The end of Light

The Light Teminated with Dark

Disclaimer: Sailormoon is the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha and Toei Animation. All characters, settings etc. are used without permission. This is a fanfiction of Sailor Moon, for my interest in the KunZoi pair, and I promise that there is definitely neither illegal nor financial purpose.

The author's words: Well…I'm afraid that there may be some grammar errors or bugs on spell…It's really not that easy to write fictions in English, while I am a Chinese myself. I beg your forgiveness if you find such bugs…and I will be really grateful if you were so kind to tell me how to correct such mistakes…

This fiction has already finish, but I need time to do the interpretation. So…The update might be slow, but anyway, I am trying my best~ Plus, reviews would be really big encouragement!

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The fiction begins:

The story began in one Room in the palace of kingdom of Elysium, The Golden Kingdom. The room belonged to Kunzite, who was the first-ranked general of the kingdom.

The atmosphere filling in the room was cold and unconcerned, and such appearances perhaps came from the white marble table. On the square marble table, there was a chessboard colored with black and white. Some emerald and silver blue pieces of chess were just in chess.

"Pop!" It was an emerald piece. The emerald side was actually close to victory. At the same time, the blue side could hardly save the game.

"Kunzite-sama! Obviously I would be the winner once more!" The speaking boy with pale skin and copper curled ponytail was with a pair of emerald eyes, which were the same color as his pieces of chess.

Yet, it seemed that the silver-haired man sitting at the opposite was paying little attention to the game on the chessboard. Instead, he was gazing at the youth, while he was also gazing back at him. When the silver gaze met the emerald one, the beautiful boy blushed. Kunzite smiled when he saw that. He rested his sight back to the chessboard, and made a move.

The royal servant came in a hurry and broke the chess. He was here with the order from the King—Queen Serenity from the kingdom of Silver Millennium on the moon and her daughter, princess Serenity, would be on an informal visit to the Elysium. The sailor senshi (Sailor scouts), who are the guardians of the princess, would be together with them, too.

It said that they were visiting for the sake of the peace and friendship between the two kingdoms. The king and the Queen of Elysium were meeting the guests from the moon. Price Endimion, the only son of the first family, would attend the meeting as well. Besides, Queen Serenity expected that the four guardians of Endimion—also the four highest-ranked generals—could attend with the First family.

After conveying the order, the servant bowed and left. Nobody knew why the copper-haired boy became so uneasy. He moved several steps without any thought, and the moves were obviously not the right way. Soon, Kunzite picked up the emerald "King" from the board. With the action he said:"Patient, Zoisite. Never forget that no matter what happens, or you may lose."

"But, Kunzite-sama…" The boy named Zoisite murmured uneasily, "This time, my feeling of the order is so different and…ominous."

Zoisite was always doing the best in Sensibility among the shitennou (The Four Kings of Heaven). However, even the most powerful general, Kunzite, could not tell what made Zoisite feeling so ominous, since the order looked really common and harmless.

"Zoisite, there's nothing to worry about." Kunzite stood up and walked towards Zoisite before patted him, "The kingdom of Silver Millennium has been our friendly neighbor for thousands of years."

The younger one leaned into the arms of his teacher and lover and clasped him, then he murmured: "Whatever…Wherever…"

Kunzite nodded quietly. He hugged and petted Zoisite after saying "Sh-".