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re·ject [v. ri-jekt]: Dismiss as inadequate, inappropriate, or not to one's taste. To use in a sentence:

Another reject. Another time that Kendall Knight's manuscript was turned away from any publisher who wouldn't touch his work with a ten foot pole. To say that Kendall wasn't just a little bit upset about himself would be an understatement. Kendall wanted to crawl under a rock and die. And hope that any of the people that told him that being a writer was a total dead end job and only another starving artist wouldn't see him. He said he would show them all, he said his works would be on the bookshelves of every bookstore and library and disappearing by the billions to integrate into American culture. Instead, people that read his rough draft of the romance novel didn't even get past the first paragraph without saying the story needed work, plot, characterization, any other little criticism that basically said 'No, we're not taking it.' But the college student sighed, lazily peddling down the street over to the new apartment building he would be staying at with his head held high and hopes for tomorrow. He was going to be a writer. He was going to be famous for his words.

That's all that Kendall needed to hear himself say. He wasn't going to give up when he was almost halfway there.

The apartment complex was pretty nice and large, usually some students studying in digital media or art coming to make their stay here. Kendall needed a new place to crash anyways, seeing as though his last living arrangements wound up with him finding out that his roommate was sleeping with his girlfriend whenever he was out trying to get his book published. She probably moved in by now once Kendall left with all of his things, the hussy. Or strumpet. Or trollop.

Something that came with being a writer, he got very wordy when it came to his little inner monologues.

He rode up to the bike rack, the little spokes in the worn out wheels clicking with each turn that grew slower and slower and he stuck his foot out, the blue Vans scraping along the tanned cement to slow himself down and roll right into an empty rack. He swung his leg off of the bike, pulling out his bike chain and locking the 10-speed in place. He gathered his bag of clothes that would at least last for a couple of days until he moves the small amount of items he has waiting at Logan's and slung it over his shoulder. Then he adjusted the bag that he was already wearing that carried some books and of course the rejected manuscript, letting out a heavy sigh as the strap adjusted and tightened on his shoulder and began to step down the sidewalk up to the door and into the main lobby.

The lobby was immaculate and simply reeked of wealth that only the highest of high could afford. Kendall didn't belong in a place like this, he wasn't expecting the little ad in the newspaper for a roommate to help pay rent and keep up the apartment to be in a place like this. Kendall never met the person he was supposed to be rooming with face to face, he had a couple of conversations with the person over the phone to discuss living arrangements and preferences. The person (well, it was a guy) was an art student and working as an intern at some modeling agency or something like that. Kendall was fine with that, maybe they could have some intellectual conversation about the arts or something. Kendall glanced over to the counter, a stout man with glasses perched on his nose and currently in the middle of eating a plate of hot wings residing behind it, and walked over while digging a hand in his pocket to pull out his future room number he wrote down.

"Um excuse me," Kendall said politely to which the man gave a not so polite glare back, "Do you know what floor room. . .468 is?"

". . .468?"


". . .Fifth floor down the hall on the left. . .and keep it down, neighbors complained about the noise," he grumbled and Kendall raised an eyebrow, giving a confused nod 'okay' before heading over to the elevators and pressing the up button. Noise? He hoped his roommate wasn't noisy. The guy sounded eccentric over the phone, hopefully he'll be quiet when it came time to Kendall trying to work on his novel. The silver elevator doors slid open, a couple of women walking out to go for a day of relaxation and Kendall took their place inside. He pressed the 5th floor button and the doors quickly closed back as the catchy elevator music filled his ears and the elevator began to rise. His heart was thumping for some odd reason, maybe in slight nerves as to what his future was going to be like with his roommate. Maybe he could garner some inspiration while he was here and write an even better manuscript of his novel. Maybe he'll finally get the story published and his book will be on the shelves with people begging for him to pen another story. Maybe he'll meet someone along this journey to be his muse to fuel his creativity and hopefully a significant other. Maybe, just maybe.

The elevator doors opened at the fifth floor without stopping and Kendall walked out, turning down the hall to the left and keeping an eye out for the door to the apartment. 464, 466. . .468! Kendall gulped, smoothing out the dirty blond locks of hair underneath his gray beanie and raised his fist to give a warm knock on the door, standing in the hall and slightly bouncing on his heels in anticipation. He waited for maybe a couple of minutes before hearing a loud slam against the wood door and he jumped. He saw and heard someone fumbling with the knob, the gold handle shaking and head a lock come off the door along with something else.

Someone talking? Two people?

Kendall bit his lip, he hoped that someone else didn't take his offer, he really didn't have anywhere else to go. He placed a hand on the handle, turning it and giving the door a gentle push open to try and look around the apartment but something else flowed into his ears more clearer. It wasn't people talking, it was people moaning and swearing and gasping hot and heavy and he crooked his head, stepping hesitantly into the rather sloppily kept apartment. Then he saw just what was the cause of the noises.

Two guys in the corner of the room beside the door.


Having sex.

. . .Was this the right room?

Kendall averted his eyes when he saw one of the guys look over at him, gorgeous hazel eyes fluttering as the brunette that struggled to hold and link his legs around his waist pushed him further against the wall to pound into him like a shameless animal.

"A-Are you K-Ken- oh~ K-Kendall~?" the hazel eyed one moaned out, head tilting against the wall as the brunette attacked his neck. Kendall never in his life heard his name moaned out like that, not even by his girlfriend and he felt an unusual twitch in his jeans.

"Y-Yeah, but I think I got the wrong room so I'm leaving, bye," Kendall said hurriedly, trying to turn around and exit before things got more X-rated than they already were.

