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The moment Logan stepped inside their apartment, toeing off his shoes to the side of the door as he closed it shut behind him and taking his bookbag off his shoulder to throw onto the couch in the small living room, the brunette knew something was off. Though, everything appeared to be fine, the usual stack of mail on the glass coffee table wedged between the couch and the television. Nothing was wrong in the kitchen, nothing left out on the clean marble counter and only a mild stack of dishes in the sink. . .but something was still strange. . .Logan gave a little smile, that was right.

Where was his darling little Carlos to greet him with a hug, kiss, occasionally under-dressed tackle?

"Carlos?" Logan called out, making his way to walk down the hallway that led to their bedroom. The apartment had two bedrooms but since the couple never felt the need to sleep in separate rooms (nor the desire to), the space was turned into a makeshift study for Logan and Carlos to use for any work and for some peace and quiet. He peered in there first, not seeing the Latino sitting on the leather couch by the window or at the wooden desk so he then continued down the hallway to the bedroom. The bathroom was empty while Logan passed by it, his hand reaching out to open the door and glance inside the master bedroom.

There was Carlos, Logan's boyfriend poised on the large bed with paperback book in his hands and Logan quirked an eyebrow. "Carlos?"

"Hmm?" Carlos hummed, tearing his eyes away from the pages to look up and see Logan standing in the doorway and his eyes brightened, little smile coming to his lips, "Logan! I didn't hear you come in!" he chirped, getting off their bed with hand still holding his book as he moved to Logan to lean up slightly and give a little peck to the brunette's lips. Logan hummed against them, not exactly the kiss he was expecting but Carlos' soft lips against his own always sent a spark down his spine and body shiver in arousal. Carlos pulled away, rocking back on his heels and giving a pleasant little smile before turning around and plopping back down on the bed to continue reading. Logan crossed his arms, "What are you reading that's s intriguing?" he asked and Carlos raised the cover to show.

Logan instantly recognized the face on the cover, the only full face that was viewable. James, the brunette splayed out with face tilted towards the camera and eyes mysterious with lips parted to give the allusion the brunette was letting out a pleasured gasp. Above him, a male was looming over appearing ready to kiss but half of the face was cut off from the top, perhaps to give the reader the ability to fill in the other half with their own face, whatever reason it may be. Logan smiled, walking over to sit down on the edge of the bed, "What are you doing reading Kendall's book?"

"Well it only makes sense that I should read his book. We're his friends and James', so we should support whatever they do. Besides, it's a really good book! I didn't even know Kendall could write something like this," Carlos said in surprise, holding the book up to his face as if that would somehow make the story enter his brain faster. Logan quirked an eyebrow at that, he hadn't read Kendall's book yet, regardless if the blond was his best friend and now next-door neighbor. Figured he never really had the time to, always studying and prepping for school and any exams he needed to take. He scooted up the bed, beside where Carlos was seated and tried to look over his boyfriend's shoulder at the material to understand what he was reading.

"It's very good?"

"It's so raunchy," Carlos said, placing his thumb down on a paragraph to hold his spot, "I'm only on chapter three and there's already been an in-depth sexual fantasy between the two main characters. I don't know where Kendall managed to come up with such imagery, Jamez sounds like a complete god," Carlos said with a sigh and Logan gave a shrug. Wasn't that hard to figure out if you knew, James was the living embodiment of Jamez. Logan had thought about the couple and if their sexcapades matched those that were in the book, especially seeing as though it had been very quiet lately on the other side of the wall.

Or maybe Logan hasn't really been paying attention what James and Kendall were up to. Usually he and Carlos would be having their own sexcapades and Carlos' screams and moans would have drowned out any voice in any apartment on either side or below or above them. Speaking of which. . .

Logan leaned over, nuzzling his nose in the crook of Carlos' neck and humming at the delicious scent that was lingering on the tan skin. The Latino smelled of spices and herbs, cinnamon and nutmeg, alluring and making Logan's head swirl. He let his tongue dart out to give a little lick, hearing Carlos hum at the feel and Logan took that as a cue to keep going, his lips moving to suckle and kiss the wet little patch on Carlos' skin, white teeth coming out to bite and nip down hard. Carlos gasped but instead of hands immediately going to thread through Logan's hair and tug the both of them down to their soft mattress and satiny sheets, there was one singular hand at his chest pushing him away.

"Not now, Logan. I want to at least finish this paragraph first," Carlos said and Logan frowned.

"Just grab a bookmark or something," he suggested, tugging Carlos' shirt collar to expose the collarbone and he latched his lips onto the skin again, teeth teasing and biting and nipping along. Carlos' hand went up again, this time to the side of Logan's face as he pushed his boyfriend away for a second time, annoyance and frustration starting to brew as Logan glared at Carlos trying to return to reading the book.

"I want to finish this first. I never bother you when you're reading your books," Carlos said with a little defensive pout and Logan scoffed.

"You do. Remember the time I tried to read my Stephen Hawking book one night and you kept on bugging me about a cricket in the apartment keeping you from sleeping? I wasn't bothered by it but no, you just had to turn the apartment into a giant mess searching for it and then screaming for me to kill it once you found it cause it was gross," Logan said with an annoyed tone.

