Konoha High: Soon to be War

Chapter 3: The Start, and new relationships

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'Hmm what wait what happened to Dad?' Thought a blond haired girl. 'I can't see him anywhere.' She thought as she started to worry. 'What if I never find him, what if he just abandoned me here?' The blond thought as she started to run around calling for him. "Dad … Dad … DAD!" She screamed, some of the people standing near her looked at her with sympathy, but they all just continued to do whatever they were doing before. She started to have tears in her eyes just waiting to burst and slip down her face. Now if any of her friends at her home city, they would have been shocked. Ino of all people the supposed strongest girl in their class was about to cry. That's right she was on the verge of balling her eyes out. A strange man was approaching fast however, until a scream was heard the man cursed and continued on his way for the time being.

"Get away from my Ball you filth!" A dark haired boy yelled. Naruto was looking at the ball near his feet.

"I was just going to pick it up for you." Naruto said

"LIKE I NEED YOUR HELP!" The other boy screamed, as he pushed Naruto over and grabbed the ball and walked away.

Naruto sighed and stood to his feet and dusted himself off. "You didn't need to push me asshole." Naruto mumbled to himself and continued on his way. Ino had seen the whole thing and wondered why the poor little blond boy was treated like that, it was extremely rude. So she stood up and followed him. The strange man cussed, the damn kid was ruining everything.

"Wait up." Ino called out to Naruto. Naruto sighed again waiting for the ear full that he was probably about to receive an ear full from some other kid to stay away from them. When Ino noticed that Naruto had stopped she ran up to him. "Why did that kid do that to you and you didn't do anything in return?"

Naruto wasn't expecting this from the girl, but he answered none the less, "It's um normal for me to be treated like this. All my life I have had these types of things happen to me, umm are you from around here." Ino was saddened at what he had just said and wondered how he knew she wasn't from around her so she looked at him skeptically, so he elaborated, "Well everyone from around here already knows that and no one has ever had any sort of kindness in them to really help me."

The two children had continued walking and were in a deserted part of the park and that was when Naruto knew that there was something fishy going on because the same strange guy in the black overcoat was still following him, now people would call him paranoid but that feeling had saved him several times from dangerous situations. "My name is Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki." Ino laughed and saw a police car up ahead and remembered she was lost and her dad was nowhere to be seen. Naruto looked to where she was looking and then looked at Ino again.

Ino then told him how she was lost and she didn't know what to do. So Naruto told her to head to the police officer in the car that was now stopped. He then told her that he would catch up to her in a minute. She continued on, Naruto had decided to sit on a nearby bench and when the man in the trench coat narrowed his eyes at Ino's retreating form, Naruto had pieced together that this guy was after Ino for some reason, but then he was picking up the pace to stop her before reaching the police officer. Naruto had to think fast and he put out his foot just as the man was passing by. Naruto's foot hooked the man's and he fell. He started to pick himself up and looked over his shoulder to see the little boy was glaring at him.

"You little shit." Was all the man said before he looked to where Ino was she had just reached the police Officer. "Fuckin A, You goddamn brat." The man stood to his feet and grabbed Naruto's arm and threw him onto the bench and punched him once.

"Get your hands off the boy NOW, you're under arrest." The man looked behind him and saw the sight of the same police officer with Ino behind him his gun raised and pointed at him. The wind picked up for a brief second and Naruto saw a silver metal in the man's overcoat. Naruto's eyes widened and he thought fast. He kicked and kicked hard. Right into the man's family jewels, the man crouched and stepped back, Naruto took the chance and jumped up and ran toward the police officer.

"HE HAS A GUN!" Naruto yelled as he came up. The police officer noticed it too.

"Put the weapon on the ground and surrender." Just then another police officer ran into the scene with a gun raised. "Slowly" they shouted. The man had and evil look in his eyes as he looked at Naruto.

"Fuck off." Was all he said as he reached for his gun and as he pulled it out he was still being yelled at. He raised the gun from its holster, and started to bring it around to firing position.


Four shots were fired and the man dropped dead, with three new holes lodged into his chest, a fourth bullet hole was in a tree behind the man. Naruto looked on and smiled, not at the dead body, it wasn't his first; he had seen a dead old man just three days before in an ally he looked homeless, no he was smiling because now he knew what he to do with his life, and he just had to protect people.