"W-Wait! You, oh yes! Y-You got the, mmm a-ah harder~ I'm your r-roommate," the guy moaned out with voice growing hoarse and Kendall's eyes widened. This was his roommate? The guy that was currently being fucked into the wall? And not even bothering to stop with Kendall in the room? Not a very good first impression. The guy's eyes fluttered tight from a particularly hard thrust (not that Kendall was watching because that would be perverted) and he clenched at the brunette's back. "I-I'm almost, ngh. I'm almost, oh yes, YES! J-Just give me a moment, a-ah~"

Didn't need to tell him twice. Kendall ran down the hall to one of the bedrooms and slammed the door. And once he did that, he tried to get as far away from the door as possible and hoped that the sound of the two having sex wouldn't travel in his ears. The only thing that he could hear was the abnormal beating of his heart.

And a very loud scream of pleasure followed by a loud grunt.

Kendall was huddled in the corner with knees pulled up to his chest when the door opened maybe half an hour later, the hazel eyed roommate of his running a comb through his chestnut hair and wearing a delicious smirk on his face. His state of undress, nothing but a pair of boxer briefs, wasn't any more comforting to Kendall and the man sauntered inside.

"Sorry about that, you know how it gets," he said with a bright white smile. No. No, Kendall didn't knew how it gets. "Name is James, by the way."

"Yeah I. . .I heard that guy screaming it a couple of times. . .among other things. . ." Kendall mumbled and his roommate, James, laughed.

"Aw, sorry. Did I scar you?"

Kendall wasn't going to answer that, it's not like he hasn't seen sex before. Just. . .not that up close and real. James moved closer to Kendall, pulling the blond up onto his feet and placed hands on his hips. "So Kendall," the blond shuddered at the way James said his name, "how do you like it here so far?"

". . .Uh. . .um. . ." Okay, this was getting very awkward very fast. James didn't let him answer the question, he slapped Kendall on the back a couple of times and gestured to the entire empty bedroom.

"This will be your room," he said with a toothy grin, gently nudging Kendall through the door and down the hall to the other bedroom and pushed the door open. The room smelled heavy of sex and sweat and also some spritzed cologne that made Kendall's stomach slightly turn, "this is my bedroom. . .and since you're sensitive, knock first."

Kendall wasn't sensitive! He just didn't like seeing two total strangers going at it like rabbits! James led the blond back down the hall to the living room and kitchen area that still smelled like sex. The entire apartment had that dirty, sweaty and gritty scent and Kendall was for sure it was beginning to linger on him. "Living room, kitchen. Pretty basic. Laundry baskets are over there and the laundromat is downstairs in the basement. I already got your key card and we both share the account, okay? Let's see. . .there's a clubhouse on the first floor with a pool out back and some basketball courts. And a little bistro on the third floor. Any questions?"

". . .Uh. . .um. . ."

"Don't talk much, huh? Cat's got your tongue?" James asked, playfully sticking his tongue out and Kendall blushed. Who knows what that tongue has been doing in the past hour. James yawned, giving his arms a little stretch and put more of his weight on Kendall than necessary, the blond struggling to keep the taller man from pushing him up against the wall. James laughed a bit, "You know, you look as attractive as you sound."

". . .Thank you?. . .But you have a. . ."

"That guy wasn't my boyfriend. He's just a hook-up. Please, like I'd ever date Jeff. . .or Jack. . .or John. . .whatever his name was," James said with a roll of the eyes.

". . .Well, I'm not a hook-up," Kendall felt the need to say, beginning to question the brunette's intentions of agreeing to him being his roommate and James gave a slight pout that curved into a mischievous smirk.

"I'm not expecting you to be, blondie. Sex wasn't a part of the agreement. . .though maybe we can work out a compromise," James said huskily, fingers going up to play with the collar of his plaid shirt and Kendall swatted the hand away, hand gripping the two bags on his shoulder.

"I-I'm not agreeing to this!"

"What's 'this'?"

"You! Your lifestyle! Find yourself another roommate," Kendall said with heart almost ready to pop out. He felt it swell more when James' smirk intensified, the brunette approaching him with hips swinging left to right. He took a card off of the coffee table in the living room, waving it in front of Kendall's face.

"I don't think you really want to turn down living with me. I'm a fun-loving guy, sexy as hell, and this apartment is really sweet, don't you think?" he asked with a playful smile and Kendall frowned. He for sure wasn't here for James, he was here because this was the only way he would be guaranteed a roof over his head with food to eat. Kendall stared at the piece of plastic waving back and forth, bottle green eyes flickering from the card to the amused expression on the brunette in front of him and shook his head.

"There are other apartments I could find," Kendall said slowly, giving a steely gaze and James stopped swinging the card. The brunette frowned and then shrugged.

"Your loss then," he said and Kendall frowned as well. He didn't need this kind of person near him anyways to cloud his mind when he needed to focus on writing. Kendall grabbed a better hold on the strap of his bag, turning on his heel and beginning to head out before he felt something swiftly press against his back with firm hands resting on his hips and a hot breath against his neck. Kendall's body shook as he felt James slipping the card into his front pocket, large hand giving his hip a little pat. "In case you change your mind," he whispered, lips almost on the shell of Kendall's ear and the skin tinting a rosy shade of pink. Kendall gulped, pushing away from James and quickly walking out of the apartment and slamming the door shut. He leaned against the door, taking in his first steady breath from being inside the apartment and closed his eyes, hand going up to his forehead and groaning.

He was halfway there, he can do this.