"And do you remember what we did after you killed it?" Carlos calmly asked, his eyes not even leaving the page he was on in the book as Logan paused. Yeah. . .he remembered. Carlos gave Logan 'thank you for killing the cricket' sex, the two of them on the couch with Carlos bouncing high on Logan's lap and clinging onto Logan's hair tight to give him leverage and ease sliding up and down Logan's cock. How needy Carlos moaning, how heated both of their skins were as Logan's arms clutched around him nice and tight to help his boyfriend ride him and Carlos' legs squeezing around Logan's thighs. The Stephen Hawking book was flung across the room somewhere (hell, that was probably the thing Logan used to kill the stupid cricket), far from the brunette's mind and the only thing he was able to focus on was how hot and slick and wet Carlos was, Logan thrusting up into the tight heat over and over and over-

Logan was hard now, they needed to have sex now.

He lunged again but Carlos shoved him away before his lips could even grace his skin and the groan that came from Logan's mouth was a mixture of both annoyance and neediness. "Los~" Logan whined, taking the hand that kept shoving him away and placing it on his lap, pressing the palm of Carlos' hand hard against the swelling bulge in his jeans. Carlos squeezed it, Logan's hand gripping tight around Carlos' wrist but feeling Carlos beginning to pull his hand away. He looked at him, Carlos' eyes gentle and sweet.

"Please Logan? I promise after I'm done with this little part," Carlos said and Logan groaned, releasing Carlos' hand and instantly wishing he didn't, his hips subconsciously bucking up at the loss of pressure. Carlos leaned over, giving a light little peck on Logan's cheek as the brunette got off the bed and moved out of the bedroom to give Carlos his peace and quiet to finish the little section. He'll give him five minutes, that's long enough right? Logan could read several paragraphs in under five minutes. What could he do that would preoccupy himself for five minutes?. . .

Logan made a sandwich in five minutes. Turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato with a good glob of honey mustard and mayo all on a nicely toasted bun. He ate it quickly, wiping his mouth and moving to the bathroom for a quick brush of teeth, you know, so Carlos won't be tasting the remnants of Logan's lunch on his tongue. He smoothed out his hair, flashed his reflection a smile before exiting and walking into their bedroom once more. Carlos was curled up at the head of the bed with book still firmly in his grasp as Logan stood at the foot of the bed, eying Carlos with a hungry expression.

"Carlos," Logan cooed and Carlos looked up, Logan noting how Carlos almost looked confused that Logan was standing there, almost like Carlos wasn't even expecting him to be there at all.


"Well. . .it's been five minutes and I'm thinking about you. . .and me. . .and our bed-"

"Oh!" The realization hit Carlos and Logan began to grin eagerly, his hands going to pull his shirt off his body but he stopped midway when Carlos said, "Can it wait? Until I'm done with this paragraph?"

Logan pulled his shirt down to stare at Carlos with shocked eyes, "That's what you said five minutes ago! You can't be on the same paragraph five minutes ago!"

"I'm not, I'm on a new one and I want to finish that one."

"But you said-"

"I know, I know. I'm sorry baby and I promise this time after I'm done with this paragraph, I'll take care of you. Ten minutes."

". . .Ten minutes," Logan muttered. Fifteen minutes in total, he could already feel his arousal going down as Carlos snuggled back into the large pillows and eyes moving happily back to the page he was currently on as Logan turned around and closed the door behind him. Now what could he do that would take ten more minutes?

Logan sorted the mail, a very, very boring and tedious task but it was making the time fly by doing it. Most of it was noise complaints from the neighbors around them sent from the front desk but it wasn't like he could tell Carlos to stop making such noise while he was fucking him. And not like Logan really even wanted Carlos to be quiet during sex anyways, he loved how loud Carlos got. Made his blood boil more, made his heart race faster and his hips piston back and forth more quicker to get Carlos screaming his name louder and louder until his voice cracked and was sore. The post-sex activities were nice and quiet, by then Logan was able to hear banging on the wall where James and Kendall's apartment was, most likely from the irritated brunette model himself (seeing as though the banging of the fist on the wall would have a 'Will you shut the hell up! We're trying to fuck over here!') or the phone in the living room ringing off the hook from the front desk trying to call and tell the couple to please keep it down and their neighbors were growing annoyed. Logan already knew some people had moved out around them but the apartments weren't ever vacant for a long time anyways. So therefore, Logan and Carlos never figured that them having sex was really disrupting the feng shui of the apartment building.

All the tenants moving in a mass exodus because they couldn't put up with Carlos' screaming would be a different story.

Logan let the clock tick for an extra five minutes, twenty minutes passing in total to be safe that Carlos would be somewhat done with his chapter or close, beginning to make his way to the bedroom. He opened the door, stepping inside and mouth opening to remind Carlos of what he said but Carlos raised his hand, stopping him from even speaking.

"Twenty minutes," Carlos said and Logan's eyes widened.

"Twenty? You have got to be the slowest reader I've ever met!" Logan shouted in annoyance and Carlos looked up, pout on his plush lips. Logan gave a low growl in his throat, the thought of Carlos sucking and biting his own lips, the thought of Carlos' lips wrapped around the head of his cock sucking and tongue feeling in the slit to lap at the beads of pre-cum dripping, the thought of Carlos' tongue licking across his lower lip after Logan had came in his mouth, playfully pushing the semen out with his tongue before swallowing it back down his throat.