*****End of Flashback

Naruto didn't know why he had that dream as he woke up, but then he had placed it; the blond in his dream was the girl that he showed around the other day. 'What was her name again, she was cute. Ino, that's it.' Naruto smiled as he sat up in his bed. He groggily walked to the bathroom, as the morning dragged on; Naruto and Gaara were on their way to school today was Thursday so only a few days left until the weekend. Naruto and Gaara had a feeling that something major was going to happen however they wanted to just relax at least one weekend before it happened.

As they pulled into school Kakashi pulled up in his jeep beside them. "How are you two doing?" Kakashi asked with an eye smile. Gaara nodded his way and Naruto smiled.

"Well we are doing well, but umm, we have this bad feeling." Kakashi looked at him with a questioning look before he sighed.

"Well that makes it the three of us, I honestly hope not though." Kakashi stated as they all started toward the school when a Cadillac CTS pulled up. Ino got out and waved at the man driving, he seemed to be her father or uncle one of the two. When she looked up she saw the three headed to the school. She smiled and waited for them to come up to go into school together. It was silent as they strode toward the building. When they entered class Kiba waved toward Naruto.

Naruto sat down next to Kiba, and told him to be ready for anything and to have his military gear to be waiting by the door. Kiba had just nodded, seeing as Naruto was his superior, he decided that he had to listen to him. As class rolled on Naruto's feeling just kept growing. He frowned all throughout class, and many people were wondering how on earth he, the one that everyone knew would help out no matter what and always did it with a smile. When class let out Naruto was headed to his next class. Sasuta had caught up to him and smiled.

Naruto honestly did know what to do, as he smiled back. See ever since Sasuta had come and the feeling he had for her was strong, he would have to get to know her more, but he knew he had a crush on the girl, however he had a problem, that problem being Ino, he liked her two, but how was he supposed to choose.

He was surprised however when Ino ran up to them and smiled at Sasuta and shock her hand and then they both took his arms and started to lead him to the next class. Hana had seen this and growled. Naruto was meant to be hers damn it. Her eyes widened, 'O shit, I L-L-Love Naruto." Hana thought as Sakura approached her with a slight frown.

"You know Hana you better nag him fast, before he is taken." Sakura said looking very serious.

Hana just frowned, "How long have you know that I have liked him, I mean I just figured it out now." She asked. Sakura just shrugged.

"Not really sure when I figured out you liked him, then again what's not to like about him? He is almost the perfect boyfriend, I mean just look at how well he handled the Hinata situation he was in. Besides the way you are always there for him and the way that you look at him." Sakura answered, we better get to class."

The rest of the classes flew by, but Naruto had a few things happen to him, his gut feeling was burning with so much vigor now, Ino and Sasuta were flirting with him a lot, he however just flirted back and hoped his intuition was wrong, however what really surprised him was the fact that Hana was actually flirting with him, not just the teasing flirt they did once in a while but actual full on flirting. At one point all three girls had walked off but when they came back it was like they were working as a team.

Then the intercom came to life, however as soon as it did, Naruto's gut feeling hit an all-time high and then it just disappeared, Naruto didn't like that at all, but what really scared him was what was said over the intercom, it was Tsunade, and she sounded sad when she said, "Will all the students that are here on Military Scholarships please report to the Theatre at once."

Naruto looked at Kiba and Gaara as he stood and waved for them to follow him. The face Naruto had went from his playful flirting he was just doing with the three girls to a cold and sorrowful face. Only a few other students walked behind him. Gaara and Kiba were by his side in a matter of a few moments.

As they entered the theatre all the lights were on and Kakashi and Asuma were standing on the stage with a screen set up in between the two. Asuma spoke up, "Several moments ago we were attacked, war has been declared and we are being summoned to the fight."

Kakashi went next, "They attacked several places on the front, in those places that were attacked, a middle school and a Hospital were attacked, and the middle school is being used as a headquarters and is being held by a large group, so no normal force will be going in. Naruto, our men will be equipped and sent out tonight, we will be working on contacting the others and report to the barracks. We will be the first ones in, Asuma and the rest of the battalion will follow up after we cleared it, apparently all the children have escaped but some teachers are being held captive, the hospital is another whole situation that we will go over after the School has been dealt with."

Asuma sighed, "School has been canceled when we are dismissed, so go and say goodbye to your friends and then get ready, because after this conflict we will be headed to a command center near the front ad from there we will be sent out at different times to do what we need to do, to win this war." All the Oh-Rah and saluted as the stepped out of the room leaving two, Kakashi and Naruto who immediately whipped out their phones and started calling out to the rest of the squad.

