Well this is just a prelude to the Dead Space fic I'm typing out as we speak. This story is taking place from the view of one of the Sprawl's pets that wasn't turned into a Necromorph. After seeing the many animal crates and watching developer interviews about the Sprawl pets becoming part Stalker and various other Necromorphs I wondered what the outbreak looked like through one dog's eyes. This one is told by my Original character Kaya so anything in italics is what she is thinking or narrating. Enjoy everyone!

Kaya, Charlotte, Eric and Angela belong to me.

Isaac, Nolan and Ellie belong to Visceral.


I wouldn't claim myself to be a hero. Though if my family were alive they would disagree…because I saved another human and his friends, I was just a young pup when I was adopted by my master Eric Lawrence and his family. I was a half breed I suppose you could say, my mother was a German Shepherd who had pups with a wolf but enough of me how about I tell you about my home or what I remember it as. I remember being in a small crate when we boarded the shuttle where I would be taken to my new home, everyone around my new master was talking about how great being on a space colony would be and how our lives would improve. It was a 2 day trip back to The Sprawl, when my master exited the shuttle I was taken out of my crate and that's when I looked around, humans were everywhere, at checkpoints getting their luggage or passing screening exams. I yelped as I was given an injection to keep me of all things from spreading diseases to anyone else. I was soon put back into my crate nursing what considered to be wound as my master went to another part of the Sprawl with a few others.


I craned my head up at the voice and wondered where it was coming from, I saw a big metal box through the bars on my crate and we seemed to be getting on, as I watched people shuffle in and hold onto the bars as we took off hearing the clack of metal as the box moved. My master stuck his fingers through the bars of my cage patting the top of my head as I heard him talk to another gentleman.

"Whatcha got there Eric? Dinner? You know we don't need to hunt here." Another man's voice chuckled from the opposite side of where my master sat. I then heard my master's voice laugh as well as he patted the top of my crate.

"Very funny Arthur but in all seriousness when I was back on Earth I was documenting some finding on the incident at the Chicxulub when a man said his dog had puppies and since Charlotte's birthday was coming up I figured what better present than a puppy." He replied. Arthur made an awe type of sound and then quickly moved onto another subject this human seemed to have a rather short attention span. I heard him bid Arthur goodbye as we got off at a place called Cassini Towers Residential. I looked around at the lit hallways and watched as we approached a doorway, I tried my best to look up and saw my master touch some kind of box that made a beeping noise as it did, then the door slid open, I growled at the sudden movement, I wasn't used to such things just yet.

"Love I'm back!" I heard my master say as he set the crate down and a woman greeted him happily. After a few moments I saw him kneel down and open the door to my crate and chuckle. "Well pup welcome to your new home, I think you're one of the first dogs ever to be in space." I moved out cautiously my ears pinning to my skull as I let my eyes adjust to the light and stepped out looking at the rather spacious living quarters. I heard the woman make an excited noise as she knelt down scooping me up in her arms looking at me, at first I was so startled I yelped but when it dawned on me she meant no harm I relaxed as she nuzzled my head and made a fuss. "Oh darling she's absolutely adorable! Charlotte is just going to adore her I know it." There was that name again "Charlotte" was she my owner? His wife set me down and put a small leather collar with a tag around my neck as she smiled and pat my head. I roamed the small condo like place getting used to my new surroundings, I sniffed around picking up the scents of my family and stopped when I reached a room decorated with puppy toys and artwork, I stopped at one that was hung up on the door. It was a stick looking human holding a fuzzy thing, was that me? Did this "Charlotte" know I was coming? I moved back to the main room as I saw the man who brought me here unload a few balls and squeak toys on the floor and smiled squeaking a rubber ball, my tail immediately wagged as I lowered down growing chasing it as he threw it. His wife laughed and watched me as I lost my bearing on the kitchen floor and slid into the cupboards and looked up at them as they chuckled.

"Daddy! Mommy! I'm home." I heard another voice come from the doorway, I perked my ears and went to investigate as I looked up seeing a smaller human; her hair was in pig tails and she wore a dress. I heard her squeak a little as she smiled wide and knelt down patting the floor giggling, I wagged my tail and approached her a little cautiously but she was calm and gentle. She picked me up and smiled. "You're so cute! I'm going to call you….Kaya." I rather liked that name I think it suited me rather well. That night I was so happy to finally meet my owner Charlotte and her family, I think it's genetics for a dog to be so protective of its master but it was different to me…to me this felt more than just a owner and dog relationship. This was my family, my pack…and though I was still young I swore to protect them no matter what.

Little did I know the 3 years later, the family I swore to save from danger would turn into the very things I hunted down in order to keep my new master safe…