Hard, hard again.

"You're one to talk, you take forever to read just one chapter of your own books," Carlos criticized and Logan crossed his arms, awkwardly crossing his legs as he stood as well to slightly alleviate the problem in his pants.

"I'll have you know I read slow for understanding and comprehension. You, on the other hand, are just being a tease."

"I'm being a tease for reading?" Carlos asked, giving a cute and innocent little smile that made Logan just want to pounce on his boyfriend but the brunette's mind willed and restrained his body. He felt he was going to explode, aching arousal straining against the front of his jeans as he blushed hard, "Yes! You are!" Logan accused and Carlos gave a tiny little giggle.

"Sorry baby."

"If you're really sorry, you'd put down that book and help me out," Logan replied through gritted teeth and Carlos leaned forward to lie on his stomach, pointing his feet upwards as he tapped the book to his lips.

"Do you really want to fuck me so bad you can't wait for me to finish reading a little book?" Carlos asked ever so lightly. The younger male rarely cursed, only during sex and even then it was in Spanish. So it only sent another spark to Logan's erection hearing Carlos say that, eyes feral and dark.

"Yes," Logan growled and Carlos flipped over onto his back, raising the book back to his face.

"No. Thirty minutes."

"You said twenty!" Logan shouted out.

"Thirty-five minutes."

"You little tease!" The deep growl in Logan's throat was gone, replaced with only something crossed between whining and begging. He heard Carlos give another little laugh, obviously Logan's horny misery was cute to Carlos so the brunette let out an annoyed groan, turned on the heel of his foot and stalked out of the room, making sure to put in extra force as he slammed the bedroom door shut behind him.

Logan had a quick wank in the shower, the heat and steam slightly calming his nerves down and hand quickly moving up and down, pumping his erection and thumb running over the head. His breath was shallow and short, back up against the teal tile wall slippery and wet from the shower water as he bit his lower lip. Logan didn't remember the last time he had done this, usually whenever he had the need Carlos would be right there and ready, there wasn't even a need for Logan to indulge in a little self-pleasure. But there he was, face peachy red from the intense heat of the steam and hand soaked wet as it slid up and down the shaft, mind imagining that Carlos was right there perched on his knees in front of him with mouth open nice and wide, large brown eyes looking up into Logan's face filled with a flirty mischief.

He grunted, hand squeezing tight around his dick as his lower half of his body shook and semen spilled out over his fist, the hot water washing it off of his skin and down the drain as he tugged and milked out the last few little drops. He sighed, grabbing the soap and towel and continued to scrub his body clean and shampoo his hair, rinsing himself before turning off the water and stepping out of the shower to grab a towel and dry himself on. He pulled on some underwear after that and a pair of old sweatpants, leaving off a shirt as he exited the bathroom and glanced over at the bedroom door. Should he even bother looking to see if Carlos was done with his 'chapter'? Logan didn't think he took thirty-five minutes in the shower, he didn't even know how long it was since he last went in there. The brunette gave a sigh before turning on his heel and walking to the living room to find something else to preoccupy his time.

Logan found his Stephen Hawking book wedged behind the small little bookshelf and the wall, not really knowing how it managed to get lost back there but as he wiped off the cover he figured that he should catch up on reading too. Unfortunately he didn't have a bookmark to hold his place and he wasn't exactly sure where he stopped reading to kill the stupid cricket so with a small sigh, Logan walked to the couch and plopped down to flip open to the first page.

By the time Logan got to the part about Ptolmey's model providing accurate depictions and descriptions on the positioning of the stars in the sky, he remembered it was around here that Carlos came screaming in last time in nothing but Logan's old hockey jersey to kill the cricket that was in the bathroom. And then how Carlos kissed him after he successfully killed the before said cricket. And then the hot and heavy post-cricket killing sex.

And Logan couldn't focus on Copernicus or Galileo and theories with the feeling of arousal coming back and urges to have his boyfriend back in his lap. He tossed the book on the coffee table, getting up and moving fast to the bedroom door and opening it to demand that Carlos stop reading this instant. Instead, Logan was graced with the darling image of Carlos curled up and wearing one of his old white t-shirts asleep. The book was in his grasp and his face was snuggled up against one of the large pillows, legs sprawled out wild and light snoring coming from the small body in their large bed. Logan sighed, once Carlos was asleep, he was asleep. Though Logan had to admit, Carlos was always so adorable when he was sleeping. He moved to the side of the bed, pulling aside the bedsheets and reaching over to scoop Carlos into his arms before placing him back on the bed and tucking him in. He leaned down, kissing Carlos' cheek and then a soft kiss to his lips. "Night baby," he whispered softly before moving away and walking out of the bedroom, closing the door softly behind him.

He leaned against the wood, sighing before looking up to the ceiling. This won't be a forever thing, right? Just one day, Logan could go without sex for a day.