***** Outside with Kiba and Gaara

"Kiba, What the hell is going on!?" Called Hana as she and the rest of the school had just been dismissed for the rest of the week.

"Apparently we were attacked and we are at war, we are being deployed." Kiba said solemnly. Gaara approached.

"Gaara? Where is Naruto?" Hana asked as Ino and Sasuta joined them, Sakura not far behind.

Gaara spoke up, "Naruto is briefing the others in our squad with Kakashi, now if you excuse me I need to go get the gear out and ready for inspection, Kiba when you are done I will need you to come to the barracks as soon as you can I would appreciate the help, besides I need to give you a quick run through of the strategy that we will be using." When he finished he was already walking away and headed toward his bike.

***** Back with Kakashi and Naruto

Kakashi just pressed a key on his computer and stood beside Naruto. On the Screen a man popped up, he was in a suit and looked terribly displeased. Both Kakashi and Naruto saluted and started.

"We have a major problem on our hands gentleman, our great Nation being attacked, those fools, do they not think that we would retaliate. Gentleman, do what needs to be done, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR! Make them an example, completely annihilate them, and leave absolutely no prisoners."

Kakashi and Naruto stood firm in front of the General, "Sir, Yes Sir." The two answered.

"Good, we will become victorious, through your efforts." With that said the link was cut the General disappeared from the screen.

"Naruto, I understand what the General said, and that we kill all that stand in our way, but do not underestimate these men, they are strong in their own right." Kakashi stated in a worried tone.

"No worries Sir, all enemies will be dealt with caution, but they will all suffer the same fate for attacking out homeland." With that said Naruto Saluted Naruto and walked out of the room.

"NARUTO!" Was called through the hallway, Naruto turned just in time to be hug slammed into by Hana, Ino, Sasuta, and Sakura. Hana and Sasuta were crying and the other two weren't too far off. Sakura looked back behind her, her mother just ran up to the group and hugged her daughter and kissed Naruto on the cheek and told him to be safe as Sakura squeezed him for a good-bye.

The other three stood there in front of him but Hana could hold it anymore, She came up in front of Naruto and kissed him twice the first a small peck and then she said I love you, and then a small make-out session. Ino moved Hana out of the way as soon as the second kiss ended, "Listen Naruto all three of us love you, and we will make it work out ok, so long as you love us equally." With that Hana ran up to him again and kissed him and hugged him before she had to let go. Naruto had a bright smile.

"I'll try my best my love's please be safe here. With that Naruto was running for the door as he had to get going.

As soon as Naruto made it outside frantic parents were everywhere and quickly picking up there kids and running to cars and driving out to where ever they thought was a safe place. Some other parents were calmer about the whole situation, like the Nara's, however none of that mattered to Naruto as he jumped on his Motorcycle and he gunned it passed cars that were stopped. He speedily drove all the way to the Barracks.

As Naruto jumped off his bike he threw his helmet on the ground next to it and ran into the building as a few other people were doing the same. As Naruto got inside he ran over to where Gaara was and he followed him into another room where Kiba was and Naruto immediately looked over the four suits. "They are all good to go. Kiba please go to your designated locker and get your stuff, and tell Ami and Lee to get in here." Kiba Nodded and headed into the other room. Gaara nodded to him and start putting on his gear, as did Naruto Ami and Lee then entered the room. Ami and Lee both looked confused.

Ami stated her confusion however, "Um Sir, what are we doing in here? Should we not be getting ready?"

"That's why you're here; I have assigned you two to these two suits, based on your capabilities. These two suits will protect you from most gun fire, so don't worry about it, we will be going in before any of the other soldiers." Naruto stated and when he finished Lee and Ami got ready.

Naruto had on all his gear beside his helmet as he walked out with Gaara, Lee and Ami right behind the two. Naruto walked over to Kakashi and nodded to him, Naruto then yelled out over everyone's voice, "EASY COMPANY FORM UP" They had all already been briefed and all of them saluted, "MOVE OUT" with that said everyone ran out of the building into the back of truck and as Naruto jumped up and in he looked at the men and women with him.

"Where are we headed sir?" A Man asked him.

Naruto replied, "Well besides to Hell's Gates, to the helicopters bud, they are just a couple miles away."

***** Chapter Finish

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