"Yes, Emily, my tassel is on the correct side. I promise. Now I really need to get lined up." Claire soon-to-be Ateara rolled her eyes good-naturedly at her cousin. The older woman sighed and let her go after one last hug.

It was a little over two years since she had come back into their lives and no one wished for it to go back to the way it had been—especially Quil. He was especially proud of her today. She was graduating with a bachelor's degree at age twenty-one and was getting married to him in a little over a month and a half.

To say he was happy was an understatement.

What made it even better was that she'd gotten a job before even graduating with the Park Service to study the mysterious sightings of growing wolf packs throughout the Washington area, especially in these heavily wooded areas by the coast. The station she would work out of was only twenty miles from La Push.

He was never going to have to go through the daily agony of her being so far away from him ever again. A few weeks into their glorious relationship, she'd guiltily asked what it had been like for him when she was gone. Understandably, he'd lied. He said the pain lessened with time. He said that he could've dated if he wanted to; he just never found a decent girl around. He mentioned the fact that he had merely wondered what she looked like as she got older. He left out the parts where he'd gone on night-long howling fests every time her birthday rolled around.

But now that was all behind him…He got the eerie feeling that she knew better and was just humoring him, anyway. She knew him so well it was pleasantly uncanny.

He loved the pleasantly uncanny normalcy he now had.

He was going to get the same every day that Sam and Emily had, as well as the newlyweds Aubrey and Embry. He was going to get to wake up next to the woman he was inexplicably and deeply in love with each morning. He was going to get to steal kisses from her whenever he passed within six feet of her. He was going to make love to her every chance he got. He was going to get that warm, at peace feeling he got whenever they got to cuddle on the couch together and she fell asleep on him. He would get to smile as he watched her concentrate for hours on a drawing. He was going to get that laughing annoyance whenever she drank the last of the milk and left the empty carton in the fridge just to annoy him. He was going to get Claire forever.

What he didn't know though was that beneath the loving smile that Claire only directed toward him, she had a secret. A secret that would reveal her infant self in roughly eight months' time in the Forks hospital. What Quil didn't know that Claire suspected was that he was going to be more than a husband—he was going to be a daddy…

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