked like the sexiest thing ever to him. She was 5'4, so she didn't have the legs like the other but she still had a sweet body. She was currently wearing dark jeans with a pair of running shoes, and a white shirt with a red bass guitar running up her side. She was also checking out Naruto.

Both girls at that same moment were looking at one of the most handsome guys they had ever seen his golden blonde hair seemed to just do what it wanted, even if he attempted to comb it. His deep aqua eyes seemed to go on forever; the girls knew they could get lost easily in them. He was lean and yet fit like he did sports and that's how he worked out, which in fact was true. His smile was small but true which looked very appealing to the girls. He was also taking out his headphones which showed off his muscular arm. That almost had the girls drooling over him. He was wearing cargo pants with military grade boots on, his shirt was black with a white guitar on it he was also wearing a black jacket that had deep orange flames running up it and on the back of it was a fox's head which was surrounded by deep crimson flames. The blonde girl looked away trying to distract herself with other things. The other girl, on the other hand, approached the boy.

Naruto was waiting for Tsunade to finish with the girls parents. He didn't even notice that the dark haired girl made her way over to him.

"Hi my name's Sasuta Uchiha, as you can probably tell I'm new here who are you?" asked the girl while she held out her hand to the boy.

"Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki pleasure to meet you Sasuta" his smile grew and had an effect on the girl who smiled even bigger herself, while the two shook hands. After a pause he added. "Since your new here I was asked to lead you both to your classes and also to show you around town if you don't mind." Naruto asked semi-nervous due to the fact that even though he was a great guy and knew everyone in school he wasn't one of the popular kids, not that he minded it though.

"Well Naruto, I will take you up on that offer of yours, to see the town" Sasuta said appreciating the boy in front of her.

Tsunade by this time had finished with her conversation of the parents and now had some understanding of the two girls. Both girls came from big families that were more well-off then others. Ok that was an understatement these girls were filthy stinking rich and the amount of money that they had would put the Hyuuga's fortune look like pocket change. She looked over at the two girls one was standing near Naruto smiling the other stood near the entrance looking around. Sigh 'I should retire soon this job will be the death of me' "Girls I would like to introduce our star athlete and junior classes strongest Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto flushed at the statement and sheepishly scratched the back of his head. Sasuta smiled and inwardly chuckled at Naruto's expression. The blonde near the door looked over at Naruto and had trouble stopping her blush. Tsunade continued "Naruto these are your new classmates Sasuta Uchiha and Ino Yamanka please show them around the school and to their respectable classes."

Sasuta smiled and said "Hey Naruto" while the now known Ino smiled and waved at him.

Naruto had already seen the schedule, thanks to Tsunade, and asked for the girls to follow him to their class. "Sorry girls your first period class is different from mine, but the rest of your classes are mine. The school runs on a trimester and only has 5 classes each day same classes everyday. Lunch is after third period. It's a small school and that means that basically everyone knows anyone." Naruto looked at the classroom door and saw the number on it. "Here is your first class girls'. I will try and get out of my class a little early to meet you here, I will then lead you to your lockers. So I will see you girls later." And with that Naruto waved and headed to his class.

Naruto got to his Anatomy class and took his seat next to the window.

"He bro, what's up man?" asked his best friend for about seven years now.

Kiba was sitting in front of Naruto with his 'We are the best' grin planted on his face.

"Hey man, doing good, got two new girls following me around today … hey man did you get that scholarship?"

Kiba smiled a more depressed smile this time and shook his head no. Kiba was just behind Naruto in just about everything, sports especially, but both boys helped each other out all the time and always new what the other was doing. "Nope, looks like its Military life for me too. We better be together through that shit man. Aren't we on like the verge of war with that nation Iwa?"

Naruto didn't want to think about it and punched Kiba in the arm "Don't bring up that crap man, I'd rather forget about it for now you know?" Naruto knew all about the tensions rising between the two nations he read all the reports and watched the news and listened to the radio about it, he did this to know if he would be called into active service which was extremely likely if the two went to war and now that Kiba had no other choice he would be to. Sigh "Kiba do you know what regiment you are in?"

Kiba sighed heavily, turned and rummaged through his papers and handed them to Naruto and said "I haven't even read through half of this crap yet and it hasn't told me anything about anything." Naruto nodded that he understood and since he had read the same thing two years ago flipped to the correct page and read it 'Regiment 191 under LT Hatake followed by Gunnery SGT Uzumaki.' Naruto smiled he had just been promoted to that because he had agreed to some government experiment. Kakashi Hatake was their anatomy teacher. Naruto handed the papers back and told Kiba it was the 3rd paragraph and 5th sentence in.