One day turned into two days. Two days turned into four days. Four days turned into one week and three days. And it seemed like the days kept adding on and Logan was slowly growing insane. It wasn't that Carlos was taking so long to read the book, it was that both of their busy schedules wouldn't allow time that could have been for themselves. First was school for them both and all of the studying and exams that came along with that responsibility. Then if it wasn't studying for school, Carlos was at work down at the chocolate shop and bringing in money while Logan worked down at the grocery store at different hours. And the times where both of them were at home and weren't exhausted from either work or school, Carlos would be in either the bedroom or the study reading that stupid book.

Logan hadn't had sex with Carlos in at least one month. And Logan Mitchell had needs, those needs involving Carlos and sex and they need to be fulfilled.

On whatever day it was (day 33, day 37, Logan didn't want to think he was that needy of sex to actually be keeping track of how long it was taking to fuck Carlos), the brunette came in from a late day at work tired and exhausted. There was dinner already cooking in the oven, Logan smelling that it must have been some type of roast Carlos had prepared. Yet, his boyfriend was nowhere in sight and Logan moved down the hallway to peer inside the study, finding no one before walking to the bedroom and looking inside.

There Carlos was on the bed with book in his hands and intensely reading as Logan let out an annoyed groan.

"Baby, can you stop reading for just a few minutes?" Logan asked and Carlos looked up from his page to the brunette standing in the doorway with annoyed little pout on his lips. Carlos smiled, "No hello kiss?" he asked and Logan scoffed, though slight twinge of happiness in his chest as he moved over to sit beside Carlos and give his boyfriend a little peck on the lips. Carlos smiled against his lips, pressing hard against Logan's before pulling away and gesturing to the book.

"I'm at the midway point right now, I think. I never have the time to be able to read it with school and work."

"You also don't have time for us," Logan said with a frown and Carlos began to frown as well.

"Well I'm sorry if sex with me is so important to you. You know, not all couples have sex with each other every hour on the hour. It's perfectly normal if we don't have sex for a little while," Carlos said and Logan rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, and I bet those couples are very unhappy with each other."

"You're unhappy?" Carlos asked, Logan noting the worried tone in Carlos' voice and Logan bit his lower lip.

"N-No, baby. I'm not unhappy with you, I really love you and I'll always will. Just. . .we haven't been intimate lately and. . .well, what's so interesting about that book anyways?" Logan asked, now eying the object with a mixed jealousy and hate. Carlos gave a little smile, "It's really good. It's romantic and Jamez sounds so amazing. I mean, how Kendall writes Ken and Jamez having sex sounds so," Carlos let out a sigh, "Wow."

Logan paused, staring at his boyfriend with blank expression, "So. . .you're saying that sex between two fictional characters is more interesting than us having sex?"

Carlos frowned, "I'm not saying that at all."

"But you implied it."

"Did not. Logie, I love sex with you, you're amazing."

But Logan bet Jamez was way better huh. He shook his head, look at him, getting jealous about a fictional character. Carlos leaned over and kissed Logan's cheek, "I love you, got that? And I wouldn't want to change you for anything in the world."

". . .Yeah. . .how long is that roast supposed to stay in?" Logan asked and Carlos glanced over his shoulder at the clock on the bedside dresser.

"Hmm. . .maybe for twenty more minutes. I'll make some mashed potatoes and vegetables to go along as a side dish," Carlos said and Logan gave Carlos' leg a little pat.

"No, I'll go finish up dinner. Just come out and eat with me when I say it's done," Logan muttered and Carlos looked over at Logan worriedly before leaning in and kissing Logan's lips softly.

"I love you," Carlos mumbled against Logan's lips, kissing them again and Logan hummed.

"Love you too, baby," Logan said, getting off the bed and exiting their bedroom, subtle frown on his lips. This was going to be fixed, no book was going to be getting in the way of his sex drive.

"O-ooh yes! Yes! K-Kend-all~ Ohh, shit a-ahhyesyesyes," James keened, hands gripping tight of the arm of the couch as Kendall fucked him faster and faster, the blond's hips pistoning back and forth and skin on skin slapping echoing throughout their apartment as James continued to scream out the blond's name in pleasure. Kendall only grunted in response, eyes on James' back as the muscles clenched tight from each hard thrust, watching how easily he managed to slide in and out of James' willing entrance, back into the tight heat and James' inner walls hugging his length and squeezing around him. Kendall's licked his lips, hands going to spread James' cheeks a little bit wider so he could enjoy the view more but made James' left leg slip off the couch. The brunette managed to get it back on the sofa, stomach now sliding back and forth over the arm of the couch as Kendall tried to get a more sturdy position on the couch. Not enough room for them to be having sex on but since it was the only thing in the apartment that they hadn't had sex on, why not give it a try?

James tried to look over his shoulder, his face red and sweating just like the rest of his body and brown bangs stuck to his forehead with sweat, as he gave a little smile Kendall's way. "Fuck you feel so g-good baby, so good, a-ah~"

"Yeah Jamie?" Kendall breathed out, hands going to hold James tight by his waist and thumbs pressing hard into the hot skin, sure to leave little marks as he drove his hips forward against James' ass. The brunette made a choked sound, a loud wail of pleasure ripping through his vocal chords as Kendall tugged one of his legs up slightly to give him more room. "Fuck this is good, stay just like this Jamie."

