Hey, so um...wow haven't written any RENT stories in a while, but hi, I'm back for one more story. This was a request from EmZ711. The idea was hers my job was pretty much to turn it into a story and in return she will be writing me a Glee oneshot. yay! (that's where i've been lately btw. in the Glee section. love me some Santana)

anyway! So this is a MoJo break up story, and they may or may not get back together ;) Maureen is going to go through a hard time and yeah!

EmZ711 also requested some heavy Maureen/Collins best friendship, so you will see that in this story as well!

anyway, once again, no I do not own Rent or anything that has to do with it. I hope you enjoy the story.



Maureen Johnson grew up with insecurities. She was gawky and awkward as a child. In middle school In order to somewhat try to fit in she refused to eat, causing herself to be dangerously underweight, but if you could fit into a size zero you were popular. However, no one knew that side of Maureen. Even Mark failed to remember that troubling time because once Maureen hit puberty and she grew into her looks, no one seemed to be able to keep their eyes off of the diva.

Puberty for Maureen was a godsend. No more sitting at home on weekends. No more feeling lonely. She gained confidence. All her past uncertainties were gone...for forever it seemed, nothing could stop this rising start, heartbreaking, diva. No one could break her...until she met Joanna Jefferson and fell in love.


"Come on, Pookie. Let's go out." Maureen said walking over to her lover who was sitting on the couch, wrapped in a warm quilt.

Joanne sighed looking up at Maureen, "Can't we stay in for one Friday? I work all week. It's Friday. I seriously just want to come home, cuddle or take a bubble bath and relax, knowing that tomorrow I get a day off and I finally get to sleep in."

Maureen shrugged flopping down on the couch next to Joanne, making the lawyer bounce a little, "Sleep? You can sleep when you're dead."

"Says the woman who sleeps till noon almost every day." Joanne replied with an arch of her brow.

Maureen lightly giggled leaning over pressing a kiss to her cheek, "This is true." She said standing once again, "But I'm going to go out. Everyone else is going to be there and I'll be really sad if you don't come." She said her lips coming together, so Joanne quickly averted her eyes to the TV so she didn't have to see Maureen's infamous pout. Maureen was quick though and moved in front of Joanne kneeling in front of her.

"Maureen." Joanne actually whined. "I'm staying in!"

"Are you sure?" Maureen asked jutting out her bottom lip ever so slightly.

"It's not going to work this time." Joanne said covering her face with her hands.

-half hour later—

"I can't believe I'm here." Joanne mumbled as she followed Maureen into The Life Cafe. The only good thing about this moment was she could check out Maureen's ass as the diva walked in front of her and into the building.

As always the night went by with fun and entertainment. The boho's were always enjoyable to be around. Joanne never had any complaints about them...besides always being filmed by a certain filmmaker, but you learned to live with it. The only thing that wasn't enjoyable was how tired Joanne was. As she listened to Mimi and Angel speak about fashion or whatnot, Joanne was trying her hardest to keep her tired mind focused on the conversation. And when the music was turned up and everyone began to dance Joanne's lack of energy kept her seated for most of the night. All she really wanted to do was go home, read a book and fall asleep on the couch.


After another night at the Life Cafe on Saturday, Joanne was finally able to have a relaxing Sunday and then before she knew it, it was back to work Monday morning. She clutched her coffee as she took the elevator up to her floor, smiling as one of her fellow employees and friend walked in. Her long dark hair falling passed her shoulders, and lightly grazing Joanne's shoulder as she moved to stand next to the mocha skinned lawyer.

"Good morning, Fiona." Joanne politely smiled, "How as your weekend?"

Fiona smirked sipping her coffee before replying, "It was nice. Curled up on the couch Friday and then went to that new wine and dine bar Saturday night."

Joanne's eyes lit up momentarily turning to look at her, "How did you get in?"

"My parents' friends own it." She smiled. "I can get you in there if you ever want to go. You have to dress up though." She paused biting her lip, "The girls and I are going again this Saturday you should come."

"Okay." Joanne was quick to answer, but then paused. "Um...actually never mind. I'm not sure Maureen would enjoy a place like that. We'll probably be hanging out at the Life anyway."

"Maureen doesn't have to come." Fiona said, "Have a night out with the girls. It's okay to leave the girlfriend at home every now and then. It's actually healthy for any relationship." She lightly laughed.