"So I got to start calling you sir now eh?" Kiba joked

"Yes Kiba you actually have to." Said a colder more metallic sounding voice then Narutos. Kiba turned to see his teacher standing next to the two. Kakashi was wearing black dress pants; military grade boots a white long sleeved shirt which had its sleeves rolled up half way, a black tie, and a brown belt to match the color of his boots. Kakashi smiled at his adopted little brother and patted Kiba on the head "After school guy's you want to head to a dinner to talk and hang out" Kakashi asked which was answered with two affirmatives and then the bell rang to say class had started.

*****Time skip end of period with Naruto

Naruto just arrived when the bell that symbolized that the period was over sounded. He waited patiently for the girls to come out of the class room.

Sakura just stepped out of her Physics class and looked to her right to see Naruto talking with his friend Kiba. She was pissed at Naruto, they were best friends and he forgot her birthday. They had known each other since they were five and she looked up to him as if he was her brother. "NARUTO" she yelled, said man flinched and looked over to see Sakura fuming mad. He gulped and fumbled with something in his pocket. She walked over to him until he held out his hand with a small package.

"I'm sorry Sakura-chan I was busy during your birthday and when I tried to call you someone else answered the phone and ended up hanging up on me I think it was your little sister."

***** Fourteen miles away

A smaller version of Sakura was headed towards the living room to get one of her toys when she sneezed. Then a voice from the Kitchen yelled "You better not be coming down with something young lady"

*****Back with Naruto

Sakura opened her gift and awed at the sight it was a bracelet with the word FRIENDSHIP on it. She then chuckled a little bit. 'Oh dear little sister of mine, you will die when I get home.' The pinkette thought. She casually walked over to Naruto and hugged him. She followed that up with; "I'm sorry I even doubted you."

"Sakura-chan we need to hang out sometime you know. It's been too long." With that Kiba had officially just butted into the conversation.

Sakura tried her best to resist the urge to throw Kiba in a locker and lock it for the rest of the year. "Kiba, do you want to die?" She asked sweetly.

Kiba chuckled softly and moved behind Naruto somewhat. The blonde had been laughing at his two best-friends antics.

"I will see you guys later, got to get to class, bye guys." Sakura said as she walked off to her locker.

"Hey man, I have to go see Anko-sensei before lunch soo, later man." Kiba yelled as he ran off in another direction.

Naruto stood there with a smile on his face when she showed up. She was the bitch of the high-school, the slut of the town, and unfortunately for Naruto his ex. Hinata was walking up to him with an evil smile on her face she was wearing a lavender color top and dark blue shorts.

"Ohayo Naruto-kunn" she greeted.

"What the hell do you want now?" Naruto asked pissed off. He only had dated her because she was the only girl around at the time, which even looked some what decent. She changed after about a week of them dating she became an evil, arrogant bitch that seemed to like abusing Naruto. They dated for three and half weeks before he grew tired of it and threw her out when they were on a double date with a few good friends. Literally, he picked her up from her seat yelled 'we are through', walked to the door and threw her out. He then went to tell the door man 'never let her in this establishment if I am here'. Since Naruto was a frequent costumer he did not object. Tsume, Kiba's mother owned the place and when she heard from Kiba about what happened she banned Hinata from ever coming back. The next day she let Naruto drink some alcohol to calm him down and drown his sorrow from the whole event. Naruto got tanked that day and ended up in Hana's room. Hana told him that he never did anything to her, and that she felt very bad for him so she let him sleep in the same bed as her. The two were like brother and sister from then on out.

"Oo Naruto when will you learn you need me to be the cool one here, you're lucky I haven't told anyone what you did that night." She said.

Naruto was confused at first then shook his head and stated; "Leave me alone you fucktard, everyone in the school knows what I did and most if not all accepted my actions."

Hinata was surprised … ok not so much she waved off that last sentence he said and said "oo Naruto, tsk tsk tsk, you are such an awful person you know, make a girl get her hopes up and then ruin her day." Hinata had not realized the brown-haired girl standing to the right of her until it was too late she was roundhouse kicked into an open locker, and then it was shut by that same woman.

Nobody saw the two other girls staring at the brown haired girl, the locker, and Naruto. "So, he's single, huh?" one of the girls mumbled and licked her lips. The two girls walked over to Naruto, who was now in a conversation with the brown-haired girl. "Hey Naruto are you alright?" Ino asked with concern in her voice. Naruto smiled at both Ino and Sasuta and told them he was perfectly fine

Naruto then remembered something. "Girls I would like you to meet my little sister. Hana Inuzaka. She and her brother are like family to me same with Sakura and Gaara. You will meet all three of them later."