"D-Don't have to tell me twice, ahh~" James moaned, hand going down below him to grip and stroke his length fast, trying to get his wrist to move according to Kendall's thrusts and teeth biting hard on his lower lip. "N-Next ti-ime, we f-flip fl-op, nngh."

"Anything you want, Jamie," Kendall grunted, leaning down until his chest was slick against James' back, teeth biting down on James' collarbone and James cried out.

"F-Fuck just keep, o-oh-"

There was banging at the door, Kendall stopping immediately to look at the door in confusion, "Who's knocking at the door?"

"Who cares? Kendall~" James whined, trying to fuck back on Kendall's dick. The blond began to thrust again, hips slapping back and forth and James mewling in delight until there was another knock at the door and the brunette growled. "We're not home!" he screamed out and James began to feel Kendall pulling out. James grabbed Kendall, "No. Just pretend that we can't hear them and maybe they'll go away."

"James, they're not leaving anytime soon," Kendall said, pulling out and the brunette whimpering at the feeling as Kendall stood onto his feet and grabbed his underwear that was discarded on the floor during their little tryst. James watched with annoyed expression as Kendall tugged on his underwear and walked to the door, opening it just slightly to see out into the hall.

"Hello?" Kendall asked and Logan stepped close to the door, the blond looking in confusion.

"Hey. Can I talk to you?" Logan asked, craning his neck to see inside and Kendall only moved to try and block Logan's view. The brunette bit his lower lip, "Is this a bad time?"

"Yes!" James shouted out, Kendall being pushed aside and hand jolting out to grab Logan by the front of his shirt and yank him inside. The brunette's eyes widened once he saw James' state of undress as the brunette closed the door, widening even more when he saw James' erection standing at full mass and an angry red at the tip. "Look neighbor, I may actually like you guys out of all the other prudes here in the building but that doesn't mean you have the freedom to just knock and-"

Kendall walked over, tying a towel around James' waist to cover his boyfriend up and James rolled his eyes, "He's seen me naked before."

"Doesn't mean everyone is still comfortable with you being naked around company," Kendall said, kissing James' cheek as he turned to Logan. "What's wrong?" Kendall asked, gesturing for Logan to sit down on the couch but Logan eyed it suspiciously.

"Uh no thanks, I'll sit down on this one over here," Logan said, pointing to their other couch that James and Kendall weren't using before the brunette interrupted. Kendall just nodded as he sat down on the couch, James moving and sliding to sit down on the blond's lap. Kendall looked up at his boyfriend with raised eyebrow, James smirking down at him as he leaned down to lick over Kendall's lips.

"Don't mind me, I'll just be finishing up," James said, glancing over his shoulder at Logan as the brunette gave a gulp. Kendall just sighed, looking over at Logan.

"So what's going on?"

"Carlos. He's been driving me crazy for the past month with your stupid book," Logan groaned out and Kendall raised an eyebrow as he felt James' hands slowly trying to tug his underwear down his thighs. Kendall's hand went underneath the towel, giving a rough spank to James' ass and the brunette yelped. A wry smile played over Kendall's lips before the blond glanced over at his friend.

"Well what is he doing?" Kendall asked.

"He's reading it," Logan answered.

". . .And that's a problem because. . ."

"We haven't been intimate in practically a month because he's so busy gawking over the apparently amazing sex Jamez and Ken been having," Logan said with annoyance and James looked over his shoulder, fingers going down to tug at Kendall's underwear again.

"Well why don't you just tell him that you're super horny and it's time to stop reading?. . .Though I have to admit that my amazing sexual expertise is a good read," James said with a bright smile and Kendall rolled his eyes, slapping James again underneath the towel and the brunette pouted.

"I've tried that but he keeps putting it off to read another chapter or another paragraph-"

"You're being too soft on him," James said with a simple handwave, "You have to be forceful to get what you want. Watch." James grabbed Kendall's shoulders forcefully, throwing the blond sideways down on the couch and the towel falling off of James' body as the brunette reached down and yanked the underwear down Kendall's thighs just far enough for the blond's cock to be exposed and hard. James quickly climbed on top, Kendall trying to wrestle and throw his boyfriend off of him in embarrassment but James was stronger than the blond could ever be, grabbing hold of Kendall's erection and sliding down. His eyes fluttered at the feeling of Kendall's girth, letting out a weak whine. "Fuck so good~"

Logan blushed deep red, not sure of where to look at and slowly getting up off the couch, "Uh, I'll just leave you two-"

"N-No, it's al-right if you stay. Just let me finish," James panted, bouncing up and down and hand going up to push his hair back while Kendall began to squirm around to grab the towel and cover himself and James up. Logan shook his head, "No, I'll just be going. Uh bye."

Logan quickly got up and rushed to the door, hearing Kendall calling out, "Just get rid of it! Lose it somehow!" before the sound of a pleasured scream from James croaked out and Logan hastily shut the door behind him.

. . .Lose the book. . .hmm. . .

