"I'm trying to be proactive here," Lorcan Scamander muttered under his breath as his boyfriend of a year kissed his neck while Lorcan was trying to get his Potions' Essay done. It was ten minutes after seven in the evening and Lorcan had been slaving over this Essay since five o'clock.

"So am I," Louis muttered cheekily, working his way up Lorcan's neck, to his right ear, effectively sending shivers through Lorcan's body. "Can't you tell?" Louis whispered, winking at him, catching Lorcan's lips in a kiss before he could even speak.

"Not here, Lou. Merlin, why do you have to be so provocative?" Lorcan asked, pulling away slower than he would have liked to admit. "There are people around – this is a library for goodness sake. And you know I don't do PDA." And yet, even though he was trying his hardest to be angry at Louis for bothering him, he wasn't really bothering him, and Lorcan wasn't mad. Not at all.

And Louis knew.

"Let's say we go be proactive in the boys dorms on your bed, yeah? I can help you study the human male anatomy," Louis winked, running his hands over Lorcan's shoulders.

Lorcan had never picked his books up and ran so fast to his dorm in his life.

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