A/N: I can't even lie. I've been totally inspired by forthright's awesome 100-word ficlets and before I knew what my sneaky little fingers were doing, I found myself here posting the first few chapters.

As you can tell by my other stories, I love length (10-16 pages per chapter) but this is a refreshing challenge of fitting so much into so little. Give me a little time to get into my swing.


1—Another Satisfied Customer

"Thanks for saving my brother from those hoard of ogres," said demon child Karu, as an even younger child clutched his leg.

"It's nothing," Kagome happily replied. "We do it all the time, trust me."

"How can I repay you?" he asked eagerly.

"Not necessary," Brave Shippou replied.

Inuyasha snorted. "Says the audience," he turned to Karu. "Whatcha got, kid?"

"Well…I can transport things." he offered.

"Then why didn't you transport your brother?" Inuyasha raised a ticked eyebrow.

"Small things," Karu corrected. "Easier if their magical too."

"Transport small… magical… things," Inuyasha connected dots. "Okay, kid. Here's what I want…"

Words: 100 (It is safe to assume that unless I post otherwise, these are all 100 word chapters.)

UPDATE- If you add this to your story alert (THANK YOU!) you may notice that FF will include how many words are in the chapter. For some reason, thier word count is wrong. All chapters (excluding title) are 100 words each.

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