Logan held the alleged book in his hands Wednesday night while Carlos was still out at work. But how was he going to get rid of it? He could try and 'accidentally' burn it, would it be believable if Logan said he left it by the stove and the flames got up too high while he was cooking? He didn't think hiding the book would work, then Carlos would be spending all the time trying to look for it and somehow manage to wrangle Logan into looking for the book as well. He flipped the pages a couple of times, not knowing how Carlos was able to keep himself preoccupied with this boo-

The door opened and Logan jumped, eyes darting around nervously. He didn't expect Carlos to come home early, now he could see Carlos' figure stepping inside the apartment and Logan whirled his head around to find a place to hide the book, hastily throwing it to the ground and it slid underneath the refrigerator. Carlos looked at Logan confused, taking off the small beige cap he wore for work and placing it on the counter.

"What are you doing in here?" Carlos asked and Logan gave a nervous little smile.

"Oh nothing, nothing. Just. . .chillin', relaxing, the usual. . .what are you doing home so early?" Logan asked and Carlos stepped forward, little sway in his hips as he wrapped arms around Logan's neck.

"I know I haven't been taking care of you lately," Carlos said and Logan blushed, "However, I'm going to make up for that."

"By doing. . ." Logan started and Carlos smiled, leaning up and giving a soft kiss to Logan's lips. Carlos' tongue licked along them, teeth going out to nibble and suck at Logan's lower lip before his tongue slipped inside and twirled around in Logan's mouth. Logan hummed, feeling Carlos grab hold of his hand and trail it down in between both of their bodies, the younger male taking Logan's hand and placing it firmly against him. Carlos gave a small gasp, teeth gnawing on Logan's lower lip as he felt Logan's hand squeeze him tight, working the steadfast erection in his hand rough and fast as Logan gave a growl in his throat. Carlos pulled away, reaching at his shirt and peeling it off his body to throw on the floor and Logan licked his lips.

Nice and smooth skin, Carlos' chest heaving up and down with every husky breath and Logan quickly grabbed the hem of his own shirt to pull fast off his head. The fabric was bunched around his arms when he felt lips and tongue sucking on one of his nipples, one of Carlos' hands on the small of his back while the other was firmly grabbing at his backside. Logan grunted, managing to get the shirt off of him and throw it on the floor as his hands went to pull Carlos away so he could latch and lock lips with the smaller male as his hands went down to grab and grope at Carlos' behind. Carlos hummed, his leg going up to wrap around Logan's waist and Logan hoisted the smaller male off of his feet to carry Carlos down the hallway and to their bedroom. Logan flopped the both of them on the bed, his hips rolling and grinding against Carlos' as Carlos mouthed and breathed hot and wet against Logan's lips. He jutted his hips up as well, rolling and grinding against Logan while Logan went to kiss him again and tongues rolling around rough. Carlos' hands went to Logan's behind, fingers trying to pull off Logan's jeans but to no avail and Logan got off to hastily try and unbuckle his pants.

Carlos smiled, unbuckling his pants as well and tugging them off his legs, Logan leaning down and yanking the clothing off himself. Carlos gave a little giggle, "Aren't you impatient."

"Waited long enough for this," Logan grunted out, lying down on top of Carlos and continuing to rock his hips against Carlos', erections rubbing together and Carlos panting hot against Logan's mouth. Logan grabbed hold of Carlos' legs, hoisting them up and Carlos made a little squeak as Logan began to jut his hips back and forth, the friction and feeling of it all so good.

"Desea que esta polla en mi, papi?" Carlos cooed, tongue running over his lower lips as rocked back against Logan's erection and Logan moaned.

"Fuck fuck yes baby," the brunette moaned out, Carlos scooting away from Logan's pistoning hips to get onto his knees and grab hold of Logan's underwear. He pulled the material down, cock springing out hard and leaking at the tip as Carlos grabbed it and flattened his tongue against the slit. Logan gasped, Carlos' teeth scraping lightly along the head and fingertips lightly grazing alongside Logan's cock. Logan moaned, "B-Baby please don't tease."

"I would never tease you," Carlos said innocently, eyes looking up as he took Logan's cock and gave it a few taps to his tongue. Logan groaned, Carlos going down farther and hollowing his cheeks as he gripped firmly at the base of Logan's cock before moving back up and tongue tracing up the shaft. Carlos' head bobbed up and down, fast and wet as Logan felt his entire body shaking in the pleasure. It's been too long for him, too long. He missed this feeling, missed seeing this as Carlos slurped and swallowed all that he could before pulling back up to the head and spitting on it. His tongue rolled around the head of Logan's cock, feeling in the slit before descending down on Logan's length again. A few sucks, few more licks and Logan was pushing Carlos away at the feeling beginning to bubble low his stomach.

He pushed Carlos down onto the mattress, grabbing Carlos' underwear by the brim and yanking it down Carlos' legs, allowing for Carlos' own erection to spring out and for Logan to eye it hungrily. He tossed the boxer briefs off to the side as he grabbed Carlos' legs and began push them forward, practically folding Carlos in half as he leaned forward and flattened his tongue against the puckered entrance. Carlos cried out, his legs quaking as Logan licked along Carlos' inner thighs and back down to swirl around before the tip of his tongue pressed through the ring of muscle and Carlos let out a keen whine.