Joanne lightly smirked, and then finally nodded, "Yeah... a night out with the girls. I think I like the sound of that."

Fiona smiled nodding, the two stepping off the elevator when it reached their floor. "Great. So I'll see you at lunch?"

Joanne nodded, "See you at lunch." She replied.

When lunch time finally hit, the two lawyers met in the elevator heading across the street to a nice small cafe they usually went too every week.

"So did you fall asleep as soon as you got home Friday night?" Fiona asked taking a bite of her food, "You looked dead tired. You have to tell Maureen to stop waking you up for late night booty calls." She playfully winked.

"It's not a booty call if she's my girlfriend." She smiled, "And no. We went out." She lightly sighed, "I seriously just wanted to take a nice long bubble bath and then curl up in bed and fall asleep. I wouldn't even mind sleeping my way into Sunday one weekend."

"Sounds nice." Fiona agreed, "I remember when I had a girlfriend I'd come home and she'd be all over me. I liked it... to a point. I mean when I come home from work I just need like ten minutes to myself and then I'm good. Does that sound bad?"

Joanne shook her head, "Not at all. I know exactly what you mean. I want to change out of my work clothes, and just unwind and then I can be all kissy with you."

"Mmmhm." Fiona smirked, "I am thankful at this moment for being single. Although... I guess if I found the right person."

Joanne smiled and nodded. "Yeah, relationships are complicated... aren't they?"

"Definitely." Fiona said raising her glass of water and clinking it with Joanne's.

The following weekend Joanne went out with Fiona and her friends, without Maureen and found out just how much stuff her and Fiona had in common. More than what her and Maureen had, making Joanne catch a glimpse of a life without Maureen and one with Fiona as her girlfriend. What she saw was very appealing...and it made her question her relationship with her diva.

One evening at home, Joanne was laying on the couch with a book in her hands, that is until Maureen walked in and took said book away and moved to lay on top of the lawyer.

"Maureen." Joanne said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"Joanne." Maureen said nuzzling into Joanne's neck. "Let's do something."

Joanne sighed, resting her hands on Maureen's back, "I was doing something. I was reading."

Maureen lifted her head lightly shaking it, "No, I mean let's do something fun."

"Reading is fun, for me." Joanne said reaching blindly for the book Maureen had tossed on the ground. "I was just getting to the good part. Fiona and I are supposed to have a discussion abou-"

"Fiona?" Maureen interrupted, "The girl who likes to eat snails?"

Joanne lightly rolled her eyes, "its escargot. And it's actually pretty good."

"Whatever Pookie, the girl eats some nasty shit...just saying." Maureen said leaning down pressing a kiss right below Joanne's ear.

"You don't even know her." Joanne said, "She's really nice, we actually have a lot in common."

Maureen pulled back looking down at her, raising a brow, "You eat snails too?"

Joanne sighed sitting up, lightly pushing Maureen off of her, "No, Maureen. She just...ugh...she's just different from you...and your life."

Maureen sat there stunned for a minute, "Excuse me?"

"She drinks wine, she reads books, she goes to fancy restaurants, she pays bills..." Joanne said, stopping herself from going any further.

Maureen stood from the couch, her arms crossed, "Sorry my life isn't good enough for you, Joanne."

"Maureen, that's not what I meant..." Joanne said, "I Just...sometimes would like a different scenery...you know other than the Life Cafe or the loft..."

"Not only are you putting me down right now, but you're putting my friends down too." Maureen said, "I'd just stop if I were you, Joanne. Just stop talking."

"I'm not trying to put anyone down. I love the boho's. I love them all. Even Mark your ex-boyfriend." Joanne said. "I just... I don't know."

"What don't you know?" Maureen asked, "Joanne...where is this coming from? We were fine yesterday. Did I do something?"

"No, you did nothing." Joanne softly said, sinking into the couch. "I...it's me. I... I need to just think."

"Joanne..." Maureen said confused. "I don't understand. I'm sorry I took your book away. You can go back to reading if you want." She paused waiting for Joanne to say something, and when she didn't, she spoke again, "I'll eat snail for you!"

Joanne shook her head standing up, "I just need to be alone right now, okay?"

"Like... alone as in you're breaking up with me?" Maureen asked, worry clouding her eyes.

"No. Alone by myself with my thoughts." Joanne said and then slipped away into the bedroom.

Maureen stood there, jaw dropped, "Well... what the fuck?"