Hana pouted. "Onii-chan, I'm not that much younger then you."

Everyone there laughed a little bit, until the bell was heard. Naruto grabbed both Ino and Sasuta and took off and mumbled "shit we're gonna be late."

Hana ran along side of them to get to the same class.

***** Time jump to lunch with Naruto

Naruto was just sitting down at his table with his chicken ramen and looked around him. Kiba sat on his right while Gaara sat across and to the right of Naruto. To Naruto's left was Hana. Sakura was sitting with some of her other friends, also the two new girls decided to sit across from Naruto and next to each other. Naruto was about to take his first bit of food when he remember something. Naruto started with "Oh ya, guys this is Ino and Sasuta. They are both new here so I am there guide today. Girls these are my best buds Hana, Kiba and Gaara." Each one of them smiled and greeted each other, while Naruto continued with what he was doing before. Eat his ramen and relax.

Gaara looked over at Naruto and said "Hey bro, have you been paying attention to the rising tensions with Iwa?" Like Naruto was in the same boat with signing up for the military and taking some experiments together. The two friends had seen some combat before when they went on a stealth recon mission together. They got the intel and got out with limited confrontation. Naruto snapped a guy's neck while Gaara came from behind the other and used his knife to sever his spine. The government, from that mission, knew that the two worked together the best so both were promoted Gaara became Capt. however.

Naruto sighed loudly, while Hana looked away with a lone tear in her eye, Kiba dropped his head knowing how Naruto was with this subject, Ino and Sasuta looked on confused. Naruto then said with a mixture of depression and anger "Ya I'd rather not talk about it though."

Gaara nodded his head meaning that he understood. Ino had had enough with the confusion and decided to speak up "Umm, not to upset you Naruto, but what is going on with Iwa, I don't understand where this is headed."

Naruto gave a sad smile and said with a low voice "we are on the brink of war with Iwa you know?" Ino looked surprised at the news while Sasuta wasn't she spoke next.

"Ya, my brother Itachi is posted at the border, but what does this have to do with you and Gaara?" she said while looking questioningly at the two boys.

Naruto chuckled a little trying to bring the mood up with little success. "hmm, well th-"

"Naruto let me answer this question. Girls as you should know this school has a high tuition, some students can afford this tuition, and others can not. However the students that want to come here but can not pay can join the military and then those students are covered with the costs of the school. Naruto and Gaara where going to join anyway so they came here to join faster. The two are both in the Marines by choice. Naruto is a gunnery sergeant, while Gaara is a captain. Kiba on the other hand was here on a scholarship, that went bad this year, Kiba decided to stay here anyway, but did not want his parents to choose between Hana's education or his own so he choose for them he signed up to be in the military. Naruto and Gaara are just below me, I am a lieutenant in the same regiment as Naruto, Gaara, and Kiba who is a private. This is why the question was brought up." Kakashi had come over to talk with Naruto about after schools plan when he had overheard the questions. He also saw that the whole table was getting a depressed feeling around it so he decided to step in. "Naruto are we still on for after school?"

"Hmm, oh, ya almost forgot, sorry sir, do you mind if Gaara and The two new girls tag along I've got them covered?" Naruto asked knowing that this was a good conversation changer.

"Sure more the merrier, right?" Kakashi said with a smile and did an about face and left the table.

Naruto and the rest of the group ate their meals in a comfortable silence. Ino and Sasuta kept taking 'discrete' glances at Naruto. Naruto was oblivious to the girls while eating his food. Kiba and Gaara also did not see the girls doing what they where. Hana noticed though. She knew what she was going to do. Hana planed out that she was going to 'interrogate' the two girls to see if they would love Naruto unlike Hinata.

Hana remembered something "OO SHIT, I LEFT HINATA IN THE LOCKER" The rest of the table looked at her a little surprised by her all of a sudden yelling, but then Naruto started laughing his ass off almost to the point where he fell off his seat. Kiba wasn't fairing to well either. Gaara was trying his hardest not to laugh. While the other girls understood that Hana was going to be in trouble and knew they had to help her someway. Kakashi, who was leaving the lunchroom laughed a little bit and then moved on to help Hinata, of course he would make sure she never would get Hana in trouble.

***** Time skip end of the school day

The Last two classes were boring as normal. Naruto was sitting in a tree with Hana beside him. Kiba, Gaara and the new girls where sitting with their backs to the tree while waiting for Kakashi. Twenty minutes went by without him showing up. Then he showed up with a few other teachers as well, Anko, Asuma, and Tsunade. "We ready to go?" Kakashi asked flatly.

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