"A-AHH Papii~ tan bueno oooh~" Carlos moaned, his hand pumping his erection quick and fast as Logan continued to tease him with his tongue, dipping in and out and licking around. He raised up, releasing Carlos' legs and swatting Carlos' hand away from jacking off. Logan smiled at Carlos' little pout, leaning down to give a quick peck to Carlos' lips before moving over to dig into the drawer to grab a bottle of lube and some condoms. "No. Bareback," Carlos said and Logan smirked at Carlos.

"Kinky now, aren't you?" he said, tossing the box back into the drawer and closing it shut before popping open the cap of lube and squirting some onto his fingers. He crawled over, pressing a wet finger against Carlos' entrance and tapping lightly against it and Carlos gave a little whine, "Whose being the tease now?" the Latino asked and Logan gave a light laugh before pressing the finger in and past the ring of muscle. Carlos was nice and tight, hot and clenching around Logan's finger as the male arched his back and whimpered. Logan looked at Carlos worried, slowly beginning to pull his hand back but Carlos grabbed hold of his wrist.

"It's fine, it's fine."

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

"N-No, it's just been a while. I'm fine baby, keep going," Carlos said and Logan slowly nodded, moving and pumping the finger out, lightly scraping against Carlos' inner walls. Carlos began to give little moans here and there, the moans growing higher in pitch with each additional finger Logan added after the first one and began to scissor his boyfriend. Carlos clutched the sheets tight, scream coming from his throat as Logan pressed lightly against his prostate. His legs scrunched up, lower half quaking as Logan continued to press against Carlos' sweet spot and finger the writhing male beneath him. "N-Now. Quiero tu polla ahora, nngh~" Carlos breathed out, slowly beginning to try and fuck back on Logan's fingers as his other hand snaked around to hastily pump at his erection.

Logan removed his fingers, swatting Carlos' hand away a second time as he poured a good amount of lube in his palm to slick over his own cock before tossing it aside. He grabbed onto Carlos' legs, holding them up and spreading them nice and wide as he guided his cock to Carlos' entrance. The tip of Logan's cock pushed past the ring of muscle, Carlos' hands clenching tight to the bedsheets and Logan's eyes fluttered at the feeling of Carlos squeezing around him. Tight and hot, Carlos arching his back as Logan was fully sheathed inside of him. Logan waited for a bit so that Carlos could get adjusted to the intrusion, Carlos giving a little wiggle of his hips to signal he was ready before Logan pulled his hips back just a bit and drove them forward.

Carlos gasped, his hand gripping the bedsheets tighter as Logan slowly pulled back and pushed forward, Logan's cock heavy and dragging along his inner walls and pulling back til only the tip of his dick remained inside before pushing back with more force than the last thrust. Carlos' chest began to pant, his eyes fluttering as Logan's thrust started becoming more quicker and faster, skin on skin slapping filling the room along with Carlos' quick and fast little whimpers and moans.

"O-Oh oh oh ohyesyes. L-Logie~h-haa," Carlos panted, Logan pushing back and slamming his hips against Carlos' ass hard, grunting deep in his throat.

"G-Good baby?"

"Uh-huh, uhh-ahhhh~" Carlos whined, voice high and loud. Just like good ole times.

Logan reached down, wrapping arms around Carlos' torso and pulled his boyfriend into his arms, his hips not ceasing in moving back and forth and tip of his cock now able to reach deeper and brush against the sweet spot that now had Carlos' eyes widening in pleasure, mouth crying out loud and deafening in Logan's ear. Logan growled, his hand going to grip Carlos' ass and give it a little slap, Carlos crying even louder and clenching even tighter around Logan. "Oh, papi, sí sí. Así que bueno, tu verga se siente tan bien, tan bonita y grande. Sí, sí, joder joder-a-AH~"

"Hmm. . .I have no idea what you just said but it was so fucking hot baby," Logan moaned, giving a couple more slaps and spanks to Carlos' ass while Carlos only continued to whimper and moan and sob in Spanish, his hands up in Logan's hair and tugging tightly at the brown locks. Carlos' teeth went to Logan's collarbone, biting hard and muffling his scream as his hand shot down in between them to work his cock and tug roughly. Logan hissed, Carlos licking at the little bruise he made in the flushed and sweating skin as Logan pushed him back down onto the mattress and grabbed hold of Carlos' cock himself. He continued to thrust, trying to get his wrist in sync with his hips as Carlos continued to writhe and moan and left leg sporadically kicking at the imminent orgasm. And Carlos' back arched, scream so loud and high that Logan was pretty sure that everyone in the entire building could hear Carlos as his lower half quaked and semen spilled out onto his torso and over Logan's working fist.

Carlos continued to give short moans and pants and wails as Logan milked out the last few drops, thumbing the slit and Carlos trying to regain his breathing. Logan pulled out, hand on his erection and jerking it fast as he moved to the side of Carlos' head, his boyfriend opening his mouth nice and wide while Carlos' hand went down and wrapped around his still hard length. A couple more quick strokes and Logan could already feel the orgasm coming, his teeth gnawing into his lower lip as he grunted and groaned, Carlos' tongue teasing out and giving a kitten lick to the tip of Logan's cock. Carlos moaned loud, "O-Ohgod I'm still cummi-a-ahhh,"

Logan didn't even have time to react, vision going white for a split second as his seed sloshed over Carlos' face, the white substance landing on Carlos' tongue and mouth and side of his face as Carlos cried out and lower body quaked again at the orgasm finally working its way out of his system. Carlos turned his head, lips wrapping around the head of Logan's cock and sucking out the last few drops, tongue rolling over the slit and tasting Logan on his tongue as Logan breathed and panted. His body felt weak, pulling away from Carlos to collapse on the bed beside his boyfriend tired and exhausted. The bed shifted slightly, Carlos looming over him with cum still on the side of his face and on his lips.

