In the laughter of Beryl, the shitennou raised their weapons, ready to attack. It was not long before that moment, they were standing in a similar posture by the side of their prince—former prince. But it was totally different while Endymion remembered the time past before long.

They used to protect the prince with their swords, their loyalty and their life, but all that had pasted. They answered to spiritual tyranny with practical betrayal. Endymion understood that he and his parents had no qualification to blame them.

Beryl didn't plan to kill Prince Endymion, instead, she asked her leadees to capture him, but at last he escaped.

The exiled prince escaped to the Silver Millennium Kingdom on the moon. He rushed into the dancing ball wearing a mask, and brought the information of the earth to his beloved Princess Serenity.

When Beryl was leading her main force marching towards the moon, the people of the kingdom of Silver Millennium was still wallowing in their peaceful dance enjoying themselves.

And the vanguard of the army was the shitennou, whom Queen Serenity had planned to have in hand.

Kunzite was at the front, with silver hair floating and pale cape fluttering, his face was colder than the eternal iceberg.

Zoisite was at the left behind Kunzite, like a rose in his full bloom, so delicate, so lovely by also fearful.

Nephrite was at the right behind Kunzite, a little farther than Zoisite. The starry-blue eyes were glancing at the lunar people superciliously.

Jadeite was at the right behind Nephrite, he was expressionless, and the meticulous looking on his face was not a bit different from processing any other missions.

"Cover our princess!" With the loud shouts rushed the Sailor Scouts. They stood up to their enemies bravely…but uselessly.

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter stared at their leader Sailor Venus. Mercury did some analysis on her micro computer before whispered something to Mars. Mars nodded, and turned to there blondie leader:"Venus, it's your turn! The space magic of Kunzite is our largest threaten. You can't miss him!"

"Roger that." Said Venus frowning. She nodded, aimed, then shouted—

"Rolling Heart Vibration—"

But she missed, perhaps because the light and shadow floating in the front obstructed her sight. The light attack aimed at Kunzite at last shot to Zoisite. Kunzite's lips vibrated for once, then he lifted his shield, halted the attack.

Zoisite didn't move, but he glared at the Sailor Scouts with hatred while Kunzite was still like a stone.

"Mina-sun, my fault…" Sailor Venus couldn't explain her accidentally drop.

Jupiter said with her arms crossing: "No, not at all. It's all Metallia's fault, our enemies are too powerful. But we are to keep fighting, Supreme Thunder—"

"Burning Mandala—"

"Shine Aqua Illusion—"

But their attack were no more than baby talk to the shitennou, and the Sailor Senshi failed, they would fail anyway.

In the end, Queen Serenity turned to the ginzuishou(the silver crystal), she sealed the dark power of Metallia, at the price of her own life. The civilization of Elysium and Millennium disappeared from the universe, left only legend, but the legend would be forgotten one fine day.

The pink light of the ginzuishou was engulfing the whole world, with the melody of lyre. Metallia was disappearing, Beryl was dying, and so were the shitennou and all the youma, all the earthlings.


"Don't be afraid, my Zoisite, I am always with you." The silver-haired tennou tightened his arms for holding his lover closer.

"Never, Kunzite-sama. Never feel afraid by your side."

The long, sweet, passionate kiss became an eternal freeze-frame in the light of the shining ginzuishou.


Coda: This is a coda of this part, but this isn't the end of the story. As we know, the absolute positive moon kingdom had never appeared again, but planet earth which contains both positive and negative energy had came to a new cycle of evolution, from monad to human being.

Metallia, Beryl and the shitennou had been reborn in the D-point of North Polar, where located the reborn Dark Kingdom. Beryl wanted the absolute loyalty from the shitennou, so she distorted the memories of Kunzite and Zoisite to make them loyal to her instead of in love with each other. She broke her promise, but a blooming rose broke the incantation—and that would be the second part of this story The End of Light.

Please expect the second part: Rose Blooming in the Dark.

But, well…may I ask for a several-days' break before begin translating that fiction…

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