Logan reached up, his finger wiping off the semen from Carlos' cheek and pushing it towards the Latino's lips, Carlos letting them part and sucked off the substance from Logan's finger, licking it clean before pulling it out of his mouth.

"That was really good, baby," Carlos cooed, falling down beside Logan and Logan pulled the smaller male into his arms for a good cuddle. Carlos smiled, wrapping arms around Logan and kissing the brunette's jaw. "Better sex than Jamez and Ken had in the book, ten times better."

Logan hummed, "You know. . .if you like that book, you can keep reading it. I won't bother you about it anymore."

Carlos smiled, "It's okay. I know you have needs and I'm going to take care of you. Besides, reading that book gave me ideas on all the fun things I want to do with you after I'm done," Carlos purred, kissing Logan's jaw again and Logan's eyes widened.


"Mmhm," Carlos said with a little wink, kissing Logan's chin and then his lips before snuggling into Logan's warm grasp and closing his eyes. Logan lied there, arms tightly wrapped around each other and thinking on how the hell was he going to be able to dig that book out from underneath the refrigerator before Carlos noticed it was missing.

"I guess Carlos must be done reading your book," James said with annoyed expression, Carlos' wails and pleasured screams sounding through the walls into their apartment yet again and Kendall groaned, rubbing his head as he stared at the blank page on the screen.

"I don't know how I'm supposed to start brainstorming for a new book when I keep hearing him screaming out 'Papi!' over and over again," Kendall said and James walked over, leaning over Kendall's shoulder to stare at the blank page as well. The brunette hummed, "Write about. . .annoying sexually active neighbors. Or you know, write about how generally sexy brunette male models are, me in particular."

"Doesn't sound like a best-seller," Kendall commented, a pillow from the couch coming in contact with the back of his head a few minutes later. The blond turned, James already grabbing another pillow and moving to hit Kendall with it while his boyfriend tried to grab the pillow on the ground and hit James with it. Laughter began to come from them both, Kendall standing up and hooking an arm around James' waist, their legs getting tangled and accidentally causing them both to fall onto the floor. But they still laughed, James playfully hitting Kendall with the pillow as the blond leaned up to steal a kiss from James' lips. James hummed against them, pulling away with a little smile.

"Whatever you write, I'm sure it's going to be amazing."

"Probably would be. I have my muse here after all," Kendall said and James smiled.

"You're so sappy."

"I love you too, James," Kendall said, kissing James on the lips once more and feeling the brunette smiling against them. James stood up, helping his boyfriend back onto his feet and gave his arms a little stretch.

"Well, if you need any inspiration, I'll be taking a shower," James said and Kendall nodded his head, making his way back to his laptop. ". . .Naked."

"Uh-huh," Kendall said, rubbing his chin trying to rack his brain for an idea and the brunette pouted.

"Super wet and I'm going to be all covered in bubbles," James sing-songed and Kendall nodded, the blond scratching his head. Water. . .a mermaid story maybe? Maybe a variation of the Little Mermaid but set in a modern world. And maybe it could be more sensual like a forbidden lust and desire and- "Kendall!"


"Hello, sex now?" James said in annoyance and Kendall raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you were going to take a shower."

"Yeah! And I want you to join me," James said with a roll of the eyes, "Wow, I can't believe I have to actually tell you I want to have sex with you. Usually you should be able to see the signs that I'm horny but I guess there must be a square wall interfering with my signals," James said and Kendall frowned.

"Alright, alright-"

"No, no. Stay and think of your new book while I take a shower by myself," James said with a huff and Kendall rolled his eyes.

"Stop being so dramatic."

"Am not!" James shouted, turning on his heel and storming out of the living room down the hall to the bathroom. Kendall sighed, though there was a smile on his lips as he got off the couch and walked to the closed bathroom door.

"James?. . .I love you, Jamie," Kendall said, rocking back and forth on his heels. In a couple of seconds, James opened the door and leaned forward, kissing Kendall hard and passionate as a hand clutched at the front of Kendall's shirt.

"I love you too. Now come on Rembrandt, help me get unchanged," James cooed, tugging Kendall inside the bathroom and working on Kendall's belt buckle.

"Rembrandt was a painter, not a writer."

"Tomato, potato," James said with an eye roll and Kendall chuckled, arms wrapping around James' frame to kiss him again.

"How about a bubble bath instead, Jamie?"

"A bubble bath?"

"Please? It's nice and romantic," Kendall said and James smiled.

"Okay then, bubble bath."

"With eskimo kisses?" Kendall asked with sweet eyes and James sighed.

"With eskimo kisses," the brunette replied and Kendall kissed the tip of James' nose before nuzzling it with his own.

"Love you."

"Love you too. Always."

The End.